Video Of ConEd Station On FDR And 14th Street Exploding

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Moments ago the Emergency Services were hit with the following disturbing update:


See it happen in real time: fast forward to 3:10 in the clip below to see an underwater power station explode.

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This has gone viral. I got first tweet because everybody is over at Twitter rocking. Twitter is the coolest way to watch news in real time. The networks totally suck. They are showing crap stock footage from this afternoon. Head back to Twitter. Nothing to see here.


BTW-I am at @DavidBCollum. I could use some followers that are not pornbots.

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curious how the lights in the foreground and background didn't even flicker and continue to be on

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Krugman just (Charlie) MUNGERED in his pants. 

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Well my little attempt at humor landed like a brick!

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Failed to make me (Charlie) MUNGER in my pants. LOL! Hey, is the stock market open tomorrow? 

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Gangs Plan Hurricane Looting Spree Via Twitter

Paul Joseph Watson
October 29, 2012

Scores of Twitter users have flooded the social networking site announcing their plans to go on looting sprees once Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, as the New York National Guard announced it would put troops on duty in Long Island to prevent such activity.

22 LR allow you to keep distance and are quite.


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You beat me to it!

Definitely on the same wavelength though.

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Fark! That's the biggest meth lab explosion I've ever seen!

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I googled the plant - it generates steam, not electricity.

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Talk about redirection by the MSM, for some reason (I don't know, it is what it is) CNBS and CNBS World been showing olde clips of American Greed and associated horseshit tonight with no Asian financial coverage.

That plant makes hot air.... mayhaps some hot air losses over in Englewood Cliffs, hopea hopea hopea

Must gots to make the disaster BIG to make sure Victory Celebration of Messiah and His Heros of Capitalism Ring Throughout the Land Saving New York!
Praise be to (ya'll know the fucking list) etc., etc., etc


(strains of FDR newsreels accompanied by joyous peasantry singing "Happy Days are Here Again")

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"I googled the plant - it generates steam, not electricity."


Steam is used to generate electricity.

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Natural disaster leads to explosion.  Just like Fukushima.

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Mossad get around, protected by their CIA/FBI brethern. 

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You're right, they seem to loop the same generic crap.

Whole new World @ twitter; some fascinating links - Sandy from space, pics

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Sandy was an inside job..


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helped by welsbach seeding?


there is no such thing as a "journal of weather modification"

and even if there were, no one would write about kickstarting an atmospheric perturbation

long jet engines


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What's wrong with porn-bots? When I was a teenage kid, I dreamed of building a porn-bot. The sadness of an unfulfilled dream is sometimes almost overwhelming. :-(

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Sorry. Maybe it was picking on pornbots that got the junk...or maybe not.

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The Bernank just had an emergency press conference and claimed that the explosion referenced destroyed the underground vault that held Germany's gold reserves-- a significant portion of which Germany requested repatriation of recently (being kept under bailment by the New York Branch of the Fed as custodian).

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Melted it, and the rats came to get warm, and died, then rabid packs of dogs and cats and rats ate the rats with the gold on their fur.

Only hope is to confiscate moo-shu pork and kung pao chicken from Chinese food restaurants but a Wok gets pretty hot.

Bullish for gold and tungsten plated Woks!

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Yes, NOAA will announce that spectographic analysis shows the 'white light' is actually german gold in gaseous form exploding out of the NYFRB vaults, never to be seen again.

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Fortunately this video was shot from a safe distance. Like across the river.

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Kinda looked like Baghdad in the good old days.

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Shock and Awe, Baby!

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Damned terrorists - I knew it. They hate us for our electric lights.

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You get better news on the web than from the moron TV stations.  Not one station has reported on the lower Manhattan blackout.

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You get better hoaxes as well....

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Wow! Let's just pray nobody got killed.


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you sure that's not FRBNY's printers being shifted into hyperdrive?

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Fed doesn't print - Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints - though they're printing less and less it seems. 

It COULD be trillions of electrons representing all that new electronic money being crreated.  The computers can't handle the load...

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But how will the masses watch Oprah and charge their Chevy Volts?

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thought both had been retired, one due to persistent and consistent success (Opra), the other for persistent and consistent failure (Volt)

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14th street? Then half of Manhatten must be under water.

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Boom goes the dynamite.

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That was just another meth lab going up.

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there's so much toxic shit in NY it could be anything

this is a global toxic nuclear pump and dump 'centre of excellence' the storm front just adds to the thrill of high risk kamakazi bankers

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The power going out in NYC?

Ain't nobody got time for dat.

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Hope all are well at the plant, but doubt it! Damn!

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I am sure the operators are hunkered down and not in harms way, a lot of these guys (and some gals) have come from the Navy so are used to things becoming fubar.....  just a browning of the pants moment....

I would not want to be picking up the tab for those repairs.....  it is a 660 MW combined cycle dual fuel turbine (siemens?) plant, I wonder if what you saw was the back up gen set (electric side) going up in smoke, it was kinda big flash (s) for that? Did any other sections of the city go black with this mishap? Hmm no more de watering pumps...  lots of delicate instruments and equipment that don't like brine water.....  very bad. very expensive......