A Tale Of Two New York Cities

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When a photo generates one thousand reactions, even without backup generators.


(Via New York magazine)

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You didn't take that picture, somebody else did!

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Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

Well, the city was lit up and the banks were collapsing...it was my kind of city back then.

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well now the city is drowning and the banks are drowning (still ..again!) ...bubble Bens $40bn a month QE isn't a sign Blankfein or Dimon have turned it around, looks like they failed miserably in fact, Ben with new nappies every month for the spoilt brat babes

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WElllllll.... actually its more like 70 billion a month, and if you were do the correction on every active program, its really like 75 billion a month...  :(


See here's where it gets scary.  Real inflation can be calculated by the equation, money velocity X m2 money supply. 

M2 money supply = "all da monies"

Money velocitty can be thought of as the time it takes money loaned or printed by the fed to make it back to the fed... 


So a low money velocity is actually a really good thing.  Since m2 money supply is skyrocketing, money velocity must drop in order to keep real inflation from skyrocketing.

So, that means if people take out more loans and repay them, Money velocity picks up speed, and thus inflation hits. 

Quite literally, FEAR THE RECOVERY.  Basic econ 101.


On a happier note, since Ben is keeping discount rate at .250%, he's encouraging money velocity to pick up speed, and m2 money supply to skyocket. 

This is about as fast as one can, legitimately, create inflation.  This is why everyone is terrified of hyper inflation.  Fun times huh? 

Well if america never recovers, which it probably won't, you won't have to fear massive inflation.  All you'll have to fear is massive deflation.  Walk that tightrope Benji, walk it good.


My recommendation, is that you purchase basic necessities now: toothbrushes, floss, toiletpaper, emergency food, emergency supplies, general goods, gold, silver, etc.   Things like housing will not move tremendously, b/c their deflations will be offset with inflation.  Nevertheless, real purchasing power, or real income, will drop, thus sending another life-threatening shock into the global economy.  The trick now?  Making China the new fatass consumers....  But what about America you ask?  Do I even need to bring up the drones and fema camps?

Edit: ^community college dropout.

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It was the government breast of times, it was the dependency cursed of times...

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 "You can grieve, you can cry and you can laugh all at the same time, bitches."

--McGotham City Mayor Michael NeroBerg; High Society Socialite, Fiefdom Owner; Caretaker of Manhattan Palace & Benevolent Dictator of Barter Town's Lower Caste Boroughs

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"You didn't take that picture, somebody else did!"

Somebody else wrote the Tale also.

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at this point, 53 ZH Foxtards have up-voted a Chinese Troll for a "You didn't x that" riff.....


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Mr american.  Because I'm in such a good mood I will actually explain this to you.  I hope you can keep up. 

Everything on the TV is a lie.  http://www.youtube.com/user/ae911truth


Fox, msnbc, cnn.  All fake.  A front, to keep the stupid running in circles. Everything that you;ve ever been told was a lie, is actually correct.  The moon landing, 9/11, ancient aliens, weather engineering, depopulation, illuminati... all of it is real.  All of it is designed to keep you a slave.  Blind. You have the choice, right here, and now, to be more than a slave.  The door is here.  Do you open it, and explore?  Or keep your head down, and run in circles?  Your are your own master, so choose wisely.

I am giving you the option to take the red pill.  If you are smart you will wake up.  If not, you will not wake yourself up.


On a hppy note.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG97knsisw8&feature=autoplay&list=PL1766A...

may you all wake up one day, before you die.

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Welcome to Baghdad and about 75% of the rest of the world...rationed electricity, brown-outs, black-outs, etc.

A glimpse into our future.



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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only."


True wisdom is always current and always relevant.

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Dickens quoted on zh? Where are all the Ayn Rand cultists to downvote you? Oh right, they don't know who Dickens was. 

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Say what you want about objectivism, but it makes some valid points and plugs some gaping holes left in other philosophical paradigms.  While some of us might take up her offer to pee on her manuscripts (atta boy greenspan)[and dribble some on her man face], it doesn't mean she couldn't make a point now and again.  Even a blind hog finds an acorn.

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shit mnewn, you should know by now that everyone on the internet is a 12 year old girl....

Regardless, you wanna cozy with Master of Muppets, and troll with your right-wing team, bitch about "the Muslim"? Fine....Walk about with your Right nut higher in the air, and sieg heil to you sir..

Muppet? Really?

Quoting "The Matrix"?...... What are you? Like 12? Just fuck off and aim your arrogant juvenile spooge at someone who'll truly appreciate its beautiful acidity....(mnewn? you dig that kid's youthful certainty doncha?)

The Rightists on this site are as arrogant, ignorant and blinkered as any medicinal DailyKos nannies I ever tangled with there, and just as dangerous to the Republic....imho...

You people posting: "You didn't ____that", The Muslim™, The Kenyan™, all your Libtard shibboleths, or mocking the misery of "Liberal" New Yorkers, reveling in dreams of bugout and body bags, OUT yourselves with every greenie for this shit....

As bad as Obama's been, you aint seen national strip-mining the likes of which you'll see when Kolob comes to town...

Yea,....you didn't think that

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Soooo......we're left with the "it could be worse" argument?


Sorry amigo.....gotta call bullshit on that.




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Banana the nebbish has spoken...

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I thought it was Olbermann, posting from his bathtub...

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it's not a question of "Vote for Obama-Romney's worse"...

I'm voting this year, again, for neither.

You assume I'm a Leftie when I piss on Rightists because, frankly, you're simple.

ZH does still has a cadre of "fed up with both parties" (my position) but of the two remaining "factions", Foxian Rightists predominate here and they have their eyes on the Sudetanland.

They bash Libtards™ but receive relatively few responses to their own misguided bullshit....which is as richly fragrant as any encountered at your more rabid Leftie sites.

Fact is, ZH is dying.

I've seen it happen at several sites before.

A kind of partisan mitosis takes place as an aging site becomes more intellectually "pure", with the sensible center chased out by the flesh chewing extremists who come to dominate a "political" web site.

I've wondered whether there were external forces at work, as such a site, once thru its "Tower Of Babble" phase, morphs into a politically useless partisan "Echo Chamber"....

In this case, I predict that ZH will continue in future, but as another pure Rightist political playground, with a healthy smattering of "Chem Trail" kids in tow....

At that point it will have lost ALL relevance.




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When you have a president, like O'Barry, saying some of the most ridiculous things one can imagine...completely tone deaf as to what he's saying (because he's an incompetent speaker without a script in front of him) we get these things to mock and laugh at.

For the record, I was against the creation of DHS. I'm also against the consortium called the Federal Reserve. I'm also against corporate executives being paid (as salary/wages) with stock options. So calling me a "rightwinger" doesn't necessarily make it so.

O'Barry has never ran a business, never had to make an employee payroll, never had to run through the maze of red tape bullsht he signs off on almost daily...thats what makes it funny.

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"For the record, I was against the creation of DHS. I'm also against the consortium called the Federal Reserve. I'm also against corporate executives being paid (as salary/wages) with stock options"


The problem for me is I'm not seeing enough "balance" in political comments here lately (last year?), especially this close to the election.

Fox Rightists seem to get a pass on ZH more often than not, with their simple Fox worldview bullshit ...

Too much "O'Barry", not enough, "Romney? You gotta be fucking kidding me", You dig?

Fact is, ZH tilts Right.

and that spooks me.

I've been here a while and I'd hate to see another one bite the dust as it settles into partisan purity.....


Yes, libtards are silly and medicinal and at their worst, antithetical to the individual...but Rightists are assertively ignorant (my least favorite human traits in combo). They seem generally "suspicious" of the "new" and fond of "authority and power" for its own sake.

They divide people down to the ONE, denying the utility of plurality.....and there are MORE OF THEM on ZH.

Take a look at Denninger's ghost town for evidence of what happens to Right wing sites.....(it used to have MORE THAN ONE VIEWPOINT...Now all that remains is a Right-wing chorus of sycophants)

as with any winger Environment, diversity of thought is killed and bio viabilty taken down to a desert....

Some of the more thoughtful, informed ZH posters from the early days have already fled.

I've seen this movie before 3 times already

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Be careful Macho, most do not know what objectivism is!  Ann had many realtive observations.

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If you go far enough to the left, or far enough to the right, you end up at the same point.  It's idiots stuck in the middle that are the problem. Rand referred to them as, "neo-mystics". So, kneel before the altar of the almighty government and prey that they will save you, and ignore the gun in the room at your own demise.

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Nothing like a hard Dickens' cider.

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You never forget your first hard Dickens' cider.


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Everything that you've ever been told was a lie, is actually correct.

I describe that as the BIZARRO MIRROR WORLD. Pretty well everything is BACKWARDS. From a sublime point of view, it is interesting to attempt to understand WHY! I tend to believe that how deep that apparently infinite tunnel of deceits goes is much more than even your list suggests! My favourite of the deepest of those philosophical distortions was that the entropy equations in thermodynamics and information theory had an ARBITRARY minus sign inserted into them, so that the values for the measurement of power and information would end up being positive, rather than negative, as the mathematics itself actually reveals!  The most important ideas that we use to attempt to make the world intelligible, and to try to approach a scientific understanding of things, are the basic energy laws. THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THOSE ENERGY LAWS HAD ITS MEANING REVERSED DURING THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE!

Therefore, the deeper degrees to which we are living in a Bizarro Mirror World, were everything is proportionately backwards and distorted, goes off the scale of the more superficial reasons for WHY everything we are doing ends up backfiring so badly! But nevertheless, I will mention the next level of WHY everything has ended up manifesting in a Bizarro Mirror World of BACKWARDNESS: namely, the history of war. The oldest book on militarism starts by saying that success in war depends on deceits, and ends by saying that spies are the most important soldiers. Think of how Neolithic civilization has been developing on that foundation for thousands of years, and has achieved global domination through those methods, which are basically those of organized crime. Governments are simply the best organized gangs of criminals, controlled covertly by even better organized criminals. Considering these issues that we live in a Bizarro Mirror World, I ask these rhetorical questions about going through the looking glass:  How far down the rabbit hole does Alice go? How far up the tornado does Dorothy go?

The history that made War King then developed further to make Fraud King. The government legalizes lies, and then backs those up with legalized violence, and those operations actually benefit the covert shadow governments, that control the public governments, by being even better at dishonesty and coercion, and therefore, secretly able to become the puppet masters, that direct the puppet politicians. There is an infinite tunnel of deceits! "National Security" has become almost completely psychotic, and almost anything could be done through those means. Of course, I am not sure how deep that tunnel of tricks can be seen to go, or how many twists the perception of that may take. These days it is entirely plausible that "natural disasters" were directed in some fashion by the technologies that some men have, and could be covertly using. Weather modification appears to be really possible, although it seems it only can influence events a week or so in advance, but nevertheless, enough to change the intensity of storms, and maybe to steer those storms.  That is, I am NOT saying that the weather modification provides the energy for the storms, only that it is possible that marginal, strategically directed material and beams of energy could change the intensity and directions those those storms manifested or followed.

I bring that up because of the SYMBOLIC SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PHOTO FEATURED IN THIS ARTICLE! I am suggesting that the reality of what happened on 9/11/2001 was pretty well the total OPPOSITE of what we were told. The symbolic significance of those events was deliberately planned to be acting through the BIZARRO MIRROR WORLD, of public relations, wherein that PR was designed to do what it did ... In that light, I no longer find it easy to dismiss that Hurricane Sandy was perhaps not simply a natural disaster, but maybe had a human hand in it ???

I have spent thousands of hours researching all the available information surrounding the 9/11 events, in order to get a fairly comprehensive view of that, and therefore, to become ~100% convinced that was a classic false flag attack, which was the biggest one of those in history, so far ... However, I have only skimmed superficially over the information about man-made influences upon the weather in general, and Hurricane Sandy in particular. Therefore, I am not sure about those possibilities. However, I have learned enough not to automatically dismiss the idea that Hurricane Sandy was NOT simply a "natural disaster" and therefore, when we look at a photo of New York being blacked out, the MEANING of that photo might well be just as much the opposite of the meaning that the mass media and government promoted about the images replayed so many times about 9/11. ... My overview is that there has been a deliberate agenda to destroy America as a democratic republic, and that agenda has been systematically working its way through every possible means of destroying it, and I do mean EVERY POSSIBLE MEANS, which may well include using weather modification technologies, covertly, to deliberately cause great harm ...


Charlie McGrath consistently gives succinct summaries


Shocking Truth ~ Breakdown Unavoidable

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Smokin some good shit I see :) I want some!!

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We may have faked the initial moon landing, but we've been there after the fact.



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This topic came up before, and I will repeat my pet theory about moon landings: There is a secret space program, with extremely advanced technology, beyond rockets, and the public space program, with rockets, has been a cover for that.

The evidence regarding the Apollo missions is full of contradictions, which I find difficult to explain totally away. I have read two books, and watched a couple videos on the topic, as well as several other things that claim to debunk those things. I am not satisfied by those who claim to debunk those who point out the contradictions in the evidence about the alleged moon landing.

However, from an emotional point of view, the LAST of the possible "conspiracy theories" that I want to believe in is that the moon landings were in faked. I have not made myself enough of an expert on that topic to really say for sure, other that what I mentioned above, which raises serious doubts in my mind. However, every time I have systematically studied any issue enough to become a self-taught expert upon, I have ALWAYS discovered that the authorities were outrageous liars, and therefore, I am prepared to consider that the moon landing could have been egregious hoaxes.

BUT, BUT, BUT, there is an INFINITE TUNNEL OF DECEITS with respect to all of these kinds of topics. I understand that there are at least six thousands patents, that have been classified as state secrets, due to national security reasons! Therefore, it seems plausible that there are awesome energy and computing technologies, etc., far in advance of what is known or available to the public! Therefore, it may well be possible that some kind of awesome secret space program exists. Therefore, and I wish this was true, men may have actually been to the moon, even though the Apollo moon missions may have also been hoaxes. I believe that the total package of all the conflicts in the available information can best be resolved by some sort of theory like that!

Some of my attempts to speculate about these wilder topics were collected here:


I am an agnostic about "aliens" ... and I am not confident about what the "truth" may be on many topics. Just because the authorities were lying does not mean that any of the alternatives are not lying too. Indeed, I tend to believe that people who sell books about stuff are pretty well always exaggerating their stories. However, the basic world view that the history of militarism was based on triumphant deceits, and therefore, that our society it controlled by huge lies, backed up by violence, I am quite sure is the correct view of civilization. Therefore, the idea that the authorities are lying about 9/11 appears to me to be practically 100%, and that the monetary system is based on runaway triumphant fraud is proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be true, as much as anything can ever be!

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At the risk of being junked to hell and back...

  The moon landings happened. By 1960s standards - the science and math required were not difficult. What made it such the engineering challenge was keeping three men alive for a week in a vacuum - second to the ascent to return them to the command module. The same technology developed to kill millions in two massive world wars made getting to the moon in less than a decade possible.

America has been on a long path of decline since we ended the Apollo missions - when historians look back on the American empire, I have little doubt they will proclaim the moon landing its Zenith.

As to aliens - the universe is likely swarming with life of one kind or another...but it's probably not visiting us. I think people fail to understand the magnitude of just our little galaxy let alone an ever expanding universe (and lets not even mention the 11 dimensions of "M" theory). Even at the speed of light, traveling the universe would be painfully slow. Creating a stable wormhole large enough to fit a vessel through (if even possible) would require almost infinite amounts of energy. Any alien race intellectually and technology capable of traveling to and from earth on a whim probably wouldn't find much of a reason to bother. We have nothing to offer aliens with the possible exception of our unique cultures - art, music and literature. Aliens are not visiting earth to control, enslave us (alien foxconn?) as they could bioengineer whatever "slave" they wanted. Nor would they come to harvest our water or mineral resources which plentiful throughout the known universe. Humans are likely a single microbe in an infinite petri dish- only our hubris makes us believe otherwise.

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Spot on HD.  I always laugh at the people stating aliens are secretly kidnapping us for experiments.  Hell if they can traverse the vast distances in space they would just show up and do whatever they like, no need to hide from us.  I too think the universe is thriving with life.  Math is a pain for those that believe we are the only planet with life in the universe.  Sure would smack most religions in the face.

Maybe they are on a gold backed system and would come here to take our precious metals.  Other then living species on this planet most elements can be found in abundance in space.  We tend to think most life must be based on carbon and there are many elements other then carbon for life to be based on.

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Great post mate.

  I blame that damn Carl Sagan for filling my head with ideas...

Mark Wilson's picture

Indeed. National treasure, Carl was. I refused to miss an episode of Cosmos on PBS when I was a teenager.

HD's picture

"Contact" is one of my favorite books. I wish Sagan had lived long enough to see the film finished - but the book was an amazing achievement. The ending of the book (not in the film) poses a compelling idea involving prime numbers which is an engaging thought experiment.

For anyone interested, read "Contact" for free on Google books:


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This photo appears on the cover of New York Magazine. Interesting comment left by someone who lives there:

"Either you digitally manipulated the photo to add lights to the Freedom Tower or you're incorrect about when the shot was taken. I stare at the tower from my bedroom and the tower didn't get lights back until Thursday evening, and only half of them were lit at that.

By cloax 41 Minute Ago" The guy is saying that there's a good chance that the photo is doctored. Just goes to show you that you just about can't trust anything or anyone these days.
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Thanks Muppet ....is an alternative to devaluing Dollars due to inflation instead of buying toothbrushes with them going to a money changer and swapping for some foreign currency?

I've got a mattress load of Swiss Francs and other Forex rather than keep cash in devaluing Euros, Pounds or USD

Muppet of the Universe's picture

Its not a foolish idea.  But I would suspect that metals might do you better.  I don't see gold dropping below 1640-60 or respectively 1600-1580.  If it does, but only breifly, then I have misevaluated the situation, and 'my bad'.  If gold plummets way far down?  Then I would have to rethink everything I know.  But I'd still be buying phys plat gold silver on the way down.  REgardless, I do not keep myself exclusive to precious metals, bot in trading nor in physical assets.  Liqour is, in my opinion, quite a good commodity to hold in physical.  -  However, if you were to trade currencies with leverage of the forex markets, the idea could become extremely profittable.  Note could be.  Personally I don't understand currency markets enough.  I spend my time evaluating commodities future prospects.  My thanks goes out to ZH for posting CS and GS's take on nat gas.

Zero Govt's picture

Thanks M

got Gold and Silver, but if Gold dips to $1,500 I'll buy some more otherwise i've got that base more than covered already

I like cash too for immediacy but if we go hyper-inflationary my Forex strategy may need a bit of tuning even if they're strong foreign currencies.. we'll see

MachoMan's picture

Friday's metal action should tell you all you need to know about what may happen to the price between now and the moonshot.  As long as paper controls the physical price, it can go down...  And, frankly, I suspect it can go down significantly.  As sick as it is, the dollar still has a bid...  and when it unwinds, there's no telling what people will sell (nor at what price) just to get some liquidity or, alternatively, how many naked shorts backed by freshly printed digital currency will be piled on existing naked shorts.

My suggestion is to hedge both ways.  Deleverage and purchase inflationary hedges contemporaneously.  Learn useful trades/skills and become more self sufficient.  Teach these skills to others, especially immediate family members and friends.  Try and bring at least some rudimentary self-made supply chain into your life.  It helps to look at it from the perspective of staying alive/not having to suck dick for spam instead of what you need to do to keep all your wealth intact or hit some multigenerational homerun while there's blood on the street.  [how good would those swiss francs under the mattress done you when the local gas station doesn't have power and all the grocery store shelves are barren?]

At this point, I'm not sure what currencies to diversify into, but many are bootstrapped to the dollar...  and most of the exchanges are obfuscated.  We really don't have too much of a way of knowing (at least for my comfort level) which are the prospective winners and losers.

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could someone get into an argument with MotU?

rick masters? 



thanks in advance

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Just buy & sell gold seasonally.

And buy juniors in anticipation of their quarterly results. Lots of silver producers costs are around 8 - 10$ an ounce, much better bet to buy them than silver imo.

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The Swiss Franc is pegged to the Euro. If Euro goes down so do your Swiss Francs. Candian dollars should be a good bet. In a SHTF period they would also be more likely accepted in the US as payment, then some "funny looking foreign european stuff" 

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80% of Canada's exports go to the US.  The Canadian dollar can't strengthen too much against the USD or the Bank of Canada would intervene & weaken the CAD so it doesn't hurt Canada's export economy.  Currency Wars bitches.

Eternal Complainer's picture

And I believe that's what they've been doing for the last several years just to keep it at parity, mostly thru jawboning.

Jreb's picture

I keep waiting for the Canadian government to pull a Switzerland and peg the Loonie to the US$. So much for that idea.

BTW - something a lot of folks don't know - Canada has no gold reserves either. They have been sold over the past two or three decades in an attempt to pay down debt (the Loonie is 100% fiat). Oh well... at least we have the US economy to back our dollar.... hmmmm..... fuck.

Truth is when the war is currency based nobody is safe.

Buy metals.... copper, lead, gold and silver, bitchez... eh.


dark_matter's picture

Don't forget steel, especially blue steel.

TruthInSunshine's picture

I find it most uncomfortable to be at odds with Michael Burry, who I know to be far brighter than I, but I must confess my total bewilderment at his (apparent, from what I've been able to deduce) long term bullishness on CAD.

Canada's economy is still in a property bubble stage, its manufacturing base is already highly vulnerable due to past CAD appreciation (let alone potential future appreciation), and its economy is not quite as broadly diversified as some other developed economies, with a very heavy emphasis on commodities & mining, which may seem like sure bets now, but could be sectors subject to insane levels of volatility (if history is any guide).

Canada resembles Australia in many ways, IMO, except that Australia's largest trading partner is China and Canada's is the U.S.

I just can't see any way for Canada to escape an economic downward spiral unless they join the global race to debase.

I'm most likely missing/overlooking some critical elements, though.

James_Cole's picture

Being at odds with Burry is never a good idea. 

1) Canada's property bubble is a huge problem for Canadians and the CMHC but not necessarily long term 

2) Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC; Quebec is one of the best places in the world for mining and is filled with everything from lithium to gold, Saskatchewan enormous potash / coal reserves, Alberta oil sands - one of the biggest oil reserves in the world, BC nat gas, copper, coal

And that's just scratching the surface. 

Canada's total population is around 30m yet the landmass comparable to Russia. And Canada has been making big strides in terms of trade. 

Maybe in the short term Canada may have a couple bumps here and there but its one of the richest countries in the world and long term bullish unquestionably.