Syrian Tanks Enter Golan Heights DMZ, Israel Military Warns

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With everyone's attention focused on the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, some may have forgotten that the Middle East is the proverbial powder keg, just waiting for an Archduke and a lit match, not necessarily in that order. Moments ago, Israel's military reminded us of just that when it reported that 3 Syrian tanks have entered the Golan Heights DMZ. Because it appears that the absolutely deranged and insane (or at least that's how it will be portrayed) Syrian regime is not satisfied with provoking the humanistic Western media with "offensive" measures taken against both Turkey and Lebanon, it now has decided to enter the lion's mouth, and is begging, just begging, for a UN-endorsed retaliation. How soon until Syria floats a submarine into New York harbor where it explodes but only after leaving a convenient note saying "Death to the Infidels, Love Syria." Or something just as realistic.

Syrian tank as seen in the border area.

Smoke marks the border area

From AP:

Israel's military says three Syrian tanks have entered the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights.


A military spokeswoman says Israel complained to the U.N. peacekeeping force in the area after the tanks entered Saturday.


The spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with military protocol, did not elaborate. The relatively low-key response suggested Israel did not see the armor as an immediate threat.


There are concerns in Israel that violence from Syria's civil war could spill over a long-quiet frontier. Misfired Syrian shells have exploded inside Israel on several occasions. Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war and annexed it.

And translated from Israeli Ynet, which was the original source of the information:

Tanks entered the village of Bir Ajami, a few miles from the IDF outpost, and took part in fighting against rebel forces. Following entry, the alert level was raised Northern Command Heights area. Army also filed a complaint to the headquarters of the UN forces that enforce the ceasefire.


According to information received from the army, along with three Syrian tanks also operate two armored personnel carriers, but this report has not been verified.


Tanks entered the village of Bir Ajami, a few miles from the IDF outpost, and took part in fighting against rebel forces taking place in recent days. Stated, the incident exception, raised the level of alert and vigilance of the Northern Command area Heights. Addition, the last day several mortar shells fell shot in the internal conflict in Syria in the demilitarized zone between Israel and Syria, one of which may be causing a fire broke out on Mount strength adjacent to the border.


The IDF said that although no mortar shell landed in Israel. Firefighters were extinguishing the fire place, and at the end of operation, the IDF and the saboteurs are expected to search the area and see if the fire broke out as a result of one of the shells fell. Does not damage the IDF post at the top of the mountain and there were no injuries. Meanwhile, the IDF blocked access to the border area.


In recent months intensified fighting between the rebels and the Syrian army in the Golan, especially in the village Joey thought linked to cell border, and recently also drifted south. A month ago, fell several mortar shells in agricultural areas in Israel, near the border with Syria to the north plateau. No injuries or damage. Apparently, it was bombs fired by Syrian army, in efforts to repel the rebels and end the violent conflict that affects the country in recent months.


The attack took place a day before the opening of an international conference in Doha, Qatar, which come with a Syrian opposition activists are expected to recognize the United States and its partners led the resistance. Since the beginning of the uprising doubted the effectiveness of leadership in exile due to the loose connection to the rebels fighting in the area.

Well, it's settled then: Syria can't wait to start a war, hopefully one which also involves Iran, and provokes the punishment of NATO and the west, but best if it keeps Russia and China out of it, because the last thing even Israel wants is to start World War 4.

In the meantime, the US naval update in the region shows a whopping 4 tactical groups now in the Arabian gulf: 2 carriers group, and two big-deck amphibious groups.

Source: Stratfor

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And, remember, sometime during the Gog-Magog thingy, Damascus is supposed to be obliterated.

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At least there are not a whole bunch of religious zealots in positions of power who think that the "end times" need a little encouragement from U.S. war planes so they can be magically beamed up to heaven sooner rather than later.  

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Israel sends tanks into the DMZ under a false flag.

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Say Israel, say "FSA" (Free Syrian Army)

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Why would Syria have any ambition to tackle the biggest bully in that region? They've got shit going on all over the place in their own backyard. Their army is fully engaged in combating the domestic uprising. Part of the army deflecting over to the insurgence. Assad has Russia's blessing to keep power in Syria but if Assad attacked Israel, the Russians would call him back and tear him up. The Russian's support for Assad is no secret. The last thing the Russians want is to be dragged into a full blown escalation in that region.

Russia Today has the story

a military official told the AP on conditions of anonymity. The tanks crossed the border Saturday.

The AP will report anything. Especially from anonymous military sources.

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You can't make this shit up

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If there are tanks in it, it's not really a demilitarized zone anymore, now is it.

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  • Do they have any ammo
  • Are Syrian military operating the tanks and if so, not under duress
  • Are they really Syrian tanks
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-Or maybe they are just armed Syrian tanks going into the G.H. Sometimes a sausage is just a sausage.

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My apocalyptic vision began with seeing a special report of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel.  At this historical juncture, Syria would be the most likely source of such an attack.

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What are some stocks in play for Syrian war?



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"Israel complained to the U.N. peacekeeping force"


...Jews complain?

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Syria is a "shell country" doing the bidding of their sponsors......

sounds PAINFULLY familiar.

Is this the "mysterious, Black Swan" event??


another "End of Days" prediction that gets laughed off the next day??

Stay tuned to FOX, CNN, ZH, BLS.......whatever your poison.

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"AP will say anything, especially if they can make it up."

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Fixed it for you.

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Don't worry.  There will be a politician come on the scene real soon.  He will answers to all of your questions.  Hopefully, I will not be around.  lol.

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My sentiments, exactly!

It's a "win-win" either way.

I go skiing real soon, or see Jesus real soon.

.....How about those Giants, huh!!!!

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No doubt his aircraft tail # will be "UN666."

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ask yourselves: why is oil stomped down to sub $85? there is more than enough wiggle room to blow shit up, assuming the Strait of Hormuz isn't closed off, for too long. 

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I think oil is sub 85 because everyone thinks it's crash time. But after the "election"? Hmm..

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"ask yourselves: why is oil stomped down to sub $85? there is more than enough wiggle room to blow shit up, assuming the Strait of Hormuz isn't closed off, for too long. "


Because supply hasn't been restricted but the world economy is crashing, and demand just imploded in the east coast megapolis where millions of cars are idled, millions of homes aren't burning fuel oil because of lack of electricity, and large industrial consumers (including power plants) are off line and will be offline for weeks?

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It makes you wonder that's for sure.

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That seems close to another "Radio Gleiwitz" incident to me. But hey, you stupid jewish tank drivers in Syrian uniforms, the war is supposed to start AFTER Obumu is reelected, read your fucking memos.

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Who gives a fuck!

The fact we're even remotely fixated on the middle east blowing the fuck out of each other is the reason we're so fucked as a nation. I can give two shits if those fucks bomb the fuck out of each other. End the Fed, fire Congress, reform taxes, restructure the two party system, eliminate the treasury, put Holder in prison.

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"End the Fed, fire Congress, reform taxes, restructure the two party system, eliminate the treasury, put Holder in prison."

Nice Christmas list.

If I had children of that age, I'd have them tell this to Santa while on his lap for the photo-op.

Saaaay, what was that catch-all Santa Claus address the USPS uses to capture those cute/heart-breaking/heart-warming/un-fucking-believable letters from kids to Santa?

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Not quite yet..................

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Let me get this straight.
Country which is embroiled in civil war thanks to CIA financed insurgent/terrorists, now wants to pick a fight with local power which receives lavish war material subsidies from USA?

I guess that Turkey provocation did not play out first time, eh?

dermus's picture

The material subsidies are meaningless to Israel. Really the US just uses them to subsidize it's own defense sector while containing Israel into a US-lead Israel-Egypt peace treaty that insures the stability of the (British-free) Suez canal and ensures that the Egyptians are out of the Soviet Russian block and the Israelis are out of the French block contained in a pseudo non-alliance with the US and aligned against their only truly logical geopolitical ally, Iran.

Precious's picture

"material subsidies are meaningless to Israel"

Right.  If they are so fucking meaningless then Israel can give them back.  What a dumbshit.  

And anyone who believes your heeb propaganda is also a dumbshit.

Go fuck youself, lying tool.

blunderdog's picture

     If they are so fucking meaningless then Israel can give them back.

Uh...they DO give them back.  That's what he just said. 

It works like this:
1) FEDGOV gives "money" to Israel. 
2) Israel BUYS military hardware from 'Merkin defense contractors.
3) PROFITS from our totally superior weapons industry flow to the folks who own those businesses.
4) Wealthy businessmen fund the political careers of the guys who make sure we keep giving "money" to Israel.

It seems a bit roundabout, but we have to do it that way because we're a free capitalist society. 

If the gummit just gave money directly to our defense contractors and gave the weapons to Israel it would be communism. 

Communism is bad.  We're good.  So there's obviously no similarity at all.

jeff montanye's picture

you make a witty point but the subservience of the u.s. to the zionist entity is beyond argument.  the u.n. vetoes, the resupply at the critical point of the yom kippur war, the near unanimous congressional votes in support of whatever israel does, the annual genuflecting pilgrimage of u.s. politicians to aipac, the iraq war at the behest of the project for a new american century and ariel sharon's inner circle, and the most foreign aid to any country since ww2.

oh, and if you really give money back, you don't get anything for it.  as opposed to buying things. 

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The Arabs broke through the Bar Lev line in the 73 war, at which point the Israelis told the US that if the Arabs got anywhere near Tel Aviv they would nuke them. The US relayed the message to the Arabs and they stopped, at which point the Israelis broke through the Suez and encircled the Egyptian 3rd Army. They were 40 kms from Cairo. At that point, the Soviets told the US that if Israel took Cairo, the Black Sea Fleet would intervene, and the US told Israel to halt.

After that, US policy towards Israel changed because Israel having a nuke (French technology) meant Israel could at best be contained/isolated, not defeated. And that is what became the objective of US foreign policy.

The US always refers to Israel as their number one ally in the region, when in reality the Arab states are it's allies. The Iraqi Army invaded Israel several times through Jordan. Today the US is rebuilding the Iraqi Army. Iraq doesn't even recognize Israel. Every president pledges to relocate the US embasy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, but no a single one ever does, from any party. This is because it would signal a break in the US-Arab alliance. Israel bombed the OSIRAK reactor in Iraq in 82, and the US protested (even in the UN). The US joined the anti-apartheid coalition and broke the goverment of Israel's ally, South Africa.

Having Israel reliant on US weapons and parts rather than French weapons and parts is just part of the price the US is willing to pay to keep Israel as a party to the Camp David accords, and therefore contained as a condition of the US-Arab alliance. In exchange the US gets something much more important to it - all Arab oil being priced in USD. The only Arab states that get invaded are invaded because they tried to break from that understanding. Hussein tried to sell his oil in Euros, and Ghadaffi tried to sell his in gold.

Thinking Israel has substancial "influence" with the US is hilarious - it's all for show. The extent of the public genuflexing is the extent of the swindle.

blunderdog's picture

     oh, and if you really give money back, you don't get anything for it.  as opposed to buying things.

Sounds like you didn't quite get the point.

Israel is doing the US government a FAVOR.  If we don't give them money to buy weapons from our failing state-run industry, we have to bail out Boeing and Grumman and GE and DOW DIRECTLY, and no one really likes how that looks.  We'll do it whenever we have to, as demonstrated by the dozens of government-funded bailouts over the past 40 years, but it's BEST if we can avoid it.

They're helping us keep up appearances.

(Another thing the Israelis don't often get credit for: they're demonstrating, on a daily basis, what kind of *resources* are required to maintain a modern apartheid state, just in case we ever have to roll in tanks and put down civil unrest in the US.  Palestinians = po'folk.)

dermus's picture

By meaningless, I meant in regards to the post I was replying to, which implied that Israel was a regional power because of the aid.

Israel didn't get US aid until AFTER the Egypt-Israel treaty, by which time it had won several wars and had nuclear weapons, meaning it couldn't be defeated in the short term but only contained.

The aid is meaningless in that it changes nothing about the power relations in the region, it just ensures a flimsy truce that keeps "stability" (Suez/Persian Gulf open & oil priced in otherwise worthless USD). It's a US policy to keep fucking everyone dry.

But you're obviously such a rabid fucktard that your first and only reaction is to go ballistic the second you think someone is justifying the JOOOS TAKING YOUR MONEY. Had you had better reading comprehension skills you would have realized that I am against foreign aid, and that I was describing the motives behind it on the US side.

So please, fuck yourself first.

jeff montanye's picture

you are laughably wrong about u.s. aid to israel.  it began with the creation of the state in 1948 essentially by the truman administration (over the strenuous objections of truman's secretary of state, general george marshall who resigned for "health reasons" subsequently).

nmewn's picture

"it began with the creation of the state in 1948"

Actually, no it didn't.

I guess your NOT cool with Jordan being a sovereign state in and of itself either? It all started with the British Mandate, collapse of Ottoman Empire and creation of Transjordan didn't it?...unless we're gonna back further ;-)

dermus's picture

There was a tiny bit of aid before just to keep Israel out of the Soviet camp, but look at the actual numbers and notice what happens in 74 (Post 73 war) and 79 (Camp David Accords). The US was in the habit of bribing all the countries it thought could enter the Soviet camp with foreign aid - you can see US policy change in the 70s, coinciding with Israel getting nukes. Post Camp David, Egypt also started getting aid - to keep Egypt out of the Soviet block and the Suez open thanks to a peace treaty with Israel.

It's important to actually look at the numbers and consider why they change by an order of magnitude all of a sudden, and to consider the context.

HD's picture

Let's not make this a big deal.

Obviously Syrian tanks are just out on a quick beer run - after a hard week of war mongering, now it's Miller time.

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Sorry for off topic here.


This story is being buried.  The Canadian ATM "glitch" pattern has started.

HD's picture

These events seem to happen more and more. Canada banks are some of the more responsible - so it might be more hacking opposed to  liquidity issues.

Drachma's picture

"Canada banks are some of the more responsible."

Are you kidding me? The disaster that is Canadian banks is just being hidden in plain sight much better in Canada amongst the complacent, apathetic Canucks. Have you forgotten the $110B admitted 'support' to the banking cartel from Canadian taxpayers as a result of the 2008 blowout. This was only made newsworthy by the MSM in April of this year, and just a short blurb for one news cycle, after telling us for years how Canadian banks did not need bailouts because of their responsible behaviour compared to the rest of the lot. It's all a farce brother, a fantasy land.

HD's picture

I didn't pronounce them paragons of financial virtue I just said "more responsible".  Considering the Fed has printed more than a trillion filling the holes in the TBTF banks - "responsible" is relative.

Drachma's picture

I hear you. And if by "responsible" you mean criminal, we're on the same page.:)

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"Three Syrian tanks, (driven by IDF soldiers in disgiuse) invade the DMZ of the Golan Heights."


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Just Doing Some Relaxing SIGHT-SEEING...

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It's a couple idiots from 4chan /pol/ trolling Israel by remote.



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Maybe they're defecting.