$25 For A Gallon Of Gas

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Because even the road to socialist utopia is paved with capitalist intentions. At least until the 120% excise "fairness" tax is implemented. In the meantime, welcome back supply and demand. We missed you...

From Craigslist:

h/t John

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'Shoot us your best offer' may be a prophetic term, as someone desperate and high strung may just shoot them and take the gas. If or when 'the shit comes down' for real, this episode with Sandy will probably be looked on as a baby step trial run.

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While this guy seems to think he has a great idea to make some quick cash, it is useless in practice.

How does the buyer get the gas?

Will the guy drive to meet the guy buying the 5 gallons of gas? Using two gallons of his own gas.

Obviously the buyer of the gas can't drive to meet the seller.

You also can not send gas by UPS or mail.

I'm thinking that in a supreme case of irony the seller finds a buyer and is so excited to make his profit, that he forgets to check the gas level in his own car. He make the drive to meet the buyer and is handed his $100. As he tries to make the journey back home, he runs out of gas.

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I just bought my wifes old car, we made $400.00 profit!!!


Also made some nice coin driving around in my old Bronco collecting aluminum cans from the side of the road!!!!

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Dude.  I made a profit the same way, but it was on empty and she made me push it out of the driveway before dark.

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KRAMER:  So I'm waiting for the subway, It's not coming, so I decided to hoof it through the tunnel.

ELAINE: Alright, well, now that's something..

KRAMER: Well, I don't know if I lost track of time - or what, but the next think I knew..

ELAINE: (Adding) A train is bearing down on you?!

KRAMER: No, I slipped - and fell in the mud. Ruining the very pants I was about to return.

ELAINE: (Reflects on the story) I don't understand.. you were wearing the pants you were returning?

KRAMER: Well, I guess I was..

ELAINE: (Still confused) What were you gonna wear on the way back?

KRAMER: Elaine, are you listening?! I didn't even get there! (Pauses) All right, next story..

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Iz dis gret country or what?!? I luvs Amerika! Dis better dan Ukraine! I get petrol can and go into bizness myself!

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"Diet Snapple 16 oz $1.29 = $10.32 per gallon

Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19 = $9.52 per gallon

Gatorade 20 oz $1.59 = $10.17 per gallon

 Ocean Spray 16 oz $1.25 = $10.00 per gallon

Brake Fluid 12 oz $3.15 = $33.60 per gallon

Vick’s Nyquil 6 oz $8.35 = $178.13 per gallon

Pepto Bismol 4 oz $3.85 .= $123.20 per gallon

Whiteout 7 oz $1.39 = $25.42 per gallon

Scope 1.5 oz $0.99 = $84.48 per gallon

Evian water 9 oz $1.49 = $21.19 per gallon! $21.19 for WATER.

 Printer ink This “liquid gold” can … depending on brand, ingredients, etc … run as high as $5,000 or more a gallon"

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You forgot organic milk, which runs at about $5-$7 dollars per gallon depending on your location.

Oh and guess what. It's officially the 70s again, bitchez. Carter is back, baby. New Jersey has announced GAS RATIONING by license-plate numbers. Sound familiar???

Yeah, that'll fix the "fuel shortage"! Great job Jersey!

Don't steal plates, just learn how to siphon. Don't ask permission to buy more than your ration, that's hoarding and it will NOT be tolerated because it's UNFAIR!

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I pay 4.65 for a half gallon of organic milk. And this is cow country.

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What if your plate number is FUNY? What day do you fill up?

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Almond firewood = $0.55 per gallon

Johnny Walker = $60.00 per gallon

22 LR ammo = $250.00 per gallon

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Where is the Red Cross in all of this? Where are all the donations going? I have only seen them ask for money, but don't see them actually helping...

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I was thinking I could be really nice and fill my truck up with 10 gallon gas cans and make a drive to the New York area.  I know a few people stuck without gas and they could get the word out that I would be coming. Probably sell the containers for $100 each.

Then I remembered that I would be going to NY. To make it there I would probably need to turn my truck into something resembling the Mad Max movies. If I did make it the gas would probably be confiscated by a Bloomberg agent, and I would be arrested for transporting volatile compounds without a license.

So not worth it.

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in a situation like this government intervention to fluidify the market and succor the destitute is what is required. Is the martial law for that reason or another?

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I have enough food, energy(gas ,generator,wood stove) and water(spring fed stream) that my family of 4 could literally not leave our 2acre property till spring.And I am the crazy one!

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"Crazy" is a relative term... Clearly at this point in time, you are not.

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In a few more days all your neighbors will start considering themselves family and start helping themselves to your supplies. And here you thought you only had a family of 4.

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Fukk JP Morgan for taking down Tesla's free energy machine project.  Motherfukker.  Fukk Edison too.

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The ad says:


"$25 or shoot us..."


LOL, so, if i shoot, the gas is free, right? 

That's my "best offer".

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Similar would happen to the price of gold, if we had a free, unminupulated market in this money printing hurricane.

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I won't do business with someone who doesn't have the intelligence to spell the name of his own town correclty.

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"Shoot" them your best offer and then take the gas.

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"Shoot us your best offer".

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  • Home Depot purchase of Briggs & Stratton 1 gal. Gas Can>  $12 dollars
  • East Rutherford NJ Gas Cost> $3.54/gal
  • Craigslist advertisement> $ zero dollars
  • Running backlinks to your advertisement> $ zero dollars
  • Making five sales a day @ $25/gal. yields> $250
  • ROI gain on investment> $238
  • ROI %> 1,983%


There’s some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.


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Your calculations are off

Forfeiture of all Profits:-$238

Fines:  Well more than $238

Court Costs: Plenty.

Return on Investment: An addition to one's criminal record.


Sometimes justice doesn't work in the markets.  When anti-gouging laws exist, they can.

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This site is a mind fucker. Thanks ZH. I'm out for a bit to reboot.

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Shouldn't there be a never ending supply of tanker trucks delivering a never ending supply of gasoline at whatever the market price? Are the roads blocked with pedestrians and stalled cars?  And the $25 gas is a joke for reasons already explained.   

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No less than three union drivers per a tanker are able to safely access the cities. Odd as well as even tanker license plates shall be granted limited times to penetrate the city during unrestricted hours. All tankers discovered on city grounds during city curfew, shall be subject to a $2,500 fine. Any tanker operators violating the current ordinance will face a two week suspension before they're able to re-enter the city.


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 Should read; Any (union) tanker operators violating the current ordinance will face a two week suspension(with pay) before they're able to re-enter the city.


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You always see the forest thru the trees. Winks. Have a great weekend!

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 I learn from the best... ;-)   You to.

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What an INCREDIBLE social experiment we have going on now. Let's see, everyone had a few days to prepare for what some said was the storm of the century that was heading their way. Someone went out and bought 5 gal gas cans and filled them up ahead of time. They sold to whomever wanted to pay their asking price and they are the bad guys? Better not let anyone know you are buying gold and silver at these levels, just in case. When the financial storm of the century hits and you have the means to buy food and gas with the PMs you sacrificed today to accumulate, you will be hated and despised. While others are looking for someone to blame for their misfortune and unpreparedness, a small percentage of folks will be able to survive reasonably well. Those who are able to survive will be best equipped to help others if they should choose to do so, not the unprepared folks.

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Gas: $25 dollars a gallon.


Five Gallon gas can: PRICELESS

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Is the gas can, one of those "edible" types? I'm running a little low on my food budget.

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I have an inspiration for brand spanking new job creation program. Let’s rebuild all 16 Fisker Karma cars that exploded while in the storm. We can instantly create more new jobs, in hopes the cost won’t exceed the taxpayer subsidized borrowing price.  

Let’s see, rebuild a taxpayer funded green energy car failure or collect on the insurance to pocket losses. We've got to first perform a cost benefit analysis to establish  the sensible outcome, paying off the taxpayers is simply not in the cards.


In effort to reach out to the green community, let’s have a moment of silence to respect the loss of 16 Fiskers

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A guy drove up from NY to my bunker complex in New England to buy a car from me today. In a Spanish accent, he said people are paying "gold money" for gas all over NY.

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Justice will be seeing them fall foul of the anti-gouging law.

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Justice will be short ropes and a long drop for all the two-faced lying career politicians and their central banksters and their celebrity culture pimping retards and Marie Antoinette types who partied on like Bette Midler, Douglas and his Welsh bint etc.

The corporatists and their celebrity sluts only show up when they can gouge the majority, and reap kudos for their narrow circle of attention seeking sociopaths - and that includes the Red Cross, money grabbing liars.


Staten Island was in the direct line of the storm. Bloomberg knew that, yet he meows for the kool aid cats in lower Manhatten, and their Marathon, and their New Feudalists.


This will be remembered. This will not be forgotten. And you Zionist fckrs best fear lamp posts.

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Thats what the price would actually be.


If i owned a gas station, i would have the express line, set at 20$ a gal.

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There are plenty of other postings.


Here's the screenshot of the previous link before it died.


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Mob psychology fed by a 20 minute news cycle pushing the gas 'shortage' story.....   Long lines at Costco all day a mile long line - ridiculous waits.  Local cops wasted to control the traffic (when there are MUCH better things for them to be doing).  Eight hours later - a dozen cars in line.....

Another town - lines at one station after another when tankers arrived - station selling out after a few hours BUT the tankers kept delivering to other stations - lines shifted to the new place.... passed any number of tankers on 95.  By Monday everyone will have a full tank, stations will have full tanks and nobody will be buying for a week......

The real joke is that half the people on line during the day all week didn't NEED gas - they had a half tank,or more, many didn't need gas at all to get to work.  The amount of gas wasted on lines and driving to find gas made that 10 gallons net out to maybe 7 or even 5 for some people.   Meanwhile Home Depot is selling out of a new lopad of generators BUT there aren't gas cans to be found anywhere - or extension cords...

stupidity and panic run rampant.

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If I lived in NYC area, I would find a friend who has a pickup and drive to Pennsylvania or wherever and fill up some 55 gallon drums.  Then drive back and either keep it or sell it.  Why wait 6 hours when you can drive to Philly and back in half the time?

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I saw on the news this morning FREE gas being pumped into cars from fuel tanker trucks in parking lots. That fucking Obama, what next, free food and blankets.