How To Vote Well

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On the heels of Mr. Tilson's missive, we thought this brief clip might help. Voting well is not about being properly hydrated, reaching the polling booth on time, and placing your ballot slip (hanging chad-less) in the slot (without touching the sides); it is about removing your inherent cognitive biases and going with the facts - or trying to discern the facts - as much as possible. Making well-informed decisions with the cloud of spin and uncertainty that constantly bombards us is hard but as Jason Brennan notes in this brief clip, starting by recognizing our natural biases might help. By outlining the four common biases that tend to affect our voting (think back to 'The Other Side' post and how real it was!), he offers five suggestions that can lead us to be better voters.


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I vote with molotov cocktails, how do you like that bias, princess?

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Sandy has now reached RED ALERT status - this is an emergency. FEMA needs to step in and confiscate all firearms in line with standard procedure. If you are in an area affected by Sandy and are possession of firearms, it is your duty to make sure you turn them in to your nearest police station immediately

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Clearly the PRUDENT thing to do is to postpone elections indefinitely until our various natural and economic emergencies have passed.  The Federal Reserve should be given a third mandate that provides them the responsibility to tell us when it's safe enough to vote again.


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That's all fine but what I really want to know is which candidate is handing out the more free shit and als.. excuse me, my Obamaphone is ringing....'s picture

Those various biases contribute to the mistaken impression that it's a good idea to let strangers make all of the most important decisions for you about your own life.

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'Don't vote, it only encourages them.'

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I think most of us here at ZeroHedge subscribe to Emma Goldman's views on the merits, or lack thereof, of voting.

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Silly silly muppets.  Diebold votes for you!


I'll just stay home and eat gmos and cheetos.  Suckers.


Edit: "Insert Famous Stalin Quote:"

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Even the counters are in the unemployment line now.

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All people of Earth need a new plan that leads to a global system that will stand as One until the year 3000.

That's what I believe, but! I am just a poet.


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You do realize what you just posted. If you do then you know why you are getting red arrows. If not let me tell you why. What you are stating is for a new world order. The elite want this badly. So this will not sit well in this neighborhood.

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The elites already have their New World Order in place. The fact that they state they want a new world order doesn't negate the fact that its already here.

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MDB...yawn... c'mon, you can troll better than that!'s picture

Diminishing returns with that one. Never was my cup of joe.

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Yeah, even 'Michael' did a better job!

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Well in NYC, the legal firearm confiscation will take about a half hour.


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And THAT'S why none of mine are registered and are of the types that legally don't need to be reported.

Los Angeles 1992, armed police go door-to-door in wealthier areas to confiscate legally owned firearms from residents as a *preventative measure* to contain the violence happening downtown at the Rodney King riots.  Same thing in New Orleans after Katrina a few years ago.  They just took them from law abiding citizens without due process.

You'd better believe they'll come for your guns at the outset of a major outbreak of civil unrest.

All your guns are belong to us.

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Please use one on yourself before turning in

ZerOhead's picture

No need...

When the cops see the citizenry approaching with their guns what do you think is going to happen?


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Shall those of us who live in the western U.S. turn in our firearms too?

It will be such a relief to begin depending on the government to protect us!


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You forgot, they also need to turn in the gold the firearms the firearms are meant to protect. /sarc

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MDB, you will also need to provide the information for where we need to line up to turn in our firearms.

As you know, when they need us to go to our FEMA camps, I suspect that they would need to bus or truck us in because we as a people are a helpless and extremely needy bunch. Hence we will need more than even directions in order to get us into the camps for food, re-education, etc.

See you in line... or in FEMA camp 5. ;-)

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Fuckin' MDB, you gotta start using that /sarc thing, dude. People are starting to think you're serious. Nobody could be that big a tool, really, could they?


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Fixed it for ya

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Is it ok to turn in our gold at the same time?

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I thought all guns were already confiscated in the People's Republic of NY

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LOL...fuck off. That's my witty retort you your asinine post - whether it's a shit attempt at humor, some parody or sarcasm.

Just. Fuck. Off.

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you forgot to mention how Sandy has been multiplied by the massive number of Libertarians demanding free-markets and therefore Sandy is actually the eco-global free-market forces coming home to roost - so that voting Obamafascism is the only way to repair the damage. And let's not forget that at least we can turn to successful job-creator Bain capital & Romney for help too.

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As in Jewish American Princess?

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It is a mistake not to vote.

If everyone would vote for their gut choice instead of the lessor of two evils (which represent the same kleptocracy), then the media might wake from there slumber.

Write in Ron Paul, vote Gary Johnson, or Andrew Jackson. Don't just hide in your closet with your junk silver and hollow points.

We need to educate those that can be reached before the mayhem that we know is coming. The intellectual battle for America will be lost if we disengage and wait. Without helping others understand, we can expect our own Stalin/Mao/Chavez to save the day when the sheople are scared.

In other words, thanks Tylers

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If you vote Republican or Democrat, YOU ARE part of the problem.

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If you vote, period, you are part of the problem.

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There are two methods whereby masterful ambitious men may hold any population in a state of ordered subjectivity. The first and by far the most honorable method is through an irresistible and highly-trained standing army, ready to deploy anywhere; with mechanical precision at a telegraphic nod in order to lay down the Law at the cannon’s mouth and sweep away all dangerous opposition.

 The second and cheaper method is, first of all to inoculate those intended to be exploited with some poisonous political soporific, superstition, or theoria; something that operating insidiously, hypodermically, may render them laborious, meek, and tractable.

The latter plan has ever proved itself most effective because Aryan populations that would fight to the last gasp against undisguised military despotism may be induced to passively submit to any indignity or extortion, if their brains are first carefully soaked in some Abstract Lie.

-Ragnar Redbeard

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There's an app for that. Diebold will vote on your behalf.

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Choosing between the 2 candidates is like picking which method of dying one wishes to take - the quick or the slow.

But neither will be painless.

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Two shit sansdwiches, one with butter and the other with mayo.

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To have voted well is to have not voted at all.

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That's not true, one is a turd sandwich, the other is a douche!

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Jimmy Tudeski: ...I would hate it more than mayonnaise

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My campaign is doing well - a real alternative!

Saro's picture

"You have selected . . . slow, and horrible."
"Good choice!"

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They missed number 6.  Is there really anything worth approaching given the situation at hand that isn't a waste of time, money or energy.

JohnG's picture



It costs all three.  Energy to drive the truck, money for said energy, and time standing in line.

And in the end you get a fucking sticker, a drive back home (more time, money, energy) and four more years of the same shit.

It's just not worth any of the three, and I don't want the sticker.'s picture

I could walk half a block and be the only one in line. No muss, no fuss, no waiting. But I won't. What would be the point?

kaiserhoff's picture

If I lost my ass at Atlantic City, can I get a FEMA trailer?

CPL's picture

No, this time you get to camp.

redpill's picture

The weather is awfully nice at Gitmo this time of year, maybe he can get a transfer.