Chart Of The Day: Sturm, Ruger's Revenues

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This chart showing Sturm, Ruger's quarterly revenues needs no comment.


Perhaps 'Sandy' or the elections will drive a renewed interest in being 'locked-and-loaded' as looting continues?

Some highlights:

  • EPS 88c vs 80.3c expectations
  • Sales $118.15mm vs $112mm expectations
  • Net Income $17.35mm vs $15.35mm expectations

and if the surge in revenues wasn't enough - here is the ever-increasing rate of production (in units) - the world is indeed a more dangerous 'armed' place...


There has evidently been no change in the trend of demand for weaponry (as we noted with Smith & Wesson's recent update)

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thatthingcanfly's picture

You didn't shoot that.

cossack55's picture

See "Central Bank". Will explain all your looting questions.


Looks like Apple's earnings graph.  iPads and guns. God bless America!! lol

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It’s how informed Americans vote with their pocketbooks.

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For whatever it's worth here is your Long Island update. No power anywhere in sight today. Lots of national guard rolling through but it feels more like that movie "outbreak" than anything helpful. The few gas stations are jammed and the restaurants are packed and running low on food. It's fuckin freezing tonight and it is scary to see the pitch black neighborhoods knowing that all the houses are full. Like I said last night I have refuge at a friends house who has power. The difference between the "have's" and the "have not's" it amazing at this point. Finally my neighbors are interested in forming some kind of vanguard.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Our founding fathers did not rid themselves of the leach vampire redcoats by holding hands, singing  and chanting with candles and incense.

They shot the motherfuckers dead.

Get it?

fonzannoon's picture

i don't see any bankers wandering around with chardonnay. if i do i have a few mossbergs laying around.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Nov. 6th is a critical day in American History: it's National Buy-a-Gun Day. Every gun bought is a vote against Obamany-Robama.

centerline's picture

Hurricane Charley transformed my area overnight from modern to some sort of logging camp.  Was really amazing to experience.  Scary but uplifting.  We found out pretty quick that we mostly had good neighbors (the bums stood out).

The Gooch's picture

My cousin's neighbor (on L.I.) had a boat crash through the front of their house. Ron Jeremy's boat.

True story. There were no scenes being filmed on it at the time.

Uncle and Aunt's home (that he built many years ago) and everything they worked for on Staten Island is gone. 

As long as the juice is flowing to the bots, wine-cellars and sushi delivery services in Manhattan...








El Oregonian's picture

My family just blazed through about 220 rounds of ammo through our mini-14's, Ruger 45's, SW 38's, and 3-9MM Glocks this past weekend. My two girls are dead-eyes and dangerous (their husband's know better than to piss them off). Our two sons are even better at handling weapons.

Now, Momma... she can "Annie Oakley" with the best of them...

No Worries here...

aerojet's picture

No worries right up until someone is shooting back at you, that is. 

JimBowie1958's picture

No worries right up until someone is shooting back at you, that is.

That is one of the lamest cliche responses to gun preparation ever puked from someones pie-hole.


But would anyone rather be facing fire for the first time knowing how to shoot well and acurately or being untrained and unpracticed?

Shit on a shingle, stop repeating the gun-grabber talking points and think for your own godamned self sometime, will ya?

jonan's picture

i'm pretty sure most people would shit their pants, myself included; although, at least i'd be able to shoot back. How about yourself?

JimBowie1958's picture

That is simply not true.

Most people wont shoot till they have to, but when they have to they will because they have an overwhelming instinct to live.

Exempting most libtards, of course, who have a death-wish. I bid them God's Speed.

El Oregonian's picture

My family just blazed through about 220 rounds of ammo through our mini-14's, Ruger 45's, SW 38's, and 3-9MM Glocks this past weekend. My two girls are dead-eyes and dangerous (their husband's know better than to piss them off). Our two sons are even better at handling weapons.

Now, Momma... she can "Annie Oakley" with the best of them...

No Worries here...


Huh... That was before everything was lost... Last night... in a boating accident...

CPL's picture

The massive amounts of it happening in the North East of the US.  All over other countries newspapers right now.  Twitter being used to organise a swarm, etc, etc..


16000 news articles and climbing in the past 24 hours.

The Shootist's picture

Looting, for rls? I thought that only happened in the Big Easy (pickens that is) -Not Bloomberg's Big Apple.

fonzannoon's picture

I am in the middle of the shit. I can tell you that it is happening but it is not that bad. The problem is it will be easily another week of this. It is going to get worse.

tsx500's picture

I heard Obama has requested all available local paralegals to the coastal NJ areas, to tend to the wounded

GeezerGeek's picture

I wonder how many Liberals will come to their senses when stuff starts to affect them personally. Hat tip, retrospectively, to Phil Ochs.

j0nx's picture

This is, unfortunately for the rest of us, the only way that liberals can learn; to experience their own failed policies first hand and in living color.

LasVegasDave's picture

sold all my guns on craigslist and lost all my gold in a boating accident

boom goes the dynamite's picture

you too? I also forgot to report it.  I better get on that soon.


cossack55's picture

Curious. I sold all my gold on Craigslist and lost all my guns in a boating accident. Hmmm.....

hawk nation's picture

My kids used my gold and silver as common currency at the ice cream shop all summer without me knowing and my soon to be ex wife ied my guns for protection and ruined them

Long-John-Silver's picture

You can't sell "guns" on craigslist. It will refuse the post. Everyone calls them "bang" or "bangs" now.

Wakanda's picture

Armed (scared, hungry and fleeced) sheep?  Any guesses where this is going?

The Second American Revolution, unfolding now in a gerrymandered voting district near you.

Hedgetard55's picture

Moolies are looting NYC and bragging about it on Twitter. Good luck New York.

nmewn's picture

Bloombergs got the cops looking for contraband Big Gulps and little sugar & salt long as they stick to flat screens, liquor and under ten ounce cokes they'll be OK.

disabledvet's picture

"hey, those aren't people dressed as zombies. those really ARE zombies!"

scatterbrains's picture

shhh!  can we get through the election first ?


The Shootist's picture

Mmmh, Ruger revolvers. GP100, Bitchez!

Urban Redneck's picture

I have a house that's literally littered with them, works out to about 1 per room... something about being able to pick a gun and know it's loaded and will work properly the first time & every time, regardless of how long it has been sitting there idle...(can't say that for a spring loaded magazine)

The Shootist's picture

You didn't earn those! you need to spread the wealth around, send one of them up to me!  ;)

Urban Redneck's picture

I did earn them, since I did the gunsmithing myself on all but two of them (Williams fiber optics & Caspian spring sets- since the Ruger factory trigger action SUCKS compared to an old S&W or Colt).I'll swap for a handshake on PM's to a VA resident, but I'm not giving them up or trading for fiat EVER-

The Shootist's picture

Nice, I like the Wolff Spring mods. Not ready to take apart their uniframe revolvers yet...

Urban Redneck's picture

I started out with Caspian so I stuck with them to cut down on spare part inventory.  I use Wolff on my 1911s, and their variety/value packs come in extemely handy since no one (that I am aware of) has come up a magic/universal spring set for the 1911.

Overfed's picture

Before the canoeing accident, I had a S&W Mod. 10 from the 50s and a Colt Agent from the 60s. Beautifully finished and triggers as smooth as wet ice right from the factory. Great guns.

cbxer55's picture

I have spring loaded magazines that are 30 years old. Kept fully loaded all the time. Never had one fail me in all these years. Not one!

You can keep your wheel guns. I'll take my 1911's anyday over wheel guns.

nmewn's picture

Not arguing the stopping power of the .45 semi. But not everyone in the home is strong enough to rack the slide without cocking it first or (heaven forbid) clear a jam.

Double action wheel guns as a primary are ideal to that issue...just point & shoot...and no safety's.

I've got a.45 and nines but there could be a babysitter at the house or the kids home from school before parents get home or visitors while you're away (family) etc.

Revolvers are simple, primary and effective home defense IMHO.

BrerRabbit's picture

Yes, the original Point and Click interface.

JohnG's picture



Right with you on that.  My wife uses a .38 revolver, and knows not to shoot unless the bad guy is very close.  She's not been trained or through that kind of situation (thank <insert diety>), but it's much better for her to just plain hide while I get them.

nmewn's picture

My wife has a snub .38 as well. I used to reload quite a bit and the first one off center is "special", it'll move (or parts of it) through just about anything ;-)

The other four are Hydra Shok 110gr.

JohnG's picture



I'm always careful about ammo.  Even if it's a rightous kill with no criminal charges, there's always the risk of a civil suit.  Bad guy gets hit will a "hot" load, and you might lose.

I stick with standard LEO loads, and here that is Federal Classic hollow points.

Don't wan't to shoot in a home invasion scenario with some of the newer +P+ loads, very real possibility of grief.

Be safe.