Valencia To People: 'Don't Get Sick' As Pharmacies Strike Indefinitely

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The regional government of the Communidad Valencia owes pharmacies in Valencia, Alicante, and Castellon five and a half months of prescription payments. The EUR450mm debt that is owed has prompted a remarkable (and somewhat justified) action by the pharmacies. As ThinkSpain reports, from today, two in every three pharmacies will be closed each day, on rotation, until the debt is settled. Last week the government settled half of their April debt and half of their May debt using funds from the Regional Liquidity Fund (FLA) but as the pharmacists point out, "this [merely] moves [them] back to where [they] were, since on Wednesday, we'll be adding another month's worth to the ongoing debt." Perhaps this fact - among all the others - combined with the ECB's lies, will bring some reality to the minds of those who see these bailouts as anything but a band-aid - and in fact (in this case) an entirely back-filling band-aid as everyone is faced with a "dramatic situation which has forced [pharmacies] to close indefinitely."

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People are too hospitable.  They need to get pitchfokry... all u gotta do is rush the capital building and remind them who runs this bitch.  how many times has greece f'd up that one?  maybe spain will figure it out.

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Reasonn this will go on as long as possible is the goal is to get as many nations/people as broke and desperate as possible before they magically announce their "solution," which will be a one world banking/govt/monetary system.

Unless we are totally desperate, we would not accept this kind of total control in the hands of so few.

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to be honest dude.  I don't really know that anyone would notice.

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from today, two in every three pharmacies will be closed each day, on rotation, ...

Best thing that could happen next to shutting off the tv.

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Goldfish - you couldn't be more on target. With few exceptions, the drugs that pharmacies sell are at best worthless. As an example, most people with sinus problems would be far better off doing a simple saline wash than taking any of the drugs that pharamcies sell. Likewise people with intestinal disorders would be much better off changing their diet than taking drugs. And so on. Not to say there aren't some legitimate drugs sold by pharmacies that do a better job than simple lifestyle changes or simple home remedies can handle - but not many. So go ahead - close the pharmacies and let people discover how little they need big pharma.

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On the other hand, IMO it is NEVER a bad idea to get stocked up on any medications that you might need.  STOCKED UP means just what you think it means.  Have some left over for trade-bait if the SHTF...

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Humm, why don't they just take cash only for the drugs? Give the people a receipt and tell THEM to collect from the government. Can you say "unrest". Speed the collapse I say!

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Because, as I explain below, they are mom-and-pop businesses, and personally know their clients as neighbours, sometimes since childhood.

They will not discontinue supply to some very critical patients.

The phrase my pharmacist uses: "I am not accessory to murder."

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"However, I am an accessory to extortion and racketeering."

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How so?  Nobody on this board wants to provide you with an answer to such a stupid question, but I am feeling charitable tonight (thank Budweiser).


How so?  A bankrupt government wants to maintain the facade as long as possible (kicking the can down the road).  If they can do so on the banks of charitable people who are looking after their neighbors, then so be it, and many thanks for continuing the veil of state-sponsored security.  You are doing God's work, and mindless, spineless politicians thank you for the extra time!


The pharmacy is not a charitable organization though.  They have their own children to feed, and non-exempt taxes to pay.  Who will pay for the pharmacist's children's rent?  You?  No.  You'll just write another comment complaining that these selfish corporatists shut down your neighborhood drugstore in the name of profits.  


These companies have already done too much.  Now, the state is relying on their charity.  You must pay your bills on time.  I do.  Do you?  The government is in default with these private companies.  If I owned a pharmacy in Spain, I would have shut down the tap months and months ago and cut off the government's account.  The longer they wait, the worse things will get.  It's called tough love - and survival.

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Thank you for your charitable answer.

However, I understood that the purpose of this board was to answer questions, and intimately I understand that no question is stupid if it is formulated with a true will to obtain an answer and understand it.

Regarding your answer, I have in no way complained that any selfish corporatists have shut down anything in the name of profits, and I was not entertaining the idea of doing so.

On the other hand, I completely agree with your assessment that they should have shut down months ago. I also understand that for them it is a difficult thing to do. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and watching people die is a hard place indeed.

Precisely I pointed out that their strike is more than justifiable. Also that the state is relying on their charity. I believe they are trying to find a middle ground between being accessory to murder or racketeering, but I don't see so clearly that they are opting for the second.

Nice vitriol from you, keep hitting that Bud.


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Stealing from another poster today... Kick the can until it becomes a bucket!

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Western medicine is a joke anyway.

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That's not the point.
A contract exists that people pay for healthcare and in return get this joke medicine. The Spanish state cannot sustain the Ponzi. And they couldn't deliver any other non-joke medicine even if they wanted to. They are broke.

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How will I get my Austerity-ol TM?

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Re 'austerity' - as meaning the brutal government-ordered deprivation of basic human needs in the countries of the Mediterranean -

The great gold guru of Connecticut endorsed this remark on his website:

« Austerity is bullshit and rhymes with starving, suffering, "let them eat cake," loss of civil rights and a repeat of 1789 France »

- Comment by 'Dean' heartily approved by Jim Sinclair, MineSet

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Spain's official figures are lies. Not only is the country misstating how much it owes and how much it needs to finance, accounts payable are not even calculated as debt. Only bonds, bills and other officially issued obligations are.

By my conserative calculations, Spain somehow has to sell another €52bn in debt between now and year end. It has only completed 75% of its financing for the year but claims 95%.


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Draghi issues edict. All ailments are now treatable with new perscription drug named PLECEBO.

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"a remarkable (and somewhat justified) action by the pharmacies."


Remember that in Spain, pharmacies are not large chain stores, but mom-and-pop businesses.

In other regions, (castilla la mancha) payment delays of up to a year meant that the pharmacist him/herself was paying for very specialised medication (multiple sclerosis, AIDS, etc) for the patients, sometimes putting the pharmacist on the edge of banktruptcy, as it meant several €K per month per patient.

As a result, many pharmacists have had to stop carrying certain medication that they cannot bear the economic burden of for their clients.

In Madrid, in my neighbourhood, the 60 year old pharmacist lady had to decide which of her regular clients to stop servicing. After much thought, she decided to continue carrying the medication of a couple of elderly patients with very reduced mobility and no close family members who could go elsewhere for it.

That meant she had to discontinue other medication for patients she knew could try farther shops, to be able to stay open. Mind you, I say stay open, not making a profit. She is willing to run a loss for months so she can supply the needier cases, even if that means she lacks cash to order stock of common drugs.

I think "somewhat justified" is an understatement.


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Stuntgirl, I wonder if you could ask her if ED pills (Viagra, etc.), Brith control and Valtrek (STD pills) etc., etc. still sell for cash as well as before. It is an opportunity to quantify exactly how much influence libido has on economic decisions. I wonder if we will be amazed if despite all the difficulties the supply demand scheme for these medications remains unchanged.

Stuntgirl's picture

I can tell you off the top of my head, as we chat often.

Viagra and Birth Control are not covered by our health system. Some birth control is, in theory, but not in practice.

STD sales, both covered and uncovered by the system, have increased dramatically. Many people who are covered by the system will go private anyway, as they don't want to go to the "family" doctor. HIV is up as well, due to less easy access for testing and medication for immigrants.

Viagra was never as normalized as in the US.

More women are seeking to go on birth control, they can afford it better than an abortion or a child. Some birth control pills were nominally included in public health, but the codes and processing scheme was not communicated to pharmacists, and continues to not be clarified, so many clients give up and go for implants. Snazzy hormone IUDs have become a rarity. Implants are cheaper.


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rotating availability won't really help.  a pharmacy without cash to buy drugs, is bereft of stock wether open one day a week or 7.


The spanish government can keep paying german debt,  or can renege on their debts, and face teh disruption.


Iceland handled this.  It was crazy for a year then it all settled down. Greece needs to do this.


Spain, Italy, Greece need to stop spending on the military, stop funding the banks, issue new currency, and restart the domestic industries.


Stuntgirl's picture

I know, I know.

Someone said something about going pitchforky. We should.

As it is now, strikes and protests are just symbolic, and we go to those to get our asses not symbolically beaten by police.

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Can't they just send "payment" in the form of keystroke binary data, then keystroke the same amount of "money" back into the state coffers?

I mean, it is not as if Central Governments or Corporations are doing real accounting.

Why not?

Oh wouldn't hurt the common citizen and create a crisis to squeeze more labor and suffering out of them...never mind.

Stuntgirl's picture

Would Pharma corps accept keystroke binary data? The pharmacist's suppliers?


Also, certain medications were removed from the public health program, including food substitutes for people who need to take it through a tube in a hospital bed. The Government said that prices would not go up, that people would just have to buy it themselves, but at no higher cost than the state did.


BAM! 30% average increase in 2 months.

ebworthen's picture

Of course regular people can't print money, but I think you are partially missing the point.

Why does the government not just send payment?  The digits are just as good as any other digits they might send.  Then, they keystroke the payment digits into the treasury.  Could be done with one or two officials and no one would be the wiser.

Of course, this would not push the pain of banker legerdemain and skulduggery to the average citizen, which is why this is not being done and the people are suffering.

So you are right, the people must suffer for the bankers and politicians, but why?

Stuntgirl's picture

Ah, I see what you meant.

I believe the officials are too busy doing exactly what you described, but into their own (offshore) bank accounts.


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Here in California, the broke state government does exactly like those Spanish ones: slow (or even eliminate) the payments to the small, but numerous, private nursing homes.  Who better to suffer the lack of cash flow than a minimum wage care giver to a bunch of Alzheimer's patients?

Non Passaran's picture

Of course, should they cut payments to the folks who run big businesses and have the governor's mobile phone number?

icanhasbailout's picture

Going to be interesting to see the shake-out when a significant percentage of the population goes off them psych drugs all at once.

Miss Expectations's picture

I'm confused.  Who's the hostage?

honestann's picture

Note to EU businesses.  Demand immediate payment in physical gold or silver from now on, from individuals, from corporations, from government, from everyone.  If people or fictitious entities want your goods or goodies, let them exchange something real for it.

desiguel's picture

You've gotta be kidding me right? There's a reason we use fiat - because it's convenient and easy to use. Ever tried buying a house or a business with bullion?

honestann's picture

Sure.  I'm about to exchange a few pounds of gold for a huge tract of land (not in USSA of course).

Furthermore, I ran an experiment for 2+ years (ending 3 years ago) in which I exchanged gold or silver for everyday goods and goodies.  At first I could only obtain about 25% of my goods that way, but after 2 years, I was up to about 96%.

There is nothing less convenient about honest metal coins, than fraudulant paper dollars or fraudulant plastic cards.

desiguel's picture

Ok... now run a new experiment - get more people, other than yourself and a few friends, to use gold/silver coins to transact on a regular basis.

I (and thousands of other people) live in mainstream society. I can't see my local supermarket accepting gold/silver for goods.. it's just too inefficient when there's already an official currency in circulation.

I'm not arguing about the fraudulent nature of fiat btw.. I just think your view of the use of gold/silver a little idealistic and naive.

honestann's picture

Yes, it took me quite a bit of time and effort to find major grocery stores and certain other kinds of stores to accept gold instead of fiat.  But eventually I did, including one specific COSTCO and one Fry's electronics (both of which have a good variety of products).

But just imagine if I was NOT the only doofus in town?  What if there were just 100 people asking store managers to accept gold instead of just me?  Don't you think more places would grudgingly say "Okay, we'll take it"?

And once those 100 people were spending money in that town, and the word got out, don't you think even more people would start spending gold?  That was part of my original plan, but I left the USSA before it got that big or far along.  I'm just satisfied that I got to run the experiment long enough to know that people can function with only gold and silver.  For that final 4% of goods and goodies that I never could buy with gold, all its takes is a friend to buy the stuff for you with cash or credit card, then trade the stuff for your gold.

People are just lazy, liberty advocates included.

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There are still medications here on the west coast of the US. Ralph's supermarkets are down. Each year of Obummer's rule the shortages in medications continues to climb.

What's with this medieval rule anyhow. Hasn't one M'fer noticed that technology necessitates that if people continue in their old ways they will ruin the party.

Storm the pharmacies and throw the banksters into prisons. Let's party.

Parrotile's picture

How about we storm YOUR business and see if YOU like it?!

These are the "Small Businesses" that are the lifeblood of a (normal) economy.

Rather than storming them, you'd ethically be better storming the likes of JPM, Chase, BoA, GS etc.

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Coming to a uk pharmacy soon.....

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if pharmacies are not paid, the rest of healthcare most likely is not paid..hospitals docs,nursing homes, rehab..the debt must be extremely under reported..when they start closing down hope those who feel modern medicine is fake have no illness..death disease poverty for all..socialism at it's finest.