And Dan Loeb's Biggest October Loser Is...

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When the hits just keep on coming:

Of course, where Dan Loeb has been, thousands of 13-F clone chasers have boldly copycatted before. Which is why today's 2.5% drop (so far) in AAPL stock may well set off a margin call conflagration like no other seen in the past several months. Unless, of course, the CME decides to lower ES margin once again. Just becauase.

As for Loeb's winners:

  • Greek Government Bonds (now that the distressed buyback plan is off the table this will change soon)
  • Yahoo!
  • Murphy Oil
  • AIG
  • Dolphin Capital Investors

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I don't even know where to begin with this one...

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The Careless Whisper NYC HUNGER GAMES UPDATE & Threadjacking

Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg Orders Electric Generators To NYC Marathon Party Tents; Hospital Can Wait;jsessionid=B7517930ED77C47793A4C1...

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Send Food & Clothes Here:

FEMA Center On Staten Island, NYC: Don't Come Here, Just Call

NY Post Editorial; Bloomberg Is Power Crazy

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What's worse than finding a worm in your AAPL?




Finding half a worm.


Enjoy your snack, Dan.  S.R.Z. (shoulda read Zerohedge)

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AAPL is getting hit, but gold is also getting pummeled.

Dennis Gartman is looking for a sharp break in gold prices:

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Anyone who is not in apple is fuckin idiot.  Apple is the only company that has any real promise.  The majority of americans regularly purchase their products at Apple.  It's beyond a household name by now.  Microsoft cowers in a pathetic attempt to seem relevent.  Soon, all other companies will cease to exist, as Apple will eventually consume them in an orgyastic conglomeration of buying.  When the market collapses, Apple will bet the market short, make trillions with its hundreds of billions, and then proceed to purchase every company in the world.  It's stock will skyrocket to 1.5-1.8 trillion market capital.  At that point, Apple will begin training Americans to perform all of their shopping with the assistance of Apple geniuses, who will instruct them on how to spend their money. 

Moreover, Apple is a responsible company that fucks its workers to give its consumers what they want!  What more could an investor want?!?  Forget the muppets who are buying the Samsung!  Apple's technology was, and in the future, will continue to be cutting edge.  Apple's future belongs with the Standard Oils of tech companies, and you are all fools for selling your shares! 

I am recommending that anyone with any amount of money, invest everything they have on heavily leveraged apple calls.


(disclosure): Author is short 25 contracts of the NQ at the time of writing.



Edit: Gold @ 1650-ish.  ;D Market too, very soon.

Muppet of the Universe's picture

Ye.  That is all.

Honestly, I just want to comment, that like...  I have called like every single major market move and posted many of them on ZH, for like past half year. 

& seriously, you should not buy aapl.  But seriously, its like, wtf mate.  I give you gold and you don't even know it.

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eat shit hedgie fuck!



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2012 - 2020's big winner: gold

Short-term movements mean little.

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Bit faceatious really, short term movements mean alot if you have 20x leverage.

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i agree, i think dochen is referring to short term movements in bullion though...


Sup dochen!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

10-4, jonan!  All OK with us, I hope things are well for you and yours.  Physical bullion.  Leverage?  never worked for me, anyone using leverage better know what they are doing as you pay a vig vs. the house...

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Ongoing detailed legal analysis of Apple's bogus attempts to litigate vs innovate:

This is today's story, the site covers way back.  You need to know more than the MSM tells, like who is appealing and are they likely to succeed, based on fact, not spin.

Disclosure, short AAPL, and loving it.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

:thumb up:

I never got the Apple Fever, I could care less what happens to them.

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Worse than that; Apple just lost the trademark to "iPhone" in Mexico:

Apple will be forced to share 40% of its Mexican revenue with the company it infringed: iFone.

Time to short bigtime...



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Mexico declared official supporter of terrorism in 3... 2... 1...

blunderdog's picture

Not like they had a legit claim to it in the first place.  It was an InfoGear trademark 10 years before Apple came along.

My simpleminded view of the whole thing is that if two companies are BOTH permitted to use the same "trademark" (those being Apple and Cisco), it's not really a valid trademark in the first place.

But hey, I don't have a PhD in IP law.

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Hopefully he moved his money to where the safety is like AMZN up 2 bucks today for no reason. 

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oh crap....ple

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A parade of $850 PT re-iterations and conviction BUYs will come out before open on Monday.  

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Offtopic sorry but some great photos of the ques forming outside gas stations.From the UK's daily Mail.

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I wonder what the world is thinking watching the New York fiasco unfold....its amazing how those people thought they should have power in a day...or food...or me me....

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They believed that the government will respond fast and furious

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Not to help you hijack this thread, but.....It's disturbing (understatement) watching video of people BEGGING Charles Schumer for food, heat, electricity; fearful for their very lives.

earnyermoney's picture

I barfed when Chuck "The Schmuck" Schumer said he "... know how you feel, sweetie." LOL. When's the last time Chuck was tired, cold and hungry? When's the last time that ahole had to wait in line for basic necessities?

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Maybe becuase I have been using catheters for 15 years-   god I hate that fucking commercial

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Bundesbank "problem with the germans" foretold

FF to 7:15

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So, you guys think now would be a good time to buy me some Short B?

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I can't tell if your avatar pic is Joey Tempest of "Europe", Ricardo Montalban as "Kahn", or Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver.

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Everybody is selling their apple stock because they are hoping to cause max pain to Rochdale in the rare event that they won't have to see Bove's bearded mug on television ever again.

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Friday futures prop underway

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They are all muppets and as such can never win.

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The margin calls will be launched AH and Crapple will lose another 1%. Probably trade down to $555/share AH.


The spell is broken.



helping_friendly_book's picture

Paging Mr. Margin Call. Please pick up the courtesy telephone in the lobby.

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Where do iHopes and iDreams go to die?

helping_friendly_book's picture


Now ruled by the spawn of Satan, himself, Steve Jobs.

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Apple is as good as gold.

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Portugal coming soon if he didn't pump and dump.

Darkness's picture

I take it you didn't want to notice #3??


In case you missed it, his 3rd biggest loser was GOLD

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I saw it too. Now how about that biggest winner of Greek Government Bonds?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Probably GLD. Hate to enlighten you, but thats not the kind of gold most speak of around here.

As a trader and paper humper, you fail to grasp what counter party risk is in the PM sector.

Bastiat009's picture

Only paper gold price can fall, real gold price always goes up, doesn't it?

Bay of Pigs's picture

I guess when the failure comes and GLD and the COMEX blow up you'll get my point on "counter party risk".

I was obviously talking about the difference in holding physical.


Darkness's picture

Your "when" should probably be *if*, but *if* will never happen

StychoKiller's picture

I can think of over $16Trillion reasons why you're on the wrong end of this argument (and no, the next Prez/CONgress/Senate isn't gonna cut spending to fix anything, either!)

Darkness's picture


Whats the correlation of GLD and the spot gold price? Do some research and talk to me. 

Also, I completely grasp what "counter party risk is in the PM sector." Let me guess, you believe that GLD is not backed up by PM and that when a SHTF moment occurs (which it won't) everyone holding GLD will be left holding their prospectus asking where there gold is?? 

Guess what, there is no Dow 1000 moment, EVER, so it doesn't really matter. I will take GLD anyday over physical because of its instant liquidity and no need storage. Clearly you haven't correctly studied any economy that has experienced hyperinflation before because none of them was ever considered "THE worlds reserve currency" prior to hyperinflation.

I have zero doubt that America will continue to be a world leader for many decades to come. 


A happy and successful "paper humper". 


P.S. If you ban me because you disagree with my comments, are you any better then the "tyrannical" government you say rules over you?

DVDBeaver's picture

No one wants to ban you - you're a perfect reminder of 'Normalcy Bias'.I wonder how many jokers like you have existed and perished in Weimar Germany through to Zimbabwe...