Curt Schilling Sued Over Misappropriated $75 Million Rhode Island Development Agency Loan

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Doping cyclists, UK banks which manipulate every possible thing they are involved with, and now embezzling one-time baseball millionaire greats with bloodied socks... Is nothing sacred anymore?

From AP:

The state of Rhode Island has filed a lawsuit against former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling and one-time officials with the state's economic development agency in connection with a $75 million loan guarantee to his failed video game company.


The suit was filed Thursday in Rhode Island Superior Court. In addition to Schilling, who founded 38 Studios, it names the former executive director of the Economic Development Corp., Keith Stokes, and another former EDC official who worked closely on the deal.


Gov. Lincoln Chafee (CHAY'-fee) said in a video message the EDC board took the legal action to try to "rectify a grave injustice put upon the people of Rhode Island."


A spokeswoman for the EDC said the agency has no comment.

But at least consider the benefits: the loan did goose US GDP by $75 million on at least one occasion: after all it was almost efficiently allocated government funding. And everyone knows that that never goes to waste...

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Broken windows or Broken video game companies.. same poop that comes out of Krugmans ass, different day.

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Ken Fisher's classic on how there no such thing as a wasteful project:

"Learning to Love Debt"

THAT, while in the same piece he smugly dismisses debt critics and states that the U.S. is woefully under indebted because there's so much additional asset value that could be collateralized.

Funny if it were not so f'n Stupid and economically devastating.

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The irony is that they shouldn't be going after the guy that got the loan, they should be going after the fucking idiots in government that give it to him to begin with.  You're not a fucking bank, you know nothing about running a business, so why do you think you are going to be successful in these endeavors?  If it was so easy to pick the winners it would already have been done by people who are much smarter and faster than you.  

It's criminal negligence and a breach of their fiduciary duty to protect taxpayer funds.  They should be thrown out of office and be made personally liable for their actions and have a $75 milllion judgment against them.  If they want to sue Shilling themselves to recover the funds, fine, pay for it yourselves, pricks.

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...Which is exactly why a witch burning is needed!

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Was someone in the state government setting up Schilling to fail?  Like those FBI stings where they get some low IQ Middle Easterner moron to blow up the NY Fed?

Shilling never was the brightest bulb in the closet and throwing $75 million in front of the dub?

Come on someone in the state government is laughing their ass of at the Red Sox Republican standard barer.  This was a set up using tax payers’ money.

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The whole fucking state of Rhode Island is owned and run by the mafia.
Whaddju expect?

francis_sawyer's picture

Who's next? Hunter Pence?...

augmister's picture

No, the Great Blue Smurf Socialist Republic of Rhode Island is owned by the Kleptocrat State Governmental Hunta of Democrats and their Unionist minons.   The BIGGER crooks are the State Legislators who voted for this bill without even reading it or asking questions.   They had a collective "Nancy Pelosie read it later moment.."   BTW only 2 or 3 members of the RI General ASSembly did NOT vote for this.

Nothing will change here until the state goes broke.  And that will happen.

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I'm pretty sure he was "shovel ready!' 

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you can't put the gubmint in jail, or else it couldn't serve the people
you can't fine it, because it's broke.

you can't put a bank in jail, with all those overseas branch locations and everything it's too spread out to physically incarcerate
you can't fine it, because it's broke

that leaves athletes (and their actress/model girlfriends). they are physical persons, which makes them inherently jailable. unlike banks or gubmints.

and they have actual money. see above re: unlike banks or gubmints

but what about baseball commissioners and basketball commissioners?

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Should we assume that you feel the same way about all the banks?  That they shouldn't be going after "the guy that got the loan" but, instead, should be going after the "fucking idiots" at the bank that made the loan in the first place?


redpill's picture

In Switzerland, bank executives can be held personally liable for bank losses if they are found to have violated their dutes.  As a result, bank failures in Switzerland are extremely rare.

And yes, Jon Corzine should be in jail, or at the very least, broke.

mkhs's picture

I have to disagree with you, redpill.  He should be in jail and broke.

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I'm sure he'll get a fair trial in RI since the state is broke and the judges' pensions are at risk. </sarc>

Here is a summary:

Curt is in Massachusetts and can't get funding.

Curt goes to Little Rhody and presents business plan that requires $125 million, minimum.

Crooked RI govt fast tracks through approval but can only jamb through $75 million.  (We'll worry about the rest later...)

No one in RI govt ever checks what Curt is doing as he blows through the cash.

Curt spent all of the money and isn't even 50% done with project.  Project mgt 101; Actual spend rate needs to align with project spend rate.  I am sure there was no plan.

Vendors and employees stop getting money and start to complain.

Curt and some RI govt insiders try to do some shady deal by getting Curt's company some type of govt exemptions that can be sold.  Deal breaks down.

Mess hits the press and tax payers complain.

Govt says they were duped even though the ones at the top knew they only financed $75 million of a $125 million effort (which is more likely a $200 million actual).

No white knight.

Curt getting a "fair" trial for wasting tax payer money.

Corzine is free, Martha Stewart did time and so will Curt.

aint no fortunate son's picture

"But at least consider the benefits: the loan did goose US GDP by $75 million on at least one occasion: after all it was almost efficiently allocated government funding. And everyone knows that that never goes to waste..."

But think of the multiplier affect - this was really worth at least $350 million! That's a lot of bloody socks!

blu's picture

Threadjack: The last installment (5 of 5) of "How it Could Happen" is up over at TheArchdruidReport:

"By 118 to 32, the 28th amendment was ratified and the United States of America ceased to exist."

End of an empire. This has been one of the best speculative fiction reads I've seen in years. Hands down. Will get your blood moving and your head thinking. Both good things in these times.

a growing concern's picture

I finished it up last night. Thanks for linking to the series. Pretty interesting read.

blu's picture

I thought it was important.

We get a lot of conspiracy theory which serves to distract and shadow the mind, and not a lot of speculative thinking about how things could actually resolve somehow, someday. I dabble in fiction myself in part to untangle emotion and logic. It allows me to speculate, I find it therapeutic. With the future now totally up for grabs we need to give more thought to how we get there whole and worry less about how scary the corners of the world have become.

economics9698's picture

I think the smart politicians are already thinking ahead 5 years and planning on a dissolution of the united states.  With the end in sight of the federal entitlement programs there will be little reason for the average citizen to put up with the albatross that is the federal government.  Unlike other countries that endure communism for decades America has 100 million, 150 million over 100 IQ native that will kill people when needed to get freedom and liberty.  The wiliness to kill others is what separates free men from slaves.  There is a sizable minority that would prefer to be Spartacus than Ben Hur.

When the fiat dies the Washington freak show will end.

blu's picture

I hope that anybody with an average IQ would be able to imagine another way.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You need to check your assumptions. Politicians don't even think 5 minutes ahead. They are 100% reactive, that's practically their defining characteristic.

The people who CONTROL the politicians are the ones that think in advance. And these people don't think 5 years ahead, they think 5 generations ahead.

Those are the ones you need to consider. What is their motivation? One world government. How do they accomplish that? It is not clear to me that dissolving the USA is in their best interests. In fact I'd argue the opposite. You build a One World Government by assembling smaller pieces into bigger pieces. Dissolving the USA into its 50 component states, and then trying to reassemble them, seems awfully counterproductive.

No, their goal is to drive the entire world into bankruptcy, and then propose a one-world currency and a one-world central bank to fix it. Then, when that system breaks down 10 years later, layer a world government on top of that.

Sound familiar? It's the same playbook they are using for the EU right now.

Skateboarder's picture

Nice, thanks for the link. Look forward to reading the whole thing. We must not forget that the USA is a corporation under the crown of England, as is CA. An illegitimate ammendment to an already illegitimate corporate charter (lol, the original constitution was long abandoned) doesn't really mean shit.

blu's picture

People decide what has meaning, when they need things to have meaning. Then even symbols like a flag can move them forward. I think that if Americans ever awake to their responsibilities one of the first things they will demand is a strict reading of the original Articles, and the Bill of Rights, and may then demand that anything not so encompassed justify its reason to exist.

takeaction's picture

Why is everything that should be right....wrong?  Why is everything infected.  Politicians corrupt from the bottom up? 

Midas's picture

Ah yeaha, gonna sodomize him wicked 'ard!

Divided States of America's picture

Religion taught many of us to be good, to try not to do to others what you would not like them to do to you.

I am coming to realize that after many years of praying and being a good samaritan that I have been duped.

For every million of stupid people like me, there will be a bad apple like Lance, Lenny, Curt, Helicopter Ben, TimmyG, Obama......those that takes advantage of the good of others.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

It drives me crazy when people blame religion when they should be blaming themselves.

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." --Matthew 10:16

Those instructions seem pretty clear to me, don't blame Jesus if you didn't take the trouble to be as wise as serptents.

If the Bible scares or annoys you, then heed the words of the Prophet Spackler: "My enemy, my foe, is an animal. In order to conquer the animal, I have to learn to think like an animal. And, whenever possible, to look like one. I've gotta get inside this guy's pelt and crawl around for a few days."

lincolnsteffens's picture

It didn't come across to me that he was blaming religion. He left it vague as to who was to blame "I was duped".

55 men's picture

FINE! I will buy the bloody sock to help him out.

KidHorn's picture

Shilling is a terrible business man, but not a criminal. This is a waste of time and money,

Yen Cross's picture

 O/T but I was thinking of you Tyler. This gives new meaning to the term, "burning through $". This needs to hit the MSM. Obamas failed gift/fraud, keeps on giving!


barroter's picture

Schilling. You BUILT that all by yourself with tax payer monies?  I'll give you this, you DESTROYED it all by yourself though.

Clowns on Acid's picture

Barroter - To be fair Schilling lost most of his money as well. So he was not in the same boat as Sylndra and the other Obama bundlers (Corzine stole PRIVATE $$ !!) to the tune of $50B.


Misean's picture

Meanwhile, in the non-politcal connected, starved private sector:

Which seems to be humming along quite nicely at 1/30th the money....

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture


But don't consider how the Income Tax is unconstitutional!  Focus on Lance Dopestrong and Kurt Shilling, focus on Kim Kardasion's ass and Kanye's meltdowns, focus on anything other than what matters people, because we all want to be positive!

Or something like that anyway....just fucking be happy you are alive and drive your car in circles.  Go to a strip club and pretend like a woman loves you.  Buy some jewelry so you sparkle.  Do whatever but do not question your life!

malikai's picture

It's hard to avoid focusing on KK's ass. There's some sort of gravitational force at work there. Can't quite pinpoint it..

Ned Zeppelin's picture

Well, Einstein told us that anything that immense and massive, like a planet, a sun, or KK's posterior, does generate a strong gravitational field.  The real question is the extent to which space and time are curved around her ass. 

Which would explain why you can stand behind her and still see the box of twinkies open in front of her.

pods's picture

How the hell am I supposed to even be able to pretend that a woman loves me when I am driving around a strip club parking lot, in circles, wearing sparkly jewelry?


pods's picture

I figured it out.  I have to have Rhinestone Cowboy blaring on the 8 track!


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Everything's Gonna Be Alright! - Barry Manilow

Blankenstein's picture

Agree, but Lance Armstong is different than KK or Kanye because he embodies what is wrong with our society.  He amassed great wealth and fame by cheating.  Lance Armstrong = a banksta on a bike

mrktwtch2's picture

its a shame kingdoms of amular was a good game..

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

Grave injustice? No, that's leaving Americans undefended to die in foreign lands and telling the military to stand down instead of responding.

goodrich4bk's picture

He's talking about the latest pathetic attempt by neocons (who like zombies just won't die) to create an Obctober Surprise so they can put Mittster's reliable finger on defense budget.  They claim that Obama ordered our military to "stand down" when the Benghazi embassy requested assistance.  They are circulating emails and "breaking news reports" through the usual newmax, drudge channels, and it looks like a few ZHers fell for it.

Schmuck Raker's picture

I keep forgetting the US Military has a God-given right to act with impunity anywhere in the world, including the US.

blu's picture

Reality is what you make of it.

pods's picture

I guess he should have started a solar company instead?

Maybe Curt should have bundled for the current, not-yet-indicted RI govenor?

Those are two ways where he could have avoided scrutiny in today's world.

Free Jon Corzine!


petolo's picture

Or maybe an electric car with BIG BIG BATTERIES that work underwater. He could have goven one to Corzine .