VIX Halted

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UPDATE: Minutes after we brought attention to this farce, VIX Futures and Options Re-Opened...


CBOE's VIX Futures and Options have been halted since 1337ET.

Because in our day and age of highly "sophisticated, precise and computerized" trading, just what stock market crash can take place without a critical component of the market breaking...

Based on 'spot' VIX - it would appear vol is bleeding higher

Bottom line: when the Fed can no longer sell enough vol to offset a long-overdue correction, the Fed will merely do away with vol entirely.

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In Amerika, nothing go down. No?

NewThor's picture

1337 = LEET

in nerd speak....

malikai's picture

Even better, it's LEET-ET.

old naughty's picture

and, something new everyday,

in our day and age.

no taste's picture

Angry Republican's letter to Clint Eastwood, and General Wesley Clark on the coup in the US government.

TeamDepends's picture

Sure.  It's all Dirty Harry's fault.

old naughty's picture

Why, Dirty Harry didn't make his day?

Cruel Aid's picture

Wesley Clark is a weasel. I'm not going to listen to a thing he says.

aerojet's picture

Hard to argue with it, quite honestly.  Romney always had a credibility gap because he's a bankster.  Also, the association with the Mormon cult, while it's not truly awful like some kind of Satan-worshipper or Neo-Nazi, it isn't really a great thing, either. 

Coldsun's picture

I saw that too. Is that bad that I was psyched when I noticed it?

SgtShaftoe's picture

Exactly, someone just hacked the exchange.  a 1337 haxor... I'm guessing loosely affiliated with Anonymous. hahahahahha!  That's funny.  Imagine, an algo computer hacked by someone like that, reprogrammed... that would be entertaining.

pods's picture

Has anyone heard from AnAnon today?  

I can hear him chuckling: "Who laughing now, round eye."


HelluvaEngineer's picture

Looks like it is frozen again at 19.00.  Weird gaps earlier today too.  Someone creating 100M shares of TVIX out of thin air?

Gamma735's picture

We're all living in America,
America is wunderbar.
We're all living in America,
Amerika, Amerika.

"Amerika" by RAMMSTEIN

AldoHux_IV's picture

LOL, free and efficient markets.

Mercury's picture

Well that's it, no more volatility.

Coldsun's picture

Precisely! On that note let's just stop printing the unemployment numbers so we can keep under 8% forever and ever...

Mercury's picture

Well clearly the president can survive without those (real) numbers, the question is, can the market hold itself together if options on an index of options on an index of stocks aren't trading because futures on an index of options on an index of stocks aren't trading.

Coldsun's picture

Nicely dictated. And I think that you are on to something. Maybe it became consious and trying to grasp it's very existence it broke. Badly. SkyNet will resume it's function.

GCT's picture

After reading Mercury's post I am having a blonde moment there!

R_J's picture

Huh? WHAT "unemployment" ? We´re all duly Employed as Serfs now...

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Got to be kidding me.  I have NOV calls.  Bunch of fucking crooks.

RopeADope's picture

Free markets are so efficient you do not need to be concerned about volatility. You also do not need to be concerned about fraud.

JPM Hater001's picture

Surprised face


- -


Segestan's picture

Living on hope but change is coming.

PLira's picture

True that.

You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the results of reality.

slaughterer's picture

Should help the close.  Nice.   Throwing every trick in the book to create a nice bear trap.   

buzzsaw99's picture

The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. [/Return of the King]

Flakmeister's picture

Manipulated volatility in the volatility???

Matt's picture

the volitility was too volitile, so it had to be halted.

PLira's picture

Must have used a Ven to Verify the Velocity of the Volitility of the Vix's Volititlity Volume.

Coldsun's picture

What's the financial term for the rate of change for change/volatility? For physics the rate of change for acceleration is "jerk". Accepting all legitimate and comical answers below.

ebworthen's picture

Chaikin's Volatility function, but I propose we change it to " chokin' " (though "suck" would work too).

Dan Conway's picture

This is hilarious!  Just like when they banned shorting stocks a few years ago.  I can't wait for the upcoming rule that you can only buy if the trade will result in a gain for the seller - That's only fair!!!!!!

unununium's picture

> I can't wait for the upcoming rule that you can only buy if the trade will result in a gain for the seller

Mary Schapiro called.  She wants to know what the license fee is for this idea.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Fee?  That idea belongs to the People, unununium.

Silver Bully's picture

You didn't build that fee. Someone else made that fee happen.

constantine's picture

The VXX derivative was probably about to melt down.

constantine's picture

Ahh thanks but I wouldn't go that far.  I've officially taken a long position on two RGIII rookie cards... LOL...

cool ones though, with the autograph.

unununium's picture

I got my sell orders in place already on my VXX calls.  The melt up may only last 8 minutes.

TruthInSunshine's picture

 "...due to a systems problem."


Well alrighty then. At least we're not in the dark as to what the specific problem is that forced them to halt an INDICATOR.

It's good that they halted volatility, because that will likely lead to zeee stability.



(Bernank'd Markets ftl)

slackrabbit's picture

As systems engineer it could also mean someone accidently bumbped the reset button as i walked passed, but somehow I don't think so......perhaps they can blame it on a terrorist minority or some middle east country whose oil we want?

Blazed's picture

Next, let's have markets with no price action. Price is a problem, we don't need no stinking price. Besides, only terrrrists use price.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Reverse Dutch auction for "what's behind curtain number 3?" ticker symbols with The Bernank as the lone bidder?


aerojet's picture

We're basically there now.

alien-IQ's picture

I have witnessed a couple of things in the past two or three days that have me very seriously thinking of getting out of the market for good. It is simply beyond broken. It's a corrupt clusterfuck.