Obama Wins Presidency, NBC Projects

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NBC news just announced that it projects a victory for Obama in Ohio. Which means the Florida vote is now moot, and which means Barack Obams has been relected as president of the US.


Via NBC:


Market holding losses in choppy mess from lows to VWAP...


Gold over $1725...

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The fix is in. 

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Then again who the hell cares. They are the same. 

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Presidential pardon for Jon Corzine tomorrow... he'll use it once he's in jail.



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Inflation stock the fuck up on shit.

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No surprise here ... I blew a gasket on this very subject weeks ago ... see my post from yesterday ...




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two things

obummer will be holding the bag for the collapse

and the repubs might be having regrets for having fuched with Ron Paul so thoroughly

an oh yea, Au is heading north on the bernank express

let the shitstorm begin...

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Ron Paul did a lot of good. And even his non-supporters were opened up to Austrian economics. But frankly, if he couldn't win the Republican primary he had no hope in the general.

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See my link up thread. Paul never had a chance to lock up a run this cycle. He did what he always did; stand for principals. But, that is also why he was so popular.

Romney made a very, very bad calculation and thought he could give it a real run without conservative grass roots support. Romney forces crushed grass roots at the state and national level in an attempt to hold on to intra-party power positions. If you followed it closely, it was pretty extreme at times. He held on to control, but at the price of all the conservative energy sloshing around.

So, as I said up thread, Romney ran a small tent campaign ... protecting the intra-party insiders ... and lost (or won as far as they care - they still got their jobs). It isn't surprising; it was a dumb strategy unless you see it from the self interest point of view of the intra-party power brokers.



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Sorry, Romney pandered to the grass roots right and had to pivot to the center....

Take note, he only improved in the polls after his pivot....

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1. Tipping point just happened
2. A lot of folks start making big adjustments in the morn
3. First adjustment for Obooba - it ain't Shrub's fault now.

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Corrupt puppet did not run for office to help fat cats in Wall Street.



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Me thinks it ain't over yet.

Too close, too many reports of problems, not yet critical mass, but starting.

Mercury went retrograde yesterday, so confusion will ensue. We just have not seen it yet.

Let Mittens concede, then we'll see. Repubes are not known to give up easily.


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Care to put some numbers on that ORI? Seems to be a pretty crushing defeat to me.

What the fuck does Mercury have to do with jack shit?

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
Abraham Lincoln

Don't start me on FDR or AL, however I will concede they were not fools.



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T-Shirt: We spent $2 Billion and all we got was this lousy President...

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Statistical dead-heat Cooter. 49% of the vote each? The electoral college will have it's day/say.

For now, both Ohio and Florida have reported problems, the verdict will be challenged. It's a set-up. And follow the NUMBers in FL and Ohio, close and getting closer. Damn near 50/50. Eminently challengable.

Mark my words. And what does Mercury have to do with it? A lot, but you clearly think Astrology is junk, so won't bother explaining.

It ain't over till it's over.


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truly the presidential race is over but even in florida the race wasn't as close as the popular vote nationally.  winning by one tenth of a percent against someone with the charisma and biography of mitt romney is not much of an accomplishment (until one considers the record obama brought to the duel).

and as glenn greenwald notes, the real unspoken heartbreak of the election is not what the winning side believes that the losers don't, but what they both agree on.

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When the concession speech is made, I'll say maybe. Though I'm sure you will recall that AlGored (your AGW hero) with-drew his concession speech.

Short memories. Wait and watch.


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Just saw that, was trying to edit.

Maybe! ;-)


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USA won. Democracy in action -- we showed the whole world how to do it in a splendid manner! No hanging chads, no digital deceit, clean as a whistle! Press 1 of 2 and your job is done -- now y'all Naysayers can take a break from your orgasm of doom.

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This is one rag-tag, sorry-ass website of opposition.

You win the government you deserve...

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computer voting won. as the tv stations that ran vote totals as a crawler over the last two weeks were accurate..but do not connect the dots..esp those non citizens of USA who post here as if the votes reported were the true votes.

one must laugh at the hoax the lies and the corrupt election results..

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FDR had balls for a start. He got the same bag of shit that Obama got, but went to work for the people to fix it. The banks who created the problem were targeted to fix the problem. Obama did the opposite. So now it's every man for himself, and the government is the enemy. The rest of the world will get no help from us, as we are in a cold civil war here. Lets pray it stays cold!

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Yep... the buck does stop with him now...

Comeback in 1 year for a followup....

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Is that when the death panel convenes?

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Is that really the best shit you got?


CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Yeah, it's not like Robert Reich (an Obama adviser) said that we're going to let old people die. Nor did he claim that making such a statement was a way to honor the citizens of democracy. That would never happen and it certainly wouldn't be cheered by the crowd at Berkley.



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imo the worst part of the u.s. healthcare system is the strenuous, ultra expensive full court press to extend the life of the aged. nearly dead combined with the prohibition on suicide.  and i say that as one who wishes to have the option of medically assisted suicide one day.  quality of life, not quantity. 

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

No, the problem is making young and healthy people pay a huge premium for healthcare and then to refuse them that care whwen they are old and infirm. That's Reich's recommendation in the video and it's now the law.

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The Republican Party is destroying itself because more people are seeing it as the fraud it is. Republicans are big spending, big government, whores for Wall Street, banking interests, and the incredibly bloated and el lardo defense industry, all propped up by massive and continuous taxpayer subsidies.

In essence, as I've said before, the two "different" parties, deeply captured, jawbone social wedge issues like gay marriage or the pledge of allegiance in public schools (or manger scenes in public spaces), while doing the same damage to the citizenry on behalf of their same bosses.  They're one in the same; the false left-right paradigm has destroyed democracy.

I'd even bet that a much larger share of Republicans had a "meh" attitude compared to Democrats regarding voting, also, in large part because people like Ron Paul have exposed the hypocrisy & statist nature of the RINO Party.

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Mitt Romney did better than G W Bush 2000 with his target demographics. The big difference is, that in the last 12 years, the demographics have changed with more urban, more non-white, and more young voters. 

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Not true.

Most republicans are "out of step" with leadership. The force that had to be applied this cycle to "stay in the saddle" was telling. You see the video of the chair in LA (i.e. Lousiana) who got his HIP DISLOCATED for daring to run a straight up convention?

What I am waiting for, with bated breath, is the congressional cycle in two years. Convservatives will be ON THE WAR PATH (and I don't mean international conflict). The OGREs (old guard republican establishment) may very well go under the bus in more than just six or so states that blew up this cycle.

Don't blame conservatives. Don't blame republicans. Do blame their leaders. This is going to come around, but not before the wheels come off.

Timelines. Patience. But most importantly, conservative work ethic.


That was 2008. We just had 2012. Do the math.



TruthInSunshine's picture


What do Republicans stand for? States' rights? Small and efficient government? Fiscal responsibilty? Free market economics sans massive government subsidisies to particular sectors & companies?  Less, not more, reckless intervention via foreign policy (that piles massive costs and reaps net-negative consequences on the citizenry)? THE BILL OF RIGHTS (hell, they've been dismantling it alongside their democratic counterparts for decades now)?

From Nixon to Shrub, and "deficits don't matter" Dick Cheney, they stand for NONE OF THESE THINGS in reality.

So what's the incentive for their true core to bother to vote Republican when they're lucky if that candidate is 3% less Big Government than the Democratic contender.

Lofty rhetoric without any follow through gets really old and transparent. Did any intelligent Republican voters REALLY believe Romney wouldn't have treated Wall Street nearly exactly the same as Obama has? Or that he would have cut the fat and unecessary, wasteful expenditures out of defense? Or that he would actually reign in entitlement programs?



CrazyCooter's picture

Depends on if you really want an answer, or if you are arguing for the sake of arguing.

If you attend grass roots conservative meetings, you will find a VERY different culture, people, belief system than what you see on TV.

What happened in '08 is that this started to take form. What happened in '10 is it got more organized. What happened in '12 was almost 15% of the states electing constitutionalists/paulians/libertarians to state chair positions. If you followed closely, LA had a hell of a shit show in the attempt to control the conservatives. This was why Romney lost, which I linked up thread.

The "two party/one party" system is failing. Either serious civic rights are curtailed between now and 2014, or the OGREs stand to lose control of the whole shit show.





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good luck cooter.  i think t.i.s. has good points.  i registered republican after decades as a democrat to vote for ron paul.  hope to do so for gary johnson or similar next time.

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What 'tard actually thinks people read these one word per line posts?

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A vote for Romney: Stupidity.

A vote for Obama: Treason.

This outcome shows that there are as many people who hate America as there are people who support it in one way or another.

It would not have mattered if Ron Paul had won, given this reality.

We have tens of millions of Africans and Mestizos in this country, in coalition with the liberal puppet whites, run by the Bolshevik/NeoCon Imperialist Jews. This anti-American army is growing, while the actual American nation is being ethnically cleansed and financially enslaved to pay for the breeding of the invaders. Libertarian schemes could not have changed the biological reality: this cycle of the American nation is over. What remains is to fight over the carcass.

Perhaps a hot tribal war that splits North America into several new countries, perhaps a cold war descending into something like Brazil or Mexico, with gated compounds for those who can afford to avoid the locusts.

Congratulations Jews. You have irreversably destroyed another great Western nation. Tonight you are the winners! And may the truth of your victory spread far and wide.

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Sieg Fuckin' Heil,retard,

Hive Raid's picture

By Godwin's Law, you fail. As a consolation, by the grammatical standards of the Detroit public schools, or those of Chicago, Atlanta, Lost Angeles, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, or any other formerly great American city utterly destroyed by negroes and mestizos, you're still a winner.



CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

You're a failure by any reasonable standard, Fritz.

jeff montanye's picture

those irish and chinese were such a problem too.

but in truth, all countries/empires have pinnacles; that of the u.s. was probably the twenty or thirty years after the victory in ww2.  many causes will be held to account for the fall but some of it is just the absence of such a propitious confluence of events.

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You should be grateful that the Jews are taking over: they're demonstrably smarter (as are East Asians) than your run-of-the-will white guy. They are the true master race, having produced Moses, Jesus, Einstein, Freud and Marx. The cream rises to the top my friend, and the scalded milk...that would be you...just boils.

Hive Raid's picture

The problem for you is, the third world hordes won't discriminate between Jews and whites once things get rough. Jews aren't even a real race. And there's only six million of you here. Another six million surrounded by a billion furious Muslims overseas. Real Americans can absorb millions in losses, you can't. You're a parasite that's killed its only host. Enjoy your brief time at the top.