First Ohio; Next 'The Moon'?

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While markets are digesting the probabilities of a dramatic rise in taxes and cut in spending as we approach the fiscal cliff, it appears that behind-the-scenes there has been a secret plan that we can only imagine is designed to rocket-boost us over the cliff - new manned missions to the moon. As reports, NASA is serious about sending astronauts back to the moon's neighborhood and will likely unveil its ambitious plans soon now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected, experts say. They go on to comment that "The space agency has apparently been thinking about setting up a manned outpost beyond the moon's far side, both to establish a human presence in deep space and to build momentum toward a planned visit to an asteroid in 2025. The new plans have probably already been cleared with the Obama Administration but have been kept under wraps in case Republican candidate Mitt Romney won Tuesday night's (Nov. 6) presidential election." While the claims are that this will not increase the budget, we suspect out-of-this-world manned outposts cost a little more than the $17.7bn budgeted for NASA in 2013... someone is clearly eating space-cakes. Ironic really given our earlier post...




NASA is serious about sending astronauts back to the moon's neighborhood and will likely unveil its ambitious plans soon now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected, experts say.


The space agency has apparently been thinking about setting up a manned outpost beyond the moon's far side, both to establish a human presence in deep space and to build momentum toward a planned visit to an asteroid in 2025.


The new plans have probably already been cleared with the Obama Administration but have been kept under wraps in case Republican candidate Mitt Romney won Tuesday night's (Nov. 6) presidential election, said space policy expert John Logsdon, a professor emeritus at George Washington University.


"NASA has been evolving its thinking, and its latest charts have inserted a new element of cislunar/lunar gateway/Earth-moon L2 sort of stuff into the plan," Logsdon told (The Earth-moon L2 is a so-called libration point where the two bodies' gravitational pulls roughly balance out, allowing spacecraft to essentially park there.)


"They've been holding off announcing that until after the election," Logsdon added, noting that Romney had pledged to reassess and possibly revise NASA's missions and direction.



A new vision of human space exploration


In 2010, President Obama directed NASA to work toward sending astronauts to a near-Earth asteroid by 2025, then on to the vicinity of Mars by the mid-2030s. To reach such deep-space destinations, the agency is developing a huge rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) and a crew capsule named Orion.


But astronauts likely won't head straight to a space rock when SLS and Orion are ready to fly together in 2021. In the last year, word has begun leaking out that NASA wants to explore Earth-moon L2, a point in space that lies beyond the moon's far side, as a precursor.


Rumors currently point toward parking a spacecraft at the Earth-moon L2 gateway, so NASA (and perhaps international partners) can learn more about supporting humans in deep space. Astronauts stationed there could also aid in lunar exploration — by teleoperating rovers on the moon's surface, for example.


NASA officials think they can pull off such manned missions without busting their budget, which stands at $17.7 billion in the proposed 2013 federal budget.


"They're not talking about plans that imply significant budget increases," Logsdon said. "It gives a more focused use for SLS and Orion before an asteroid mission."


Moon missions coming soon?


Exploration of Earth-moon L2 could get started as early as 2021 with the first manned flight of SLS and Orion, which NASA calls Exploration Mission 2. (Exploration Mission 1 is the initial, unmanned test launch of SLS, slated for late 2017.)


"I'm not privy to the specifics of this, but one could conceive of the second SLS mission being the start of activity in cislunar space, rather than just being a lunar orbit mission," Logsdon said.


We may know soon enough. NASA higher-ups have dropped hints recently that a big announcement may indeed be in the offing before too much longer.


"We just recently delivered a comprehensive report to Congress outlining our destinations which makes clear that SLS will go way beyond low-Earth orbit to explore the expansive space around the Earth-moon system, near-Earth asteroids, the moon, and ultimately, Mars," NASA deputy chief Lori Garver said at a conference in September.


"Let me say that again: We're going back to the moon, attempting a first-ever mission to send humans to an asteroid and actively developing a plan to take Americans to Mars," Garver added.

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hedgeless_horseman's picture
NASA is serious about sending astronauts back to the moon's neighborhood
  • Wright Brothers first fly in 1903. 
  • Russians orbit earth in 1961.  JFK promises US will land man on moon and return to Earth within 8 years  (58 years later).
  • Americans orbit moon, land, drive electric car around, take off again in ship about the size of a prius, orbit moon again, and return to earth safely in 1969 (8 years later).
  • Americans orbit earth in 2010 (41 years later).
TwoShortPlanks's picture

I suppose it's better than ANOTHER War.

knukles's picture

Where's Stanley Kubrick when we need him?

nmewn's picture

I nominate Space Cadet Biden to leave stranded on the desolate rock.

notbot's picture

Seems Obama took that whole Paul Krugman "defend earth from aliens" idea to heart. 



TruthInSunshine's picture

We should ship fractional reserve wanking bankers to outer space.

Bullard is citing research and claiming that Fed Monetary Policy may be considerably looser than they had thought, with a -5% NIRP, essentially (gee, really Bullard? You don't say...).

This appears to be consistent with the move the BOE made in calling off QE, as they concluded it was ineffective.

Shit's going to get real, really fast, bitchez.

Fed's Bullard: Current Monetary Policy May Be Easier Than Thought

Deo vindice's picture

Hey, if a country is going to go bankrupt, they might as well go in style. Or not.

Oh regional Indian's picture

If anyone believes the legend of NASA, they shoudl really read the report from Iron Mountain.

Recommendation 2 or 3 I forget : A very expensive space program with unattainable goals always way out into the future to keep the populace occupied.

Funny how people "buy" the poor CGI horse-dung Mars Bars Curiousity Rover "zapping" a rock BULLPUCKY now just like their pre-decessors in the late 60's bought the "Amazing Moon Dust repelling, Cardboard and Thumb-tack, Squiggly wire covered, Moronic, Morose or outsight mad Ass-true-NOT laden Moon Missions" with film in magic cameras that with-stood 400 degree temperature shifts and humongous doses of radiation on the moon, thoughthey neded special treatment in airport X-ray dectectors.... on and freaking on. Tell a lie often enough, show a picture....

Yes, we did it, so easy back then. Van Allen belt? Pshaw. Piece of radiated cake in a thin aluminium foil box. Controlled descent and ascent from unknown surface in unknown gravitation/atmospheric conditions? Double pshaw... this is America. We win!!!

See you on the moon in 2040....hah!

The US is really becoming a clown-show. 


MelvilleSaysNo's picture

I was going to say something along those lines, but you stole my thunder.  Well done.


Oh regional Indian's picture

Melville, perhaps we need to thunder together. I'm amazed at how may people here believe it.


francis_sawyer's picture

The Nazi's have secretly been holed up on the dark side of the moon...


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

But no living soviet scientist is point out 1960s American farcical! Of course, Soviet is own space program and debunk America moon landing is make mockery of own programs (pogroms).

Stackers's picture

Obama continuing more GW Bush policies ? Most of the R&D for the moon mission was done under Bush, then cancelled by Obama, only to be reintroduced as the Obama moon mission ?

Coke and Hookers's picture

This is brilliant. Earth's resources of debt collateral have been exhausted and new collateral must be found. Imagine how much debt can be based on a piece of real estate like the moon. This will save the system!

DeadFred's picture

I heard a rumor they found a way to put a golf course on the moon. That may have been an influence.

Arnold's picture

Legacy. He's got to find many more things to leave his scent mark on, to fill his Presidential Library. Right now the collection consists of a single empty chair.

magpie's picture

I'll raise both in Keynesianism and nihilism and declare the moon a death star built by an ancient civilization. Fire away...

Oldballplayer's picture

Only if we leave him with a nuke to blow himself to pieces. 

A Lunatic's picture

Fuck that. Leave him hog-tied and naked with nothing but Janet Napolitano and a 10" strap-on.

old naughty's picture

Space Odd-excess 2012.

A sequel.

btw, does Gen-X know who he is?

jekyll island's picture

The only thing that is going to the moon is the price of PMs.  Fuck you NASA, Fuck You Obummer.  Thanks for ruining what is left of my country.  

max2205's picture

What Barry actually said was that he'd like to send something up to URANUS

TwoShortPlanks's picture

I'll admit this; the day they put wings on rockets destroyed the beauty of spaceflight for me. I mean, the Shuttle is a fucktard design. RTLS Abort was a joke and NASA was lucky to have got away with it for so long. Back to sanity, back to LES Aborts.

Oh regional Indian's picture

TSP, cannot believe that you Believe the space nuttery.

Please go here and dig around....





TwoShortPlanks's picture

Sorry, that's right, nobody went, and we must go now!

So, we choose to go to the moon.....

spdrdr's picture

Jeez, you pair are seriously out there......

I'm just going to back away slowly - I'm not looking at YOU particularly, oh no, I'm, um, looking at that mark on the wall, near the door.

Anyway, thanks for the drinks and weed, but, you know, I've got to get jivin'....

Happy Festivus or whatever!

.... {closes door, exits stage right}........ 

spdrdr's picture

Sorry, "you pair" was a bit of a reach, upon full consideration of the posts above.

I deserve the downtick(s) for not reading the posts properly...

For the purposes of clarification, Ori's post is seriously scary.

Seriously. Scary.

"Put down the scissors!" type of Scary.


Zer0head's picture

First Ohio

next stop Burma


Go F youselves unemployed suckas

I'm the King o the World

knukles's picture

Not increase the budget, my ass.
Do you realize NASA can't eve shoot off a rocket anymore?
Their Shuttles crash and burn...
More than once...

And in any case, we sooner or later got to confront the alien menace already ensconced in bases on the dark side of the moon ...

Moon Base Krugman
Landing Pad Dipshit
Command Module Keynes
Loose Bowels Ben ATM System
Transporter Corzine

Moon on Official TimmahTime



(la la la la lahhh ha ha al a)

A Lunatic's picture

This in fact will not increase the budget since they stopped setting budgets a few years back.............

pods's picture

Here's an idea:
Why not just pull all the stuff we used to get there the first dozen times flawlessly 40 years ago out of the museum and just shoot it back up there?

 Not much money to do that now is there?

We could probably make new suits for them, as there may be some moth damage.

Or we could just call Rammstein, they has some pretty cool looking suits.



Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture


Can't do. All of the engineering & manufacturing dwgs were destroyed years ago- something about the cost of air conditioning!


kridkrid's picture

Interestingly, all of that "know-how" is gone.  that's a challenge with knowledge based organizations... the knowledge retires.  Operation Paperclip was a success... now it's over.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

"Their Shuttles crash and burn"....good point, long bodybags.

*Deploying Chaff and Flares...NOW!*

knukles's picture



Dave?  Don't do that, Dave.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Global Positioning Satellites my ass.  It will never work.  And who would use it?  Sailors?

pods's picture

And how high up are they?  Didn't the Red Bull guy take a wiz on one before he jumped?


LetThemEatRand's picture

Global Positioning Satellites orbit at between 6000 to 12,000 miles above the surface.  Red Bull guy was about 20 miles up.  In space, no one can hear a fact-free ideology scream in failure.

pods's picture

Sweet, now we just have to go another 20x farther away.
And back.  On one tank too, as the lines for fuel on the moon are longer than the ones on LI.

(and yes I understand that gravity diminishes the further you move away from an object)

As for facts, was it a fact that the world watched, live, Neil Armstrong walk on the moon?


vast-dom's picture

let's get the fuck off this ponzi prison planet! just can we please colonize based on IQ or some such? 

Arisu's picture

Implying high IQ people automatically have what it takes to create a peaceful, loving, cooperative, and non-selfdestructive society.

Do a reality check and you'll find out that counterparts of those you are seeing in your dream are mostly really economics PhDs who have studied under the great professor Ben Shalom Bernanke, or worse.

"Bernanke achieved a SAT score of 1590 out of 1600."

Besides, it is my opinion that the problems posed in IQ tests merely test how much the person conforms to standard logical reasoning and thinking strategies, which doesn't necessarily translate into ethical reasoning capabilites or how well you can solve non-linear problems. Basically I'd say it's bullshit to argue based on IQ associations unless you want to arrange a penis length contest for mathematicians.

Lore's picture

Agreed. Standardized testing measures the quality of your mind as a receptacle. Revolutionary truths and real brilliance are by definition antithetical to standardization and accreditation.  And worrisome to vested interests.

Totentänzerlied's picture

If creating a peaceful society is the goal, intelligence is not correlated. Lower IQ violence is messier than higher IQ violence which is far more deadly. OJ Simpson vs Benocide Bernanke - both violent sociopaths.

ptoemmes's picture

I wonder it there will be a Central Bank of the Moon - the MCB - there already.  If not careful, the newly arrived inhabitants are sure to set one up.  

I'd say at least a no Keynesian litmus test.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Better than ANOTHER war

Why not have both?!

That's no moon. That's a SPACESTATION!

SoNH80's picture

Yes, more subsidy for defense contractors, but at least nobody gets killed with these plans.  We should also bankroll a $1 trln SST (Supersonic Transport) program with Mickey Mouse money while we're at it, Omaha to Peoria in 7 minutes, let's push this thing into full tilt boogie mode, baby!

Yamaha's picture

Can't we just send Obama there on an old Cold War rocket?