More Greeks Live In Poverty Than Iranians

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The number of people in Greece classified as living below the poverty line reached 2.34 million (or over 20% of their 11.3 million population). Ekathimerini reports that the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) has released data from 2010, the first update of this frightful data series post austerity measures. Household spending has dropped dramatically in the two years since then suggesting the current picture is considerably worse. Still, comparing apples to slightly smaller apples, CIA data shows Greece now considerably more impoverished than Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, and the West Bank. The EUR6,591 per annum poverty line in Greece compares to average per capita income of EUR12,637 but what is perhaps most worrisome - as social unrest continues to rise - is that Greece is among the European countries with the greatest financial inequalities, as the richest 20% of the population had an annual income that was six times that of the poorest 20%.


CIA Poverty Stats (Population living below national poverty line %)


And Via the CIA World Factbook - it seems Greece is slipping below the thin red line...


A total of 901,190 Greek households were found to be living below the poverty line.

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Let them eat Feta!

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The key line in the poverty statistics table above:

"(Population living below national poverty line %)" 

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Greece just recorded a current account surplus. So did Spain for the first time ever.

Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland erase current account deficits and record surpluses.

The medicine tastes bad but you have to swollow it




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Nobody's "swollowing" any of your kosher effluent loser boy...those days are fadiing fast, an soon your sorry ass will be back in the Volga mud flats with the rest of your kharazian kin...

record surplus...translation from Yiddish: more n better fleecing of sheep by new age khazarian tax farmers....same ol same ol.

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The "national poverty line" is about a arbitrary as it gets.

If the Greeks would live according to their means (speak = third world country) they would have a far lower living standard.

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I should expand on my comment above.  There is no way that the level of poverty in Paraguay is lower than that of Spain.  I have been to both countries, and it is ludicrous to say that Paraguay has a lower poverty rate than Spain.  It looks like the above table was prepared using each country's own definition of poverty.

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Good point DoCh,

How bad offf are the poor in the UAE?

Although illiteracy was relatively high for wealthy nations at 25.4 percent in 1998, more than 90 percent of the UAE population has access to safe water, health services, and sanitation. In comparison, nearly 57 percent of the population was illiterate in 1975. The UAE government spends close to 16 percent of its annual budget on schools and has produced one of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios in the world, 12 pupils per teacher. Generous spending on health care has produced similar results in a number of key health indicators that are far better than the world average: life expectancy, infant mortality rates, births attended by trained physicians, and numbers of doctors per 100,000 people in the population. Overall, UAE citizens can depend on a cradle-to-grave welfare state that has few peers in the world.

Read more: United Arab Emirates Poverty and wealth, Information about Poverty and wealth in United Arab Emirates
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With all the dollars we've spent in Iraq, one would think they'd not be quite so high on this chart.

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Oh man you really don't get it, do you? Israel and AIPAC commanded its US Presi-pets and craven congress cretins to spend all those dollars for exactly this outcome and this poverty rating.

Mission Accomplished!

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I'm not as dumb as I look...I couldn't possibly be.

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Lets not forget these stats are from the CIA, you know, the shadow govt involved in covert operations, overthrow of governments and the worldwide illegal drug trade. Pretty sure their stats are as reliable as the BLS, Russia and Communist China. 

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Will they now be slipping across a border into the Us to pick vegies, do lawn care, and raise the children of self important americans?

Matt's picture

Why? They are citizens of the European Union, they can go to Germany legally.

Stuntgirl's picture

Why would we do that? There's maps with pretty colors, and then there's eyes on your face to assess the truth. The US is a third-world-country by most European's standards.

You'd think of going to China first.

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All achieved without the aid of a trade embargo. Well done you financial wizards. You bankers couldn't organise the toilet paper in a constipation clinic.

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at least greek girls are hoping for a better future.

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Glistening dark hair...from all that pure olIveOil no doubt.

Lovely stuff, no deficits there!

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Ah, it's only flesh or as a professor once quoted, the human vessel is just a column of bacteria. Some admittedly more attractivly arranged than others.

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the richest 20% of the population had an annual income that was six times that of the poorest 20%.

And how much is it in the US? 2-3 times?

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'Zat after gubamint handouts?

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Talking about Greek reported income statistics is like talking about sober Kennedys. Really a pointless exercise.

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Poverty seems to be correlated with the popularity of Golden Dawn.

I do Nazi that as a good thing.

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Man is that a stupid statement.

As if Greek Nationalists and not Jewish banksters busted up the joint like this?

Keep buying the hasbara Shorty.


Matt's picture

You are looking at it backwards. As poverty increases, so does support for the ultra right wing groups.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

No Matt, you're looking at it through gefilte colored lenses.

Until you take off those glasses (prescribed for you by your very worst enemies) you'll never see straight.

Matt's picture

Is English a second language to you? If not, please work on your reading comprehension.

The more the banking system impoverishes people, the more those people turn to ultra-right wing parties in search of a remedy.

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You are both correct...

people whose ability to put bread on the table has been diminished or disabled by the serial machinations of organized crime[aka usury banking system]are likely to pay more attention to the promises and propaganda of hucksters who promote ideologies that allegedly provide solutions to their problems...

a little known facet of these so called 'right wing' or 'nationalist' groups is that they are usually organized\funded by the very same criminal cartel of capitalist cabbalists who also fund the so called 'left wing' hucksters.

Both of these bought n paid for lackey formulations espouse and defend the right of their moneymasters to invade and demolish countries where the supremacy of usury banking is in any way challenged, and alternative systems of social welfare have been successfully re-distributing wealth without recourse to the predations of the "State" for centuries.

Left\Right left\right LEFT\RIGHT, the jackbooted thugs of the phariseeuitically-directed State command your obedience! Endorse their right to power on November 6th!

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If the US was not running deficits of $195 billion a month (enough to hire 145 million American workers with a take home pay of $7.50 an hour - there are only 135 million US workers now), there would be more Americans in  poverty than Greeks.

US debt and unfunded liabilties are now increasing at $70,000 per household per year.

"There was a recent estimate of U.S. debt both on and off the books.  The number was $230 trillion.  Since a quick check of the collective checkbook would show that the $230 trillion does not exist, what we have is mass delusion on a grand scale.  People are fighting over a piece of an imaginary pie.  The delusion is global."

$230 trillion works out to be a debt of $1,930,000  per household

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If those numbers are correct, then we in the USA are 100% completely fucked .

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Greece has fallen into a fiscal black hole. They are finished, done. They need to default. Should people start dying due to hunger and poverty there is no one to blame other than their politicians. God help them if they get a cold, wet, snowy winter.

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Wouldn't want to spoil a good closet dollar bull euro hate-on but...

Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland erase current account deficits and record surpluses.

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Never thought i'd see Israel between Tonga and Bhutan.....on any list. Iraq still living the good life, not so surprising.

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waring with your neighbour/s for 80 years is never good for your economy... it'd be even worse were it not for heavy US Govt subsidies sent yo Israel ...last figure i saw was $20,000.00 per head of population

great charity (basket) case Isreal

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Greece = West Virgina- moonshine

Matt's picture

Ultra orthodox jews tend to be quite poor. The poorest area in America is a place in New York State with over 60% of the population in poverty, with most of the population there jewish.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Oh the poor victims! Might help if they actually became Americans and were willing to work outside their cult.

Ever been to "Kiryas Joel"? I have, it's a Jewish hell hole. One the residents enthusiastically created for themselves.

Matt's picture

No claims of victimhood from me, although I might consider the women to be, as in most intensely religious groups, they get treated as breeding stock and married off at a young age to produce as many little believers as possible.

Just reconciling what at first some see as a contradiction, "poor jews", by showing that the mainstreamers are quite different from the ultra orthodox.

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"No data" for Australia and New Zealand??

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Who is winning the war on UN sanctions now? 

EU, US reach preliminary deal on Iranian oil embargo 

Iran may revise its policy on oil supplies to global markets: Minister 

Iran's nuclear ambitions targeted with broader EU sanctions -2011


Captain hindsight has already broke his/her keyboard to re-spin geopolitical mistake’s. I’ll wait before presenting Merkel making her public speech. They think it’s gone down the internet memory hole.. LOL –What dumb fucks!!

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Greece will become new axis of evil. 


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... or the first state to extricate from the international ponzi cronyism paving the way for other countries to liberate, even if painfully.

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"The number of people in Greece classified as living below the poverty line reached 2.34 million (or over 20% of their 11.3 million population)..."

Truly terrible.

Will the 'Birthplace of democratic Govt' ever learn it's Govt (the cabal of parasites sucking on the private sector) that ruins and bankrupts their economy, divides their society and wrecks their country over and over again?

Prosperity squandered and bankruptcy wrought by corrupt, irresponsible Greek politicians has happened so often you'd think they'd 'get it' that this institution is nothing but an out-of-control wrecking ball

Stop Paying Your Taxes Greece ....Govt sucks, Christine Lagarde does too

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Don't worry, Greeks have not been paying taxes for years.

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Holy Baklava, Batman!

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I was driving around Los Angeles today and couldn't help but notice how many people living in poverty are obese.

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the PC lefties will call you a 'bully' and are 'verbally abusing' over-weight kids in a playground if you call them "fatty"

nowadays you can barely switch on a TV or open a newspaper without these same PC shills screaming about "obese people" and how they must lose weight trumpeted everywhere in the public space

we should take a survey, do fat people prefer to be called "fatty" in a playground or the PC cretins shouting they're "obese" all across the media non-stop 24/7 and wanting to meddle in their food and diet  

Azwethinkweiz's picture

I wonder how many people who profit handsomely off weight-loss products and gym franchises invest those proceeds back into $MCD and $MON?