Gold Soars, Futures Plunge As Free Reign For Bernanke Appears Assured

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S&P futures are now unchanged from Monday's close - having lost 14 points from the close and over 18 from the highs. Meanwhile, gold is soaring and the USD is being sold. It would appear that as the odds of an Obama victory rises that the fiscal cliff reality becomes even more critical BUT given Bernanke's four-more-years, they have no need to do anything about it since he will just monetize away... Gold realizes its the 'stock' and equities have already priced in the 'flow' but forgot to price in the fiscal cliff (as we have noted)... We assume Schumer will be on the phone first thing in the morning demanding moar doing his job...

S&P 500 are plunging... (moar Bernanke trumped by moar Fiscal Cliff reality!!)


and gold is soaring (moar Bernanke) - catching and surpassing stocks...


USD weakness (moar Bernanke)...


and Tsy Strength (moar Bernanke)

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flacon's picture

AL GOAR!! Yeargh!!!



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4 more years of The Bernank propping up The Walking Dead banking & financial sector (still loaded to the gills with toxic sludge that The Bernank is salivating at the prospect of over-paying for), and the ZIRP/NIRP forced "beautiful deleveraging" whereby consumers, savers and businesses further cut consumption, hiring and investment in order to allow the government to really run up the debt.

The virtuous circle of endless fiat creation for government friends that crushes the actual economy will continue, bitchez.

(It would have been the same playbook had Mittens won, anyways).

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This must be how liberals felt when W won a second term. This is a train wreck. 

I just can't believe America gave him a second term. 

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I was talking about this a few days ago. Democrats in 2004 would not, could not believe Bush would get a second term - and set themselves up for a huge fall. GOP did the same thing in 2012 - they assumed the Obama hate would carry the election no matter who they ran - the second Romney picked Ryan I knew it was over.

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The more sheeple on food stamps and welfare, the easier it will be for Dems.

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

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There's got to be something wrong cause these markets are actually reacting consequentially with current events... Help me here...

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Don't worry.  The "instant" reaction will not be the the same as the "2 weeks from now" reaction.


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HD - the second Romney picked Ryan I knew it was over.

The second the GOP picked Romney I knew it was over.

Ron Paul was the only man with a chance at defeating Obama. They knew that. They showed their hand in Obama's favour by picking a candidate that would lose to him.

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And if they're willing to rig things at the party level (see "scripted" DNC & RNC floor votes)' not much of a stretch to think they would do it for the national election. The whole thing is a sham...

Acet's picture

Choosing a Hedge fund guy as candidate at a time there is a huge crisis which most people blame bankers for: that was pure genious.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Mittens was more private equity than hedge fund, but, yes, his past certainly didn't help him with independents/swing voters.

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I blew a gasket on this very subject weeks ago ... see my post from yesterday ...



NOTE: if you aren't logged in, the link wont work, as comments are paged in that situation (i.e. the post is actually several pages back)

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Cooter, I read your post. Amen. On a positive note, I attended Thomas massies victory party tonight. He is very much what I hope for the future of the republicans and America. We have got to take back our party before we can do more. In the mean time, Romney carries on the Romney legacy of like father, like son.

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Damn. . .you people who still believe in the Left/Right paradigm. . .what the hell are you doing on ZH?  How did you even find us here?

Muppet of the Universe's picture

seriously you fuckers need to stop breaking rule 1 and 2.  b/c there are a plethora of retards coming on here now.  its fucking muppet galore on zh these days.

Watauga's picture

S-O,  Pls, your majesty, enlighten us on what we are supposed to think if we read or post on ZH?  We are lost sheep, after all, stuck in the ancient Left/Right paradigm, and cannot move on in our lives without your insights.  Thank you so very much, your Highness.

marathonman's picture

Well played Watauga.  Well played.  Flakmeister might just have to let you stay in his little kingdom.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Sure you knew it was over.  You didn't know dick....

HD's picture

 FEEL FREE to look at my previous ZH posts regarding the election. Look at the time stamps.

lunaticfringe's picture

Yes. You can never underestimate the stupidity of the sheeple. It is something to behold.

A Lunatic's picture

I expect you to become a full fledged lunatic shortly after the election...........

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

Am I the only one in Bill Gross's camp?

knukles's picture

Yes, indeed.
The uber-liberals were struttin', preening and mumbling unintelligible shit about the New World Order...

But now, if this does come to pass, I shall have the exceptionally good favor of....

Continuing to thrash the uberlibs about the failing policies of the Second Coming of the New Messiah


Mangling the neocons about how their fucking choice of every name that had come into view was the one to beat Obey except Ron Paul whom they treated like a dog and Now, Cold Revenge, that they had a chance with any warm body would do but Oh Fucking No, choose the One Person Who Could Be Beat ...

I'm stoked for Bear and Bullion.
I will have my I toldja so moment..... for the next 4 years.


And having No Fucking Idea what is gonna happen, me or anybody else, this is why we own gold.

Booyah, motherfuckers!
Crony Capitalsocialism Forward

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except shit wasn't falling apart in 2004.  liberals disagreed with his positions, but there wasn't some existential threat to society as we know it.  in a way, we're better off re-electing O and hastening the collapse - let the low-info voters learn their lessons the hard way, and only then will they possibly see the light.  what, you can't get a full-time job because no one offers more than 30 hrs a week anymore?  shocking.  gas is $6?  shocking.  beef is $10/lb?  shocking.  your doctor just retired, and/or no longer accepts medicare or mediacre patients?  shocking. you can't buy a home because no one in their right mind is loaning you money over 30 years?  shocking.

Romney was likely only going to delay it for a while.'s picture

If you asked Romney he'd likely say that he'd delay it for a while and then announce that he wouldn't delay it for a while.

a growing concern's picture

No, he was for delaying the collapse, but then he reexamined the issue and has found that he's actually against delaying the collapse.

you enjoy myself's picture

yeah, imagine if he was for closing guantanamo, reducing the deficit by half, not raising taxes on anyone making more than $250K, against then for gay marriage, going through the budget line by line, transparency, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, accepting public campaign funding, against starting more wars, against warrantless wiretapping, againt bombing brown people with drones, against easing welfare work requirements, against executive orders.  and then he did all of those things.

he would totally be a flip-flopper then.  you're right.



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Really?  You obviously ain't been paying attention to the liberalization of Amerika.......Money is no object any more.  It is power and nothing more.  Always has been really.  When you are dealing with Trillions, it doesn't take high interest rates to make money for the fatted calf of rent seeking aka the FED and it's member whore banks ofcourse.  Economics and math went out the fucking window a long time ago.

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"This must be how liberals felt when W won a second term"

It is....or was....even for non-liberulz™

I couldn't believe it at the time, that amerika would WILLINGLY give that walking fascist clusterfuck another 4....

I explained to my 6 year old today that out of the 330 million or so of us, the amerikan people were once again given the choice of two men not FIT to be President...

4 more years of amerikan tears, it is....

Nobody For President's picture

But you can believe they gave him a first term?

Bananamerican's picture

ahhh, a trick question.....

in retrospect, yes, I can...

Deo vindice's picture

I cannot understand how the voters gave BO a second term.

The first time around - elect the guy out of sheer ignorance.

But you can't use that excuse after 4 years. On the other hand, I guess you can.

Chuck Walla's picture

I just can't believe America gave him a second term. 

Because getting free shit without a care in the world, worse,  with no idea how that dollar gets to them, means never having to worry... until the EBT reads WTF!  Detroit is now the model city of the future. If you commute, like LA or NYC, don't worry about the extras in life, GASOLINE IS the extra, so you can pay for the new wonderland of old Marx.

Rifle shopping Wed. first thing since I just got canned because of Obamacare.


Bananamerican's picture

What's Marx got to do with the modern amerikan Corporate State, oh foolish partisan?

malikai's picture

Actually Marx has a whole lot to do with the propaganda. But it pretty much ends there, in my view.

Overfed's picture

We all knew a fascist would win either way.

thedrickster's picture

The dude abides, the dude abides.

Muppet Pimp's picture

Close enough for me....thanks bro! 

L0nG-DoNg-SiLv3R's picture

This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps, do you see? Do you see what happens...?

Dr. Engali's picture

Gold bitchez!  What's the price of lead doing Tyler?

jim249's picture

You must mean tungsten.

Dr. Engali's picture

No I mean lead surrounded by full metal jackets.

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

If you wait for those drones (30,000) to get in the air above the US, then it's too late.

Dr. Engali's picture

There is a lot to be learned from Afghanistan...where empires go to die.

Sabibaby's picture

not for bullets... Cu or Pb please. 


Au and Ag for currency :-)

HD's picture

 Long light bulbs.