Americans Aged 18-29 Have A More Favorable Response To Socialism Than To Capitalism

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In the prior post, we showed a presentation that looked at America from the perspective of a corporation and how it would be completely unsustainable. Luckily, there is little probability that America will ever have anything to do with S-Corp status, and far more likely end up as an agrarian Kolhoz. The reason: based on a Pew survey of America's youth, or those aged 18-29, more have a positive view response toward Socialism than they do toward Capitalism. We will leave it at that.

Socialism: 49% Positive / 43% Negative:


And Capitalism: 46% Positive / 47% Negative:

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As Lenin said... I am the Walrus.

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dripping from a dead dog's eye

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The greatest lie the devil ever told was convincing humanity that we live in a free market capitalist world.


Psychologists discuss cognative dissonance - and why many people are in a state of denial (you can substitute "capitalism" for "9/11" in this video - still the same message):


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As a Capitalist, all I could think of after reading this article was how to market towards sOCIALIST 18-29 year olds.

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Putchur Eddie Bernays hat on, my man.

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Barney Frank beer: "Suck it down!"

Nancy Pelosi handbags: "Room for all your bribes!"

The list goes on and on. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

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John Boehner's tissues:  "Big Crocodiles Don't Cry".

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To be a socialist in your twenties is understandable. To be a socialist in your forties is inexcusable.

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how many people in their 40s do real work? most are either burned out, retired early, or in "management" playing politics.


what young wants is what the top 0.1% elites have...socialism for me, capitalism for you system.



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Yep they come out of high school writing about how the Federal Reserve fixes prices at the supermarket so their poor sacred ass doesn’t get ripped off.  Reading sophomore papers about economics is a dismal adventure into the abyss of hopelessness for the future.

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"Are we not Men?!"

"We are DEVO!!!"

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Anyone that is shit broke loves the idea

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But if there was hope, it lay in the proles. You had to cling

on to that. When you put it in words it sounded reasonable:

it was when you looked at the human beings passing you on

the pavement that it became an act of faith.

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Wisconsin leads the way out.


Bitch all you want and trash the place.


It's over......go home now.


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"Americans Aged 18-29 Have A More Favorable Response To Socialism Than To Capitalism"

That's because they grew up with it.

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Reading ZH comments about economics is a dismal adventure into the abyss of hopelessness for the future.

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It gives me optimism actually.


10.000 people sceaming bullshit to 5 guys holding a mic has to even give them pause.

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What gives me hope is this stupid thing came out of Pew, it is likely full of shit...if not, screw it, we're back to doomed...

boogerbently's picture mean the 10's of millions of $$$ of destruction caused by Sandy WON'T be good for the economy????

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Sandy Storm different "where's the government, the government's job is to help everyone who can't help themselves".

First, this statement/belief is bad enough.  

Second, the "government" told them to evacuate...they didn't.  

Common sense told them to store food....they didn't.  

If I have to hear one more person complain about the potential of dying from the cold I'm going to puke...get a coat and a blanket you morons.

Complaining about police!!  This is the best one.  Crying because of looters and asking where the police are...Houston was without power for 10 days.  Millions of looting problem at all.  zero.  Of course, I remember seeing the signs on CNN "looters will be shot"....people, accepting responsibility for their own food, power and security.   Imagine that.

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Moral dilemma: if one kills a looter in one's house, and one is really hungry...

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No you don't have to feel bad about eating a looter.

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Bath salts is a hell of a drug.

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But hasn't The Government taken away their guns, so they must rely on the police?

Laws in Texas about shooting trespassers seem to be quite different than in the north east.

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The sad part is those of us in our 40's created these socialists (18-29).  We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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AldousHuxley - Yes, correct, the entire society is a PONZI.

Join it, milk it, or leave it; those are your choices kids.


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Well im closer to 50 than 40. in 8 months I made 153 *unique* changes to the software i am working on (bugs, enhancements, support changes. That's researched, written, tested and deployed. No rollbacks needed. about 1 delivered change per day. Mostly 8-10 days with an occastional 20hr push...



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Any man under the age of 30 who is not a liberal has no heart.  Any man over the age of 30 who is not a conservative, has no brains.

Winston Churchill

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any man who has less than $500,000/year in income has no voice nor vote.


--your district's politician

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any man on the public dole gets no less than two votes.

--your district's politician

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any man in a position of power proclaiming hope and change is a puppet of Goldman Sachs.

--an accurate observer.

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We don't need your stinkin komutalism! We have our shining kapimunism! 

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Winston Churchill - send the bust of that asshole back to England.



President Bam Bam

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'tis democracy in action: $1 = 1 vote

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The only way Hurricane Sandy was Human Induced Climate Change, was by the Geo Engineering operations being done by humans working for the US Government.

The Climate Changers and Progressers can go pound Sandy, We have Global Cooling now due to the extended Solar Minimum.

NASA June 2012 Solar Cycle 24 Prediction

Hurricane Sandy Geoengineering Update 10-27 and Law Suit

HAARP Engineering 'FRANKENSTORM' Hurricane Sandy - CAUGHT on SATELLITE and RADAR!!!

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so cheap?  there will be less than 100 mm votes cast and over $1bln spent.  That's more like $10/vote just on the political advertising.  


why say no more?  the young 'uns look at their prospects and see what unfettered unregulated captialism has wrrought and well, why shouldn't they imagine something else would be better?

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"the young 'uns look at their prospects and see what unfettered unregulated captialism has wrrought "



We aren't were we are because of unfettered unregulated capitalism.  Quite the contrary.  We are where we are because of idiots like you.

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Kid needs a shot of Morning Joe.

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Exactly! Crony capitalism is fascism, a.k.a. socialism. As John T. Flynn states, “Fascism is Fabian socialism plus the inevitable dictator.”

Why is it that the richest men in the world have been financing both Communist revolution and Socialist legislation? Why is it that wealthy socialists co-opted tax-exempt foundations that now dominate American education? How did the socialist meme gain control over most of the world’s press, radio and TV? How is it that oligarchs with crony connections to the center of power have developed powerful control centers in both the Democrat and Republican parties, taken over the U.S. State Department, manipulated themselves into control of the White House? Who are the members of the power group that is seizing the human and natural resources of the entire world?

And why would they support what appears to be the pathway to their own destruction?

The answers to all these questions appear in Tragedy and Hope written by Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University, Dr. Carroll Quigley. They are the super-rich whose goal is to convert all governments to world socialism which they, the international bankers and business cartels, will control.

Only low information voters, products of today’s government-controlled education,  would believe that the operators of the Federal Reserve cartel system - the Lloyd Blankfeins, Jamie Dimons, Evelyn de Rothschilds, George Soroses, Herman von Rompuys and Benjamin Bernankes etc. - are capitalists. 

The self-regulating nature of the marketplace that made America great, the invisible hand, has been paralyzed by the mail fist of the international bankers and their captured DC enablers.

Isn’t it time to stop referring to dictatorship as capitalism and free enterprise?

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If fascism and socialism are the same thing in your world, how do you distinguish between communism and capitalism?

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It's simple foxtard, just look for the black dude...he's the "communist"

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Really?  I thought the Foxtards would just call him "nigger."

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Free Book for you;

Feudalism aka American Capitalism
by David F.

Introduction and Overview

Feudalism: control by an entrenched minority esp. for its own benefit : social, political, or economic oligarchy.

You are reading this online, so I won't waste your time.

The aim of the book is to provide enough shocking facts about the manipulative practices of America's power elite, that readers will be motivated (i.e., made angry enough) to take part in efforts to bring the richest 1% under control, ...before they impoverish the planet and destroy the biosphere.
The book presents overwhelming evidence that masquerading behind a democratic facade, an economic elite comprising less than 1% of the population is quietly and cunningly ruling America. Their immense wealth and power enable them to exercise so much control over the governmental process, that they effectively operate the country as a Feudal oligarchy. The book will leave little doubt that Government has been serving as a tool to subsidize and legitimize their exploitation of national and international resources, while legislative tax changes have left the nation with a Feudal wealth distribution system.

Presenting the evidence to substantiate this argument is not the main reason the book was written. Documenting the methods used by the elite to manipulate, control and exploit those with less money or power is the real purpose. At least 80% of the book is devoted to documenting their very effective methodology.

While it is evident that most people are somewhat aware that government appears to cater to corporations and influential lobby groups, the average taxpayer is practically oblivious to the extent to which the wealthiest 1% directly and purposely control and manipulate the lives and destinies of everyone else on the planet.

For those who have been brought up on a steady diet of the American Dream, but notice that today's reality and the American Dream seem to be growing further and further apart, it may be worth keeping in mind that if a frog is placed in a pan full of cold water, and the heat is turned up gradually enough, the frog will fail to sense the danger, and instead of jumping to safety, it could quite unknowingly allow itself to be cooked. In a similar fashion, the media continues to be used to desensitize and/or misinform the general public into repeatedly accepting domestic and foreign policies that are very often diametrically opposed to the best interest of the majority.

While the average American does have "a vague idea" that corporations (as well as the economic elite) use plenty of techniques for avoiding taxation; how many know that the proportion of Federal Income tax derived from Corporate income tax declined steadily from 32% in 1952; to 23% in 1960; to 17% in 1970; to a low of 9% in 1985? Without vital knowledge such as this, the public will remain in the dark as to what is really causing the decline in most Americans' standard of living. .

Although the growing deficit and the near trillion dollar banking industry losses will inevitably lead to continuing cuts in the standard of living for present and future generations, most Americans feel powerless to alter their deteriorating economic conditions, and simply take consolation in the belief that everyone else is also feeling the pinch.

Nothing could be further from the truth ! 

Michaelwiseguy's picture

Continued a little, for the lazies who refuse to click on the link;

Statistics taken from Forbes magazine's annual July survey of America's billionaires expose the true reality. In 1982 there were 13 billionaires, in 1983...15; in 1984...12; in 1985...13; in 1986...26; in 1987...49

In other words, the number of American billionaires had for many years hovered around 13, then the Reagan administration drastically altered the wealth distribution patterns by introducing tax changes favoring the super rich. In 1986 the number of billionaires DOUBLED, and by 1987 the number of billionaires had QUADRUPLED!! By 1988 there were 68 individuals or families that each had net wealth in excess of $1,000,000,000. By 1989, the number had risen precipitously to 82. And by 1990, the Forbes survey reported the staggering total of 99!!

This explosion of wealth taking place at the top has occurred and will continue to occur while waves of beggars flood onto the streets, and thousands of farmers lose their farms. It is neither fate nor coincidence that these events are occurring simultaneously. Tremendous profits continue to flow into the bank accounts of the super rich even during supposedly poor economic periods.

Unless facts such as these become "common knowledge", economic Feudalism will continue to be an integral aspect of the status quo.

Why isn't the general public aware of these facts?
Simply because the richest 1% own virtually all of the media, and have little difficulty controlling the content and coloration of television and newspaper information reaching the public. The superficial and often distorted picture of reality offered by newspapers and television's 30 second sound bites has traditionally contributed little to the exposure of America's hidden reality. In no less a fashion, the major publishing houses have, like a circle of protective elephants, provided a wall of defense around the existing status quo and the elite who profit from it. In short, Americans are being deceived and seduced into clinging to unrealistic concepts served up through the mass media by the very people who are exploiting the nation.

Facts that would have exposed the true nature of present day America rarely get presented through newspapers or television. Instead, they surface in magazines such as the Economist, Forbes, Fortune, Insight, and The Wall Street Journal which are read almost exclusively by the economic elite and their sympathizers. Moreover, the specialized economic jargon and ever changing "buzzwords" used throughout these publications poses yet another barrier preventing the published facts from becoming widely appreciated.

Consequently, this book has been written to present the reader with a comprehensive but seemingly radical perspective of America's hidden reality, based on and supported by facts extracted almost exclusively from the conservative, pro-establishment publications just mentioned. This was done purposely to avoid arguments regarding the truth, accuracy or bias of facts used throughout the book. Additionally, the author attempted wherever possible to present both the perspectives and the supporting facts in plain uncomplicated English so as to be accessible to a broader spectrum of the general public.

The book could easily have been entitled "The Hoax of Democracy and Equality in Western Society", because the world's economic elite have taken control not only in America, but in virtually all the capitalist democracies, England, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, West Germany, Israel, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc., as well as all the other countries ruled by economically elite minorities.

However, because America chooses to be the flagship for democratic capitalism, so she automatically deserves to be the focus of criticism as well. Moreover, it has been the American elite who have pioneered many of the social and constitutional controls that the economic elite of other countries have imitated. Consequently, incidents were chosen from American society to provide references and examples, although each of the other countries could have served the purpose as well.

It is therefore the author's hope that the book will serve as a catalyst to arouse true democratic power not only in America, but throughout the so-called Western democracies, simply by outlining many of the methods which the elite purposely use to manipulate society in order to maintain their wealth and power (i.e., a Feudal society).

If and when Western citizens come to know even some of the facts contained in this book, the outcry could be deafening. The shift of power from the wealthy elite to the majority could come just as surprisingly and as quickly as the shift of power away from the Communist elite occurred in Russia.

The demand for true democracy, and a more equitable distribution of wealth could dramatically alter humanity's destiny. A "New World Order" could really take place.

As Victor Hugo once put it, "No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come", and the time has come.

 Important additional note!
The author would like to remind the reader that although most of the incidents referred to in the book occurred in the late 80s and early 90s (because that's when the book was originally written), it would be no problem at all to choose a comparable set of incidents taken from today's current events. In short, we are always being manipulated and exploited with basically the same methodology, so providing incidents (i.e., examples of a particular exploitation method), at any point in time, to support the basic arguments in the book would be relatively easy. It would simply entail a repeat of the time and effort taken to collect the currently provided set of supporting bibliographic references.

I have little doubt that readers will be able to supply their own current references, ...and all too easily.
This type of expose of the elite's methodology needs to be written only once.

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Most people under 30 have never seen real socialism or real capitalism.  Most of the "developed" world has used corporatism/fascism with minimal (in relation to the amount of favors showered on undeserving corporations) social benefits the last 30 years.

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If Americans understood what Socialism actually is, they'd be even more for it.

Technology itself is forcing the world to move to a socialist model (i.e. the internet) and fake free market capitalists are shitting their pants.