Dumpster Diving In The Lower East Side

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When one thinks of dumpster diving in the "developed world", one usually starts with Greece, and ends with Spain (where this activity has been so pervasive, lately even the dumpsters have been on lock down). Certainly, Manhattan's Lower East Side is not one of the places that immediately comes to mind. Sadly, now that the city's more Bohmeian neighborhood has been without power and food for 3 days running, and the prospect of electricity being restored is still dim, the local residents have no choice but to do what their insolvent peers from across the Atlantic do every day (even as the capital markets fool themselves that all is well because Draghi said so). For a candid look at how the other part of Manhattan lives now, watch the clip below.

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

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That's from 2005 New Orleans, right?

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But the Red Cross said they don't want my food donations, they just want my cash.

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Haven't these folks ever heard of an emergency kit?


Keep making fun of the preppers and enjoy your maggots.

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I live on high ground, have lots of food storage and my own source of water.

Fuck these stupid people and their inability to plan and see danger in their environment.

What the fuck ever happened to natual selection?!

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job.

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Kudos to all those on here who said we were going to become Spain/Greece.

Can you imagine if the EBT processing capacity was offline for a month? Two?

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I used to do a bit of dumpster diving back in the day. Wasn't looking for food, clothing, or furniture, though. Heh..

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Is that blankfein in the hoodie?

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So long as people have an iPhone and can keep it charged (fuck calling people, it's all about posting updates on Facebook), then nothing else matters, even Dumpster Diving is a-okay!

Their idea of an emergency kit is having a spare USB recharge cable.

Think about nappies. Disposable nappies will soon be gone and how ya gonna wash reusable? Outside?

Urbanization, fail.

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If you are on a limited budget you can get the restaurant cans at Sam’s or Costco that hold 100 to 120 ounces that cost about $5 a can.  You can get fruit, vitamin C, beans, chili, and the essentials.  Make sure to get the vitamin C, pinnacle chunks, along with the beans, chili. 

Guns, get a pistol, 22LR (A MUST), a regular rifle for killing game or people, 30-06 with a scope, and a shotgun.  If you can get a AR-15 or AK-47 get one.

Generator, window air conditioner, candles, bla, bla…

What you will miss most, hands down, is air conditioning.  Get a siphoning tube from the hardware store so you do not have to suck gas out of your car the old fashion way.  Generators are inefficient.  If you got the money get a solar generator.


This should be apparent, lots of bottled water in storage.  It’s cheap, buy it.




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The loons are out tonight!  Almost nobody in NYC has a gun of any kind except for the cops.  We've been over and over this.  For the outlying areas such as Long Island and NJ, you have a bit more choice, but not much. 

There's no need for A/C there right now, it is November!

Have you even tried to siphon gasoline from a late model car?  You can't do it. 

A solar generator, really?  You're just about the stupidest prepper on the planet.  Nothing solar that is small can produce enough current to do much of anything useful.

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Brother Economicusser676869 is quite challenged overall. He believes the way to right a wrong is commit an even bigger wrong.

A couple of days ago, he suggested genociding Indians (the India kind).

I think you can safely ignore Brother Economicusser.

He is what is known as Genus Douches Dipshitterus. Marked for extinction.


economics9698's picture

I guess next time I should note that I live in Florida.  That being said if I lived in NYC I would have a gun.  Figure out the law and get some guns.  You people are idiots if you do not have some.  Most of the NYC readers are above 100 IQ and can figure out the NYC gun laws.  ZH readers are the best as far as figuring out how to do shit.

Substitute heater for air conditioner.

Oh and uh I have been through four hurricanes without power.  I know a little bit of what I speak of.

When the lights go out the shit can hit the fan.

As for the Indians can you please send the ladies over here and leave the guys back home?  We could use a lot of those Nargis Farkhri types.  Yea send over 100,000 Nargis Farkhri’s to the USA and put it on my tab.  Do that and it’s all good my friend. 

One more thing ZH’ers Copenhagen is gold in a crisis.  A fresh can will get you a 1.75 bottle of JD in a crisis.


Oh regional Indian's picture

Not surprised to hear a dickhead respond with his dickbrain.

I rest my case. You typify what is wrong with america and why it's a pimp and ho nation.

Internets Tough guy with boxer avatar.

Nargis would tell your tasteless, skinny white ass to Fuckhri off. You've probably paid too many poor oriental women with your inflated dollars and think they actually rove you rong time.


economics9698's picture

Fuck off third world monkey.  Burn some candles in the wind and worship some twigs and trees.  Don't fucking waste your time with me asshole.  You are a idiot.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Poor angry little genocidal prick you are. Shame on you, overall.

And by the way, that would be "an" idiot. Can't even write/type/think straight. One step up from a goon/ape yourself. I should dig up and quote your "Let's kill al the other Indians" comment.

Never knew Florida had apes.


economics9698's picture

I was not being specific using a instead of an.  There are many idiots in the world and you would qualify as more than one type of idiot.  Third world monkey go away.  

Cosimo de Medici's picture

Sorry, Nargis can't come today.  She's fasting all day---no food or water---until she sees the moon tonight.  Hope it's not cloudy!

It's a cultural thing,  Women subservient to the men.  They even have to do a little dance around him, the fat guy eating and drinking to his fart's content in front of her, to show her "respect".  Karaka Chaturthi is the name.  Originally it was a female bonding holiday, but the men usurped it and made it just another day of submission.

There is no similar holiday where the roles are reversed.  Only those of the gender who barely escaped being named "unwanted" at birth, and who now, owing to technological advancement, are selectively aborted at the foetal stage rather than being suffocated or starved after birth, have that role to fill.

In lieu of flowers, send a full size mirror for our Indian friend on ZH, whose name will soon be changed to OriNonymous. akak please take note.

AnAnonymous's picture

Subserviency of women? Ummmm, people wishing for that one should look for 'americanism', best thing to provide that kind of wishes.

Not only women are subservient to men in 'american' societies, but women are also subservient to women.

So much better.

This is 'americanism' and this is progress.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Cosmo th ebrain surgeon. Digging up facts he knows nothing about to denigrate a place he's never visited (or perhaps a  a two-wrist at best).

The state and status of women in the US/UK/Oz is pathetic at best, shameful too. Children are sexualized, just check Craigslist for how many wone are selling themselves. Highest divorce rates anywhere in the world, prozac nations all.

Cosmo, you need a long hard look at the mirror my un-friend, warts and all.

I'm sure you and Ecomicus DIpshitterus can fondle each others guns till armageddon comes. BEtter yet, you can perhaps do the world a favoUr and do some brain surgery on him?

I think my 12 years in the US, east and west, north and south, rich and dirt poor, give  me an excellent basis for comment.

Do tell us of your extensive indian experiences? With a pompous handle like that, you're probably a liar anyways.




Cosimo de Medici's picture

Writing from your hometown, fella.  (I do volunteer work here from time to time...many years now.)  Got an earful today from Indian women pissed off at the misogyny and Eve Teasing that epitomizes this society, plus the male driven nonsense that drives today's "holiday".  Tyler says the decorative Zerohedge Bathroom Mirror is on order.  Don't be shocked at what it shows you.

Seems you've got quite the glass jaw.  Your like to take jabs at others, but a light tap on the chin sends you to the canvass like a giant mo-mo.  It's going to take you a couple thousand reincarnations just to put a dent in all the crap you need to clean up at home.  Only then you might have time to take on the US.


Oh regional Indian's picture

Holy shit! With do gooders like you around, any wonder why this country is screwed. 

But if it's true, what you say, challenge you to get in touch.

my contact info here:


We'll see about that glass jaw then, shall we? My intentions are entirely peaceful.




And for some perspective, read this: http://aneebs.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/book-india-and-raj-1919-1947.pdf

awakening's picture

It may very well be that the raising rates of divorce is also due to women being on a more equal footing today than previously in the history of Western Society.

As for your 12 years experience of Western Society; given the constant b*tching about other users (obvious troll is obvious), I think you may very well have wasted the entire time with your head shoved up your ar*e given how 'helpful' your commentary has been around here (MDB and AnAnonymous are much better reading in comparison). It is easy to b**ch about others (especially behind a keyboard) but quite another to actually post something that is worth the time reading (as I have on many occasions, not just on ZH).

Further; India is not the beacon of light you make it out to be either (reliable electricity still a problem?: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/what-670-million-people-without-power-look... ) and has its fair share of problems (hint: your not the first Indian I've met with a chip on their shoulder) so I'd recommend practicing your own advice with regards to the use of mirrors before casting anymore stones from glass houses.

Here's to hoping you waste more time writing a reply than I did on this one.

Oh regional Indian's picture

hmmm, India as a beacon of light? Haaaha! Too funny. It's a shit hole in every sense.

Here is what I wrote about it 2 years ago:



You need to open your eyes a tad. The truth si everywhere, hidden in plain sight. We are all screwed by the same lot. Here and there. 



jez's picture

Man, I loves me some autospelling "pinnacle chunks".

MachoMan's picture

I guess that's better than hoggin...

giggler123's picture

Ofcourse the "I'm alright Jack" attitude is the very thing that killed the country as its mandatory for bankers.  So today you're the 1% but look out the window at the 99% who don't have what you've got - you scared yet?  You should be.  I'd bet when push comes to shove, you have not got enouth ammo to protect it.  It's the same thing, be it piles of money or piles of food and water.

CPL's picture

Wait until cholera hits because of a lack of water processing.


Please note that nobody has talked about the water processing anything in this situation and NJ looks like a bomb hit it.  If you are in NYC please boil water before drinking it.  You have to boil it for at least ten minutes to kill everything in it.  For good measure a tea spoon of bleach every ten gallons if you need to store the water.  And you will need to store it judging by the complete cluster fuck this has become on the engineering level.  


Everyone is in charge.  If you don't understand that...again "Everyone" is in charge.  SO expect nothing from anyone from the corp to the city.  Nobody follows a plan and they are all panicking because politicians are saying some really stupid things right now to soothe people.


Which means you should panic...best place to be right now is not in NYC.  Visit family.  Go somewhere else.  Visit New Brunswick.  It's cheap, people are nice and the beer is cold.  A good place to wait.  And there is food.


You can use puddle water, any water, except sea water (water water everywhere and not a drop to drink) btw

krispkritter's picture

I wouldn't be using any open water source for anything except flushing a toilet. Bleach and boiling don't do squat for floating shit, diesel, gas, anti-freeze, etc.

I'd drink, cook, or brush with nothing but potable brought in by truck or bottled that hasn't been submerged.

All these assholes walking around in flip flops in knee-deep water only have to cut themselves once in the shit-infested water to start the mother-of-all-infections. Every year I see people tossing their kids outside to 'play in the water' that's flooding the streets here in FL. What a bunch of irresponsible and dangerous 'parents'. Might as well toss the kid into an alligator farm and say 'Have fun!'.

Skateboarder's picture

Katadyn > MSR for water filters. I prefer the ones that have the Nalgene attachment so that you can just pump directly into the water bottle. Nalgenes are an important investment too.

aerojet's picture

Ah, yes, the yuppie canteen.  Gotta have that.

blunderdog's picture

The lifesaver bottles/jerrycans are a better value, but any option is far better than being unprepared.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

HH makes an important point: you'll be dying soon without clean water.

If you don't have one of the Katadyn pocket water filters or something similar, you shouldn't be stacking any more of anything until you get one.

Bawneee Fwank's picture

lifestraw!...thing is like 30 bucks


Q1. What is LifeStraw? LifeStraw is a portable water purification tool that cleanses surface water and makes it safe for human consumption. It is just 25 cm long and 29 mm in diameter and can be hung around the neck. LifeStraw requires no electrical power or spare parts.

Q2. What does LifeStraw do? LifeStraw filters up to 700 litres of water and effectively removes most of the micro organisms responsible for causing waterborne diseases.

knukles's picture

New and Improved acts as stand by penis pump!

reading's picture



You didn't even have a chance to get to the rodent-borne diseases waiting to be spread.  Does anyone really contemplate where all those rats went that were in the tunnels and everywhere else where the water is.  One guess, they swam, climbed and ran their way to higher ground.  1000's of pounds of untended garbage will keep them right there and ready to pass on disease.  It is a real problem. 

CPL's picture

If that's all you have at hand, better that instead of dying in three days.

...right now there is still pressure in the pipes, but as more people turn on faucets and release pressure from the system, that's where the energy systems that have been under salt water fed by copper cables get turned on and people pray it holds until a replacement.

Power substations don't have a 1/10th the explosive force as water pump under pressure does and it's a energy problme of scale.  Water pumps for a single city block draws enough power to run a town of 10000 people for a day alone.  It needs a lot of power, and redundancy to even start safely.  And the majority of what you see street level goes down into the earth a good 50 feet with lots of ventilation systems that more than likely leaked thousands of gallons in and around the pumps.  The pumps being used now are the portable diesel rig the US Corp brought in.  They don't dare turn on those pumps.

More of them down in the city core.  The problem scaled systems is balance.  Too much.  Boom.  Eight blocks gone.  Too little.  no pressure.  And it would take weeks to get the air out of the system.  To do that you need energy sources that don't surge, spark or explode and pipes that are clear.

Smiddywesson's picture

LOL!  Yeah, those silly preppers, sitting in their basements watching DVDs off their generator and slurping down some canned chow and emergency beer, sure are a bunch of freaks.

 Opinions go out the window when you go in the dumpster.

These deluded idiots would, of course, form a new alternate reality to justify taking  your food away from you. 

zapdude's picture

'You came for my food, but I will give you lead.'


Mactheknife's picture

Reminds me of a cartoon I saw yesterday.  Two dinosaurs sitting on a big rock in the pouring rain watching Noah's Ark sail away...one is looking at the other and says "Damn, was that today?"

drink or die's picture

They laugh at you when times are good, and when times are tough they hate you for "hoarding".  Best they never find out what you have.  ;)

akak's picture

The center-thinking of the typical conformist sheep is nothing new --- Aesop's 2300+ year-old fable about the ant and the grasshopper comes to mind here.

And as regards the "evil" of "hoarding", do you think that it is any coincidence at all that Television Voice #132 in Defense of the Establishment Powers, er, the National Geographic Channel, continually runs a series highlighting and demonizing "Hoarders" (the actual name of the program), portraying them all as either fringe kooks or, more usually, outright mentally ill?  (That is, when they are not equally demonizing gun owners, "doomsday" preppers, marijuana growers and users, or else praising our "noble" law-enforcement agencies.)

Smiddywesson's picture

And they will always choose their quotes to make those kooky preppers look like misfits.

Well, times change.  You know who preps?  The Mormons prep.  And you know who may be president soon?  

Welcome to the new normal as the ship sinks.

PowerzThatB's picture

Does this mean there will be white 5 gallon buckets in the WH along with boxes of MRE's? 

Hi Ho Silver's picture

I seem to recall they recently completed the expansion of the underground bunker at the WH.

Miss Expectations's picture

I think what they built was Obama's man cave and drone deployment center.  O got tired of going upstairs and making lists.  Too pansy ass, even for him.  Now he can go downstairs when he gets tired of Michelle's bitching, take a seat in his new Dr. Evil inspired swivel chair, pull up to the the console and kill people half a world away.  Good times.

aerojet's picture

The whole prepping thing becomes a psychological problem for many people--they are hoarders in a slightly neater fashion, but hoards nontheless.  Mormons are wack-jobs, btw.  I've known a few.  They're always nice people, but also always bent in a way that isn't easy to discern.  Weirdos.