Quick: Per Se Still Has A 6:00 PM Reservation Opening Tonight

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Update: 15 seconds later, all open Per Se reservations had been taken. Better luck after the next hurricane.

New York is back, baby. Best way to check? Restaurant reservations. And the best cross referencing place for that these days is OpenTable. A cursory check shows that of the 616 restaurants indicating availability for tonight, many already have the much desired 7:00 pm slot already booked up. Among these are such bastions of haute gourmet as Asiate, Rouge, Cipriani Caravaggio, Ouest, Felidia, Triomphe, and of course Dorsia Per Se. Which means only thing: New York has picked itself up, brushed off the rain drops from its $10,000 fitted Zegna suits, and is back to eating. The good news: Per Se still has a 6 PM opening (although probably not for long after this post).

Source: Open Table

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oddjob's picture

Enjoy the cream of mushroom soup.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

And the Watney's Red Barrel!

A Nanny Moose's picture

Finally sir...a wayfare theen mint...

disabledvet's picture

"that'll be a one hundred and twenty five taxi sur..." "YOU SON OF BITCH!" pregnant pause. "do you want a ride or don't you?" ..., ...., ....(money changes hands)..., ...., .... same taxi driver "you know I'm available later if you want to....you know...

Piranhanoia's picture

We have rat cake, rat sorbet, rat pudding or strawberry tart.  

Miss anthrope's picture

you Tyler, are just TOO COOL................. 


azzhatter's picture

I try to spend less on my meals so I have more for the hookers. Some sacrifice is required

adr's picture

Emergency generators, sump pumps, and $200 meals for the 1% set. The rest that might not have power for a week, LET THEM EAT RATS!

A friendly message from your local Goldman Sachs employee.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Do hookers need power? What about the blow supply, what will Wall St. do? 

azzhatter's picture

any of these have a nice belgian waffle?

Dr. Engali's picture

"Update: 15 seconds later, all open Per Se reservations had been taken. Better luck after the next hurricane."

Fuck even the restaurants have algos in New York.

Skateboarder's picture

It actually happened on the microsecond scale. 15 seconds was the human delay in noticing and coming to grips with what happened.

One algo to rule them all,
One algo to find them,
One algo to bring them all,
And on Wall Street bind them.

AetosAeros's picture

Shit, just realized I will never be able to print enough up votes for that little meme.


Thanks for the laugh.

walküre's picture

Per Se is probably never taking reservations for that time slot.

pods's picture

Yeah, I can see how they came up with the name:

"Well we are going to have this restaurant, but it is not going to be a restaurant per se, more of a culinary experience."



Lost Wages's picture

Let me know when Studio 54 reopens.

buzzsaw99's picture

Today's Special: Spittle Souffle

Believable-Hypocrite's picture

I got my res. in at The Road Kill Inn, they serve a great possum stew. Better hurry they fill up real quick.

yogibear's picture

So are the monster year-end Wall Street bonuses. Same-old, same old. With Bernanke and the Fed ensuring Wall Street make nice year-end comps how can one in the industry loose? They can even steal from trading accounts and the SEC/CFTC look the other way.

lolmao500's picture

All the meat has been replaced by rat meat.

Zero Govt's picture

should be BBQ'ing politicians tonight if there was any justice ...plenty of fat on those suckers

BLOTTO's picture

Rat Salad


~Black Sabbath (instrumental)

PLove's picture


The best hurricane money can buy.


trentusa's picture

simultaneously as Obama is on tv saying the recovery is going to take "awhile" (otherwise known as "a long time' in regular-person speak), Tyler posts the article about NYC is up & running except for the one chic restaurant that still has an opening

insanelysane's picture

Recovery going to take awhile is Dem code for we need to let presidents serve 4 terms like FDR did.

insanelysane's picture

$$ Mexican and Indian.  Heavy Manufacturing in Mexico and IT in India.  Left out $ for Chinese; Tech Manufacturing in China.  

The banksters are still levitating the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for American.

Zero Govt's picture

"New York is back, baby."

you mean the private sector is back open for biz despite the obvious total incompetence of the NY State to secure sea walls... meanwhile on that topic..

State power is patchy

State trains a shipwreck

State tubes go submarine (got aqualungs?) 

Nuclear plants lucky not to go Fukinshambles

and we all know NY banking is State propped-up bankrupts since 2008

Thank fuck everything isn't run by the State or you'd be eating BBQ'd rat on the streets tonight.

Here's to the private sector, muddling around the mess caused by the public sector down the ages

Clowns on Acid's picture

Broken reservation theory at work.

rsnoble's picture

NYC is a huge cockroach city, you just can't get rid of them.  Step on them and they just squirt out the sides and end up elsewhere. Most serious infestations require large, industrial strength bug bombs.

JustObserving's picture

New York City with the help of the Fed levies a massive tax on the rest of the country.  It is through trillion dollar bailouts of the banksters by the Fed, it is ZIRP by the Fed (expense of savers), it is complete regulatory capture of the SEC ($9 million parting gift to Mary Schapiro before she became SEC chief) and Gary Gensler of the CFTC (More than 4 years to investigate silver manipulation), it is HFT which harms markets, it is insider trading (only those who work for Steve Cohen engage in insider trading, Steve is above that).

The Federal Reserve is the sovereign power in these United States with the ability to move trillions into the pockets of its friends (who are predomoninantly banksters in New York) without every having to worry about an audit.  Is at a surprise that a simple 1000 square foot apartment can cost $1 million and much more in New York?  - your money at work.

Now the rest of the country will be spending the tens of billions required to repair the damage inflicted by Sandy.  New York City will get richer and have a few more fancy restaurants. The banksters would not have it any other way.


BGO's picture

1,000 sq. ft for $1M? Maybe in (an undesirable part of) Brooklyn. The One57 building with the dangling crane, they're charging $6,000 per sq ft. Do the math! 

Joe Davola's picture

'dangling crane'


Is that some fancy move them city slickers use when they're gettin' busy?

BGO's picture

you thinking of a "rusty" crane? entirely possible, considering the demographics, and whatnot



saints51's picture

Looked at that per se menu. Thats about the shittiest choices for food. Looks horrible. For that price i can make a mean ghetto cheeseburger and get my double chin and fat ass on.

chet's picture

Somehow I find it heartening that the best NY restaurants come up with the same indistingishable, meaningless names as the restaurants in my podunk city.

reader2010's picture

Are they gonna serve BBQ rat meat tonight?

helping_friendly_book's picture

 Lloyd Blankfein owns an  apartment at the dual limestone towers at 15 Central Park West.

I think I'll go over and ask him to lend me a few million to maske it through the weekend.

markar's picture

Of course the fine dining establishments in NY are booked already. As Leona Helmsley once said, "taxes (and subways) are for the little people"

Marley's picture

How about Taco Bell on 3rd?