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Comes from Angela Merkel:


It is unclear, for now, if Angela added that "the German state is too small."

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I've heard of penis envy, but this is getting ridiculous. - Groucho Marx

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I've had a wonderful evening. But this wasn't it. -Groucho Marx

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Sorry guys BBG just accidentally lost the tail of the statement. What Merkel really said was:


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I'll take socio-economic collapse for two trillion.

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Frau Merkel

Die Endlösung ist CTRL P

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Goldener Sachsen Mann

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she meant,

"the population is too big"

... so a Culling must occur.

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Spain? Currently too drunk to fuck.

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"I like a good cigar, but I take it out once in awhile."

or my favorite:

"A man is only as young as the women he feels!" -- Julian (Groucho) Marx

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They want some "breathing" room...

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Greece, dont forget to get the ring back.  It's not your fault you cheated on her.

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That's what he said

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I think she was just talking with her mouth full:




is what she meant to say.

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Cretan independence FTW

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That'll go down really well down in Athens, I'm sure.

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Owing 190% of its GDP, the Greek state better be big, or Europe's central banksters ain't gettin' paid.

Without that mountain of official debt, the Greek state could fit in a broom closet.

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Worth repeating:


Greek border guard: Occupation?

German:  No, just visiting.

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And there was me thinking "Apple enters bear market" was the quote of the day.

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Aka other piigsf will follow for sure. That makes Greece too big. You cannot save 1 foot of a corpse.

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Does this country make my debt look big?

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  What does Merkel think is "too small"?  6 inches?

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thats like IQ 100, you are thinking like Mscreant. 

Its the angle of the dangle...don't compare an eel with a bushy tail. Its gladius vs flagada jones. 

If Greece is flaccid today and Germany vigorous, it could be the other way in 10 years, and Athens burning forges a new generation in the dirt. 

We are seeing tipping times; this crisis is just beginning. First world is on the burner now and the can kicking will get more frantic until it goes flaccid like Greece has today. 

What the world has to do, to refind vigour, is to invent a new paradigm. Long hard road ahead. Read Xenophon's Anabasis.

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 Is it eels and bushy tails, or cavalry swords and whips? Make up your mind already.

 I do agree with you though. When the 1st world problems reach that level of anxiety, one would surmise that we will be dealing with much smaller units of measure. Probably of the atomic size.

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This is the truth coming out............


The Greek nation state is more nation state then the rest of the Euro market state Pigs.

Which explains why it is being targeted while their pet "special" state Ireland gets glowing reviews


Germany is a agent for the Euro market state entropy experiment.

Their leaders are making a pact with the devil so as to occupy the 9th circle of banking hell.

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so the Greek Govt and decades of socialists had nothing to do with it???

and the reason Ireland is getting "flying colours" wouldn't be because their tretcherous Irish politicians bend over and take it every which way from the EZ while the Greeks don't, because they couldn't organise a chicken dinner in a hen house then?

nice buck pass onto the EU ....that's not going to fly Dork

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They just want to increase the ratio of credit to money (although the money is part of commercial or central banks balance sheets)


You know nothing zero -do yourself a favour and take off the blinkers they provided you with - nobody needs to become a horse for the banking industry.




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With Germany's economy sliding. Now confirmed on paper with their big miss in manufacturing orders (-3.3% vs. -0.3% expected) the Germans will gladly abide by all proposals from the ECB.

Germany will no longer resist to PRINT.

PRINT FEST is on. But who gets to survive and who gets to bite the bullet? Merkel seems to be hell bent on kicking Greece out before the flood gates open.

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i'm all ears on what you can teach me on this one

dunno if you saw the farce in Greece today on the vote... Greek politicians won't endorse cuts because they want to keep their skin on

tell me what that has to do with "ratio of credit" bollocks?

meanwhile the traitors (Irish politicos) sign over everything to the EU extortion racket without batting an eyelid ...hence "flying colours" from the ECB

ratio of credit ...a Greek politician wouldn't even know the term they're so stupid

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Look Dork, ZH just posted a new "Riotcam" from Greece... no "Ratio of Credit" cams just yet

you're a Greek politician, which one you gonna watch?

Here, make a decision.. you're 1 of 200 fat weasels (parliamentarians) in Greece tonight voting through a Bill on having your country (what's left of it!) raped by global bankers:

A). adjust the ratio of credit by 3%

B). receive a 3kg chunk of Greek marble lodged in my skull on the drive home tonight

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the irony is that they've pretended A for the longest time while quietly preparing for B

now that it's down to the wire, they can't keep pretending

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There is no doubt  - they should print drachmas and convert all debt into (ALL DEBT)  national units of account.

The value of their currency would fall but their total capital / oil ration would increase.


which means less capital available to burn for the core - see France and Germany.


At least during the summer months Greece is in current account surplus !!!!!!!!


If the UK or US went into current account surplus they would implode in a Greek like fashion - more then likely they would be in a a even nastier place.



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I'm not disgreeing with your maths, I just don't think Greek politicians have any grasp of them... they're told which way to vote, they wouldn't be 'selected' otherwise to be a reperesentative

politics is all about power (manipulation) ..MP's are not selected to think (or do maths), they're selected for compliance to the Party order or they won't get up the greasy pole or last 4 years 

but in the Greek situation of all-out chaos, caused by Govt, politicos have a new factor, the ultra-pissed people

that effects their voting now.. who pulls the biggest strings, global bwankers and the party hierachy or being able to get back home and/or live in your community without rioters putting something through your skull ...the maths haven't alot to do with anything right now, we're down to the most basic Darwinian instincts: surviving (saving your skin)

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I agree, there's an obesity epidemic in bloated Govt's all over the globe

40% of all Big Macs eaten in a nation every day are robbed from taxpayers mouths and that's never enough ..they had to double that with 40% of Burger Kings debt-spending on creditors cards until the food bills passed 100% of the GDP of their countries nutrients

Jabba the Hut looks like an athlete next to these bloated Govt porkers

Stop Paying Tax ...put the obese suckers on a crash diet

(it's for your own good Barney Frwank, just too many pies and fairy cakes)

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With a Volkswagen, you only need one tank to get from Berlin to Warsaw.

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Stalingrad has always been our objective!

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Merkel looks into the size of the Greek government:


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I hope that guy came out better then I would have...

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Everyone buy a neck brace..as wea re all going to strain our necks jumping from the EU to the USA Fiscal cliff...it will be a day to day thing...maybe a flash crash to flash crash thing...but it will strain our necks

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The last time Germans talked like this, they were taking field trips from the Spanish border all the way to the outskirts of Moscow.  I certainly hope there is not a large population of German imigrants in Greece that need to be liberated...

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Funny you should mention it, I'm up to page 573 in a J. Goebbels biography -- Poland is about to be "liberated."

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Frau Merkel is already doling out election pork, but where the fuck is the money to buy the pig?

Better kick other PIIGS then fix your own sty.


Peace & Brgds

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Quotes of DAY from Leaders who are LOSERS

Sure ZH.... Keep my attention going... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To dumb for a correct traslation or just too bored with the truth?