Three Days Ahead Of Election, Candidates Tied Reuters Finds; Bill Maher Jokes

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With only three days to the big unveiling, the candidates are essentially tied for the Presidential election. The Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll released this morning has (of likely voters) 47% backing Obama and 46% backing Romney. The two statistics fall within the realm of statistical noise implying there is no difference and that is why so much time is now being spent in the battleground states; especially since the same poll has Obama leading on electoral college votes and such a huge swathe of 'undecideds' who remain very balanced. The closeness of the race does raise the concern about Bush-Gore-like hanging-chad discord and as we have discussed in the past (the 70-percent, the 3.5 class society, and the Political Black Swan). The chances of social unrest at a close decision are non-negligible in the current environment and should not be dismissed; though we are not sure that Bill Maher's 'comedic' sentiment is really helping: "If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you."


The Reuters/Ipsos Electoral Map - too close to call...


and Bill Maher's take on things...



How does that old saying go? "it's funny, 'coz it's false?"

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knukles's picture

Just lovin' the lefties racism.

kaiserhoff's picture

What would the media reaction be if any prominent person threatened the Jews in that manner?  Or women, or gays, or blacks?  Would that be laughed off?  I think not.

no taste's picture

Let's make sure that the election is won by another Wall Street asshole to replace the previous worn out Wall Street asshole.

Winston Churchill's picture

Wall Street, lying scumbag, arsehole.

Why hold back ?

economics9698's picture

When blacks are confronted by an equal or superior force they run.  When the SHTF remember that.  They are made out to be super fighters but they are in reality the worst warriors on the planet.  They perform only when they have superior numbers. 

Same for the tribe who without the printing press would be just another group of incompetents. 

Blacks will get destroyed first when the SHTF.




guinea's picture

Hurricane Katrina vs Japanese tsunami vs New Zealand earthquake.  Enough said.  

Oquities's picture

the federal government's weak response to Sandy is proof that obama hates white people.

Precious's picture

Bill Maher.  Another anti-Christ.  Thanks Tyler.  

Just looking at his permanently smug face makes a person want to find the nearest exorcist.

boogerbently's picture

There is no "half jew" half something else. Jew is NOT a religion.

If your mother was Jewish YOU ARE JEWISH.

I am an Irish-Catholic whose kids are Jewish, because their mother is Jewish (raised Lutheran), because their grandmother is Jewish (turned Lutheran), because their great grandmother IS/Was Jewish (no denial involved).

Precious's picture

Ok.  Matrilineal ...  or whatever you said ... 

economics9698's picture

Damn Booger I am confused now.

Stackers's picture

Saiga 12 is locked and loaded. Bring it on Bill

AldousHuxley's picture

Idle rich VERSUS welfare blacks


Now where is that fight?

CompassionateFascist's picture

Maher - inadvertantly -  spoke truth. The Jews do indeed intend the Congoids to be their ultimate anti-White exterminationist army. Right now it's a slow genocide, via Jew-promoted open borders black/brown immigration,  Jewish MSM-pushing WhiteGirl mudsharking, pushing racial intermarriage, pushing White non-reproduction via queering-out, and pushing Jewish feminist have-career-not-baby propaganda aimed squarely at White women. All of which angles of attack have over the last several decades been highly successful. When Whites, already a birth-minority in America, are down to c. 20% of the population...the Jews then intend - using blacks and browns - to Ukraine the Whites. Because THEY do not intend to be Ghetto'd or Holocaust'd. Ever. Again. This is a zero-sum game. Maher and the Jews get it. So far, most Whites do not. 

Justinx34's picture

there is some truth in your post - for one most whites are clueless about this issue, and white women are pretty much a lost cause because they are easily manipulated, and white males can not really do much about it because nearly all the laws and societal "rules" are against them.    I have friends who are of vairous ethnic and racial backgrounds and the problem is not all of any single race or group is of course bad...  the problem is as usual the people in power who the group listens to and is maniuplated by - take for example - Jesse Jackson - many blacks do NOT like him but the media still gives him power.     I would say at this point in time Hollywood and the media have won.  The only way out of this situation would be a revolution and it would have to go down a certain way...    one in which the current system of power goes DOWN.   Hollywood can be beat if PIRACY of its products wins    #2 the media can be beat of caught in enough lies that people stop watching - this could best be done by showing how UNCARING the media is, for example not playing important issue of americans on food stamps because there is no AD money in it..   #3 Demographics ALMOST always win if you look at history.  Remember the Texans out populated the Mexicans (now opposite)  - the European settlers out populated the indians. etc... etc..   QUESTION - what do you mean by "Ukraine" the whites?

CompassionateFascist's picture

search the term "Holodomor". 1929-33, Judeo-Bolsheviks massacred the entire White Christian Ukrainian urban/rural middle class. 8-10 million people killed. 3X the so-called Jewish "holocaust" we hear about every 2 seconds. 

headless blogger's picture

NOBODY IS planning to holocaust the Jews in America. The Jews have been treated very kindly in America. There is not one iota of evidence that Non-Jewish whites want to hurt Jews. There is growing exposure to the fact that the WWII "Holocaust" may have been much milder than the Narrative we have all been brought up on. In Europe if you expose the truth you land in prison.

Mounds of evidence shows that Western Banking oligarchic families (with a high proportion of wealthy Jews) promoted and funded Hitler. They needed a "bad guy" patsy to get the European Jews rounded up to send them to their new Fortress in the Middle East: Palestine...soon to be called Israel, which was not about a "jewish homeland" but mostly about geo-political control of this corner of the world.

The people who are in power have played these games many times throughout can tell.  And I do believe they are working through both the right and left to get the "game" going again. The liberal side of this has unfortunately had their anti-war wing taken over by people such as Chomsky, Blum, Goodman, Hartmann, Maher, etc. And one of their favority topics is how RACIST non-jewish whites are. Case in point: Zimmerman shoots this young black man and immediately all these folks plus the MSM start going ballistic about RACISM in America....OOOPs...until they discovered that Zimmerman was an Hispanic man (with some Jewish ties apparently). LOL

The problem is, it won't work in America. Too many people here have family and friends of different racial backgrounds than themselves.

I would NOT pin this on White women. They have been largely the ones the porno kings like to degrade in their culture destroying ways. Sharon Tate (a nordic-white Christian), was a ritual murder that symbolizes the death of the White Nordic race...and her Jewish husband, Roman Polanski was obviously in on it, probably to get promoted in whatever secret-society he is involved in (most these guys are).

10mm's picture

Stackers,they make a tacticle carrier for those saiga mags.Hold alot.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Sorry to go off-topic and interrupt the Pro-/Anti-Jewfest, but this election is not close and it never has been:

The only serious question raised by this election is why the Republican party nominated a candidate that could not possibly beat the most vulnerable President since LBJ?

Fedaykinx's picture

hahaha nate silver.

his career is going to take a turn for the worse.  soon.

Tsukato's picture

Bill Mahr = 100% cunt. Really hate his passive-aggressive bitch face.

cpt crash's picture

He's Homo all the way, too.

Hugh G Rection's picture

Worst of all, he's a Zionist Jew

Axenolith's picture

Dude, you're high.  The media is just generating the after election chaos story by setting up Romney's win as a "steal".  The surprise factor will be that a significant portion of the registered democrats are going to be voting for Romney.  They can't get a freakin' Obama positive poll without oversampling democrats by about 5-8 points.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

If there has been any media bias in this election it is this.  Obama has been comfortably in the lead since the beginning.  But Presidential election coverage is the news media's Olympics.  The media needs a horse race to remain relevant and attract revenue.  Voila.  A horserace is created.

Could Romney win?  Yes.  The odds are 1 in 6.

Do I want Obama? No.  But I like the idea of libertarians, paleo-conservatives and tea partiers denying Romney the Presidency.  I'll be writing in "Ron Paul".


Dude,  you have to be under 45. Anyone who lived through the Carter years knows that this is a rinse and repeat cycle of 1980. Obama is toast.


Bicycle Repairman's picture

Dude, I'm over 55.  I knew Ron Reagan.  I worked with Ron Reagan.  And Mitt Romney is no Ron Reagan.

goldfish1's picture

Obama in a landslide. The owners got everything goin for 'em...why rock the boat. 

Hayabusa's picture

Please pay attention... especially you sport watching zealots!  Political races are described more and more as

sporting events... "cross the finish line, making yardage, going for first down"... so they've watered down elections

to sports descriptions American's can "relate to" (they know we all just love sports).  Then they fudge the numbers

and make the race "neck-and-neck".... ooooh, it's so exciting isn't it?  You're watching a carefully watered down

and carefully scripted movie everyone wake the fuck up and realize it.

Totentänzerlied's picture

That's some tortured moronic logic from someone who clearly knows nothing about the subject. The Jews' rule of matrilineal descent has no more biological truth or validity than the Book of Genesis.

"Jew is not a religion" I'm sorry but that's false by the very definition of the word.

PS: I'm a half-jew, half Irish-Catholic regardless of your nonsense. The tribe wants me among them about as bad as bad as they want the West Bank living in Tel Aviv.

Precious's picture

What time is dinner tonight at the boogerbently-Totentanxerlied house?

headless blogger's picture

And by this logic if Daddy was Jewish and Mommy was Irish-Catholic then you are not a Special One. Your kids psychos like you?

Can we go one day in America without hearing about you fucking Jews, your holocaust, your specialness, your victimhood? No we can't because you got

your 2% well stationed within American Institutions. Turn on a radio, TV, internet, etc and there's a Jew flapping his/her jaws.



AllWorkedUp's picture

Funny you say that. When I was in the military I had a black guy I becames friends with in boot camp. He was from Indiana. He said they called us white guys "grays".

 He was a good guy, a bit of a racist, but said this: I'd just like to go one place where I don't have to see a white person. A movie, mall, etc.

 I know now how he feels. I'd just like to turn on any form of media and not have to see or hear a Jew, something about Israel or the M.E. but it's impossible.

 What makes me sick the most is when confronted, Jews either deny it, say "so what?" or immediately screech "anti-semite!" If you were to watch or read any media you'd think Jews were 98% of the population, instead of 2%.

 Their denial will end up being their ruin.

Precious's picture

"I'd just like to go one place where I don't have to see a white person."

So he joined the Army?

headless blogger's picture

Precious, his comment is bait. He is likely part of the gang that monopolizes comment boards in economic, political, and anti-war sites. Maybe they are simply paid commenters, who knows. His comment, though, is designed to obfuscate the issue of Jewish domination of the narratives. Doubtful the guy has ever been friends with a black. Funny how he assumes I'm white. It's not just "whites" (which includes dozens of ethnic groups) that speak about the all-encompassing Jew. Obviously he is a racist himself and his comment gives it away.

The issue was not about Racism....but now it is. See how sly they are?

Hangfire's picture

I would say your kids are Luish!  

10mm's picture

He never stated im bi racial,he rode the wave on oneside.One day we will have the first black president.

knukles's picture

Third Black Prez
Clinton was named #1 by the left MSM
Obey is #2, but not really
We await the real first black president.
Third time lucky....

Manthong's picture

Bill Maher perspective

and just a little OT.. 

At least Stevie didn’t have to look at the tiny crowd.

Bodhi's picture

This one guy dressed like a zombie did a pretty good job of scaring them.



GOSPLAN HERO's picture

When the SHTF, the bros will go primitive in the 'hood.

Rantabulous's picture

At the very least you simultaneously dishonour both every African-American soldier who has ever served with sufficient distinction to be awarded a service medal and the judgement of the commanding officers who thought it right to do so.

seataka's picture

I believe ethnic cleansing is being programmed into society using psychological manipulation.


Dr Robert Oppenhiemer warned in the Journal of Atomic Scientists in 1955, in a lecture to psychologists at the  APA: "In the last ten years physicists have been extraordinarily noisy about the immense powers, largely through their efforts, but through other efforts as well have come into the possession of man, powers notably and strikingly for very large scale and dreadful destruction. We have spoken of our responsibilities and our obligations to society in terms that sound very provincial, because the psychologist can hardly do anything without realizing that for him the acquisition of knowledge opens up the most terrifying prospects of controlling what people do and how they feel. This is true for all of you who are engaged in practice, and as the corpus of psychology gains in certitude and subtlety and skill. I can see that the physicists pleas that what he discovers be used with humanity and be used wisely will seem trivial compared to those pleas which you will have to make and for which you will be responsible."



Offthebeach's picture

That was a major theme in Charles Murray 's, The Bell Curve.

Precious's picture

Cite Oppenheimer about morality. What an incredible idea.