Guest Post: The Next Four Years Won't Be As Good As The Last

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live,

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Lenin and Marx didn't have half the resources bummer has and they seemed to have accomplished their goals.

Get in line for Bread and Soap Bitchez.....

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I doubt he will continue to blame the guy who held office the last four years.

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He may just try it and actually convince some rubes of it.

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"The Next Four Years Won't Be As Good As The Last."

In other news, the sky is blue.


By 2015, we'll look back at 2012 like it was a dream world

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if you want to be a good journalist just repeat that headline every few months

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Like a weatherman in upstate NY.  Cloudy, cold with a chance of rain.  

Just keep saying "The next four years will be worse than the last 4 years" until we collapse.

I do hope that it is sooner rather than later.


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I am not a big person on taxes, but when I saw that all the wealthy areas voted for  this guy it would be sweet justice if he turned around and hit them with a big wealth tax.

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As a person who is not a big person on taxes, and lives is a mentally challenged state that voted for this guy....I completely agree. Enough is enough. Bring it. I am still stunned that the people I know and believed to have the most basic understanding have shown themselves to be completely inept. My guess is they have again voted in O because they think he will drop the hammer on wall street and spread the wealth. I amlost think the Repubs did not want this one. Thats why they put the Wall Street asshole up there. It was too easy.

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If the republicans wanted to win they wouldn't have screwed over Ron Paul like they did.

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I'd received an e-mail from a Republican friend this morning complaining about what the world's gonna be like since Romney lost.  I'd told him and a whole bunch of his fellows way early in the process, well before nominations when there was one after another R put forth as a possibility and they were in the "He's/She's Great!!!! routine....
During which time I'd constantly pushed RP and they pooh poohed me.
I made the statement that to nominate anybody else is a vote for Obey.

Here's the text of the e-mail I'd sent in response today.  (BTW, as you well know, I'm a RP/olde style western conservative Barry Goldwater type limited scope states right government person)


Get over it, guys.
It is what it is and only gonna get worse. The Democrats are gonna take this as a Mandate underwritten by the God in Whom they Do Not Believe to increase taxes, welfare, regulations, censorship, spending, reach, wars and associated criminal behavior of the banks and Federal Reserve The Republicans lost because they nominated a fellow who was doomed from the outset (Support of Mitttens' candidacy was a vote to re-elect Obama... I said it then and believe it now.  And prognosticate that's what it will be in the future.)
Mittens was incapable of securing the necessary middle of the road Republican (many folks feel the party deserted them and stayed home) independent (RP etc) and youth vote, both of which were ready to reject the Democrats wholesale.  Instead, the low turnout with an increasingly hostile demographics doomed the election. And a nomination by RP would have not lost a single Republican vote.  The religious right?  Nope   The masses who were going to vote anti-Obama?  Nope  Middle of the road Republicans?  Nope.   Anti gay marriage, abortion, etc?  Nope. 
Nothing would have been lost.  More gained.....  and may have won.
(How do you say politics dominated by special interests?  I knew you could.  Both parties)   The Republicans have come close to becoming irrelevant.
A party of voting against somebody and something.
Which doesn't work. And more than that, what is even more worrisome is the super majority achieved in the CA Senate and House.  The Democrats there are gonna take this as a mandate to raise taxes, increase welfare, regulations, etc., etc., etc.  A doubling down what with what's happened at the Federal level.  Free to create the plutonic people's socialist republic of Kalifornia... for which there is no money to do... but they don't believe that, do they?   Know to where people gonna migrate out of CA? 
Washington and Colorado. 
Lower taxes, less regulation, cheaper cost of living (and now can smoke pot legally.)   At least on the Federal level, the House remains in Republican control as it has the last several years.     Beware the fiscal cliff and money printing from the FED, the continuing bank bailouts (which are ongoing yet today to the tune of Bazillions) and continued ownership of DC by the banks, energy, food and pharma let alone the MIC.   There is no government of, for and by the people.   We are sooooooooooooooo fucked.
But get over it. 
It is what it is and ain't gonna change for the next election unless the Republican wing of the Leviathan One Party changes it's direction back to the Olde Western Style Conservatism of Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul.
  Math:  The New Inconvenient Truth  

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I hope your friends wake up.

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Cali deserves exactly what it gets,just as the rest of us do.

You get the government you deserve.After going from?? 15th largest econ in the world, and losing 5 million plus workers, and businesses........they still have not figured out that they MUST change their tactics or IMPLODE.

I just feel for the folks like the majority here,that DO not deserve what they get due to the HUGE inner city populations of FREEBIE recips.

GO to Northern Cali, it's a totally different country,compared to to where the .goober hub is.

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For the most part, people can live with the idea that they want a government BIG enough to shove a gun in their neighbors face and steal money to apply towards ideas/projects (their own pocket) that they agree with. (Well, this is really how it should be presented to them.) The problem comes when, as one of those dead white guys said, when the government is big enough to take away everything you have. White, black, brown Jew, Christian, Atheist. E V E R Y O N E!


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This is the point I rail about day after day.  (to many people's chagrin)

Most do not care of the amount of power that the government holds, only who is wielding it.

Both sides are the enemy of liberty.

If public emotion can sway the leviathan to punish select groups, there is no protection when it's gaze falls upon you.


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Last I saw on the 2012 Presidential results in Texas over 40% voted for Obama.  I would not be overly confident about Texas.

It's because of TWO things, major leauge population influx from Califagia, and the largest inner cities are like all others in the US now.

Poor,blacks,hispanics, and white trash.

But fear not, last I heard,Texans gets weapons for less than any other state due to 80% of the market being here.

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Well-said pods. +1 and green arrows once again.

It reminds me of a quote that I think was attributed to G. Washington where he compares government to fire. Fire can be useful to man, but it can/will just as easily destroy man.

If you play with fire you are going to get burned...

God help us all.

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I ain't worried. Texas will be free, with a metalic based monetary system, a mercantilist mindset and a government blind to race we will be the shining city on a hill. The rest of the country can wallow self rightously in the keynsian Hell they have chosen.  When it comes down to root hog or die Texans will not drink the Koolaid any more that Germany will.

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Want to beat the rush. Getting my passport in line along with visa info to allow me access to Texas.

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How long before States Attorney Generals sue Corn Syrup mfrs for health care cost recovery??

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Just about the time the corn syrup manufacturers cease campaign contributions... sticky wicket, old boy

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Born and lived in Texas for most of the last 50 years - you better check back in with Austin if you really believe that crap.

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Austin is a mutant city - not representative of the State as a whole.

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Austin, as in Silicon Valley is moving to Silicon Gulch. Probably the most liberal place outside of Kalifornia.

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Last I saw on the 2012 Presidential results in Texas over 40% voted for Obama.  I would not be overly confident about Texas.

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Tax the Rich!!! Rich to be redefined as > $50k

Tackle Global Warming = carbon credits/tax. Hmmm, sounds like that hidden tax will be hitting everyone unless you are protected by the Obama phone.

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Does anyone ever think of a steady state economy these days?  Even two percent growth leads to a vertical curve just not so quick as a five percent growth. 

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It's a nice idea, primarily because it would destroy the financial industry.

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Greece here we come......

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Greece here we come......

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The US economic structure is totally UNLIKE Greece's.

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Texas will get the same treatment South Carolina got when they seceded..


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I'd do anything I could to help Texas cede out of the union. No more Texas president! Yeah!!!!!!!

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I just want to know how much longer we are going to be saddled with that bastard BS Bernanke.

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"It is unlikely that Obama will move to the center and be more of a politician with the best interest of the economy at heart."

I know what you mean. All we've been able to choose from for the past few decades is a far-right Republican nutcase or asshole salesman, or a right-leaning, wishy-washy Democrat who sucks corporate butt too. For all the bitching, moaning and whining by the righties here and across the internet, the demonized, Marxist, socialist, communist left they expend so much energy upon is pretty much a myth in this country.

Unions have no power in our government compared to corporations, Environmentalists have no power in our government compared to corporations, citizens have no power in our government compared to corporation.If you can show actual legislation, not written by corporate lobbyists, to the contrary I would be quite happy to see it. If you cannot present such legislation you are caught in your own bullshit mythology yourself or are willfully ignorant of government and history.

I would say most of these writers and analysts are bogged down in their own biases and beliefs instead of looking at the actual situation and reporting from a reality-based position. But I guess that type of story does a better job of selling what they write to their rabidly foaming audience who are caught in their own belief box themselves. Then we wonder why nothing changes for the better.

You may now junk me and set me straight instead of doing your own research. I know it is easier.

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You should have taken the Red Pill.



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You should do your own research instead of thinking you have it all figured out. You also cannot offer up any rebuttal beyond childish comments either. Denial is a good place to exist for weaker minds.

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I surmise that the avatar is what is required to beat some sense into some people?

GeorgeHayduke's picture

Good point Flak, but I prefer that people come to their own realizations. I use the monkeywrench to throw into the cogs of the machine that keeps people willfully and proudly ignorant, like the ones junking me in my initial post.

worbsid's picture

The wrench in your avitar is a stillson or pipe wrench and completely different from a monkey wrench.  Do your research!

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By "completely different" you mean "almost the same but with the worm on the other side"?

I see what you did there.  Clever.

GeorgeHayduke's picture

Oh my gawd. I am now crushed. How can I go on?

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So it's the corporations pushing so hard for gun control that it led the Obama Admin to attempt the whole gun-walking Fast & Furious, guns to cartels debacle?  There was some kind of ideological angle there. 

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More malaise?

I agree! It's going to be MUCH worse!
Fiscal cliff!
Higher taxes!
Obama's tyranncare!
Debt brick wall by end of 2014!

Okay, it's going to be a calamity!

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At least Obama can correctly claim that he acheives growth...

Growth of the deficit!

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I had a small biz and shut it down b/c of too many regs and too many taxes.  I was ramping up to reopen and hire 10-20 ppl if Romney won.  Those plans are off now, even though rents are cheap while property taxes still increase, it's not worth the risk of getting put out of business in a couple years by new policies. 

Sorry, as a long time business owner, knowing the risk that can take you down, if revenues falter, I am not willing to invest and I NOW understand Atlas Shrugged ... if, like me, there's just a few hundred thousand people holding off ... then that's a few million jobs that will never occur.

The more the gov't takes from me, the less I want to give them.  I'm not going to work harder, longer and expend increasingly more capital to get less money.

I did it for the first two years of BO, and won't do it again until the environment is more business friendly.  So the next four years will just be more of the same for me and absolutely zero for the people I won't be hiring.