$25 For A Gallon Of Gas

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Because even the road to socialist utopia is paved with capitalist intentions. At least until the 120% excise "fairness" tax is implemented. In the meantime, welcome back supply and demand. We missed you...

From Craigslist:

h/t John

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Does the Lt. Governor know about this .... She is not going to be happy about price gauging

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What is she going to do about it?


Drive there with six cops pushing the car?

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A very sick joke.  I like it!!

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If people don't mind the drive to central to south Jersey, they have 90% gas stations up and running.  No line or wait and the drive down and back woudl still be faster than waiting 2+ hours on line here and I don't think they have gas amount restrictions.

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It's a really long push though.

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Pushing is the new driving!  "Hey, check out our new canary yellow Hummer, it gets 25 feet/hr".  It'll do wonders for our collective waistline.

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I have family down there. Thats where I am heading if need be. Most people used their gas getting back and forth to the mall 4 times. No one can make it down there.

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That's great but these peeps waited until there low on gas warning lights clicked on before thinking about there next fill.  They wont make it to south jersey. 

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i'd say a silver dime would have to be what...about $28 for it to continue to be RP silver dime for gallon of gas historical average?

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so thats about 280-300$ per toz?

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Get a big ass SUV or truck and install a gas tank. Go to NYC and retire next year. Weeeee

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i'd say a silver dime would have to be what...about $28 for it to continue to be RP silver dime for gallon of gas historical average?


The post-Sandy situation does not reflect a historically average situation. So far.

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Soon to be the new normal.

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No, it's better for gas to be unavailable at $4 per gallon rather than plentiful at $25.  Rationing will be the new normal. See how they look out for us?

I wonder if they'll let me use WWII rationing stamps.

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Rationing....correct. from my local paper "Cars can fill up directly from the 5,000-gallon trucks, which in Long Island will be at Freeport Armory at 63 Babylon Tpke., , Cuomo said Saturday. There is a 10-gallon limit per vehicle, he said."

Here is the key. It's more about stupidity. People are fkin dumb. I filled up 2 cars with gas Monday. I have one car full and another one 3/4 full. I am using one for need only based stuff. The other one is the get the fk outta here car. I told my wife to tell her job she was working remotely. The rest of her co workers burned through their gas getting back and forth to work so they can send emails and have coffee and share stories. Retarded. Most have since run out of gas. It is mind boggling. There are cars strewn everywhere. Even when they deliver gas to the stations most people don't have enough gas to get there.

You know whenever this gets back to normal no one will actually learn anything from it.

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"You know whenever this gets back to normal no one will actually learn anything from it."

Sadly, that's true.  It is better to stick one's head in the sand than to spend time preparing. 

But what really gets me is how these same ostrich-like fools ridicule those who prepare.

Perhaps we can look forward to anti-stockpiling laws.  "That'll fix those hoarding bastards!"

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right now they are blaming bloomberg,obama,the neighborhood next to them...everyone except themselves for using 3 brain cells and filling up their car Monday and just being slightly more efficient than usual.

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The self-righteous indignation is the best part. How dare they not deliver me cheap gas, free food, free water, free housing, public transport, FEMA checks, etc. etc. etc. How dare they make me wait in line for 2 hours for gas!

You just fucking watch. By summer Long Beach and Coney Island will be baaack baby! Snap up those newly vacant shorefront homes and properties at firesale prices! People will still be driving around with 1/4-full tanks of gas commuting 30 mins to 2 hours to and from work (though probably paying $4.50 or so), living with basically no non-perishable food or reserves of potable water, no backup heating system, a pathetically inefficient generator with maybe 5 gallons of gas on handand best yet, probably living in a flood-plane, and still whining about how slow the gubmint was to bring help.

Like the Bourbons and the Keynesians, they learn nothing, and forget nothing.

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You nailed it, the grand plan to get the poor off the valuable real estate and into the hands of the elites. Not to offend anyone but the old adage of "buy when there's blood in the streets" is true here, too.

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fonzannoon, on the ground reporter.

Thanks. Keep them coming if you can. Your neighbors may not learn but I can.

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Working remotely............  GENIUS.  Will employ this strategy Monday, thanks!

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    It's more about stupidity. People are fkin dumb.

Pareto principle.  It doesn't take 100% of the people to sink the community--even if only 20% of people are fkin dumb, that's MORE THAN ENOUGH to saturate the situation w/dumbness and fuck everyone's world.

It only takes one dumbass to ruin a concert with 20,000 in the audience, too.

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No, it's better for gas to be unavailable at $4 per gallon rather than plentiful at $25.  Rationing will be the new normal. See how they look out for us?


If you don't have $25, what's the difference?

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"Shoot us your best offer"

Be careful what you ask for.

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Or how you ask for it.

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Best offer: ZERO.

We gonna grab yo gas and kick yo ass, muthuh.

Or sic NJ's fierce anti-gouging police on ya ...

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$25 a gallon?
that's double of what gas costs here. (Netherlands)

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b-b-b-ut does yours come in zip-lock baggies?

Gas will be worth more than drugs in that locale shortly. Never thought I'd see that!

I could foresee a run on generators and ordered one last week. I live in IDAHO and wanted one for winter, saw this storm and acted. It sits in the garage with gas- ready to go.  

What the hell is wrong with people?

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And Idahoans wouldn't wait around for the government to take care of us!

Heating oil is the bigger problem:

  • Why do stocks matter in the Northeast? They are the nearest source of supply when anything unexpected occurs, and they supply a significant portion of demand during the peak heating season.
  • Stocks are normally an important part of PADD 1 winter distillate supply. Over the last 10 years, they provided about 15% of supply during the peak winter months of January and February. One of the biggest stock draws we have seen was in January 1994, when a prolonged severe cold spell required 666 MB/D of stocks, covering almost 36% of demand for that month.
  • Stocks supply the East Coast with about 260 MB/D on average in January and 280 MB/D in February. Those supplies represent draws of about 8 million barrels in one month.
  • PADD 1 refineries meet about 25% of demand during January and February, and other PADDs -- mostly PADD 3 -- supply 40-50% of the region’s needs.
  • Imports generally supply about as much as stocks during the peak months, with most of the product coming from Canada, the Virgin Islands and Venezuela. During the peak months, product from more distant sources also helps to supply the region.
  • Thus, about 60% of the East Coast’s supply comes from distant sources, so if cold weather increases demand, resupply from these distant sources can take several weeks.

Source: EIA/DOE

East Coast Distillate Fuel Oil Imports Historical Data: Oct. 26, 2012 25.00K Oct. 19, 2012 53.00K Oct. 12, 2012 37.00K Oct. 5, 2012 53.00K Nov. 4, 2011 102.00K Oct. 28, 2011 122.00K Oct. 21, 2011 133.00K Oct. 14, 2011 103.00K Oct. 7, 2011 109.00K



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Thanks for that M. Good info.

I heat w/ oil because the landlord is too cheap to convert to the nat gas they ran up here a few years back. It is expensive but knowing I have a 275 gal store of engery is comforting when a 3 month cold snap commences. We had 8 ft of snow in a little over a week in the begining 08-09 season. Stayed till spring. No moaning and bitching. Our neighbors gave us some firewood when the power went out and I used the snowblower on his driveway. My wife & kids made them cookies when the lights came back on.

I know I am a bit of a dolt for waiting to get a generator till now but I have got some firewood now JIC. Fireplace here is open and inefficient so a generator will help.

Know your neighbors. Treat them better than well. How would you expect them to react in a stressful situation? Knowing the answer to that is worth as much as the precious when it comes time to hunker. Makes me sleep like a baby.

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No doubt Paul Krugman is running around each if these stations pushing this tripe into the suppliers faces



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"we have gas"! guess he has food too! why not sell that as well?

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Why not sell --> steal that as well? -- fixed it for ya!

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"In the meantime, welcome back supply and demand. We missed you..."

Price discovery - the new normal.

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Mentioning Long Island specifically, the Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs handles gas pricing and weighting (measurement) complaints, they go on raids and fine or shut down offending gas stations. This shit is taken VERY seriously by the plebs and pandering politicians. If anyone on the island is charging over $4.00 a gallon you can be sure they're being accused of price gouging. "Price discovery" means discovering what price is acceptable to the local government, nothing more.

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Ah, but can they make you sell it.

Gas stations ,and everything else, just stopped selling here in Florida a few years

back when the Governor invoked the anti gauging rules.He quickly rescinded them.

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That's good stuff right there.

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It's tough to force someone to do something, but if it had gotten serious, he could've just seized the inventory with national guardsmen and distributed it.

This IS the USA we're talking about.

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In an oligarchy controlled market like the oil products industry, good luck with that!

They hold the supply chain so mark up is a cinch when mother nature plays a helping hand! why rush to sell at 4 when you can at 14! 

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      Is Romney moonlighting?


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This person, provided they're not a government scab on Craigslist, is a hero. People who defy the government edicts on rationing and price controls are heroes. Commerce between consenting adults. You won't see that next to a gay marriage voting proposition.

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I'm amazed at how many stations did not have an electrical backup.  They had gas in the tanks but no way to pump it.


Amazon.com for a couple of hand pumps and Harbor Fright for a 12v electric jobby today.   If it happens here I'll be pumping with or without the grid.


Take note about what seems to be the biggest problem for most in the NE - fuel.  Store what you can and be ready for any shortages.  Stock up on Pri-G/D and get Nato cans - they keep gas the best.  Also can get 30 gallon racing fuel cells on Amazon for a reasonable price.


No excuse for any of us here to get caught short unless you are just fucking lazy or stupid.

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So the oil and gas industry -- that is heavily subsidized by the taxpayer through everything from military commitments all over the world, to favorable lease deals on "public" land -- is the last best hope of the free market?   And the fact that someone can and does advertise gas for $25/gallon means that it cannot be done and it's all government's fault that there is a shortage after an historic storm?  Funny how the free market guys who hate other subsidized industries always think gasoline is somehow the ultimate cowboy free market fuel.  And funny how anyone thinks $25/gallon would somehow change anything, when there is little doubt that the wealthy are already snug as a bug and not worried about gas lines.  Guess it's the effective oligarch propaganda machine that has you guys fooled.  What's it like to know you've been played?

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I thought all the public transit riding city dwellers wanted $25 a gallon gas so it would force the "green revolution" into becoming economically viable...what am missing here?

Get on your bikes and ride!!!


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Yep, go ahead and change the subject.

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"What's it like to know you've been played?" You tell us.

LetThemEatRand's picture

More substantive reasoning.  Interesting point. Do continue, you've almost got me convinced.

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Convince us. Throw price discovery out the window and start paying your employees a thousand dollars an hour because it's the warm and fuzzy thing to do.