NYC's Luxuriest Building Is First Sandy Casualty: Live Webcast Of Crane Dangling On 75th Floor

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While we are still hours away from "Peak Storm", the structural casualties are already adding up.  FDNY reports a 2nd alarm alert at the soon-to-be tallest residential building in Manhattan - 157 West 57th Street (aka One57, where recently a record price was paid for a duplex apartment) entailing a dangling crane. The area is being evacuated - to somewhere we assume that does not have cranes (good luck finding that). The critical question for Steve Liesman remains - how much more is a 'broken crane' worth to GDP than a 'broken window'? Live stream embedded below...


UPDATE: New York City officials order evacuation of upper floors of several
buildings near site of partially collapsed crane.

Here is the clip of the actual collapse!!!


Here is the close-up stream of the crane (via NBC):

View more videos at:



And CBS Local news updates:

Current Over/Under on collapse is 6/9 hours


Emergency links (click image for real-time updates)

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Wet dream and Blow Job!

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No reach around? Even with big balls dangling from cranes....

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Krugman's unit is missing a few layers of skin at this point.

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Its mimicking the Bernak's limp monetary policy!

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limp in the face of moist hot increses in destruction induced aggregate demand?

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And on the Nth Day of QEternity it hurricaned fire and brimstone.

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ZerOhedge Alert:

Attention NYC...

Just in case the rumors are true that 157 57th Street is owned by Larry Silverberg I would be quickly heading to the exits before the building experiences a freefall collapse followed by a mega insurance payout...

Just sayin'...

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(sorry, had to say it)

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Don't be sorry...

Larry was going to be in the building for the collapse but instead his wife told him to go to a forgotten appointment with his proctologist.

Apparently he has an embarrassing problem with money leaking out of his ass...

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Hey You... Get off of my Cloud...

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Green eco-skidmarks...

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We decided to pull Crane No. 7. Look ma no hands!

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Isn't it Silverstein or did I miss some hidden meaning there..?

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Point conceded Mr. Know-it-all... ;)

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All those waisted premiums sitting in the bank accounts of insurance companies will now be spent into the economy. Again, I don't mean to sound krass, but the resulting increase in aggregate demand is going to be simply spectacular. 

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most of the savings on the east coast was spent already on bottled water and stale bread.

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Spectacular indeed.

I've positioned myself long in ShamWows...

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I hope one day someone on here (not me, I'm a pacifist) finds you and gives you a good ass beating. Even if you are a troll, your general manner is deserving of it. "Simply spectacular" what a prick!

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Maybe you're new here. His goal is to root out and make fools of people who aren't smart enough to recognize the trolling. You just got owned.

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I don't get it. You're saying MDB is playing a troll? What he said sounded logical to me. What was wrong with that?

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MDB  -  you "sounding crass"?'re kidding. You and Paul Krugman are sane, it's the rest of the world that's completely lost it

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premiums sitting in equity and bond accounts

the withdrawal barrage to cover the payouts will be EPIC


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Thus triggering the much anticipated HYPERINFLATION

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MDB is right. This would be closer to the stimulus Krugman called for short of an alien invasion. All that damage will continue to increase the GDP growth which resulted from increased federal government spending.

Also if enough Apple products get flooded out, the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) should continue to accelerate as well. ;-)

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'waisted' ?

Come on, if we're to see some Million-Dollar douchery at least ensure it's one of the literate Tyler/Bots that's doing it. I know there's a lot of Tylers and a lot of variety but come on ... MDB is a particular kind of character with specific traits that are obvious when missing.

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Momentary perch for the black swan.

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Let us say this flood is a metaphor,

laugh now for soon this flood

will be at your door.

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Yeah, just another regular black swan, like every year about this time.

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Only Keynesians are crazy enough to believe that rebuilding things that have been destroyed somehow translates into growth.

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Isn't the underlying fantasy of this event that we all want everybody in the storm path to die a horrible, agonizing death?  Even ourselves?  And that we want to watch it in real-time detail.  I am sorry, but the professional reportage cannot hide the underlying phantasm of disaster and mass death at play here.  

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Like something out of an early Jonathan Littell novel.

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Uh.. no. Well.. kind of... We just want it to hover over D.C... you know.. for like 40 days and 40 nights. Then it can vanish, courtesy of the manhatten project, and reappear over chicago, then replicate over hollywood. 

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Sensastionalism @ its best.

I was watching the local news here on the coast in VA. The Operah wanna be weather reporter was outside in the rain, wind with the camara showing half submerged cars behind her in a residential neighborhood. She was using the obligatory catch- alls like "unprecidented"," spectacular", bla, bla, when she grabed this one black chick from her front yard trying to get some additional studio brownie points.

WEATHER GIRL: " Have you EVER seen such a huge amount of water like this in your neighborhood"?

BLACK CHICK: " Yup. Happens all the time it rains a little."

(Flustered) WEATHER GIRL: Can you BELIEVE how many cars are abandoned behind our camaras?

BLACK CHICK: " Yea, That happens all the time too. I can't believe the dummies left their cars there over the weekend. We moved ours just up the road Friday."

I almost peed myself.

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I'm starting to wonder if this storm could end up being the black swan everyone was looking for. Maybe a few poorly hedged insurers bite it.

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This storm is only the beginning.

A series of disasters has just begun.

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I wonder about a poster like you. What are you about? Is it an "I told you so?" Are you warning folks about what you think is going to take place? Do you think it could be helpful? I have never junked you don't take this wrong, I am genuinely curious. I can't get my head into your perspective.

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As I have said before...

It's the Iranian landing craft using the storm as cover that we should all be worried about! ;)

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The cost to repair the damage resulting from this storm may be substantial considering it's size and formation. 

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From a purely statistical standpoint, one could look at the trends with regards to the frequency and severity of "natural disasters" and come to a reasonable conclusion that there are more to come, more often.

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Yep!  All we need NOW is for a big cold front to come in and turn everything to ice, just like in "The Day After Tomorrow".

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Light rain and wind all morning here in King of Prussia but Sandy is rearing her ugly head in the last half hour with rain and wind getting louder and louder!!!

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Just be careful of all those falling leaves!!

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Fuck you Bernanke....

This is a financial blog,is it not...?

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One 57 Sales Update:

According to The Real Deal, as of February 1, 2012, the building is over 30% sold and demand has been very strong, especially for Combinations and Full Floor apartments.  The building has already been through one recent price increase and is now averaging around $6,000+ per sq. ft. If you are interested in learning more about this project, including prices and availability, please contact us.

March 7th, 2012

There are only two 2 bedrooms residences left at One57 – 46th floor for $7.8 million and 47th floor for $7.9 million.

April 20th, 2012

One 57 just released two 1 bedroom units starting in the $3mm – $4.5mm range. Units sizes are 1,021 sq.ft. (South exposure) and 1,287 sq.ft. (South & West exposure).

May 18th, 2012

One 57 breaks record announcing a sale price of over $90 million for its duplex penthouse on the 89th and 90th floors, the highest price ever paid for a single residential property in Manhattan. One 57 is now over 50% sold with over $1 billion in total sales since its launch only six months ago.

While this is a record sale, on a per square foot basis, the penthouse sold for over $8,200 square feet which still does not come close to the $13,000 per square foot price paid for the Penthouse at 15 Central Park West only a few months ago. That being said, the sale is a milestone for this iconic building that will be one of the very top buildings in New York City for decades to come.

* * *

Maybe you are confused, but a story about flailing crane on a building in which an apartment just a few months ago sold for a record price, in the city of New York (where due to a 'financially irrelevant' storm the capital markets are now shut down for a historic two days due to a storm with huge impacts on financial markets everywhere), and where future sales may be impaired as a result of said crane say crashing against the building, maybe, just maybe, has financial connotations.

All of the above could have been promptly uncovered with a simple google search. But why when that takes away from precious typing "fuck you Bernanke" and bitching time.

Of course, by now you are surely on the other post discussing sovereign CDS and "hard core finance" issues right now, or better yet, concocting even more profound editorial advice, so there is no point in event writing this response.

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Sorry Tyler,

It's an age old rule,

you can't choose your followers. 


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Tylers having a bad hair day.....

Poor boy.