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Election 2012: How The Winner Will Destroy America

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Authored by Brandon Smith of,

Of all the hollow and uninspired elections that this country has suffered through over the past several decades, one might think that at some point long ago the American public would have finally struck a plateau of disenfranchisement; that we could sink no further into despondency, that there is a saturation limit to the corruption of our voting process.  Unfortunately, there has been no such luck.  I have to say that in all honesty I have never seen more people gut jumbled and disgusted with our electoral system than I have in 2012.  Sure, there is still a hyper-gullible segment of the populous that continues to play the game, but even those idiots are beginning to admit that the choices offered are dismal at best, catastrophic at worst.  The fog of the false Left/Right paradigm is starting to lift, and all that lay in its wake is a hoard of lost wide-eyed flabbergasted followers without a coattail or a talking point to cling to.  Sudanese refugees have a better chance of survival than these people do…

Even in the more obvious of fraudulent past elections there was at least an attempt by the establishment to present a pageant of conflicting ideologies (George W. Bush vs. John Kerry comes to mind).  There has always been the Democrat who pretends to be anti-war, or the Republican who pretends to be small government, or the Democrat who pretends to defend our right to privacy, and the Republican who pretends to be pro-2nd Amendment.  But in 2012, even the theater of rhetoric has disappeared.  Both primary party candidates seem to be sharing the same intestinal tract and the same teleprompter, and now, the average American is asking a new set of questions.  They do not wonder how these men will change things for the better.  Not at all.  Instead, they wonder which one will do LESS DAMAGE while in office.  This is the terrible reality we have come to understand in our society today.  It is a sad awakening, but a necessary one. 

As you read this now, the new President of the United States is being “chosen” or has been chosen.  Whoever the “winner” happens to be is ultimately irrelevant.  They do not count.  They are mascots.  Middle management cronies running through the motions to distract the masses while enacting the policies of their superiors.  They are fry cooks serving greasy overpriced democracy with no real sustenance.  What does matter, though, is what comes next.  I’m sorry to say that the idea that one man will do less damage than the other is a naïve sentiment.  Democrat?  Republican?  Obama?  Romney?  The crimes and calamities wrought will be exactly the same.  Take a look into my crystal ball and see the future.  Here is how the winner will destroy America…

1)  He Will Continue The Policy Of Dollar Devaluation


Neither candidate has expressed any interest through the election or even before it to protect the value of our currency, and both candidates have supported steps towards quantitative easing and fiat printing in order to delay an inevitable national debt crisis.  Both Romney and Obama have sung the praises of Ben Bernanke (Romney changed his tune just in time for his campaign, but who's buying that?) and the private Federal Reserve despite the consistent failures of that despotic institution to produce any tangible economic results with their Keynesian methods.


The dollar will see a vast devaluation during the term of this candidate and a loss of world reserve status, leading to stagflation (a combination of the worst elements of deflationary and inflationary crises in the same event).  Skyrocketing prices and crumbling unemployment will be the highlights of his presidency, because he will never take measures to reign in or dismantle the primary root cause of the problem; the Federal Reserve itself.


2)  He Will Continue Extreme Government Debt Spending


Neither candidate has offered a practical or operable solution to the $16 trillion official national debt problem we now face, let alone the tens of trillions of dollars in entitlement obligations that the Treasury Department never talks about.  A nation can only live off food stamps and credit for so long before it implodes like a wet paper sack. And this is exactly what we have become; an entire culture of debt addicts and money hounds searching for our next fix of foreign or central bank cash.  The fact is, both Obama and Romney would INCREASE spending while using fiat injections to buttress an ever weakening economy in the name of “stability”.  The new president will claim that if spending cuts are initiated, it will send the U.S. financial system into a tailspin and a “return” to recession conditions.  This will of course be a lie.  We have not left recession/depression conditions since 2008.


3)  He Will Support And Expand On Wars In The Middle East


There is no such thing as a mainstream “anti-war candidate” in 2012.  Not even a fake one.  Obama’s measures of state violence and complete lack of respect for the sovereign internal matters of foreign nations surpass the madness of George Bush Jr.  He has even gone so far as to assert that his office has the right to assassinate American citizens without trial, evidence, or due process of the law.  Not only has he asserted the right to this power, he has used it!  Romney’s position, hilariously, is that Obama has not gone far enough!  Either way, the winner in 2012 is going to leap like a vile locust into new countries and unleash a plague of laser guided death.  The next president WILL be a war hungry president.


4)  He Will Lock Down The Web And Limit Internet Speech


Both Romney and Obama have expressed a desire to establish cybersecurity measures which include vast new governmental authority over the functions and operations of the internet.  The ultimate goal?  To gain legal precedence for the right to dictate web content, up to and including the ability to label any website a subversive threat to national security or a recruitment tool for “extremists”.


With the establishment spreading completely baseless accusation of cyberthreats coming from every corner of the globe (but mostly from Iran) it would seem that they are conditioning the public for a future encounter with a cyber event, and telling them who to blame when it occurs.  The problem is, the most prominent cyber security threats to the internet in the past few years have come not from the Middle East, or Russia, or China, but the U.S. and Israel (Stuxnet anyone?).  Keep this in mind when our new president blames the next cyber attack on a convenient political target and then uses the event as an excuse to regulate the web.  


5)  He Will Erase American Civil Liberties


This president will find a reason, or he will create a reason to diminish Constitutional protections including our right to trial and due process.  Both candidates have offered unflinching support for the National Defense Authorization Act and its provisions for indefinite detainment.  Neither man has ventured any sincere concerns over the broad nature of the language involved in the labeling of “terrorists” and “extremists”.  Literally anyone can now be categorized as an enemy combatant and a threat to national security for almost any reason, and this appears to be the way Obama and Romney like it.  That is to say, they both want totalitarian powers, or at the very least, they have made no effort to turn them down.


It is important to note that there has never been a government in history that sought out such powers and did not actually use them.  Only a fool would assume his favorite elitist candidate in 2012 will not utilize the extreme authorities now amassed for the executive branch over the past decade.


6)  He Will Embrace A Globalist Dynamic And Abandon American Sovereignty


Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are surrounded by “advisers” who are also members of the Council On Foreign Relations, an institution which openly calls for the dissolution of American sovereignty on a regular basis and the creation of a centralized global system dominating the financial, social, and political life of every nation in the world.  With the economic stability of the U.S. on the verge of oblivion, it is very likely that a historic crisis will ensue during the first term of the next president, and that he will in response suggest a new global system as the solution.


This system has already been created, in part, by the IMF and World Bank in concert with member governments and revolves around the issuance of a new world reserve currency (Special Drawing Rights) as the centerpiece.  I can guarantee with absolute certainty that the next president, regardless of who he happens to be, will promote an IMF rescue package coupling the dollar to the SDR and turning over full economic control of America to an international body.  He will make it sound rational, reasonable, and even advantageous, but in the end, he will be selling the globalist snakeoil he was conscripted to sell before his election campaign ever started.

In 2012, it will not be about voting.  It will not be about “winning”.  It will not even be about getting to the next election.  It will be about survival.  As big a joke as the 2012 elections have become even to the generally unaware, I am not laughing.  I do not need to look at the promises of either candidate.  I do not need to weigh their half-assed quick fix policies.  All I have to do is look at the current downward trend and understand that the president, whoever he may be, will continue it.  If anything is to truly change, it will be because we as Americans finally walk away from the game, enacting our own solutions and our own opposition instead of handing over our power to sniveling errand boys wrapped in flags and expensive suits and self-rightousness every four years.  2012 is going to be the beginning of upheaval and renewal, for better or for worse, and it is certain that the guy in the White House into 2013, Republican or Democrat, is going to be a part of the problem, nothing more…


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Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:23 | 2952709 JeremyWS
JeremyWS's picture

Ron Paul <3

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:25 | 2952717 redpill
redpill's picture

History will show we had our chance and squandered it.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:29 | 2952727 Comay Mierda
Comay Mierda's picture

Swing State Voters for Johnson

Fuck the establishment two-headed one party system

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:41 | 2952785 iDealMeat
iDealMeat's picture

The entire world, well at least the Western World requires and demands that the US continue its ponzi and farce of elections.  Nothing of substance will change.


The G20 all peg their currencies to the USD petro dollar..  If the US goes down, they all do.. 


The Show must and will go on.. 

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:48 | 2952825 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

"They are fry cooks serving greasy overpriced democracy with no real sustenance."

Would you like fries with that?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:02 | 2952903 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

that's what you get at fast food places.


If you want real food, then you have to pay lots of money.


Try $30,000 plate dinner with any of the candidates and see what kind of democracy you can buy.




Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:16 | 2952967 Dalago
Dalago's picture

This Revolution will be so sweet!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:27 | 2952994 ratso
ratso's picture

Brandon Smith you are a moron.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:49 | 2953062 SmallerGovNow2
SmallerGovNow2's picture

Unfucking real...

Black panthers are poll watchers... WTF...

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:56 | 2953091 ratso
ratso's picture

They'll probably do a good job. A least a better job than the 100 year old people I normally see doing it.

A little costructive social activism goes a long way.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:23 | 2953187 MillionDollarBonus_
MillionDollarBonus_'s picture
Obama/Bernanke 2012. Vote for real freedom and liberty. Help the poor, help the sick, and build a peaceful and prosperous future for America and the rest of the world.
Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:33 | 2953238 Stuck on Zero
Stuck on Zero's picture

Ok.  Who censored MDB's entry?


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:43 | 2953258 silverserfer
silverserfer's picture

the author of this article really thinks the president decides the direction of this country? Is the scope of conversation starting to be limited here on zerohedge now ?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:53 | 2953306 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

Rombama will be the next POTUS

Obomney will be re-elected as POTUS


Cast your vote, bitchez.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 21:32 | 2953789 Enslavethechild...
EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:04 | 2953307 ratso
ratso's picture

No, people write the same snarky, mindless stuff and will contiue to do so whoever is elected.


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:54 | 2953424 icanhasbailout
icanhasbailout's picture

We all is gonna die!!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 20:17 | 2953626's picture

On a long enough timeline.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 21:27 | 2953781 Dr. Sandi
Dr. Sandi's picture

I smell smoke at the other end of the timeline.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:59 | 2953112 insanelysane
insanelysane's picture

Go to work once every 4 years, where do I sign up?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:59 | 2953113 Big Corked Boots
Big Corked Boots's picture

O refused to prosecute them in 08 - this was expected.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:01 | 2953116 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

Yep.... next thing the Neegrows will be coming for your wimmen....

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:08 | 2953140 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture

Don't know which way to 'mark' you but you're on double-secret probation from this point forward ...

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:26 | 2953212 pods
pods's picture

The Sheriff is NEAR?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:04 | 2953313 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

I didn't get a hurumf out of you

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 19:03 | 2953441 kralizec
kralizec's picture

We won't take the Irish!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:15 | 2953167 Jeremy Roenick
Jeremy Roenick's picture

It's obvious to the casual observer that the Black Panther is there to hold the door (the automatic opening door) open for little old ladies to get into the polls. 

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:35 | 2953242 Thisson
Thisson's picture

In fairness, they have the same rights to be poll-watchers as anyone else, so long as they are doing so lawfully, which they appear to be so far (e.g. they are not armed).

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 21:29 | 2953783 Dr. Sandi
Dr. Sandi's picture

I'd rather have the Panthers watch people vote than the TSA. Of course, many of the Panthers can probably read the names on the ballots, unlike the TSA.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:35 | 2953002 Incubus
Incubus's picture

In a society where everyone values money above all else, what do you expect?

Money is good; money creates saints.  And everyone will let themselves be fucked for the right price.  Everyone.

I make no note of my 'affluence,'  but I've observed the changes in peoples' behavior toward me once they realize I'm well-off.


And I think it's disgusting.  People never respect you for who you are: the only respect you're given is determinate of how much they value what you have. And you wonder why this country is sinking?  Why this entire western civilization is dead?  Because there is no moral foundation and the people propagate their hedonistic ways without an ounce of thought given towards ethics.


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:05 | 2953132 Renewable Life
Renewable Life's picture

"People never respect you for who you are: the only respect you're given is determinate of how much they value what you have."

And how badly they want it!

This is why I laugh my ass off, when I see guys driving brand new trucks and cars, all rimmed out, toys everywhere, I know their dead broke! Same shit with women and their thousand dollar purses..... Broke as hell! Now im not saying these people may or may not have big salaries or cash flow, but their still fucking broke, if their total debt exceeds their income and assets!!

Man I realized I had "made it" when I stopped giving a fuck what people thought I had, and started thinking about keeping it!!! I wear jeans and a ball cap everyday I can, I drive an 80's Mercedes on biodiesel I make and don't ay a penny for it, I haven't purchased a car new in over a decade, and besides my business partners and my wife, no one has a clue what we have or don't have............and I love it that way!!! And what I've noticed about people who really have wealth and assets, most are like this!!!

If you buy a 5 million dollar house and you make $500,000 a year, congratulations asshole, your just 4.5 million dollars in debt!!!!!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:47 | 2953271 silverserfer
silverserfer's picture

right on for the most part but id much rather drive beind one of those pimped out trucks than your stank ass biodiesel mercedes. Knock it off already!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:57 | 2953428 Whiner
Whiner's picture

Not many individuals are like me: love and respected for tremendous personal sacrifice for family and nation. Often I dress as a homeless person to go deep into the hood so that my assistance to the disadvantaged will have a deep and lasting impact. Not many know I do this and this makes my reward more certain. Many seek out my advice, but mostly I listen, only rarely asking a question or two to get them back on track to solving their own problem before out time is over. This is the way I am, and people love me, plus I feel good about myself. So I have these things going for me, plus I have invested all my net worth in PMs since 1997. Yep, feeling pretty good. I read ZH to keep my optimism tamped down and to remind me how bad things can really get.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 21:37 | 2953800 Cadavre
Cadavre's picture

Dat be da way winning armies been built since da beginning og time itself.

Got busted for vagrancy when 18. All I had on when snagged was a pair of pants, Didn't have a penny in de pocket. Served three days. Got out with an older guy latino  named "Rosie". He suggested I follow him and we walked across the street to a salvation army and a barrio stranger bought me a pair of pointy tangerine shoes and a shirt. A latter moment in the life living n skid row. Had a bad case of - really bad - of pink eye. A guy I didn't know, but played chess with walked 7 miles to fetch me some eye drops he got from his aunt. Soon as i put em in de eye, reams of snotty puss pooled up and dripped out.

No visible metrics to benchmark the depth of a persons capacity to care or their humanity - well except for someone proudly thinking they be voting for an RNC or DNC fairy princess.

Don't discount humanity based on appearances - humanity's'  power is in some of scariest places the shabby sheik wal-mart elite avoid like a fear shart at de old after church Luby's chow down,  and, thusly,  be a spoilin' their brand new, and very mostest stylish haynes big box store all u-can-eet polyunsaturated fat guy briefs.

Don't discount where non-white working class Americans are on the issues. They are full of suprises. They know whats going on. They are survivors. Real survivors. And when de bullet hits de bone in de heartland dey be da best allies pinky libertarians could ever hope to hook-up with,  Many of them be Ron Paul supporters.

The problem is we've already won - we just don't accept it - and the establishment be scarred shitless de day cumming when we finally figure it out. All we gotta do is  accept it. One day we all will shrug our shoulders in unison and the Johnys we employ, and Diebold puts in charge of our authorizations playing find de quarter with pre-schoolers in dem K-Street Kiddie Brothels will fold like a bitch whose foramen magnum done been shattered by a wad of lead from a hot load..

A writ - an executive order ain't nuthin to trust ones protection in and dat be fore sure. When I watch CSPAN - i see headstone prospects for pilgrimage urinals and dat be all most of us see,

Reverend Wright, and not Sissy da sissy butt head we got now, should have been president. De current girlie boy blood on hand nobel peace prizer putz, despite his mammy's race or employment tenure with Turbo Tax Timmy's pappy  ain't nothing like those urs true knows blessed with a purer African phenotype. Question: Is Turbo Tims Daddy African - hmmmm. Dat would splain a lot Lucy!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 22:55 | 2953969 Paul E. Math
Paul E. Math's picture

Can't believe you've been junked, Whiner.  Some people don't get sarcasm.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 19:54 | 2953585 Renewable Life
Renewable Life's picture

Ya sorry about the smell bro, but to me it smells like freedom from gas companies and money in my you probably not so much, but take comfort that it's completely non toxic and green:)

I'm looking at those people standing in line for gas out east, and feeling smarter by the day!!!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:37 | 2953232 Cadavre
Cadavre's picture

At least a monkey gets a hit of cocain when he pushes a "button". Americans get a rubber dick up their collective asses from der fuhrer of homo-erotic inseecurity.

I guess that be something akin to a 1-900 SEX call by a whimp that couldn't get his rocks off even watching his mother smothered in chocolate syrup strapping it on with a barn goat - and so it goes .. in and out and in and out an on and on and on - till the goats tuna sauce is flushed from his loins like snot from the left nostril when a Wall Street handkerchief  is used .. in and out and on and on ..  fake sex in the la-la land of globaloney jerk-offs never finding nirvana (even watching mommy slimed in chocolate gettin' it from behind by a goat behind the barn.)

Rock and Roll Hoochie Goo - Yaaaaahooooo ...

(BTW: A Wall Street handkerchief is when you put your thumb on one nostril to violently flush out the sinuses connected to the other nostril to land where change permits - and you thought the cream sauce on the Tiffany Grand Marnier Souffle tasted odd because it was exotic - well it was exotic - it was your brokers most recent sinus load dumb fock!

... and so it goes .....

Flies all green an buzzin'

  In a dungeon of despair

     grumblin' prisoners piss their pants

        and scratch their matted hair

 and the torture never stops

    the torture never stops ....

FEEMA Day Mein Kamps waiting to open near a population center like yours real soooooon!

Love George Washington's blog - no he reports issues with electronic voting fraud for a ballot of bailout whore frauds ... what's the eff-ing diff - fruadulent voting or a clean vote for a list of frauds ... hmmmm

Odds may be against the Mormon - he has a conflict with the War Usury Exchange's fav loss leader - the land of the today's Ashkenazi WZO Shadow Bankster Gypsies - straight out-a-Balfour. What is that conflict - you don't know? Well, Mormons believe that American Indians, and not the Ashkenazi, are the famous "lost tribe". Honest Injun - swear to budda on a stack of rizzel drizzeled tikis dork breadth! Check for yourself sheeple boy!

Hello my dear Americans - we are the largest single population of terrorist on the planet according to our employees foaming from the crotch at the K-Street Kiddie Brothels. And hello to all the fake rent-a-snoops we employ - got to warn you guys - there's a 3 in 4 chance the next to you pretending to be like you is actual a terroist like the rest of. You gung-hoes who be thinking you on the side of might - might need to do a head count. THere is hope, The Noam guy discovered a ratio - only 1 in four of us are predisposed to authoritarianism - and since you flaccid wanna be G-guys are just collateral riff raff like the rest of us, your participation my not be organic - it's just functional.

And it is a great day - Merikons are out in droves say the face on TV, voting for one of two guys who's only substantial difference is the foreign country they were born in - so punk - what's it gonna be - a Kenyan or a Mexican - only the Diebold programmer knows for sure!

And we should all feel relieved - their is an 8 to 1 chance we'll be killed by a policemen before any terror dirka dirka dude scratches us with a box cutter and we have to get a tetnus shot us. Thank budda on a stack of tikis Our fuhrer of  Homo Erotic Inseecurity has recently purchased a billion rounds of hollow point ammunition (with our money) and a couple of tons of See-Fore to enhance the cops odds ... i worry - she still ain't got enough bullets to control this mob.

Saw Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" last night - a commercial airliner pilot with 30 years under his belt tried to fly a 757 simulation into the JAG wing of the pentagon and only crashed - one time he rolled the plane before he crashed ... and so it cums - over the teeth and through the gums and down the gullet to the tummy tum tum!!

Keep it wet Merikons - ask your polling station manager for cocain - at least the monkey is smart enough to not fall for "hope and change you can beleive in" pig in a poke. At least the monkey gets a real rush - and not that fake plastic fantastic civic pride cum shot bullshit they force us to pretend we enjoy! Like a date with fistema - you never leave the house.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:49 | 2953280 Dugald
Dugald's picture

Stone  the crows....are there many like you in America.....

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:53 | 2953419 Cadavre
Cadavre's picture

Only about 250 Million organic libertarians. Those of us confusing authoritarianism with patriotism suffer from a functional disoorder easily remedied.

There is a difference between fighting and winning. THe barking dog never bites - the silent dog will sink his fang into the neck artery when the prey is relaxed in a field of a false sense of security, and believe me baby, it hurt. And that bring the total to about 300 Million.

We quietly sit back and decide how we are to decorate the cherry trees lining our national maul with the bodies of known fascists (Mussolini style!) . Like a Cajun - he be pretending the impudent little demon be what ever he think he be - when the throat is exposed that little demon get gutted and be a wailing like a most freshest cabrito hung and screaming on a Sunday morning barrio backyard porch when abuelita's sling blade sink in the veal goat's rib cage - it hurt real bad - real bad - for a while - but ever so tasty on a tortilla with homemade pica!

Guessing three republocrats gophers an straight out-a-Balfour reformed ashkenazi offspring of Vlad the Impaler gypsy folders of paper prayers into a crack in de wall girlie boys were offended by original post. (sorry ladies)

Figures - they'll hange when they hear the thunder of freedom rolling at `em like a beast with seven heads.

Israeli's will have their spring soon too. We will also. We ain't interested in a fight or burning down what we own - we in it to win - and win we will - you can take that to the bank.

Wondering - our reformed synogress was so supportive of the Libyan Rebel Army and the Syrian Rebel Army - will they be as supportive of an American Rebel Army.

Ya gotta bait your prey food into the trap - make it feel all comfy and cozy - if they scared den dere flesh be soured `n rendered inedible by dem ole fear pheromones, irregardless of how quick de wiley predator be removing da musk glanz from da knee knuckles. Doze lazy tender sheep so tasty - no reason to be tooooo impatient and ruin a perfectly good meal skewered an slow roasted over dem hot embers left by the hatching phoenix!

An' it stinks so bad the stones been chokin'
   'N weepin' greenish drops
      In the room where the giant fire puffer works
        'N the torture never stops
           The torture never stops

IT WILL STOP - you can take dat to de bank - a real bank - real soon - at least datz what ne bunyons be a tellin.

Kenyan or Mexican - the choice is yours - haaaa ha ha ha ha - heard you can get rich by voting for rich guys - i never did - an i be rich as shit!

Here I stand in the streets of Seville with only the lint in my pockets and i feel like the richest man in the world - but some i-Gadget might make de women swoon a swirl like it be cream filled tootsie roll-pop!

Keep it wet! Vote early and vote often - they don't care - all you be doing is clicking a nonfunctional button to nowhere any-waze. The diebold guy already know de out-cum!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:11 | 2953331 Sweet Chicken
Sweet Chicken's picture

BTW: A Wall Street handkerchief is when you put your thumb on one nostril to violently flush out the sinuses connected to the other nostril to land where change permits


In Chicago this is called Nigger Blasting. :/

Don't shoot the messenger.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:13 | 2953333 New World Chaos
New World Chaos's picture

William S. Burroughs, is that you?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 20:50 | 2953694 Cadavre
Cadavre's picture

Maybe - but more like Robert Crumb's Captain Piss Gums!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:44 | 2953262 Edelweiss
Edelweiss's picture

"And I think it's disgusting. People never respect you for who you are: the only respect you're given is determinate of how much they value what you have. And you wonder why this country is sinking? Why this entire western civilization is dead? Because there is no moral foundation and the people propagate their hedonistic ways without an ounce of thought given towards ethics."   I don't know who you encounter in your daily life, but it sounds like there are some serious issues.  Personally, I know quite a few people who are "well off" (house paid off, mid six figure incomes, etc.), and don't think it effects the way I treat them.  Some of them are arrogant, and want to engage in a pissing contest at every turn.  Others, fairly humble, and likeable people.   Regardless of net worth, if someone is an asshole, I treat them as one.  Honestly, I don't give a shit if the person next to me is wealthy or poor.   How does it effect my life?  It doesn't.   I doubt my attitude is all that rare. 

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:01 | 2953297 Cadavre
Cadavre's picture

It's not the "value" one has - no such thing anymore - it's all in the price - currency is now a commodity!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:52 | 2953282 Lore
Lore's picture



It's not money. It's credit and fiat. The values erode with the medium of exchange.

If people produce something real in order to earn something real, they take their lives and yours more seriously. Blame the frigging central bankers for turning everyone into a means to an end.

The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks. - Lord Acton (1834-1902)
Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:59 | 2953295 RockyRacoon
RockyRacoon's picture

I'll see your quote and raise ya one:

“Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.” — H.L. Mencken

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:53 | 2953412 LibertyForSome
LibertyForSome's picture

Because there is no moral foundation and the people propagate their hedonistic ways without an ounce of thought given towards ethics.


I hate how absolutely accurate your assesment is.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 19:00 | 2953436 Nehweh Gahnin
Nehweh Gahnin's picture

$30k still gets you pressed chicken.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 21:31 | 2953788 Dr. Sandi
Dr. Sandi's picture

I want videos of the chicken being pressed. And a few close up shots of the guys doing the pressing, please.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:50 | 2952839 Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here's picture

At this point, Johnson has no more chance of winning than Ron Paul. Thus the best thing one can do with his vote is to vote his conscience and write-in the man who has fought the ultimate fight against the Matrix for 30 years. He has deserved it.

Future generations will build altars to Ron Paul, while they will despise us for rejecting him, and rightly so.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:02 | 2952900 RockyRacoon
RockyRacoon's picture

It's not about winning.  It's like the Christmas present from Aunt Martha:  Either a tie or a pair of socks.  It's bland, expected, and boring -- and has already been decided.   All that's left is the opening of the brightly wrapped package, the obligatory ooohs and aaahs, and finally, "Just what I wanted!".

Voting for Johnson (which I did a week ago) is merely my giving a finger to the Republican Party for their shameful treatment of Dr. Paul.  My state is thoroughly red, so a vote for anyone is wasted anyhow.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:12 | 2952944 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

nobody who cares about America gets into Politics.


This is universal.


You will see the same bullshit corruption in small jungle village in Vietnam with the mayor and the big business.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:27 | 2952995 wearef_ckedwith...
wearef_ckedwithnohope's picture

In the last day, I've noticed a severe drop in the number of unanswered calls I got from the NRA.

Like from 6-8 per day to zero.

Must be connected to the election or something like that.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 20:32 | 2953656 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture






" nobody who cares about America gets into Politics.

This is universal. ..."



Sooo ... George Washington didn't care about America?


You just said: "This is universal" too.



Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:22 | 2952983 sdmjake
sdmjake's picture

Actually, if the Libertarians can pick up enough votes, they will qualify for matching funds next go round and its gotta start somewhere...

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:10 | 2952928 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture

Nothing To See Here

Someone is in a stalker state of mind, aren't you?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:43 | 2952791 Mad Mohel
Mad Mohel's picture

Oh don't worry you guys will get a Johnson alright. Matter of fact it will be such a Johnson, you won't walk right for 4 years.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:46 | 2953051 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

Get on the horn to British intelligence & let them know about this...


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:52 | 2953075 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture



" Oh don't worry you guys will get a Johnson alright. Matter of fact it will be such a Johnson, you won't walk right for 4 years."

+1 love it; word.



Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:54 | 2953087 blabam
blabam's picture


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:34 | 2953241 OpenThePodBayDoorHAL
OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

Ve need some nihlists to cut off de Johnsons...or at least maul zem mit a ferret

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:45 | 2952807 PeaceMonger
PeaceMonger's picture

Done.  Least wasted vote in the election

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:47 | 2952821 redpill
redpill's picture


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:49 | 2952830 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

How the wiener will destroy america

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:07 | 2952879 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture

Comay Mierda

Don Johnson is an interesting choice. It isn't like we haven't had an actor as POTUS before.

Rumor has it he is hung like Milton Berle.

A true big swinging dick in office.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:32 | 2953011 Tristan Ludlow
Tristan Ludlow's picture

Yup!  Gary Johnson it was and I am from a swing state.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:48 | 2953057 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

Big swinging dicks... That's what this CUNTry needs...

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:57 | 2953093 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture

ALL swing and NO ding (we're talking NO get-up to GO). 

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:54 | 2953088 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:06 | 2953136 francis_sawyer
Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:34 | 2952749 tsx500
tsx500's picture

FORWARD !     NOT !!!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:40 | 2952783 malikai
malikai's picture


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:48 | 2952828 CaptainObvious
CaptainObvious's picture

I hope that, while you guys are "forwarding" and "reversing", you're reading the road sign that says "Danger!  Fiscal Cliff ahead!"

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:50 | 2952833 redpill
redpill's picture

Just remember, we should all aspire to be like Chicago voters, they are SO patriotic they continue voting long after their deaths.  That's commitment to civic duty!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:00 | 2952888 malikai
malikai's picture

Damn straight. I'll bet I'll be voting in Chicago this year and I haven't lived there for many years.

Rahm's got me down for Obama. Just in case.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:59 | 2952886 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture


I have wings I can fly!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:04 | 2952910 CaptainObvious
CaptainObvious's picture

Wonderful!  I then appoint you as the New Media.  Your job is to circle overhead like a carrion bird and survey and report the wreckage as the rest of us go sliding off the cliff.  Hey, cheer up, at least you have a guaranteed job!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:10 | 2952937 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture


I promise I will not fly too close to the sun.

But the first topless chick sunbathing and you are on your own.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:57 | 2952872 Chuck Walla
Chuck Walla's picture


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:02 | 2952901 malikai
malikai's picture

Everytime you say that I can't help but laugh. I've actually seen that film. Heh..

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:28 | 2953364 dark_matter
dark_matter's picture


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:34 | 2952751 Totentänzerlied
Totentänzerlied's picture

Nothing but chances, for a hundred fucking years. The Federal Reserve System celebrates its centennial next year.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:55 | 2953095 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

2013 will be a great year on this site. Much fun to come.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:25 | 2953211 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

What, you don't believe in the 2012 Mayan doomsday prediction?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:39 | 2953248 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


2013 will be a great year on this site. Much fun to come.

AnAnonymous is looking forward to much luck and prosperity in 2013 as, just like the year of his birth, it is the Chinese citizenism Year of the Dung Beetle.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:53 | 2953418 Jendrzejczyk
Jendrzejczyk's picture


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:42 | 2952792 Lets_Eat_Ben
Lets_Eat_Ben's picture

what chance are you talking about?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:55 | 2952866 A Nanny Moose
A Nanny Moose's picture

History? You mean that set of lies, agreed upon. History will be writted, as usual, by the victors who, could not tell a lie about a cherry tree.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:28 | 2953219 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

Who's your nanny?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 20:32 | 2953662 R_J
R_J's picture

History is written by those who can afford it...

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:09 | 2952929 jamezelle
jamezelle's picture

History shows that you cannot make your government smaller by voting.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:10 | 2953146 Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here's picture

Good one, +1

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:57 | 2953106 ejmoosa
ejmoosa's picture

History will show we had many chances, and squandered them all.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 19:58 | 2953597 zorba THE GREEK
zorba THE GREEK's picture

All my dead friends and dead relatives will be voting Democatic tonight.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:25 | 2952718 camaro68ss
camaro68ss's picture

I wrote in Tyler Durden for prez bitchez

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:34 | 2952745 redpill
redpill's picture

Party Registration: Fight Club

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:35 | 2952760 SeverinSlade
SeverinSlade's picture

Political Party: Can't talk about it.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:38 | 2952774 redpill
redpill's picture

I had a political party but I don't remember much of it as I blacked out

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:52 | 2952851 johnQpublic
johnQpublic's picture

lost my political party in a terrible canoeing accident

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:55 | 2952865 redpill
redpill's picture

weren't they wearing life jackets?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:58 | 2952873 johnQpublic
johnQpublic's picture

condoms yes, lifejackets no

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:58 | 2952874 A Nanny Moose
A Nanny Moose's picture

They had PM's sewn into them

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:03 | 2952908 malikai
malikai's picture

They had PMs sewn into the condoms?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:06 | 2952914 CaptainObvious
CaptainObvious's picture

Damn, that has to hurt.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:07 | 2952925 redpill
redpill's picture

Sounds ripe for a schmelting accident

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:45 | 2953050 johnQpublic
johnQpublic's picture

Durden whitewater canoe adventures Company has historically suffered many overturned canoes in the pursuit of happiness on americas waterways

knowing this, i wrapped my shiny friends in condoms to prevent corrosion, but lost them anyway when the boat flipped

the politics of silver and gold is the only party i choose to participate in

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:05 | 2952911 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

We had my daughter's b-day party on Sunday, and I'm happy to announce that I not only avoided all political discussions, I didn't have to shoot anyone for excessive evil.

Though my mother-in-law came close (hardcore D. she once got ticketed for taking a campaign sign down), thinking that "we all pretty much feel the same way here."

Nope, sorry Ma, some of us think for ourselves instead.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:07 | 2952923 CaptainObvious
CaptainObvious's picture

Shit, NotApplicable, it was your mother-in-law.  That fact alone justified some heavy artillery.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:13 | 2953170 Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here's picture

When these things happen, don't argue. Just open the TV and innocently put on a youtube video of Ron Paul such as his "What if" speech.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:01 | 2953298 krispkritter
krispkritter's picture

Definition of Mixed Emotions; this election and watching your Mother-in-Law back over a cliff in your brand new Mercedes...

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:36 | 2952758 Sweet Chicken
Sweet Chicken's picture

Dammit I stared at that write in line struggling with someone to write in. I thought about writing in George Carlin but decided not to and went with the Libertarian canidate Gary Johnson. Now after reading your post I wish I had thought of Tyler Durden.

Fight Club Bitchez!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:45 | 2952811 redpill
redpill's picture


Which US President was a strong advocate of states' rights and twice vetoed a central bank despite threats of party expulsion and impeachment?


John Tyler of course

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:12 | 2952943 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

The only countries without a central bank are Cuba and North Korea.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:15 | 2952958 redpill
redpill's picture

What about the principality of Sealand?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:22 | 2952981 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

Yeah, forget about them.  They have a currency, not sure who prints or stamps it.  So is there ever a need for central banks?  Is the question whether they should be state run or not, I'm not sure how a non totalitarian State functions without some form of central bank?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:32 | 2953010 pods
pods's picture

I think Mrs. pods would be delighted to become a countess?


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:58 | 2953104 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

They all would.  I love the story of the Sabines.  Who's your daddy?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:57 | 2953431 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

Easily done for a small nominal service charge. You can even get an email addy to match.

"Your Highness"...

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:55 | 2953092 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 20:32 | 2953657's picture


Which US President was a strong advocate of states' rights and twice vetoed a central bank despite threats of party expulsion and impeachment? John Tyler of course


He also invented the "boating accident." Tippecanoe, anyone?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:54 | 2953086 RallyRoundTheFamily
RallyRoundTheFamily's picture

Voted for the Jill whatever her name.

Bitches got arrested for trying to crash the debates, they got balls at least.


Gary Johnson wasn't on our ballot.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:44 | 2952810 CrimsonAvenger
CrimsonAvenger's picture

I got me a Durden phone. Keep Durden in president, you know?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:01 | 2953301 krispkritter
krispkritter's picture

I got a TD phone. Every time I put it up to my ear it punched me in the face...

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:57 | 2953433 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

It probably smelled good tho....

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:27 | 2952724 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

George Orwell ftw!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:04 | 2952909 pods
pods's picture

I think Orwell is right.  The "winner" will have little to do with destroying amerika.

Now if he titled it "How the Math will destroy amerika" I would be on board.

Puppets aren't really in control of their actions.


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:16 | 2953177 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

Fuzzy math! Voodoo Krugmanonmics!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:26 | 2952725 Zer0head
Zer0head's picture

and Americans can blame only themselves

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:46 | 2952813 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

"and Americans can blame only themselves" for not letting the Russians have all of Europe the last go around.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:30 | 2953369 Lednbrass
Lednbrass's picture

They aren't capable of running a yard sale, should have left the Germans alone in the first place.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:31 | 2952739 Silveramada
Silveramada's picture

who the hell is going to be the next captain of the TITANIC?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:45 | 2952812 Mad Mohel
Mad Mohel's picture

Captain Glenn Hubbard at your service.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:41 | 2953039 ChanceIs
ChanceIs's picture

The press (and Obma campaigns) has completely missed the implications of the fact that Glem Hubbard is a very likely Treasury Secretary given a Romney victory.

One can talk about Romney flip flopping or never really disclosing his plans.  One can't overlook the selection of Hubbard.  He was Council of Economic Adsvisors under "W" ( a male Christine Romer?) and high up in Treasury under Bush senior.  What more needs to be said.  He is Wall Sttreet's bitch - although not as much as a fool as Timmah.  NOTHING more need be said.

Now what about Obama.  All he had to do to win the election was to point out that R. Glen Hubbard would be Treasury Secretary if he was not reelected.  Why didn't Obama do that?  Because if he had, it would mean that he had smelled out Wall Street, found it revolting and was in favor of real change.  Wall Street wouldn't allow that.

So we will get a new Wall Street bitch in the form of either Hubbard or.......Larry Summers (oh please no)......Jamie Diamon.....Jeffrey Immelt.......Bruce Springsteen.  Lather, rinse, repeat...Bitchez.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:49 | 2953067 Mad Mohel
Mad Mohel's picture

Precisely. Check out "Glenn Hubbard Inside Job". That little puke is a whore extraordinaire.

We will look back with fondness on the the days of The Bearded One.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:04 | 2953129 ChanceIs
ChanceIs's picture

Brooksley Born for President.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:35 | 2952753 zerozulu
zerozulu's picture

7)  He Will keep listening to the Jews.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:53 | 2952850 SMG
SMG's picture

The Luciferian Elite (who are in no way Jewish) are running things, thank you very much.  Although, he will be listening to them one way or another.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:45 | 2953054 john39
john39's picture

whatever they are, a damn many profess to be Jewish and/or live in Israel, and/or get off on killing brown people, especially kids.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 17:45 | 2953267 WarPony
WarPony's picture

ask rabbi Yitzhak ha-Sangari

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:56 | 2952859 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

close, he will keep blaming most of our problems on a radical sect of one religion

while his only true religion is oil, petrodollars, currency control and worldwide monopolies

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:07 | 2952921 WTFx10
WTFx10's picture

Funny how the truth always gets down arrows.


So lets go bomb iran cause the owners say we must.

Just like the WMDs in iraq.

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks". John Dalberg Lord Acton

Who controls the banks? Sure the fuck aint the bad "terrorist" muslims.

In 63 B.C. the famous Senator of Rome, Marcus Tullinus Cicero, stood before the Senate of Rome and said:
“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt!”

In 2013. the president of the once great USA, stood before the Senate and congress and said:
“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to israel should be ended lest America become bankrupt!”

    “Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” – President James Garfield, 2 weeks before his assassination.

    "Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin.
    The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them,
    but leave them the power to create deposits,
    and with the flick of the pen they will
    create enough deposits to buy it back again.
    However, take it away from them, and
    all the great fortunes like mine
    will disappear and they ought to disappear, for
    this would be a happier and better world to live in.
    But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers
    and pay the cost of your own slavery,
    let them continue to create deposits."

    --- Sir Josiah Stamp (1880-1941)

    President of the Bank of England & 2nd richest man in Britain

    Source: Speaking at the Commencement Address of the University of Texas in 1927

   “Truth hurts. Maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle with a seat missing, but it hurts.”

                                      -Naked Gun


Tue, 11/06/2012 - 20:23 | 2953636 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture




" Who controls the banks? "


Why, your jobs creators like Steve Jobs, Bill Hewlett and Mr. Packard. Bill Gates, Michael Dell ... the former titans of industry TOO numerous to mention like Thomas Edison.


Gee, a big BIG conspiracy isn't it?


The productive, the inventive personalities ... WOW!!???


Who woulda thought ... not you though, WTFx10 ...





Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:42 | 2952786 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

Isn't the USA long destroyed?

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:06 | 2952920 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

Closing in on the 99th anniversary. I hear there's gonna be a bit party next year, if we can survive that long.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:59 | 2952880 Chupacabra-322
Chupacabra-322's picture

Welcome to Thunder Dome bitchez!!!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 15:59 | 2952889 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture


Aaron Paul

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:06 | 2952919 Silver Bug
Silver Bug's picture

Screwed if you do and screwed if you don't. We needed Ron Paul in there.

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:42 | 2953040 Cynthia11640
Cynthia11640's picture

I threw my vote away on him! And, I'm glad not to have participated in the game of lying fools!

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:16 | 2953342 UGrev
UGrev's picture

I wrote him in, baby!!

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