$25 For A Gallon Of Gas

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Because even the road to socialist utopia is paved with capitalist intentions. At least until the 120% excise "fairness" tax is implemented. In the meantime, welcome back supply and demand. We missed you...

From Craigslist:

h/t John

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Dear Johnny:

No one legitimately needs gas.  No one legitimately needs cigarettes or guns either.  So the government must tax these things until the public really understands they don't need them anymore.  The government is here to take care of us after all.



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New York....meet Rollover.


By tonight that will seem cheap.


P.S. where did the New Yorkers get all those gas cans? Are they busing that crap in?


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if the Fed gave every New Yawka a $1,000 debit card to go to the casino, this storm problem would be forgotten quickly.

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Someone is going to get killed waiting in line for 6 hours. 

Price is there to provide the merchant with a profit AND efficiently ration resources.  Price ceilings create shortages.  Econ 101.

Anyone hear Beck tell Bloomberg to shove his 16 ounce Coke up his ass?

Bloomberg needs to get the fuck out of the way.  The tribe needs to STFU and stand the fuck down with their printing press political power.  The people can only take so much bull shit before there is a …when your tribe owns the printing press and can print whenever they want and get bailed out whenever they want its not hard to win the fucking game.  Sooner or later people will catch on Bloomberg.


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So, in spite of the current environment, this person utilized two hours of their time in order to provide value to another person in order to recieve value in return.

Everyone involved benefits.

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This should get pretty interesting when the Federal Reserve Note hyperinflates to toilet paper.

$10 million wheelbarrows ?

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Sounds like you folks out East are finally figuring things out.  I am going for a long horseback ride, this morning, with Mrs. Horseman.


"There is nothing as good for the inside of a man as the outide of a horse."

-Hal Dahl






There has never been a better time
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There is nothing as good for the inside of a man as the outide[sic] of a horse

I'm pretty sure that quote is attributable to Mr. Hands?

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Perhaps the "shoot us your best offer" line in the original ad was not the smartest nomenclature given the situation.

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I think it's hilarious how "the tribe" who has the power to create money at will still finds it necessary to TAX us. Why don't they just print up the money that they would have gotten from taxes and we can all live in the "the tribe's" utopian world of make-believe where oceans turn into lemonade?


Imagine the limitless rise of GDP with endless printing and spending. 


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Why did it just dawn on me that all those people waiting in gas lines were Goldman Sachs employees...

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The income tax is not to generate revenue!

The income tax allows the oligarchs to see where the money is flowing.  Through the income tax system they can gain the necessary statistics to know which industries are generating the most cash flow so that they can take them over.

Also, your willingness to comply with the GovT's regulations is tested by the tax system.  Someone who doesnT pay the taxes owed is someone who doesnT obey laws - an Outlaw.  A tax evader becomes free labor in the prison system.

Plus, it is impossible for you to fully comply with the income-tax code; the tax code is simply too complex for you to comply correctly.  Therefore, should you get out of line, they can find something in the tax code which you are doing wrong and nail you.  You have freedom of speech; however, if you say the wrong thing, you will get nailed for tax evasion.

You are right, "they" donT need your money.  They can add money to their own accounts any time they desire.

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Fucking awesome TB.  that was a home run.

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Interesting.  I find $25/gallon in a "hardship zone" not all that unreasonable.  I was just in Chicago (loop) and at a average resteraunt paid $10 for a Guiness draft in a bottle; which is 500% of standard retail (not necessarily a hardship zone - except for the Rahm Taxation).  Why should anyone be surprised.  At some time in the future, the fiat money will be useless, so I'm surprised that "John" didn't say will trade for 12 cans of Dinty Moore or Chili.  The interesting topic will be how these "shityites" decide that is better to exit the damaged "shitty" for the countryside.

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Obviously, in order to evade any charge of "price gouging," the clever enterpreneur will simply sell gas YEAR 'ROUND for $25/gallon.

That way, come disaster-time, no one can reasonably accuse him of raising rates to take advantage of the situation.

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Wow.  I am out of touch.  $67,185?  Damn.  That better be the "live-in" model.

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GM is about to bust the bank again.  The unions need every dollar they can get to save their worthless company.

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if only unions were clever enough to dream up a label like 'kosher' instead of 'Made in USA' they would still retain their wealth


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The ad would be much more compelling if they offered to trade for frozen meat and fresh vegetables.

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More likely, gas station with instant access working with entrepreneurial mules to not let a crisis go to waste. 

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Everyone involved benefits.

And if the seller pays capital-gains taxes,

then even those not involved can benefit!

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It seems to me this individual did two hours of work for $10 per hour; it is important that they remember to pay their payroll taxes on this self-employment endevor they have created for themselves.

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Selling stuff on craiglist is the new part-time employment in retail.


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$25 PER GALLON - he has 5 gallons to sell, that better than $10 an hour

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"Gov. Cuomo says the Department of Defense will set up emergency mobile fuel stations at five locations around the New York City metro area.

Free gasoline will be distributed, with a 10-gallon per-person limit, Cuomo announced at a briefing today. Cars and emergency service vehicles will be able to fill up directly from the 5,000-gallon trucks."






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THAT didn't last long - the masses were still getting po'd and impatient - and the cops, firemen and ambulances that NEEDDD gas couldn;t get any  (joe 6 pack gets upset when an ambulance was let in front of him).

Those tankers are pumping ONLY for 'first responders' now.  Meanwhile every gas station that gets a delivery has a line - with people topping off half and three-quarters full tanks.  mYou've got peopel from the Bronx driving up to Connecticut to fill up - using a quarter tank to get there and back - sheer mob lunacy.  By Monday everyone will have a full tank - and stations will all have gas - with nobody 'needing' to buy.

Real joke was everyone buying generators at Home Zdepot three days into the power outage - but NO GAS CANS - and NO GAS - anywhere.  No long extension cords either.   By law you can't pump gas into an unapproved container.....   same maroons who buy pumps for flooding when there are no hoses

I want to see how many peopleget electrocuted trying to jury rig setups - alread had tow kids killed by CO fumes from a generator.




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Better just send them a $1000 cash....in case there's no power for the register.


There....our work is done here.


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They should increase the tax on gas cans.

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Those people getting gouged deserve it. They had a week to get ready and ended up with empty gas cans. Beyond stupid.

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At that price you lose money and are working 40 hrs/week for nothing except health care

More will quit jobs.

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Read it and weep bitches, because is what the majority of ZH babblers support. This is Capitalism and a Free Market in action. This what the faux Libertarians want, really they are simply small government Republicans.

Frankly I'm surprised the price is so low.

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"it's all about the packaging"...i agree. Perhaps a lime green can to help improve sales? a more "stylized flourish" to the "can" effect? perhaps revert to "old school cans"? obviously...free shipping....

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This person sacrificed 2 hours of his time and risked the line getting cut off. Another person can now choose to pay 20 dollars more instead of waiting 2 hours or even more in line and risk the line getting cut off. Please do tell, what's wrong with that exactly?

The damage could also have been contained if the government didn't meddle. The price ceilings for businesses cause shortages. If gas stations were allowed to rise prices, the incentive to import more gasoline would rise, actually countering both the prices you see here ánd the shortages. You can thank government intervention for that not happening. But hey, I guess that's what YOU support.

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     This person sacrificed 2 hours of his time

It's called "investment," not "sacrifice."

There's an old (and apparently long-forgotten) economic concept known as "labor."

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How can a bunch of common folk like us understand simple concepts like supply/demand, but highly educated (I use that word cautiously) modern economists don't?  Well, I'll narrow that question to the economists who actually have the high-paying govvy jobs. 

If the folks of New York knew that gas was going to go to $10, $20, or whatever, per gallon after the storm, doncha think some of them would have queued up for a little petrol beforehand?   Nope.  And the reason is that they knew the price "gouging" laws would be in effect.  Gas prices would be the same before and after. Problem is, nobody figgered there wouldn't BE any goddam gas pumps working.... no power, DUH.  

I have jerry cans full, laced with Stabil -- and a scooter!  Love my scooter.

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     How can a bunch of common folk like us understand simple concepts like supply/demand, but highly educated (I use that word cautiously) modern economists don't?

They've probably just never encountered it in their daily lives.  I don't understand a damn thing about the grant-proposal process, myself.

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"...or shoot us..."

I'd be careful with that language right about now...

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exactly what i was thinking, but i also had trouble with the waiting "on" line part.




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Corzine,is that you?

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I will take it. Please deliver to me in Hawaii

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Is the gas can included?

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Yes, can is included with a handy Zippo!

(If you select the self immolation package for $40)

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The unsubsidized cost of urban living.

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That's cheap

The Pentagon pays an average of $400 to put a gallon of fuel into a combat vehicle or aircraft in Afghanistan.