Gasoline Rationing Comes To New York

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From the mayor who made owning an 18oz+ container of coke a summary offense, comes this:


In case anyone gets any ideas, the NYPD will be there to enforce counting skills:


Finally, so solly, but no tickee, no gasee

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Time to get out those spare plates folks.

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John Corzine & friends ought to be 'making' license plates...

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There has never been a better time
to buy or lease a new GM!

Hurry now to your nearest GM dealer
before inventories increase even more!


2013 GM Yukon Denali AWD
403 HP
13 CTY / 18 HWY

Nicely equipped with a giant fucking gas tank for only


Easy credit available through Ally Bank!

On*Star tracking and cabin recording included free for 6 months,
then you pay to be tracked and recorded.

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It's too bad they didn't show the accompanying picture of the angry mob attacking and robbing Mrs. Big outside of the store.

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I swear Mrs. Big looks just like Sheriff Taylor's Aunt Bea. She's probably buying extra cans of dog food for little Opie.

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Thinking about it though, WITHOUT rationing, 6 cans of mystery food were purchased by hungry eaters. WITH rationing, only 2 cans went home with lucky shoppers.

Who eats the other 4 cans of mystery food?

Oh, wait. I'll bet they're donated to the BLACK MARKET'S annual food drive.

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With rationing everybody gets to wait in line more often for less, versus waiting in line less often for more.  See?  Much better.

Get long fuel tanks.

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what if my plates reads  BITCH!!

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There is only a MANUFACTURED shortage of gas in New York - created by a government that wants to love it's citizens to death. 

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Supplies of gasoline have been at record highs for some time. Same is true for oil...and natural gas. And Bring Back Rudy Giuliani please...

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Effective immediately, all persons over 200lbs. will only be able to order one 16oz beverage on even numbered days. Those weighing under 200lbs. on odd numbered days. Anyone caught violating this policy will be asked to immediately urinate behind a dumpster...

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and what pray tell is the tail number on his Gulfstream?



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Problem is that is it basically all in Cushing (oil) and on the Gulf Coast (gas)....

Problem is that PADD 5 is very tight as are parts of PADD 1 (East Coast)...

The Colonial pipeline cannot handle demand  more so now that 2 mmbpd of capacity is offline in Europe, that gas was once shipped to NY/NJ for distribution....

This shows part of the story

Scroll down for the regional plots here

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People cutting in line leads to riots ... imagine what will happen if someone with an odd number license plate shows up on even-number day. What a stupid idea.

And rationing leads to hoarding, so yes go long fuel tanks!

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They aren't rationing yet. NYers can have as much as they can carry -- every other day.

Because people are stupid, they had to be told to go home at least every other day and get on with life.

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Because businesses either: 

1. couldn't come up with their own rules

2. didn't want to because it was good for businesss

This is not for the city to decide. If the businesses want to do this, fine.. the mayor can suck a dick. They pay for cops.. have their fat asses get out in the streets and direct traffic like the good drones that they are. 

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You are ezactly 100% wrong grev. "Business" could solve these lines in 2 seconds by adjusting the price along the lines of supply and demand. Big Brother specifically and brutally disallows this, and voila! Government caused shortages and government caused lines and government caused "solutions" to the shortages and lines. (which solve neither)

If Big Brother would STFU and the gas stations who wanted to could raise the price to 10$ a gallon during the pretend shortage and sunday drivers and SUV mall shopper moms (zombies) could stay home and people with real jobs would pay the  price and not have to waste half their day in line with the zombies.

If any gas station did this they would be shut down so fast by the Gestapo their heads would spin. Not ironically at all the Gestapo are not waiting in any lines whatsoever neither do they pay for their own gas either we do.

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My heart goes out to the poor bastard who gets in line on an even day with his even plates. But by the time he gets to the front of the line, it's already an ODD day.

That would make me cranky.

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"Police in NY today are reporting a sudden rash of license plate thefts..."

Matt's picture

License plates for rent, $20 / hour.

Interested in getting some money? We pay up to $50 per day for your license plate.

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Just buy a set in Chinatown. Odd, Even, they got it all!

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You will only be allowed to buy fuel tanks on odd days unless your name ends in a vowel in which case you will apply for a permit. No tanks will be allowed in NYC. Hon. Nanny Bloombergstein.

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I'm sure there are all sorts of regulations regarding fuel tank use and storage in NYC that people have no idea about.  I can see them permitting fuel tank buyers.  Why not? you're handeling something "dangerous". With a 3hr Fire safety class and a registration of your fuel storage location.  That's a whole new agency.  Forward!

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It's lawsuit time. There are more odd numbererd days in a year than even.

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It's lawsuit time. There are more odd numbererd days in a year than even.

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is that this months double plus good chocolate ration?

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I almost choked on my chocolate bar when I read that.

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John Corzine & friends ought to be 'making' license plates...


Yes...with his cell mate, Elmo Blatch:

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They hate us for our freedom!... If they only knew.

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I was not bullshitting when i told yall to carry two sets of plates with you, one for odd days, one set for even days.


Now look at ya.

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Some enterprising Craig's Lister will team up with one even and one odd plate and offer to take you to fill up your gas cans on any day...gas in car, problem solved.

Frozen IcQb's picture

"DB5 rotating plate bracket for sale"   Original , no major damage other than slight bullet dings.

NotApplicable's picture

Bloomturd will then escalate the battle by mandating plate scanners at all pumps, further increasing the price.

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Never let a good crisis hinder the encroaching police state.

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Is that normalcy bias weighing on you, Mayor?

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Do they have a lot of post turtles flailing away in NYC now?

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post turtle saver, seeing cops patrolling tourist spots and subway hubs with HKs and ARs, TSA checkpoints at random stations, Homeland Security SUVs parked at the same spots day-after-day, under-cover units 'trolling for pot smokers, brown-bag beer drinkers, unlicenced dog owners and the five-oh strutting around like peackocks immune to everything were some of the main reasons I left the shit hole city that Bloomberg governs. That was all before the soda bans, fuel rationing, salt regulation, etc., and I could go on at length about that place which I dare not speak its name. Anyone who doesn't recognize Bloomberg's duchy as the beta-model police state is deluded. If the smug hipsters in Park Slope love it, then isn't that a signal to get the fuck out?

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Go live in your cubicle, fuck face. I don't want any part of your bullshit. Come around here and you'll get fucked up, real good.

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So does this mean that Ann Margret's not coming?

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Not too many are going to get that. But they should.