Bill Gross Preemptively Summarizes Today's Election Result In 22 Words

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Presented without comment - adding anything to this concise summation of the state of the union is superfluous...

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Meet new boss. Same as old boss.

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We get precisely the elected representatives we deserve.


“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can’t get fooled again.”

-- Our most recent 2 term President

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"That's why today, I'm pledging to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office"


-Barack Obama, Feb 2009

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By the way, I like my one term Presidents like I like my coffee:  black and raised in Indonesia

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Looking for an election day sale on "Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul" bumper stickers.  The resale market on eBay is going to be killer when people start to realize what they've done.

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Key Though Provoking Questions for Voters and Think Tanks:


Should we attack Iran's nuclear facility?

Should we have a second surge in Iraq?

Should we create a global central bank?

Should Americans be allowed to own firearms?

Should deploy drones across America to improve national security?

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I think we should all just try a little love.

Come on, JPM will hug you...

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“Should we attack Iran's nuclear facility?”

Only if the Jew masters in Israel tell us to do it.

“Should we have a second surge in Iraq?”

Only if the Jew masters in Israel tell us to do it.

“Should we create a global central bank?”

Only if the Jew Rothschild’s masters tell us to do it.

“Should Americans be allowed to own firearms?”

Only if our Jew masters at Goldman Sachs tell us we can.

“Should deploy drones across America to improve national security?”

Only if the Jew masters at the NSA tell us to do so.


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The oracle of modern Keynesian thinking tells us that the only thing that got us out of the first Great Depression was World War 2.  So why stop with just Iran and Iraq?  Clearly we should get this party started.

So when you all go home at night and kiss your children good night, take comfort in the fact that the economic thought that dominates the modern geopolitical landscape excels at seeing the benefit in the deaths of tens of millions, while peace is seen as the equivalent of stagnation.

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War has always been good for our Jew masters.  Keynes was just some stupid gentile that came along and codified the Jew playbook into economic nonsense.  Borrow, spend, and enrich the Jews bankers.  Repeat as needed. 

It’s all about the Jew masters getting the money.  War is just another way to get the Jews the money.

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Right because WW2 worked out just peachy for "the jew masters."

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And maybe the next war will work out just peachy for the Jew masters.  

I remember as a kid losing 50,000 Americans lower class kids in Vietnam while McNamara did everything he cold to lose the war. And I remember that bastard going to the World Bank right after getting 50,000 Americans killed in a war that got the US off gold and onto the Jew banker ride of the millennium.

This shit is just getting started.

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"Today's Election Result In 22 Words"

Exactly why some consider every day to be about the 14 words.

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Uncool Bill Gross is trying to join the 'cool' brigade by thumbing his nose at poll-UTE-icians...

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replace the word Jew with Zionists then I,ll upvote you 1000

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Keep repeating this to yourselves until you finally actually believe it...


- Ben 'Shalom' Bernanke is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- Benjamin Netanyahu is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- The Rothschild's aren't jews they're 'Zionists'

- Warburg was not a jew, but a 'Zionist'...

- Lloyd Blankfein is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- Jamie Dimon is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- Tim Geithner is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- Alan Greenspan is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- Ariel Sharon is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- Ben Gurion was not a jew, he was a 'Zionist'...

- Karl Marx & Vladimir Lenin were not jews, they were 'Zionists'...

- Larry Summers is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- Henry Kissinger is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- Paul Wolfowicz is not a jew, he's a 'Zionist'...

- The CEO's of all the main media outlets are not jews, they are 'Zionists'...

- Saul Alinsky was not a jew, he was a 'Zionist'...

Shame on those bad 'Zionists'... God save the 'Chosen Ones'...



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I think sucking down a bunch of beers with MDB would be priceless.

Oh, and more stout out the nose!


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MDB should have a charity party for ZH’ers only.  I bet he would raise $10,000 easy.

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Key Though Provoking Questions for Voters and Think Tanks:


Should we attack Iran's nuclear facility?

Should we have a second surge in Iraq?

Should we create a global central bank?

Should Americans be allowed to own firearms?

Should deploy drones across America to improve national security?"


You left out:

Should we convert poverty sticken areas into work camps???

should we eliminate private property and just give everyone some place to stay (Mariott, Motel 6?)???

Should we just admit that no one is capable of taking care of themselves and establish a permanant Department of Nanny State???


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Great question.  We should check the numbers on the Global Consciousness Project...

Oops...we're screwed.

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I've never once put a bumber sticker on a car,but after reading your post I just might.

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Getting OLD really fast...




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'They' as the fools at the GOP that didn't nominate Ron Paul?   Yeah, they should have remorse

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With a touch of vanilla...

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"We get precisely the elected representatives we deserve."

On poltical matters, I left the collective "we" a long time ago.  I try not to hang out with morons.

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What you tolerate is how you will be treated...

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"We perpetually seem to end up with career politicians that are created by some sort of half-cocked Madison Avenue advertising agency. This is not how it was all meant to be. No matter who wins tomorrow, as a nation, we all lose. Meet the new blowhards, same as the old ones…"

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That is the root of the problem. The "system" selects for a certain type of individual who must have a very strong suite of personal characteristics in order to make it to the top.  Unfortunately, none of these characteristics include leadership ability, integrity or honesty. 

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We don't get fooled again !

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LOL ...

"Who is more the fool?  The fool, or the fool that follows him?"

~Obi Wan Kenobi

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These pol slugs are not fools for the most part.  They're power seeking bastards conning fools into electing them.

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Very apropos to be quoting Old Ben Kenobi, because we're going to need the fucking Force to get us out of this bullshit.

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The end is near.

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Fuck you, you and you're lot have profited from others misery to the tune of billions.

Fuck off, leave with your ill gotten gains and enjoy it while it lasts you shitbag.

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he should have been a monk like you.

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Grass roots has been at it for Obama for thee years ... you will see more votes than there are actual voters for Obama.  Rest assured, we will be moving Forward Komrads, 10:1 odds of this :)

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I though Diebold was running?

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We would have better luck draw straws.

economessed's picture the US voter only continuing frustration will accrue.

Consummating in death and taxes.

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No frustration- I voted for Virgil Goode, against the State of Virginia's right of Eminent Domain, and I refuse to pay taxes to Uncle Sam anymore.  Still working on the death thing though...  

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The TOTUS will abide.

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Well now we are almost through the latest incarnation of "the most important election of our life times" I look forward to the rinse and repeat in 2016

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We will have collapsed into regional citizen states before then.

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I can feel the, democracy in action!!  Just like the election of the next Pope!  So wonderful to have freedom of choice.   I am soooo happy that I really don't care who wins, because they are both such great men!!


Long live the Republic!

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I voted for sucession!  You guys can have both of them.  I can do a better job on my own.  Welcome to unziptopia. Population 1