Meanwhile... In Cupertino

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While the equity market is blissfully holding its no-news gains, everyone's favorite hedge fund hotel just hit the lows of the day... Having tested up to the 200DMA, AAPL is now leaking back under Friday's closing VWAP... Need moar channel-checks and $1111 analyst price-targets on TV stat!


Today saw once again a vertical rally up to VWAP (red) and then volume fade and now we are losing yesterday (yellow) and Friday's (blue) closing VWAPs...



At some point the humans will become aware of the Algos and we suspect a sinularity will occur...

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Fuck you Bernanke!

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Peak Apple was Iphone-4.

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Thanks for the heads-up.

I just used most of my last million dollar bonus and loaded up on AAPL.

C'mon mini-pad...

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iGadget purchases are so 2011

2012 is year of 3.5% APR mortgages and home purchasesin bay area.


home depot stock up 50% as much as AAPL YTD.


ParkAveFlasher's picture

What's really funny is that iGadget purchases and 3.5% APR mortgages for bay area home purchases probably cost about the same out-of-pocket.

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Honestly, is there a country in the world that doesn't print hundred dollar bills?

Is there a country in the world that doesn't print it's own AAPL stock?

Sell AAPL, buy physical (apples)

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Yea I just wanna say, who fuckin told ya so?  btw aapl still might crash, I maybe wrong about that one.  LOL, its not like I'd ever buy that pos though ;D

Fractals senor, are everywhere!  In fact, you may be one.

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Could the "no news" have been the dismissal of Crapple's court case against Motorola with prejudice?  Apple evidently doesn't want to pay FRAND royalties for the RF patents Moto owns that every cel phone/tablet needs to license, and already told the court that if it didn't get a certain (very low) license fee, it would not comply.  What a bunch of shitheads - they are asking 5x more for their "design patent" for the you know, rectangle with rounded corners (prior art - every shirt pocket).

Maybe the Tyler's need to read the tech news more.  Apple has steadily been losing court cases, or winning thinly with appeals already justified and on going - to everyone BUT the financial media.

They all go "Apple wins again" when they did not win except very narrowly with great chances for the other party on appeal, and then ONLY in US courts - the foriegn courts seem to see things with less biased eyes than ours, or our media.

Hint: covers this sort of thing in excruciating detail.

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Oh AAPL, peel me do I not bleed?

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iPad mini fail 

azzhatter's picture

hard to believe broke ass people don't need one more device

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iPad mini less useless than iPad tho....just sayin'

redpill's picture

Too big to fit in your pocket, too small to do spreadsheets, what could go wrong?

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iMini is better for small restaurant waitpersons! Touch and go; Rectangle around and round; Soft corners too.

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Sinularity ensues.

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It's like a Romantic Comedy with some Soft-Porn mixed in.

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All it takes is one weak hand in any stock, commodity, etc. and it's market can play like a yo yo all day long.

Looks like silver had another step function move today also.

What a joke.


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AAPL: Kev' always saves the best for last.

NotApplicable's picture

I'm wondering why Kevin hates America?

element115's picture

I'm replying to this thread on my iPad 4, so I'm getting a kick out of this discussion.

DCFusor's picture

I'm short AAPL, you insensitive clod.

Nid's picture

Why do you smug fuckers so hate liberty? If AAPL closes below $550, the terrorists win.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



They hate us for our $2.65 dividend?

Caviar Emptor's picture

omg you're right! 

So by that thinking....go long berkas, hallal butchers, qran publishers and throwable shoes? 

Greed is good

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The terrorists were short AA and UAL (Long OTM puts) 11 years ago; they're short AAPL now. No greater blow than down the glass staircases.

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Having just finished a simple cross platform app, all I can say is uggh when it came to android. Lots of different variations and versions to test... nightmare... almost rooting for MS.

Anyway, back on some nice Objective-C iPad development again.... ahhhhhhhh.

Meanwhile I am throwing the dice holding on some positions dependent on the election. Inveterate dice thrower that I am. And soon will be wanting some nice AAPL slice in my portfolio if this keeps up. 

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They need to get into the voting machine racket, the iRig. Shit that would even get me to go down there even if its just to finger the hardware.

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Bursting bubbles.