Greek Austerity Vote Passes

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Just in case someone thought Greece would voluntarily vote to cut out the funding - any funding - of free money from the ECB, via ELA or otherwise, regardless if only 10% of said money actually makes it into Greek society, we have some bad news: the Greek parliament once again voted to impose austerity upon itself. This includes numerous Yay votes by deputes who had said previously they would vote against the measure.


And yes, this time will certainly be different unlike all those other times. Or maybe not. In the meantime, the rioting, and daily strikes by everyone, most certainly the tax collectors, will continue indefinitely, until even more spending has to be cut to match the decline in revenues, and so on, until finally the singularity of no more revenues and no more spending is hit.

Until then, the main resurgent sponsor of any business venture will be, as reported earlier, local brothels.

Now the ball is back in Germany's, and Troika's, court to come up with further conditions to not disburse the €31.5 billion in addition aid, which judging by the EURUSD's exuberant response (+2 pips), will be quite copious.

Finally, for those confused about the Greek mindset, here is the only explanation you need:


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Bullish on molotov cocktails, and riot cams.

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The comatose market reaction to this positive vote should be extremely troubling  

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This also tested positive for Hepatitis and Clamidia

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Take it baby! Take it! ... Oh yeah!

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olive oil......the future in energy.

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So, what is wrong with a brothel sponsor, pray tell?  Private enterprise filling an existing need in an honest manner at fair, competitive prices.

Imagine a Greek public sector brothel.  Fill out three forms, pay four different fees at three cashier windows, find out the booby blonde and the leggy brunette are on strike, wait for an hour for a crew-cut shortie who reads National Enquirer for the duration, and 10 minutes into the act asks you to hurry up, it's time for her 2-hour lunch break.


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sounds like you've done this sort of thing before and know what to expect

speaking strictly to the part about lazy bureaucracy in countries like Greece of course

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Of course!  The brothel is a grand metaphor, although I dare say not at all an inappropriate one.

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Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ win closely contested House Races

Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul will retire from Congress next year after serving for 12 terms, but several Republicans influenced by the iconic libertarian-leaning lawmaker will be arriving to take his place.

Rep. Thomas Massie
Rep. Justin Amash
Rep. Kerry Bentivolio
Sen.-elect Ted Cruz

ACP's picture

Meanwhile, the rest of the country is controlled by two types of Democrats, Socialist and Communist.

What a fucking cesspool this country has become.

StychoKiller's picture

You're leaving out the two types of Republicons:

a. Christian conservative wackos, and

b. War-mongering, fascist thugs.

I'm no fan of the Decepticrats either.

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I can't comment on my favorite Youtube video at Youtube, because my Michaelwiseguy account with 500 subscribers and over 1 million channel views was terminated by the establishment last week.

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Same old, same old. Too many rinse and repeat cycles. It's not fixing the problems. The announcements don't work anymore.

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The riot cams should prove very telling tomorrow.  And we all know how much the Roach Motel [SPY] likes rioting in the street of Europe.

Unless this is just some baseless Deja Vu I'm experiencing.  Nope...Flash Crash, baby.

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Cdad      wink"_"wink  

                                         Nope, it's not Deja Vu...

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Yes!!!! Now, here comes the mother of all riots! Or was it the riot of all mothers?

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Yes, it continues until the mob burns down Athens or something like that.

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the mob burning down Athens isn't the problem, it's the Govt burning down the country

the politicians always do much more damage than the far more sensible and sane public, even a mob has better motives than the politicians who wreck country after country mindlessly driven by greed or ego

as people go, mobs are alright

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One of these times now it will be different.

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Greece is like this.

1. People stop paying tax, by trading in the underground economy or

bartering or just not earning much.

2. Government tries other methods to get money (like taxing through

electricity use)

3. People stop paying their utility bills.

4. Government has to borrow money to meet its shortfall. (charges it to

taxpayers of course)

5. No one will lend money to the Government as clearly the country is


6. Money is eventually printed to cover the shortfall.

Real Value will never be repaid to Government creditors therefore the

creditors  have effectively "Given" most of their money to the

taxpayers through the conduit of  Government Handouts.

Therefore in a way it could be argued that in a Sovereign Default

scenario low income Taxpayers have effectively netted out as not having

paid much tax!

(A backdoor 21st Century tax revolt if you like)

All roads thus lead to currency destruction and thus destruction of the

very systems that rely on currency debasement and usury to enrich them.

Just how much can be plundered from the people before the reset occurs 

(indirectly of course as it is sovereign assets that are at

stake)  depends on how long a country can be coerced into continuing

the game of monopoly even though it is clearly going to "lose the farm"

if it continues to play.

So in this "modern day tax revolt" game, the Countries infrastructure

gets quietly sold off to TPTB, while the sheeple get to play a fun game

of chicken with the Government's Creditors.

Now the question arises. Can the sheeple be enslaved by the next stage

of the system (Full control of the economic machinery in private

hands). As easily as they were in the last?

The one thing really needed by the sheeple is knowledge

of how the game (really) works.

But ignore all the above because the "Official message" is this.

Just relax, do as we say, keep borrowing, and enjoy life little sheep, this wont hurt a bit...

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Isn't that what happened in Argentina, roughly?

Poor Grogman's picture

I dont know if this recipie has a name or not, but yes it was the same in Argentina,

more or less...

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6. Money is eventually printed to cover the shortfall.

Agree in principle but one comment:

Greece can't print and ECB printing doesn't count as it comes with too many strings attached to give the same effects as you describe.

Greece is plain and simple bleeding dry.

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Is shumer paying does that idiot get elected?  Anyone from NY care to field that?

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have you been to twitter lately

these are your neighbours and if not neighbours part of the demographic that got O 4 more years of unlimited golf

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Good one. I went to the link and in the top 5 found


- its so boring I'm tired of sleeping , listening to music , & watching movies

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Because he's a scumbag and will say and do any scumbag thing to get reelected.

Nobody For President's picture

Just like the other scumbag that didn't get elected.

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

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It's an amazing coincidence that today's break in mass psychology on Wall Street coincided with a winter storm "ATHENA" striking NYC in the wake of the havoc wrought by Superstorm Sandy:

Is democracy - which was born in Athens, Greece - about to succumb to the evils of the "Money Masters"?

Is God alerting us accordingly?

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Bend over, I'm Greek

ZippyBananaPants's picture

Greece, where men are men and sheep are scared

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no the lambs stay silent its the cows that sing, remember europa was a sacred cow, she got laid by Zeus. And now we have Mutti! 

larz's picture

forgive the repetition but did you know greeks invented sex, then Romans brought women into it

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 Good luck enforcing it! Long " molotov cocktails"...

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The only thing different is the date, and I'm getting too old for this shit.

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Maybe they should model their economy on the brothel.  Sounds like business is booming. They are making money and every customer gets a having a Happy Ending too!

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Govt and their bwanker buddies sole purpose is to screw people

Brothels have a much more human relationship with their customers

Legalise brothels and make Govt illegal, a much saner policy for society all-round

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Coming to every European nation, the U.S., Australia & Canada, too. I can't forget Japan or Korea, either.

I'm being sarcastic or "doomy?"

It's already begun in all of the countries I've mentioned. Every single one of them is ramping up their fiat supply (regardless as to whether they're cutting, lowering or not tampering with interest rates), in an effort to provide a buffer for their zombie banking and financial sectors, along with other 'favored' industries & companies, depending on the country in question.

The result is forced deleveraging of the consumers, savers and businesses not on the government teat, which crimps consumption, hiring and investment, while the government sector and quasi-governmental companies/contractors use that deleveraged capital for the grand plans of those who really have Deeply Captured the governments.

THAT is "beautiful deleveraging" to a Too-Big-To-Fail, BFF of a fractional reserve central bank or other CronyCapitalist.

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No violence no change. That is fairly obvious now. Until the greek masses rise up and violently overthrow the tools making the laws that steal what little they have left...nothing will change

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Sadly, it appears so. But that's the only way to attain legitimacy in the people's claims - some have to lose their lives, there must be blood.

poor fella's picture

Russell Means, the Native American activist who just passed away, said, "Sometimes there has to be violence to force the white man to listen."

Considering the source, it's convincing - only it usually gets you a bullet in the head or a flight on a doomed small plane.

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Uprising will come in the next few months...

I have to remind you that Greeks regularly riot for the flimsiest of excuses i.e referee mishaps in football..

The jug is full...the result in Parliament last night is a good indicator....

Actually the deus ex machina could be events in Parliament rather than the streets.

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They are still counting the votes in Florida - Them Greeks are fast!

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Across the 51 "states" the average is that only 91% of precincts totals have been released yet.  Americans are slow.

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Ah, it's only their parliment - some 300 mostly corrupt souls, so the counted 153 hands and were done...

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A Greek politician will get assassinated, blown up or dismembered.