"The Next Four Years" Bloomberg Cover

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Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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Take a break from the Choom Wagon amigo....just sayin.

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Ain't the choom, it's the prohibition

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Goes to show what another 100 rounds of golf will do to ya.

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It's from all the pharmaceuticals he must take to keep his conscience suppressed.

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I get the chaos part, so where's the order?

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 Gas $100/gallon within the next 4 years

 Martial law like conditions with a cop in every bedroom, but without calling it martial law

 High home prices but NO jobs.

 It won't bother anyone because we will have really cool election coverage in 2016

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We may not have an election in 2016, O might finish destroying the nation this time around.

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I think some guy made a movie about that.....now might be the time to see it.

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Thats Morgan Freeman right?

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He's gonna age faster than Einstein formulating GR.

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"An executive order to shoot on sight was issued today in the name of National Security"


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I can hear it now:  "I hope he croaks"



Who said that?





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They legalize choom in da house?

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They legalize choom in da house?

Only for houses in da states of Colorado or Washington.

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forgot to photoshop Stalins cap on the Chicago Commie 

at least Stalins deranged tyrant powers are already in the bag for the US President ...shoot a citizen without trial, no problemo ...bang one up in jail and detain forever without trail, no problem either

another fantastic man of Law, what do they train these legal minds in nowadays, circumventing judges, courts and due process?

The Law: tyranny window-dressed as 'Justice'

Govt: anarchy window-dressed as 'democracy'

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Trotsky did get an ice pick in the eye socket as recall...

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As the poster child/experimantal cauldron for Globalization, USSA can finally change it's rallying cry, hand on heart...

Here's to the RED BROWN AND BLUE...

Yeah baby!


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Methinks his loyalties lie a bit closer to the red/black/green.

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Trotsky was sponsored by US and European bwankers pre and post Russian revolution

he deserved the icepick as do all bwanker crones who put cheaters of society above society

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we will all look like this after fo mo years....they have already started the celebration in baltimore city....day time beatings for fun....but the news will not disclose to me if the 8 attackers were negroid, caucasoid or mongoloid....my guess is if it dribbles like a duck, if it speaks like a duck and it has a free cell phone like a duck it must be a black mallord duck......but i could be wrong....

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Well.... I'd say it's over. Though Romney was no prize - he might have slowed the fall off the cliff. Maybe.

What amazed me was the media and how 'in the tank' for Obama they were. Normally the bias is somewhat masked, but the mask fell off this time, and to a degree that was startling.

This election just proved we are done for - we are at the point where the electorate is easily swayed by populism and is now voting directly for handouts. And that is always the end of the game.

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Things have changed.

On one hand, the voting system may be compromised in which case we are hopelessly screwed, but on the other hand the election totals may accurately reflect the voting majority, in which case we are hopelessly screwed.

At least we have the safety and security drones to look forward to.

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With 95 percent of precincts reporting, The Associated Press figures showed more than 117 million people had voted in the White House race. In 2008, 131 million people voted.


That's 14 million more enlightened people who gave an upraised middle finger to the ossified Depublicrat duopoly, by refusing to vote at all.

In 2016, let's shoot for under 100 million voters. We can do this. WINNING!

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GOP strategists on the tube talking about the need to reach out to hispanics and single women.  No discussion of the missing voters.  RIP GOP.

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 Some of those missing voters are to be found in the ruins of NJ and Staten Island....

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Are you saying the dead can't vote?

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With this approach, at some point, you're going to have to advocate for some type of non-voting political activism...  why wait?  At this rate, your plan of not voting will work in 40 years?

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Assuming those yet-to-report precincts have the same average # of voters, you need to add 5% to the total of people who will have voted, no? So, roughly 123 million will have voted, so that's 8 million rather than 14 million more enlightened people.

Still, it's a start... 

Mind you, I have no idea how many people were entitled to vote, so as a percentage it could be bigger :-)...

or smaller :-(

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Anyone know if there's text recognition for write in candidates? Is the voting system even set up for it, or does it count as 'NULL'?

We should know the tally of EVERYONE, down to 'Piss Off' for POTUS.  (yeah, I looked on lmgtfy ;)

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" ... more than 117 million people had voted in the White House race.

In 2008, 131 million people voted.

That's 14 million more enlightened people who gave an upraised middle finger to the ossified Depublicrat duopoly, by refusing to vote at all. "

Analysis fail;


Ban UNION money and see how that play out.


Cut back WELFARE PAYMENTS and see how that plays out.


Abolish CRONY CAPITALISM projects like so-called Solyndra 'green' projects


Cease bailiong out FAILED INDUSTRIES like GM and see how that plays out. And I could go on ...


And I could go on ...





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 Perfect. You win.   Sanford - King of the junk yard.

I'm comin' Elizabeth...

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Sanford: "I don't think I will see him getting that old..."

"In the next four years?"

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So wormholes ARE real.. :D

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Yea I heard Morgan spreading the lies.

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I hope he looks that way because the S&P is at 400...

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And gold at $5000...

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What a bunch of fools. Don't they know how Reptilian host bodies age? They get all stetchy not wrinkly. Look at Pelosi for a good example.

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The last president of the second American republic. It had been around since 1788. In two years you get to find out what you get next.

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Boycott Donors Who Voted Against GMO Labeling.

DonorsTotal campaign cash as of November 3, 2012 Support: $8,700,000
Opposition: $45,600,000

As of November 3, 2012, about $45.6 million had been donated to the "No on 37" campaign effort.

These are the $100,000 and over donors to the "no" campaign as of Saturday, November 3, 2012:

Donor Amount
Monsanto $8,112,867
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. $5,400,000
Pepsico, Inc. $2,145,400
Grocery Manufacturers Association $2,002,000
DOW Agrisciences $2,000,000
Bayer Cropscience $2,000,000
BASF Plant Science $2,000,000
Syngenta Corporation $2,000,000
Kraft Foods Global $1,950,500
Coca-Cola North America $1,700,500
Nestle USA $1,315,600
Conagra Foods $1,176,700
General Mills $1,135,300
Kellogg Company $790,000
Smithfield Foods $683,900
Del Monte Foods $674,100
Campbell's Soup $500,000
Heinz Foods $500,000
Hershey Company $493,900
The J.M. Smucker Company $485,000
Bimbo Bakeries $422,900
Ocean Spray Cranberries $387,100
Mars Food North America $376,650
Council for Biotechnology Information $375,000
Hormel Foods $374,300
Unilever $372,100
Bumble Bee Foods $368,500
Sara Lee $343,600
Kraft Food Group $304,500
Pinnacle Foods $266,100
Dean Foods Company $253,950
Biotechnology Industry Organization $252,000
Bunge North America $248,600
McCormick & Company $248,200
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company $237,664
Abbott Nutrition $234,500
Cargill, Inc. $226,846
Rich Products Corporation $225,537
Flowers Foods $182,000
Dole Packaged Foods $171,261
Knouse Foods Cooperative $164,731

Other food companies who contributed to the "no" campaign (but with checks of less than $150,000) included Sunny Delight Beverages, McCain Foods, Tree Top, Idahoan Foods, Richelieu Foods, Land O'Lakes, Hillshire Brands, Morton Salt, Clorox, Goya de Puerto Rico, Sargento and Godiva Chocolatier.


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You mean my monsanto burger with cargill sauce and a side of frankenfries isn't good for me?