Greek Brothel To Sponsor Broke Elementary School

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This is what complete social collapse looks like. First, the local Neo Nazi party has soared in the polls and is now the third most popular Greek party. Then, in lieu of other sources of capital, a local brothel became the head sponsor of a minor-league soccer club from Larissa. Now, the same brothel which appears to have seen a substantial return on its advertising spend, has decided to branch out... straight into a local elementary school. That's right: a whorehouse is advertising its "services" to children in an elementary school. In exchange for what? Money to purchase a Xerox machine and a library.

From Kathimerini:

After sponsoring a soccer team in Larissa, central Greece, brothel owner Soula Alevridou is now extending her financial support to a school in Patra, in the Peloponnese.


Following an open invitation for sponsorship launched by a Patra elementary school parents association, Alevridou pledged to donate 3,000 euros to the educational facility in order to cover for a series of operational costs, a daily Peloponnesian newspaper reported. According to reports, the funds would be used to purchase a photocopier and a library for the school.


Alevridou recently agreed to sponsor the Voukefalas team in Larissa, central Greece, paying more than 1,000 euros for the team’s players to wear jerseys carrying the “Soula's House of History” logo, AP reported.


Another brothel, Villa Erotica, had also agreed to sponsor the Larissa team.

And that, sadly, is what happens every time once one is redirected in that inevitable detour on the path to every socialist utopia once "other people's money" runs out..

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The porn industry pays a lot of taxes in SoCal also...

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Your momma really cares about your education Forrest Gump.

hedgeless_horseman's picture to purchase a XXXerotiXXX machine and a DVD library.

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Support your local hooker, and I'm not talking about rugby!

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<---- clicked link to see rest of hot girl

ZH is such a cock tease

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The local pizza joint used to sponsor my soccer team, damn...

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Now it's the local fried chicken joint. Light meat, dark meat, greasy breasts and greasy thights...

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

Nothing could beat Weimar in terms of pussy everywhere. Check out "legendary sin cities: berlin", or "luxurious panic".  

Or better:  just wait a couple of years.

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There are also lot´s of new entrants from the ClubMed counries in European porn now! EuroPorn used to be Easter Europe only, now there is new supply!

Here in Frankfurt we also have tons of FPIIGS hookers. They are young, cheap, willing and need the money!

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but will they re-domicile after measure B was approved?

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Career day must be way more fun over there than what it was when I was young...

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Hey, I got Alotta Fagina for homeroom!

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Depends; did you career day involve discussions about AIDS, anal warts, and the best lube?

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"....and remember class, too much anal-ease is almost enough...."

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I failed the oral exam.

Passed auto shop, once I got under the hood.

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and the HS lab on animal reproduction is a killer

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OT: sorry, but can anyone explain what's going on with the VIX this morning?  Is there any reasonable explanation?

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opening sell-off, now "stabilizing"...delayed....look at sharp plung of opening on any index, then it bounces and falls.....another sharp plunge and one hr later VIX shoots up. only bloomburg and yours truly trade this in real time.

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ZION bank shares down 4%.  The mormons want out?

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in the end the brothel, the lawyer and the priest will have your money

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Only ONE of them gets MY money.

Hint: It ain't the priest.

Another hint: It ain't the lawyer.

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Some of em even teach....

When you do something wrong, teachers make you do it again.

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gotta love that free market action

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Yeah, it's better to fund things using stolen money from the criminal government that caused the collapse.

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Hookers with hearts of gold a dash of social responsibility. More than our entire Congress


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"And that, sadly, is what happens every time once one is redirected in that inevitable detour on the path to every socialist utopia once "other people's money" runs out.."

What is so bad about a local business sponsering a library for children? Sounds like a fantastic move away from socialism to me.

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I think you meant: fucking for education.

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No, we leave that to the hookers

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Better get them Secret Service protection....if we lose the hookers, society will totally breakdown.

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2009 we had Green shots, now we have Greek shots.

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the ultimate oligarchy circle jerk; you come to the brothel to learn about life. You pay with one hand what you learn with the other. You stay a serf all your life. 

Harems and janisseries...the road to empires. 

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If only we had more Brothels here in the USA.  I wonder why the Left hasn't mandated more.  I bet the legistlation would fly through if they were BLTG brothels.

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Brothels are businesses, not government welfare programs.

jcaz's picture

Tricks are for kids....

FubarNation's picture

Bravo Sir!  Well done.


My vote for the ZH Reply of the Day.

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"Tricks are for kids...."

...they go down easy.

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High school education should be funded by putting webcams in the locker rooms and selling monthly subscriptions.

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We got same result here yesteday...

We are going to have to learn to pay more as we get phucked

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Today children you will be learning about stretchy pants, spandex and condoms due to cut-backs in our curriculum...

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Are you kidding? In Toronto, that's already on the Grade 4 menu.. along with teaching kids what an*l sex is. GBLT rules the roost!

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Because fearless restricting of third world immigration and fiscal responsibility are EXACTLY the same as a whorehouse advertising its "services" to children in an elementary school, on the degeneration scale.  Hmmm.

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Thanks for pointing that out.


The whole fucking continent is infested with champagne socialists, banker bitches and overreaching beaurocrats - all fine it seems.

But if people start to smell the coffee and vote for a nationalist alternative to the bruxelles scum, everybody and his dog pisses their pants about the "evil nazis" gathering votes.


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They will likely have an in-depth sex education class usually reserved for high school.

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                              To be fair when I was in elementary school I recall trying to hook up with a couple whores.

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In their defense, they didn't realize there was a term for it.

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In the seventh grade a long time ago, I had a paper route in a small coastal town in Oregon, and one of my customers was the well-known whore house on Front Street (really!). One of the girls would always invite me into the front room while someone went and fetched the small amount of cash for the monthly payment. (This was always in the afternoon after school when I collected - trade was slow then.) The girls present would always tease me unmercifully and laugh when I started blushing, which was soon.

They always paid promptly on time, which was more than I can say for about a third of my customers, some of whom stiffed me for several months before they moved to parts unknown.

So who were the real fuckers?

SokPOTUS's picture

I bet *they* stiffed you, too.  Just in a good way...