One Year Later - Santelli Rips Apart 'Connected' Corzine

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There remains more than $1.6 billion of customer funds unaccounted for and whether you believe PwC (as Forbes notes) were duped or not, one year on from MFGlobal, one thing is for sure - there is no more hated character in the pits of Chicago than Jon Corzine. CNBC's Rick Santelli says it all in this blockbuster rant against the incredible reality that this 'connected' individual has got away with monetary murder. Must watch - but beware your blood pressure... as he concludes "we haven't heard the end of this - Chicago will find the answers!"


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it is my biggest gripe against O.

this little fish, years ago, not 'part of the team', got hammered:

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If Corzine were still governor of New Jersey, Sandy would just be another pretty girl at the beach.

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The CFTC presided over this miscarriage, allowing customers to have their funds stolen by MFGlobal on behalf of JPM.

CFTC Commisioner Jill Sommers presided over this crime. She's the same sweet lady who fought against even having public comment on precious metals limits. Not that the rest of these CFTC corrupt clowns are any better.

Be sure to email them and let them know how grateful you are to them for perpetuating what T. Butler calls a crime in progress (silver suppression). At least they enable more cheap silver staking for the time being.

Bart Chilton

Scott O'Malia

Gary Gensler


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Give the crooks hell, Rick!

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Let's remember who we're fighting for... the children.

Jon Corzine's daughters:

Whenever I fantasize in the future about 'two chicks at the same time' I'm gonna remember these two.

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Wow just wow! Who are those kids parents?  I hope the Judge sees this video.

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The "Honorable" Jon S. Corzine must have some very dirty information on some very important people to have stayed out of jeopardy for this long.

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thanks for the ever-present reminder that some men still punishment fuck - helps re-inforce the message.

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"Scott O'Malia"


Pretty funny (and probably fitting) that the dude's email address is "somalia"

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Corzine will eventually go down, he stole that money and should be in prison with Bernie maddoff.

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the key line in the "little guy" post...  Is "Lack of supervision" and he was hammered for that, which seems could/should apply to corzine as well?

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be careful Rick - we'd like you to stick around

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Au camel toe.  NICE!!!!  I think I will shift my assets to Dr. Copper though.

I sure hope those ladies are ZH readers.  I'd like to think this is just not a group of pissy old men.

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You might want to take a look at this. David Einhorn Short Iron Ore - Business Insider 

 Jumping into copper?

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Yen- excellent link> Thanks!

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Inflation imminent.

akak's picture

Your comment implies that (fiat currency) inflation is not occurring right now, or has ever actually been halted, both of which propositions are patently false.

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Or I was making a boner joke about the pic of the 3 semi-naked girls dressed as precious metals.

Try and get out more.

akak's picture

Since I did not see any such photo here, nor have any idea to what photo you are referring, your attempt at humor fell rather flat.

Try to not assume so much.

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You can't follow a threaded conversation?

Has your brain blobbed up?

akak's picture

Forgive me for not having read EVERY single comment in the thread before responding to your comment.

I'm sure that YOU, nor anyone else, have never done such a thing.

fuu's picture

No I make mistakes. When I do I own them, I do not try and pass them off on others as if they were wrong in the first place. But you know, do what you do with your bad self akak.

akak's picture

Yes, I was "wrong" for not having read the entirety of the previous thread.

That takes nothing away from the semi-douchiness of your initial response to mine.

Can we end this now?

fuu's picture

It's been over for a couple of comments now.


Actually I see now you haven't been posting since 10/24/12. Are you on the East Coast? Are you ok, family is ok?

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Those are very Precious Metals. 

No oxidation and probably stackable.

No need for a boating accident with them on board.

Thanx Biggvs!

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Looks like I need to uh, diversify my holdings.

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I have a new appreciation for physical PMs

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O = ZERO Criminal Prosecutions for that alone he deserves to lose his job

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If "answers" = "a way to keep Corzine out of any legal trouble indefinitely," then yes, Chicago will most certainly find answers.

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Wishful thinking...with the head of the Chicago mob sitting in the White House fat chance he's going to let one of his bagmen take a fall......

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...with the puppet of the head of the Chicago mob sitting in the White House...


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Wait, somebody thinks that the occupants of the WH are anything but reality TV?

Obummer has no idea what his opinions are until he's told them by his handlers, and Mittens is no different.

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Corzine has to step off his island surrounded by a crocodile filled moat sometime... When he does, all bets are on.

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You can bet he checks the political weather forecast first, ala Kissinger.

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Brazen malfeasance, fraud, and outright theft by the political class is now just becoming a normalcy bias for the mongoloid American public.  Fuck Corzine, fuck Bernanke, fuck Obama, fuck Geithner, fuck Romney, fuck Bush, fuck this horse shit communist central planning government and its cohorts. Fuck em all.