Real-Time New York City Storm Surge Tracker

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Update: good news: the storm surge is now receding. The water level has to decline by 2-3 feet for the flooding to subside.


Curious how many feet of water the rats in downtown NYC are under right now? The real-time answer is available after the jump below, courtesy of the NOAA and this tide height tracker at New York's Battery.

h/t @cbm1971

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Meet me tonight in Atlantic City ...

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Sorry Charlie. You wont get laid there either.

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tuned into CNN and I thought the ditz reporter looked familiar (cnbs outcast Airhead (botched nosejob) Burnette)


there she was looking like the michelin man in her CNN parka interviewing NYPD topcop Ray kelly against  a perfect view of the skyline behind them (no rain and light winds) chatting about this disaster of disasters above the caption at the bottom of the screen   SUPERSTORM

The MSM  fuckers are making it out to be worse than Katrina and those  CNN propagandists and their comrades will milk this and turn it into apocalypse now

Mark my words - Obama will be credited with managing this  worse than Katrina "disaster" such that there was no/minimal loss of life etc etc

In other news Dozens killed on month’s deadliest day in Iraq\10\30\story_30-10-2012_pg7_3

even that stupid crane that collapsed in 20mph winds is now an icon of this non NYC storm

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Oh yeah. All the standard buzzwords are in full force - historic, record setting, perfect storm, etc. The bozos are helping to spread fear and panic and to "listen to and obey" the "authorities".

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You also gotta wonder what scam or heist the Boyzzz are pulling off while everyone is distracted by the storm. These scumbags never miss an opportunity

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They have got to be very careful with how they are seen to be handling this one.

If navy helicopters are seen early tomorrow morning making drops of Perrier and Grey Poupon to those hedge fund billionaires stranded in their beach front mansions... well... some might be tempted to draw parallels to Katrina and come to some rather radical ill informed conclusions...

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Three feet of brine on the floor of the ka-ching (NYSE).

Edit: That's good pickling.

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This will teach Germany and other nation, for that matter, to dare never ask for a significant repatriation of their gold reserves from custodians of bailments at The New York Branch of the Federal Reserve.

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I think all of our silver and gold should be returned to the star systems/galaxy clusters from which they were spawned.

The wealth of the universe must be shared.

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There's an alleged report that  The Hon. Jon S. Corzine was out on his yacht, the S.S. Big Hand Pimpin', during the worst of this, and the Coast Guard received a distress call from that ship.


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Rats float. The ones in the sewers and elsewhere.

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Based on the photos, flooding has passed Zone A (Evacuated), B, and C. Another high tide in about 10 hours. Maybe Central Park will turn into an aquarium.


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Funny you say that.  Kind of off topic kind of not.  Reminds me of my fathers story from Vietnam.  He was an officer and was hitching a ride back to base camp and they told him he had to sign for the cargo.  He asked what it was and the guy tells him T-bone steaks and shrimp.  My dad was like oh, is this for a special function and the guy says nope this is their daily run.  Talk about an eye opener for him.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  So as much as you kid, I wouldn't really be all that shocked if they did that.

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With everyone broke and deeply in debt, from the federal gov't, to the states, to the counties, the cities, to vast quantities of people, you have to wonder how the rebuilding efforts will go in the aftermath. Uncle Ben will need to find a skateboard shop so he can buy high speed bearings for the Fed's printing press...or buy a little more memory for the digital dollars (wonder how those work during a power outage?).

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What about all that gold supposedly underground at the NY Fed?   Is it under water now?  Meanhile I get banner ads on ZH with Mrs. Wookie Obama.  F***ing grossness.

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I thought we were out of Iraq....

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Not quite:

"The United States is far from out of Iraq. However, Congress has sharply cut into the administration's original request for $2.26 billion for fiscal 2013. The Senate Appropriations Committee included just $1.1 billion with the biggest cut being total disapproval of $850 million that was to pay for the Iraqi police training program. The House Appropriations Committee attached language limiting some fiscal 2013 funds until Iraq develops a logistic and maintenance system for its security forces and a sustainment program for granted free or purchased U.S. weaponry."

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Joe Cantore better not turn his back on NY Harbor. Too much chance of junkie needles, used condoms, disposables diapers, and blood-soaked medical waste washing up his rear end.

Hope all ladies and gentlemen are wearing their galoshes. The Gowanus Canal and other metro sewage sites may overflow and soil the gentrified. Thank goodness the post-Sandy clean-up of toxic waste should go smoothly thanks to the President's message to governors:

“My message to the governors, as well as to the mayors, is anything they need, we will be there,” Obama said.

“And we’re going to cut through red tape.  We’re not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules.”

Local NY businesses are responding positively. The Gabagool Cartage, Hauling, and Toxic Waste Disposal Company, a local Brooklyn small business with decades of experience in disposing of garbage and other things, has matched the President's can-do first-things-first initiative by declaring Gabagool will work tirelessly 24/7 until the Sandy mess is cleaned up, and only then will submit a bill for services to FEMA.


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If you live in NY, you already are in a world of shit.

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9:15 EDT LaGuardia and Kennedy airports closed.   Historic storm surge levels hit Jersey shores.   Newark and Teterboro airports also now closed.

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The things been downgraded, the live NY area news shows a few trees down and rain... not even enough to make a difference....
Sure, some flooding.
No shit.

The Prez, FEMA, Cuomo, Bloomie, they'll all clim victory for the non-storm.

King Canutes, all.

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but the war is over and its mostly contract killers now so it's ok and, of course, not a budget problem

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Re: the crane - sorry... but it looks like a limp dick... an icon of the storm? Or an icon of the whining New Yorkers do for every storm that wanders by?

knukles's picture

Icon of them claiming victory of saving New York and Mankind from the Best Nature and Nature's God could Trow at The Peasantry.


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The iconic image I will bring away from this storm was Jim Cantori, the Storm Chaser, braving the storm's terrible fury in a gentle wind and drizzle on the Battery waterfront, ranting about the massive waves out in the harbor about to lay waste to NYC any moment. Camera pans left and here comes this dude cruising up on a jetski, lik ehe was going to the beach, who starts casually chitchatting with the spectators, the jetski gently rocking in the lapping 2 foot waves. Cantori looked ready to climb under a rock... so much for armageddon and media bullshit.

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I was there during Irene and went down to the Battery. The site was hysterical. CNN crew and others all in their gear. Water had receded and there were a few gusts of wind. I was wearing a white polo shirt and walked right behind them and leaned on the railing to watch the beautiful sunset. My friend took a picture of them in the foreground in full foul weather gear and myself right behind enjoying a warm sunset. Priceless.

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Out of thirty wind readings around the storm, only 1 registered 75 mph.

The rest were 54 and below.

Another non event.  Oh, but another payday for sure..

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Out here in the middle of the country we get 50 mph winds frequently. We don't even get excited until they pass 70... then just long enough to say, "Hey, Ma? That my pants from the clothesline flying by? Best run and catch um... less you wannta wait till tomorrow. They'll probably fetch up down around the court house. Ya figger?"

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Meet me tonight in Atlantic City ...

That song is about a guy who pimps out his girlfriend because they weren't making ends meet.  It's a really fucking sad song.

SilverDOG's picture

Admit it, she was your girlfriend.


just kidding, snarf snarf

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I talked to a man last night and gonna do a little favor for him.

10mm's picture

Great song,along with "Murder Incorporated".

10mm's picture

Great song,along with "Murder Incorporated".


MOMO traders are long on seawater futures, short on insurance companies - ya think ?

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Map from WeatherUnderground with multiple locations...

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Storm hype beyond extroidenaire. Maybe it will ramp on the close...

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I dont know if Ive ever witnessed MOAR hype than this event.

Its almost laughable at this point.


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It is just relief for everyone not to have to hear about the empty-suit campaigns for a few brief hours. I'll take TEOTWAWKI anyday over political bullshit. Mother nature never lies and can't be bought.

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No shit, its almost like someone thinks the world revolves around NYC & its environs ;-)

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Markets closed for 2 days at this time .. possibly longer? Does the rest of the world stop trading? Seems like it.

nmewn's picture

They depend on the bots for direction...pretty sad really.

walküre's picture

Which is more and more obvious when shit like this happens. The two day outage could bring about the collapse once market reopens or start a mega surge due to a non-event of a storm "could have been worse" pump pump pump narrative. AAPL is giving many hedgies headaches. That is not good for their performance.

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Full moon.... so there will be werewolves out, roaming the streets... err paddling their canoes thru the canals, looking for a snack.

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"what do you mean? i don't understand? i went to Harlem once." obviously i'm joking here...but i think to not see this thing as a HUGE deal is really "missing it." it's not just the TENS OF BILLIONS in property damage from one of the most valuable and expensive places in the world (problems at the museums? anyone checking on the artwork, etc?) this thing ain't going away for some time. plus you have the timing of the election...the total ridiculousness of Wall Street that has blown tens of billions on Social Media...good for recovery? They need to move beyond being staggered first. it will take time before the shock of the event starts to sink in. and then...

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If only they had coverage like this for the likes of Jon Corzine and the TBTF banks:

"My God, look!  Corzine is a force of nature, stripping $1.2 Billion from hapless citizens!  It's not just the Corzine but the Jamie Dimon surge helping to float the money away."

"A surge of toxic assets being washed into the basements of peoples lives, sewage generated by Wall Street now flooding the lives of the citizenry!  The Justice Department says there is nothing they can do until next decade."

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superstorm saved by the superlegislature

on the island of living death