Stocks And Bond Yields Play Catch Down To Gold's Friday Weakness

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Friday's afternoon avalanche was unevenly distributed across asset classes with Gold and Oil leading the move lower, the USD limped higher, and until late in the day, stocks and Bonds meandered along together. Equities' late-day plunge saw it catch down to Gold's move and this morning we see the USD and US Treasuries rallying and resyncing to the rest of the asset classes. Volume is leaching away now that Europe is closed and correlation across asset-classes is on the rise as they now seem range-bound. The most notable 'divergences' are among the various ETFs as VXX (volatility) is rising notably, HYG (credit) is losing ground, and TLT (rates) are rallying while SPY (stocks) are unchanged...


Cross asset-class convergence following Friday's divergences...


but ETFs are divergent...


and summarised in the chart below...


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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Window dressing for tomorrow is all.  After 4pm tomorrow, all bets are off.

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Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

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Not quite up to the Limerick King's work, but a nice effort.

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Happy Guy Fawkes Night everyone!

Let's all celebrate by ending voluntary servitude...

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The live streams are up. I sure hope nobody blows up Parliament...

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All that red shadow below $0.00 on the SPY arbitrage model is Kevin Henry's work.  

crusty curmudgeon's picture

It looks like that sea monster (in 2nd chart) is about to snap his mouth closed.

flacon's picture

You're right. Looks like the angler fish from Finding Nemo:



slaughterer's picture

Problem is that TLT (part of the sea monster upper lip) will probably remain open if the other part of the lip (ES/SPY) closes.  

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Anyone who believes the numbers on the screen is a moron.

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I can't speak for the average investor, but I rebalanced in favor of gold after the beatdown.  Seemed like an overdone pull back after a breakout from a year long consolidation wedge to me.  But, I am mediocre at timing paper gold prices.  I just got a slightly better price than last week is all.

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There is Ralph's supermarket weakness on the west coast. Due to Sandy all stores are closed.

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My overall view is that about the time JPM lost 7 billion dollars the banking system started icing over again.  I see some things on money supply charts that I thought were flukes, but they remain on the charts still.  yes.  I have no doubt they were connected issues as 7 billion absolutely had to be the collateral for 280 billion in other trades.  QE3 was mostly the paint job on the JPM bailout.  It was legitimizing deals the Fed already made.  Now the system needs a QE4.  A real bailout.  Which makes me laugh because it is every bit as predictable as QE3 was.  The Fed is doing everything it can to lower inflation expectations as it prints untold amounts of money.  The Hurricane is a fantastic cover for QE4 in the form of secret unannounced loans.  IMO, the temporary check on gold is proof that there is something massive being done in the form of money printing behind the scenes.

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I remember reading about one of the ways Weimer was made worse...because the moneyprinters believed their own lies that there was no significant they were empowered to print more.  A bit of a vicious circle.

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme." 

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Anyone try trading penny stocks? I found

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So how is Apple a huge bubble, but gold not if I am to follow the thinking on this site? (Full disclosure: I like both and would like to buy both on their downturns.)