Bunga Bunga vs Brrrrrm: Ferrari Boss To Challenge Berlusoni In Italy Premier Race

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A week ago we reported that as part of the surge in the Italian anti-austerity movement, the time had come for none other than that forced exile (courtesy of the ECB's bond yield tactics) whose political career ended prematurely precisely one year ago, Silvio Berlusconi, to announce not only his political ambitions, but his desire for vengeance when he made it clear he is willing and ready to scuttle Mario Monti's cabinet. It appears that in the April elections, Silvio may now be challenged by none other than Ferrari head, Luca de Montezomolo, boss of the Scuderia, who Ansa reports "has hinted he might rethink his recent No to stepping into the political ring after April elections."

From Ansa:

In an interview, Montezemolo did not rule out accepting a request to be premier if that served to "unite" conservatives who have lost their main rallying point because of turmoil in ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party.


He said the time for uniting conservatives and "regenerating politics" after a string of scandals that has deepened public disaffection with traditional parties was "now or never again".

He is not the only one: unelected leader, and Goldman appointee, Mario Monti has also warned he may do something rather drastic, and run for the popular vote.

Current technocrat Premier Mario Monti has also said he might serve again if the elections ended in a tied parliament.

Then again, this is Italy, where the second most popular party currently is the Five Star protest movement lead by comedian Beppe Grillo. This would be comparable to Stephen Colbert being in the running according to various slanted and biased media's "black box" models.

The centre-left Democratic Party (PD) is polling at around 27% compared to comedian Beppe Grillo's Five Star protest movement's 18% and the PdL's 13% but the PD is facing a choice between centrist and leftist allies to pin its hopes on forming a government coalition.


The Five Star movement scored the heaviest in Sicily elections last weekend where a PD governor was elected in alliance with the centrist UDC and the PdL plunged to less than a quarter of its previous support.

Beppe Grillo in action.

And a Ferrari in action:

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I love Ferrari, but will only seriously drive a Porsche Turbo. 


OT: Max Keiser also agrees: JUST SAY NO TO VOTING!



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"Assisted by his producer, co-presenter and fiancée Stacy Herbert, Keiser, 52, mercilessly castigates rogue financiers and the politicians notionally required to oversee them, on programmes already transmitted by international networks including France 24, Al Jazeera and Iran's Press TV. No channel in the United States will carry his broadcasts, which go well beyond the benign impudence of The Daily Show."

No one will broadcast his show in the land of the free.  But he is about to become the  most widely watched news commentator on the planet. 

"People have to take action for themselves. That means buying not bonds or dollars or euros, but gold and silver. Gordon Brown sold Britain's gold at the historic low of $250 an ounce. Gold is now $1,700 an ounce. My argument – I can categorically state – is winning the global propaganda war. China is aggressively buying gold. Russia is buying gold like a maniac. Iran has been buying as much as it can. All of these countries, where my show is popular, are buying gold and silver, and God bless them for it."

Better buy your silver before the Chinese do.

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thankfully channels matter less and less and you can view broadcasts in many other ways.

get rid of your cable idiot box and get this:


link it to your NAS or not, and you can watch Keiser on your bigscreen.

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VD - What are you going to do with your Bentley then?

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Bring On Web TV

Bring Down the MSM ...especially that woeful State-enforced-payment, propped-up dinosaur the BBC

Imagine TD live everyday with the 6 o'clock financial news, mouthwatering

...fingers crossed for a topless weather girl too, freedom provides and stimulates

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A poo-che is an overated piece of shit.  The engine sounds like a electric fan.  Bolt-on technology at its best.  Why are there more poo-che's in So Cal than in Germany?  Because most people are stupid sheeple and think there kool driving these over-priced goo-goo's.  What's the point when most morons drive them like little old ladies!

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I don't get why people think Colbert is funny. I like Jon Stewart, but Colbert's comedy is on the level of SNL.

HD's picture

Like his politics or not...

Colbert plays a character - while very well written, some of his best stuff is during his interviews where he ad-libs in character. While not always fall down hilarious, his wit is very clever. He deserves his success imo.

Precious's picture

He makes money by talking.  

Maher, Conan, Letterman, Leno, Seinfeld, Limbaugh, Savage, Winfrey, Lauer, O'Riley, Springer, Carson

... all made their money talking.  Talking.  Talking. 

What they talk about is only significant to the extent people listen so advertisers will pay.  Is this rocket science?

djsmps's picture

I didn't say anything about his politics. I just don't find him funny at all. He may tell jokes, but he is no comedian.

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He is the finest comedian in the US of A, IMO.  He is smarter, funnier and wittier than Jon Stewart. Politicians are warned not to go on his show because they always come up second best.  Very few hold their own against him. He is a very good singer and has won a Grammy.

Colbert was named one of Time's 100 most influential people in 2006 and 2012.

mkhs's picture

But does he have a Nobel?  They just don't give those to anybody!


JustObserving's picture

Yes, they gave it to Henry Kissinger (murderer) and Obama (extrajudicial drone killer) and the EU (Goldman appointed criminal bureaucrats).  You have to pretty low on the totem pole of humanity to win the Nobel Prize.  That should preclude Colbert from even getting close to a Nobel.

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Jon Stewart is himself, Colbert is playing a character based on Fox's Bill O'Reilly where Colbert goes much further beyond the normal rediculuos comments to mock. Watch an episode of O'Reilly then watch Colbert. You will see the over hyped "patriotism", american flags, music, overly serious presentation.

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Die Spiegel  "War against euro" translate & enjoy this uber article about uncle Sem. http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/verschwoerungstheorien-der-wirtschaft-krieg-gegen-den-euro-a-865017.html

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I don't buy it, the strategic goal of the US to maintain the status quo and somehow achieve a relatively weak dollar and cheap oil (without a WMD detonation in interest rate markets), they're trying to thread a needle with something as unwieldy as an aircraft carrier or VLCC, EUR 1.5 was a problem, but EUR 1.0 is just as much, if not more of a problem.

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Grillo should lose 30 lbs, get a haircut, and lose the cheap theatre.  Then we can let him inside Bilderberg, where he belongs.  

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While in America...


Glitch held up absentee ballots

Thousands of absentee-ballot requests may have been erroneously rejected statewide because of voter-registration issues, voter advocates say.


Last-Minute Ohio Directive Could Trash Legal Votes And Impact The Election

A last-minute directive issued by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted could invalidate legal provisional ballots. Ohio is widely viewed as the most critical state for both presidential campaigns and — with some polls showing a close race — the 11th-hour move could swing the entire election.


Report: NAACP Takes Over Polling Station in Houston

Volunteer election poll watchers from True the Vote, the Houston-based nonpartisan election integrity group, are reporting that Houston’s NAACP chapter has taken over an election polling station.

Matt's picture

Why is the American Election always full of so many problems? Do you guys need some UN Observers down there?

mkhs's picture

It corrolates with the number of lawyers per population.

ziggy59's picture

Race to the bottom, they win, rest of us lose...

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

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Hell, Italians should vote for Topogiggio if he runs.

Anything to get Jew's monkey Mario Goldman Monti out of his position as traitor to and destroyer of his own nation.

Fucker's gotta swing.


THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Imagine if Richard Pryor ran for high office in the 70s.


Things could have been so much different............





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My two most favourite "niggers" .... Richard Pryor and Frank Marshall Davis !  Frank was one cool number .... much more likeable than his bastard son Obama !  You can have all the rest !       www.obamasrealfather.com

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Another maggot thinking about running for office. Shocking.

Monedas's picture

Italians get to see their gold !     The Italians get a "Ferrari" candidate !   We have the "Dolt from Volt" ?   PS:   Did you notice the cages were full in the Italian vault ?  The newly acquired gold was stacked on the floor and in the hallways of the vault ?

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Whatever you write, don't spoil today's F1 race result.

Angus McHugepenis's picture

Race-ism in Italy? Who'd a thunk it....

Monedas's picture

Disclaimer:  I will plagerize all clever lines in the public domain as if they were my own !

Angus McHugepenis's picture

You didn't plagiarise that.

BTW, whatever happened to your "comedy jihad"? I'm missing it... getting all weepy and emotional.

Monedas's picture

I am Monedas, there is only one Monedas. Monedas Ahkbar !     Monedas    1929      Comedy Jihad "Plagiarise" World Tour

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Amazing overtake - Car racing isfor  fat, lazy rich boys who like sitting down on the job. Reall sports require fitness, coordination, strategy and determation. Bowling for example is a real sport.

Monedas's picture

Is blogging with an iPad while waiting in line at McDonalds a real sport ?

mkhs's picture

Is blotting with a maxipad?

Money Squid's picture

Yes, because you never know when you will have to go toe-2-tow with this guy


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Free Ferraris for everyone voting against Monti.

Zero Govt's picture

"...Goldman appointee, Mario Monti has also warned he may do something rather drastic, and run for the popular vote."

Dreary Goldman crone versus silver-tongued Silvio? A 'no contest' amongst Italian voters, good luck finding all your teeth on the canvass when come around Monti.

And Silvio has been deposed un-democratically by this toady. He's got the 'Come Back Kid' campaign boost to boot. Monti will get mowed down by the Silvio juggernaut ...then hopefully Silvio will impeach Monti and put him jail, where all Goldman executives should be right now

Urban Redneck's picture

Mario is a "Senatore a Vita" in Italy, so that rules out an Italian jail, but the vita part could be fixed with a good rope.

Zero Govt's picture

Mussolini finished on the end of a rope, mob justice but that beats a judge and 2 packs of lawyers anytime, any place, anywhere

... he was an 'El Duche', dunno if that translates into English as douchebag or dickhed, or just politician for short

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What they need is Don Vito Corleone for president.

I am on to you's picture

Always nice to se, that Don Bananas is steping up.

I sold my toupe,and bought a pair of shoes,and they dont even need Gazz,just two feets!

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So will the Italians vote for someone who likes fast cars or someone who likes fast women? Or will they vote for the EU's Mario-nette ?

skydrake's picture

I'm Italian and I live in Italy.
I have to point out that in Italy common people don't care of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (half Italians know he isn't son of the prince of Montezemolo but of Giovanni Agnelli, a time owner of FIAT and Ferrari, in fact the had a brilliant carrier in Ferrari). Instead heia adored bu the gotha of financial powers (excuse for my English), so Luca Cordero has a lot of influence on newspapers, but in order to be elected he needs votes.

Instead, thanks ZH to have posted the video of Beppe Grillo with his political program (excuse for my English again), I've never watched before. Lots of Italian are eager to get rid of our actual politicians and the corrupti on with them. Grillo could be an interesting option, if not he doesn't understand much of economics....

NaiLib's picture

It's time, not only to say no to voting, but most important, it's time to stop paying taxes. Tax in its present from in Europe is theaft. Nothing else.

skydrake's picture

It isn't only a matter of taxes. More taxes (and less service) are unavoidable. Now (Italian) people can't stand actual politicians anymore. They are getting angrier and angrier. Monti is accepted with pain as the amputation surgery, but they want to get rid of old politicians who reduced Italy like now, so in the next election in April they vote en masse (at least 20%( to Beppe Grillo, the comedian who promised to eliminate old politicians.

AvoidingTaxation's picture

Luca de Montezomolo -> wrong

Luca di Montezemolo ->correct