Pre-election Frenzy Summary

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When it all gets just so silly, only an xkcd cartoon can do it justice...

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Welcome to Thunderdome.


The rules have been suspended.....good luck.

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I will be so glad Wednesday when that Moochella bitch does not pop up telling me to vote for her dumb ass husband.   Fuck that NWA.

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meh-nah meh-nah, doo dooo  doo doodoo,

meh-nah meh-nah, doo doo doodoo

meh-nah meh-nah, doo doo doo doodoo, doodoo, doo doo doo doodoo doooo

Bye bye bonds!  YAY

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One other thing.....the word has come down that it's open season on all UN election observers.....but the first in your neighborhood to have one mounted over your fireplace.

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All you fat bastards go buy aapl im trying to btfd and short bonds.

edit: I hate you guys so much right now.

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edit: I hate you guys so much right now.


Must be doing something right then.

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If you live in a republican precinct there are 15 voting machines and no wait.

If you live in a democratic precinct there are 3 voting machines and 2 a broken.

Last election I asked my friends who live in the rich part of town " how long did it take you to Vote? and they said it was easy, 10 minutes." The democratic precinct had less machines and much longer lines.

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Were the voting machines broken by Black Panthers?

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the reason the dems have long lines is cause they vote more than once...

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Two men enter, one man leaves i think was the only rule in the thunderdome.  

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True. But what if limp-wristed Barry lets his demonic wife Chewbacca enter Thunderdome in his place? Poor mittens doesn't stand a chance against that beast of a shemale. It'll be gnawing at his arms and legs as if they were battered in KFC's finest.

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"Break a Deal, Spin the Wheel!" also applies.

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Gulag was his punishment, right? All the cool kids will be in the gulag, when all is said and done.

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Bernanke run Bartertown!

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and if romney wins, what will frank marshall jr do between now and january.  i shudder to think what a pouting marxist nacissistic petulent child will do to "punish us" for not reelecting him.

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Do a Bill Clinton (his staff removed the “W” when Bush won in 2000) and remove the letter “R” from all the White House computer keyboards.

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I-Pad's and Android Tablets don't have (physical) keyboards so that game has become obsolete.

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We are talking about government employees here. Known for rejecting reality, and substituting their own.

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If the marxists win I'll lave to suffer the screaming cheering....if they lose I'll have to suffer the screaming bitching....either way it's gonna suck.


I'll probably be fairly drunk Wednesday morning....good thing I've got the day off. Yes, I did plan it that way.

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Breaking out the good stuff election night. 21 year glenfiddich. Softens the screaming a bit.

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Remember what happened that night when O(drone)bomber won? The lefty smugness was visible from low-earth orbit. No matter who wins it will be even worse this time. And if you listen to the victory speech, bring a puke bucket.

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Romney wins? I don't think he can win Ohio. If he can't win Ohio, he will be toast. 

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Do you really have that much faith in MSM polling? In 1980 the polls had Carter winning his re-election. The MSM was just as rabid getting Carter re-elected as they are today in their efforts to get Obama re-elected.

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Ohio was one of Obana's worst swing states in 2008. He won the election by 7% overall and only be 3.8% in Ohio. And that was before people knew who he was. He'll lose Ohio by 250,000 votes.

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Diebold is going to decide this election.

"It doesn't matter who votes, only who counts the votes" - Joseph Stalin

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If Obama wins at least he can stop campaigning and get down to some serious golf and vacations.

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I know that feeling all too well...

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gogogadget us dollar HO!

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Love xkcd. Always cuts through the BS.

Not to mention that this is also likely the thought process of most of the MSM people.

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Nothing is of more immediate concern than the treasonous acts of BHO, specifically Benghazi and Fast & Furious.  But we must ask how we got to this point in history, in which an illegal alien was elected and maintained the office of the President for 4 years and nothing was done about it.  Over half of the population of the United States are immigrants, or the children of immigrants, that came here since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.  If you think that Europeans or third worlders have or can assume American values, then you haven't spent much time with them.

THE most important single issue facing the U.S. is its post-1965 immigration disaster, both legal and illegal. The bipartisan Permanent Government is literally Electing A New People and new values. Among other problems caused by this utterly selfish and irresponsible policy—immiseration of the working class, cultural dispossession, linguistic balkanization, increased crime, overpopulation, etc. The U.S., as it has been known to history, will simply cease to exist within the lives of children now born.


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"If you think that Europeans or third worlders have or can assume American values, then you haven't spent much time with them."

Pls supply us with a list of American Values so that we can at least try.

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Pls supply us with a list of American Values so that we can at least try.


What.....for free?

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Doing an honest day's work, but it would probably kill you.

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Work.....what the hell is that?

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I don't know why I'm laughing at that...but I am. "Putting people to work costs money too ya know...

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I love work. I can watch it for hours.

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you mean work really, really hard, like the Chinese Foxconn employees?

though at least you provided one value

what I also miss here is that the pre-1965 immigration laws gave a strong preference to europeans (and an even stronger one to northeners)

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I think you buy them at McDonalds.

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Dude don' really pisses him off when you call him Francis.

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Any of you homos touch my stuff, I'll kill you.

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Lots of simple rationalization to merely legitimize racism in all its glory.

Btw, using your definition the only REAL Americans are the Native Americans. Every one else is an immigrant (including all the colonial americans). 

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Indeed, but actually bringing up the Native Americans actually underscores his point - just how well did their culture fare when they failed to check immigration?

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one advantage the illegal and legal immigrants have over American citizens is they understand how to bribe the gov offical, Americans not so much. NWO elites plan of wave after wave of uneducasted illegals who vote here is the key to the NWO.

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Legal and educated and white voters vote for the same candidates as their uneducated and illegal and minority counterparts. The real problem is what it's always been: letting people vote themselves ever greater shares of OPM/public largesse. You don't need to be a high-school dropout illegal Mexican immigrant to hear and believe that Obama promises to give you and your friends and family more handouts and perks and such - look at his voter base: urban people, educated people, women, urban wealthy, white people, young people, old people.

It's silly to suggest that voting (for embarassing, shameful, in practice indistinguishable) candidates only occurs among some specific cohort of voters. It happens with 99% of ALL voters.

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Know what the Injuns said when they saw the Mayflower?

"Oh no, boat people!"

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What did the people who lived there call their land before you invaded and carried out your ethnic cleansing solution?

It worked for you guys much better than for the israelis when they copied you, they havent managed to reduce the original owners to less than 2% of the poluation, Amateurs........


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If you are referring to "Native Americans", they emmigrated from Asia less than ten thousand years ago, and ethnicly cleansed an earlier indigenous population, themselves.