Guest Post: Only Global Banks Will Benefit From A Cyber-Attack On The U.S.

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Submitted from Brandon Smith of Alt-Market

Only Global Banks Will Benefit From A Cyber-Attack On The U.S.

When it comes to national crises and man-made disasters, America as a society has a tendency towards selective blindness.  If we were to truly think critically instead of reactively with hyperemotional conclusions, we might ask ourselves a few important questions.  In the wake of 9/11, we did not investigate the actual crime for ourselves.  Instead, the investigation was done for us, and within hours of the attacks a convenient group of villains was presented to us on a silver platter complete with trimmings as well as a few target countries we did not particularly like ready to bomb into oblivion.  After 9/11, we did not think; we set out to slay monsters.  Whether they were real or imagined made little difference…

If we had any sense back then, the populace would have asked themselves WHO truly benefited from the event?  Who really gained, and who really lost?  Did a bunch of cave dwelling Muslim fanatics “gain” from 9/11?  What did they gain?  Where was the incentive? 

In any guerilla resistance or insurgency, the primary objective is to win the support of a particular populace.  To win hearts and minds.  Post 9/11, the world was ready to embrace the U.S. in a way that had not been seen in decades.  The “terrorist” plan to undermine the collective American character had apparently backfired.  The supposed goal of Al-Qaeda to rally the world behind its cause against U.S. imperialism had turned to poison.  The attacks then opened the political doorway for even more U.S. military dominion in the Middle East, and policies of preemption continue more than a decade later as politician after politician rides the tired pony of “national security” to complete exhaustion, playing the terrorism card as an excuse for every violent action and every disruption of civil liberties, while the establishment rams through every piece of unconstitutional legislation they have had on the backburner for years. 

Again, the question remains: who really benefited from the event?

Now, some might claim that terrorists are generally disposed to insanity or religious zealotry, and don’t necessarily need to think in terms of cost/benefit when planning to kill people.  This assertion, however, is a mere feat of mental gymnastics designed to allow us to tapdance around the more complex issues.  Many of us would like to assume that the story of a sinister super-secret Al-Qaeda clan of death exists, and in order to do so we also have to believe that they are smart enough to embed themselves into every fabric of Western culture as our government constantly forewarns.  But, if they truly are that ingenious, wouldn’t we also have to consider the possibility that the terrorists are smart enough to take actions which serve THEIR interests, instead of only serving the interests of the people they are supposed to despise, like the U.S. and European power elite? 

Al-Qaeda’s (or whoever they are) presence in Syria and the admitted (or loosely admitted) support they now receive from the U.S. in the form of monetary aid and weapons shipments is a perfect example of this dynamic.  Why would we reinforce a terrorist organization which our government has accused of killing thousands on 9/11?  Why would they help us destabilize Syria?    

Why is it that everything Al-Qaeda does ultimately enriches the men they call their enemies?

Regardless of whether or not you believe such subversive events are the product of terrorist activities, it is impossible to deny that the establishment (globalists and their respective business entities) always seem to come out far ahead in the aftermath of every calamity.  We lose, the Muslim nations lose, and the global banks win, every time.  This is not debatable.  It is simply today’s reality…

Knowing this dynamic exists, I have to apply a bit of skepticism when I read press releases from the Department of Defense and the White House asserting that a 2nd World country like Iran is possibly at the forefront of cyber warfare against the U.S.:

I have to double my skepticism when Fox News reports that Iran is planning cyber-strikes from Mexico (playing into the DHS talking point of joint Mexican/Al-Qaeda operations.  Why the hell would Iran need to cyber attack from Mexico?  Why not the South Pole, or the Hamptons…?).  Not to mention, their expert guest on the matter is none other than Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman, one of the primary soulless political figures behind such freedom roasting bills as the Enemy Belligerents Act (whose language was ultimately melded into the indefinite detention provisions of NDAA 2012), and the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, which is essentially CISPA on steroids:

Neither the DoD, nor the White House, nor Lieberman, nor the mainstream media have ever offered any tangible evidence that Iran has anything to do with the alleged cyber attacks on major U.S. banks, the private Federal Reserve, or any American infrastructure of any kind.  Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, it sounds like Iraq all over again; lots of “experts” telling us what to think, and no evidence to back their claims.  So, without the benefit of any evidence from our fearless leaders in Washington D.C., we are left only with logic.  What would Iran’s goal be in executing a cyber attack against the U.S financial system, and what would they gain? 

Even if the Middle Eastern nation has the capability to carry out such a techno-barrage, wouldn’t Iran be the first country that the U.S. would blame for the event regardless of evidence?  Why would Iran hand over the perfect pretext for a hard physical strike by Western powers?  Again, are we supposed to believe that the Iranian government is brilliant enough to pull off a coded 9/11, but too ignorant to realize they will be immediately targeted afterwards?

Now, there have been some cyber attacks in recent years which DO have strong suspects with ample evidence to support their guilt.  Namely, the Stuxnet virus attacks which were directed specifically at Iran and its nuclear energy program, all perpetrated by the U.S. and Israel.  I have seen cold hard facts showing that the U.S. and Israeli governments have a penchant for computer terrorism, and I have seen no facts that sully Iran. 

Iran gains little or nothing from cyber warfare, but there is one group of interests that gain much...

I submit that in the event of a cyber attack on the U.S., the spoils of such a victory will fall into the laps of the very global bankers that are being portrayed as victims, and I also submit that said attacks will open a door to government controls that certain elites have been clamoring for over decades.  Here’s what they would get, and what you would lose…  

1)  A Cyber Attack Would Divert Economic Blame Away From Banks And Government

The Federal Reserve created the powder keg atmosphere within our financial system that we experience today using artificially low interest rates which allowed fiat money to be fed into sure-loss housing loans and toxic debt derivatives.  The credit crisis and housing collapse NEVER could have occurred without the direct aid of central bankers.  International lenders like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs knowingly issued these toxic derivatives into the system while betting against them on the open market in an outright act of fiscal sabotage on numerous countries from Greece to the United States.  Ratings agencies ignored the blatant dangers inherent in the derivatives market and gave toxic securities coveted AAA status.  The SEC, which is supposed to stand guard against this brand of corruption, instead looked the other way, rarely if ever investigating whistleblower complaints against the “Too Big Too Fails”. 

When the American economy collapses (and it will) under the intense weight of this criminality on every level of the market process, the public will come after the banks and those politicians who helped them - unless a scapegoat is offered as a distraction.  A “cyber attack” on our banking system would give perfect cover for the banksters, allowing them to blame the collapse (which was going to happen anyway) on Iranian “terrorists”.  With their new victim status, international banks can then step in as the wounded but valiant “saviors” of the global financial system, centralizing even more power into fewer hands, issuing their new world reserve currency (the SDR) in the wake of a disintegrating dollar, focusing regulatory control within the IMF, all while the foolish populace chases after Muslim boogeymen.

2)  A Cyber Attack Gives Pretext For War

The argument for preemption against Iran over a nuclear weapons program that has never been proven to exist is simply ineffective and childish.  Globalists are beginning to realize that they have overplayed the “expert” card, and dropping a guy in a suit in front of a camera to tell Americans who to bomb is not quite working out like it did a decade ago.  Why not?  Because ten years ago Americans were still reeling from 9/11.  Globalist think tanks like the Washington Institute For Near East Policy now openly call for new attacks to be fabricated (false flag attacks) in order to frighten the American people into supporting a new war against Iran:

The interesting thing about the concept of a cyber false flag is that it leaves no physical fingerprints for average citizens to investigate.  Skeptics who suspect that our own government is the engineer of the attack might never be able to see the virus, coding, or transcripts of the event.  It is much easier to hide a collapsing network infrastructure than it is to hide a real building collapsing at near freefall speed (Building 7) without the aid of a crashing airliner.  With no physical or visible evidence whatsoever, a cyber false flag can be blamed on anyone, and the public will have to take the government at their word.

3)  A Cyber Attack Gives The Government Rationale For Internet Controls

Our government, regardless of which party occupies the presidency, has been chewing through concrete in an attempt to gain regulatory power over the internet and its content.  SOPA, CISPA, the Cybersecurity Act 2012, and on and on.  They do not hide the fact that they want to clamp down on the web, especially the web’s massive independent media presence, which the DHS often refers to as “extremist propaganda and recruitment”.  A cyber attack gives web totalitarians the perfect excuse to fence in our creative commons and silence activist media.  I can hear it now:  “The open and unsecured nature of the internet has given terrorists and terrorist states free reign to attack vital U.S. infrastructure, and it must be restricted for the greater good of the country…”

4)  A Cyber Attack Can Go Global

A cyber attack does not have to be limited to a single country and its networks.  It could be used to strike multiple countries and fuel a global firestorm of systems failures.  Globalists need a macro-crisis, a world-wide catastrophe, in order to present their “global solution” to the desperate masses. This solution will invariably include more dominance for them, and less freedom for us.  A global crisis can also be used to manipulate various cultures to forget concerns of sovereignty and think in terms of one-world action.  Surely, a worldwide breakdown can only be solved if we “all work together and all think alike”, right...? 

Without a doubt, a cyber attack serves the interests of elitist entities and banking monstrosities like nothing else in existence.  Set off a nuke, start WWIII, turn the U.S. dollar into stagflationary dust; a cyber attack tops them all, because a cyber attack can lead to them all while maintaining deniability for the establishment.  The fact that whispers of cyber threats have turned into bullhorn blasted propaganda should concern us all. 

Are we being conditioned for a cyber event in the near future?  That remains to be seen.  However, none of us should be surprised if one does occur, especially in light of the many gains involved for globalists, and all of us should be ready to dismantle and expose any lies surrounding the event before the American public is whipped into a 9/11 style frenzy yet again.


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becky quick and her beautiful mouth's picture

He did it! He shut down the Earth! 

Colombian Gringo's picture

The Banksters will do ANYTHING to shut down the flow of information revealing their crimes. So called cyber terrorism is just another meme created to rob us of whats left of our freedom of speech.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

The internet provides a completely unregulated platform for conspiracy theorists and hate-groups to voice their extreme views and spread anti-government, anti-Federal Reserve propaganda. The rise of extreme views and hatred towards the government and banking institutions could never have occurred without this platform. The internet simply has to be regulated in order to preserve American values and prevent the spread of extremism.

Pladizow's picture

Bank cyber attacks will be a false flag used to justify a bank holiday!

The moment they open will be your last chance to withdraw every penny!

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Weak. Looks like we are past Peak MDB.

GCT's picture

The internet MDB also allows you to type your typical troll rhetoric.  So you may want to reconsider your thread.  Freedom of speech is rare and should be defended. This is the hard part for you to understand MDB, you prefer to censor ideas you disagree with.  I do disagree with some threads or articles posted here from time to time.

This is what freedom is all about. If you do not understand that people will have differing views then you have, and should be cut off, your no better then your masters.  Yes your masters are directing your point of view if freedom of ideas is not allowed to be exchanged.

Once our freedoms are taken they will never be returned easily.  Think about what you type MDB as Freedom applies to everyone and this is one of the few sites where you have to actualy defend your views.  I know you prefer people that do not have critical thinking skills or the moderators only allow views that support their article.  Maybe you should go hit Huffpo or Red State as they definitely censor or delete or ban posters that do not agree with their agenda.

Great article by the way.  Everything lately is being set up for the FEMA camps and to thin out the human population.

Mike7.62's picture

Don't feed the F'n trolls. MDB is such a creature and should be ignored.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture


Are you suggesting the FED is NOT a goverment entity...???

Whats with the the "Fed" name then...???

Radical Marijuana's picture

MillionDollarBonus, you are an amusing troll!

Indeed, the more people discover the FACTS about privatized fiat money-as-debt being created out of nothing, in order to enslave them, on an exponentially accelerating rate towards debt INSANITY, the worse that might become for those who are able to do that, and benefit from it.

This article was an excellent review of what shall surely happen, which is that banksters WILL stage more false flag attacks, in order to create their "solution." This solution will invariably include more dominance for them, and less freedom for us.

The IRONY, my dear $1million troll is that it was the international banksters THEMSELVES which have DESTROYED American values and spread extremism. Such is our Bizarro Mirror World! Everything the well-paid troll says is BACKWARDS, of course!

The history of the USA is only interesting because the international banksters relatively lost several times, with the heroic actions of President Andrew Jackson being the best example of those events. Without that, there never would have been any good America, that could then be systematically destroyed, worse and and worse, since 1913, when the international banksters regained control. Without the relative success of the American Revolution, and previous defeats of the international banksters, then there never would have been any good America, to watch deteriorate, and be destroyed, by the later victories of those banksters being able to take control, and systematically corrupt everything.

We are lucky to have been alive near the birth of the Internet, when its original principles were still in application. All it takes is freedom of information to exist, and then more truth has a fighting chance to come out and become more widely known. Therefore, there has been a new surge in the battle royal with the Fraud Kings. However, the international banksters ARE controlling the world, NOW, by corrupting governments, in order to get the power to control the money supply, by making "money" out of nothing, as debts, which then governments FORCE everyone to accept.

Unfortunately, I believe that the trillionaire mass murders that now dominate the world are too far advanced to be stopped by any return to constitutionally protected "freedoms." I believe that the only thing that might stop them is the longer term consequences of too much of their "success," from controlling the world with fraud backed by force, that there will be final failure, due to them going mad, and destroying themselves, and almost everyone else along with them.

MEANWHILE, just for fun, I would ask you, my dear ass-backwards troll, for a common sense explanation for why it is good idea for We the People to have given away our ability to make our own money supply to privately owned banks, that can then charge us interest to use their fiat money, that they are allowed to legally make out of nothing ... ???

As long as the majority of people never think about that, and never want to think about that, then the banksters are doing very well, and their puppet governments have no problem at all keeping that established system going. Everyone requires money to live, and they control the SOURCE of that money!

I do not believe that the banksters and their puppet governments have to worry all that much about freedom of expression. My experiences have convinced me that the overwhelming vast majority of people have already been well conditioned enough so that they do not want learn where money comes from. The social taboos against knowing about money are much more effectively installed than the taboos against knowing about sex ever were!

American society as a whole has become a slave society, since it is now completely within the international banksters' debt slavery system. As that runs away to become, by the numbers, debt insanity, a few more people are facing those facts. However, by and large, Americans are already almost totally brainwashed to live inside of a slave society, and thus, they have all the psychological attributes that slaves usually did throughout history. They tend to take pride in the stupid things that they were forced to do for so long. They tend to attack other slaves for thinking about freedom even more than the slave masters do. Indeed, the worst enemy of the slaves is internalized, so that they end up thinking the ways that their masters taught them think, and so, some slaves tend to be viciously attacked by other slaves, after questioning their slavery.

Given those social conditions, I do not think that the slave masters, the international banksters and their puppet governments, and mass media, etc., have to worry all that much about freedom on the Internet, since most Americans are now already too well enslaved to want to take advantage of their remaining freedoms. But nevertheless, I have no doubt that those established powers will eventually get around to find excuses to shut the current Internet freedoms down.

DrunkenMonkey's picture

"unregulated platform for conspiracy theorists and hate-groups to voice their extreme views and spread anti-government, anti-Federal Reserve propaganda"

Otherwise known as 'free speech', or are you against that too ?

Ideas rise or fall on their own merit.

Ignatius's picture

9/11 was such an event. 

WTC7 experienced absolute free fall for 2.28 seconds -- impossible from fire only.  An object in free fall can do no work (crushing and bending). 

WTC1 roofline came down at 64% of free fall and never decelerated during impact -- impossible.  Bazant published his paper on WTC collapses on 9/13/2001 (since modified slightly).  His hypothesis was that the top undamaged portion crushed the lower part (like a hammer).  Go drive a nail into a piece of oak and tell me if the hammer head  decelerates upon impact.

If they can get away with these lies against basic Newtonian science then I'm sure they can conjure a cyber attack.

Governments everywhere do horrendous acts all the time.  The difference this time was that, in America, they killed our own to spead up the empire and MIC control.  I sac a piece in chess to gain victory all the time... but it's a game.

Otherwise, I agree with MDB completely and am sitting here awaiting my 'escorts' and look forward to my well earned rest at Guantanimo Bay.

Ignatius's picture

So many avenues to investigate....

Our first and foremost weapon is to cross our arms across our chest as men/women and ridicule the impossible official narrative.  These criminals and dupes will never admit their complicity.  But as for their 'story' we can say "Go tell it to little school girls 'cause we ain't buying it."

Radical Marijuana's picture

they can get away with these lies against basic Newtonian science ...

YEAH! as putaipan pointed out, all it takes is watching a few videos about how those World Trade buildings were constructed as STEEL FRAME STRUCTURES, and then watch a few videos about how three of them suddenly collapsed on 9/11/2001, for common sense about the substance steel to be engaged, and then it becomes plainly obvious that 9/11 MUST have been an inside job, false flag attack!

However, after being forced to come to that logical conclusion about the real world, based on common sense about steel and the laws of gravity, etc., the political consequences are unbearably bad!!!

Therefore, I would indeed expect that the established systems will create more excuses, through false flag attacks, in order to shut the Internet down, in order to stop more people watching videos about 9/11 events, that would severely shake people up, IF they took the time to watch them.

I know some very mainstream people, who finally took the time to watch some of the videos available from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, that then became very disturbed from finally watching those, and being forced to face the social facts that surround the inescapable conclusions that 9/11 MUST have been an inside job, false flag attack, and therefore, everything that the USA and other NATO countries have been doing since then were all based on HUGE LIES. Those facts have now become an irreconciable level of social polarization! I have been collecting my thoughts about these overwhelming political problems here:

Of course, that appears to have been mostly a useless thing to do, since all the major political parties, and the mass media, and so on, continue to prop up the huge lies about the meaning of the events on 9/11.  The obvious truth about 9/11, which is really as obvious as that your barbecue grill never melts and collapses, has political ramifications that go utterly off the scale!

There are significant numbers of people that have already recognized that 9/11 was an inside job, false flag attack. However, there is, so far, absolutely no way for any of the established political processes to allow that truth to emerge. Rather, that truth is so disturbing and devastating that we end up severely stuck in the deepening rut of irreconcilable social polarization.

9/11 put us on the irreversible path towards genocidal wars, and democidal martial law. It also put us on the path towards the current financial crises. More radical truth about that has no feasible way to emerge into the political sphere, without perhaps triggering an insane civil war and revolution. Therefore, there is no reasonable doubt that things like the Internet being shut down, and people's guns being taken away, are very probably going to happen in the foreseeable future.

The whole world appears to be going out of control. We are being forced to accept huge lies, and runaway frauds, and those are driving us all mad, and towards severe psychotic breakdowns.

Personally, I expect to be murdered, when the established systems finally decide that is necessary. I no longer believe that more truth will do anthing, but get me killed for saying it. However, I also feel like I have nothing left to lose. Agreeing to go along with such huge lies has also become too terminally sick to agree with!

Ignatius's picture

Nailed it. 

"Always merry and bright."  --  Henry Miller

Good luck to all of us.

zerozulu's picture

What do you expect when fox is watching the chicken shed.

aerojet's picture

What they seem to not understand is that the genie is out of the bottle--even if they succeed in clamping down on today's Web and Internet, as soon as they do that, the hacker community and techies all over the world are going to put together a response--something that really is distributed in nature, with no government-controlled chokepoints and that will be completely ad-hoc and impossible to shut down except maybe if they start jamming radio frequencies or something.

They had better be careful--all these telcos really have it coming with regards to the shit they have been making us eat these past couple of decades.  The government and the media hate the Internet--witness the stories about the "Craigslist Killer" and fearmongering in "news" programs and in dramatized series.  The Internet is almost always portrayed in some sinister fashion, it is almost never shown as helpful or informative, but always enabling dastardly acts. The reality is completely the opposite--for the few bad incidents, the Internet is the one thing that is lifting humanity out of ignorance because we can check facts instantaneously, call people on their bullshit right then and there, and not let a "lie go around the world before the truth can even get out of bed."  This is what the control freaks are afraid of--they fear us not needing them to run our lives and they definitely fear that a global populace, able to communicate cannot be easily divided using xenophobic tacticts, racism, and tired party politics.

Cathartes Aura's picture

genuinely hope that when the "Web and internet" gets pulled/throttled and the "hacker community and techies" put their "responses" together they leave their lulz outside and concentrate on getting information out, not circle jerks as often evident. . .

many people avoid digging deeper because there's so much unnecessary shit to wade through to find anything close to truths.

GetZeeGold's picture



Cyber attack.....or otherwise known as.....fighting like a girl.


Apologies to all the tough chicks out there.

malikai's picture

Fighting like a girl put a real crimp in the style of Iran's enrichment program. Not that it matters, we'll still send in the cruise missiles, drones, and marines to fight like a "man".

autonomos's picture

Internet is a major flaw in modern propaganda - it will be cleaned up

HD's picture

I've had my cyber attacked and I'll have you know it's no laughing matter. I would happily exchange all my civil liberties so my email never ever goes down. If I can't update my Facebook status then I might as well be dead.


malikai's picture

I just want you to know that I'm flying my made-in-china stars and stripes at half mast in your honor today.

United We Stand, brother!

HD's picture

Well, I [CENSORED BY DHS] probably because [CENSORED BY DHS] am I right?




Quinvarius's picture

On the subject on NYC building in free fall, how do we know that the big ones are not all wired to implode all the time for the sake of public safety?  If you think a building might be on the verge of falling over, wouldn't it be better to premptively drop it into its own basement?

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Wow!  You not only took a blue pill, you took the whole damn bottle!


aerojet's picture

What was brilliant about 9/11 is that it all took place right before our very eyes and yet all the conspiracy talk has accomplished is further bolster the banksters and oligarchs who had their hands in it.  A majority of people subscribe to the official story, for the remainder, there is a complex set of conflicting alternative theories that still function to distract intelligent, questioning people away from the bigger issues.

9/11 happened.  We need to quibbling over who, how, why, and focus on making sure that no such event can ever happen again.  And that may mean some very different things than invading two countries and murdering random "bad people" using drones.

becky quick and her beautiful mouth's picture

i hope the last 2 days have been a wakeup call to people. all of that "money" you had in the markets? it wasn't really your money, now was it? if you wanted to do anything with it the last 2 days, sorry for you. it belonged to whoever controlled the con ed power switch, not you. same with cyber war. someday people are going to wake up and...poof it's gone.

BlueCollaredOne's picture

When global banks are the only ones who benefit from a cyber attack, global banks are the only ones who cyber attack.

LawsofPhysics's picture

No shit sherlock.  Global banks are running the fucking world right now.  They own all the politicians, control all the armies as well as all the media.  What the fuck is this, "obvious day"?

Enjoy the bread and circuses, keep stacking any and all valuable assets and prepare to defend them.

Quinvarius's picture

Jamie Dimon said Iran attacked his web page.  That is good enough for me.

HD's picture

In Iran's defense, they tried to deal with JPM customer service first but they couldn't understand what the guy from India was saying...

azzhatter's picture

That might have been me Jamie, I'm a little tired of your ass raping

IamtheREALmario's picture

Yes, who indeed benefitted from 9/11 and is it a key to what the future holds for us. A very good premise!

From 9/11 the beneficiaries were (it was not OBL, KSM, Iraq or Afghanistan and that should be obvious):

The Neocon warhawks and the war industry, Israel and rich connected Israelis, the oil companies, Larry Silverstein, all of those under investigation or soon to be under investigation for Enron (since the evidence was held in building 7), those who "misplaced" the $2 trillion that went missing at the Pentagon (since that investigation was never re-started), possibly those who drove truckloads of gold out from under the complex, possibly those who traded ahead of the event and covered their tracks in building 7 ... and I am sure there are more.

9/11 allowed the government and those behind it the ability to steal rights and privacy away from people, with the people virtually begging them to do so... to declare secret what had previously been public and to ignore crimes for the benefit of insiders. Who benefitted?

One has to assume that if we are to expect a cyber attack, as the government has been priming us for, then we will have to see who benefits in the aftermath to determine where the threat originated from.

lolmao500's picture

The banksters profit from every crisis. The military industrial complex too.

Ghordius's picture

I understand that it's called now the Security Complex. New biz like private prisons, internet security, airport scanners, private security guards, mercenary outfits, drones etc. have now made huge additions to the old biz of small weapons, tanks, warships and warplanes.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, precisely why you are called a human resource instead of a debt slave.

yrbmegr's picture

Steel and humans are made of iron and carbon.  When steel gets too expensive, we know where to find more iron and carbon.

aerojet's picture

You're right, but the contracts these days are micro compared to what once existed.  A lot of the issues we are experiencing are because those starved for big money contracts are performing ever more desperate feats in order to attempt to drive revenue their way. 

Cdad's picture

A “cyber attack” on our banking system would give perfect cover for the banksters...  There is no tarp in the world big enough to hide the crime of "the banksters."  These crimes are in the open now, and our large criminal banks will never restore their reputations...or at least not for generations.  Anyone thinking otherwise is probably a criminal syndicate banker thinking wishfully.  On this matter, you are simply incorrect.


Coldfire's picture

Power that can be abused, will be.

rsnoble's picture

I hearby declare open season on the elite.  No restrictions.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Just so we're on the same page, 'elite' equals anyone making over $200,000.00, right?


Or are we referring to the .01%?

krispkritter's picture

Bankster Season. No limits. Happy Hunting!

cranky-old-geezer's picture



Why is it that everything Al-CIA-da does ultimately enriches the men they call their enemies?

Fixed it.  Now it makes sense!

See how one little change can reveal the truth?

malikai's picture

Follow the money.

Fred C Dobbs's picture

Send this to everyone.  

Stuck on Zero's picture

I rate this a +10.  All good points.


Silver Garbage Man's picture

One more reason to hold gold and silver. They are safe from those games.