Guest Post: The Next Four Years Won't Be As Good As The Last

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live,

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Stacy McCain put it like this: "The Democrats are adept at making Republicans proxies for whatever anyone happens to hate: If you hate rich people, Republicans are the party of the rich. If you’re gay, Republicans are the party of homophobes. If you’re female, Republicans are the party of that jerk ex-boyfriend who dumped you because your thighs are too fat."

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this new reality. I've come to the conclusion that the Democrats figured out a long time ago that it's easier to get people to be against something than to be for something else. The reason that Obama won was that he was able to convince his voters that he was against whatever they said the Republicans were for, whether it was true or not.

We are all truly fucked.

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Don't homophobes tend to vote Republican?

I'm not a Democrat, so I don't really know.

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I don't know any, so I can't really say. According to the Log Cabin Republicans (, 31% of gays vote Republican. Blacks and Hispanics tend to be not down on the whole LBGT thing and they went 90% and 70%, respectively, to the Democrats.

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I am Catholic, and I know that many of us tend to the homophobic (we try to be nice about it), and I see that Catholics, as a group, voted for Obama. Hmmm.

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Yeah but you're a South Park watching Catholic....that has to count for something.

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And I'm not homophobic. Two more things to go to confession for on Saturday.

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About 1/2 the Catholics as a group are hispanic.  Many of the other catholics are catholic the way Soros is a Jew.

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So, I suppose if you control for Latinoness and frequency of Mass attendance, most good white Catholics voted for Romney and are homophobic.

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The takers outnumber the makers.  The promise of new freebies and the fear of having old freebies removed is what drove the turnout.  The debt doesn't matter, GDP doesn't matter, taxes don't matter, what you promise to give me is what matters.  People aren't hurting, food stamps, welfare, obamaphone etc. keep the sheep well fed and happy.  They still believe the Govt will save them and they see it working in their own lives.  I don't see any way out except for a collapse and a reset.

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Time for the makers to take things into their own hands, seems like they have little to lose.

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The Mohammedans have a Holy Duty to Matthew Shepard the Faggots, yet both the Mohammedans and the Faggots are "welcome" in the Big D tent, and their adherents often go to that tent to receive their voting instructions. It is IMPOSSIBLE to reconcile those those two positions, but yet both political parties claim to have "values".  No, the major Parties have platforms, whose only "value" is the votes that are delivered for the Party candidates.  The inherent conflict of welcoming both Bible Beaters and Hangin' Judges into the other tent is just as pathetic.  There can be no VALUES in politics as long as there are only two large parties which claim to speak for the Citizens.


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Can we stop saying things like "...puts the economy in a very nasty recession..." as if we ever exited the recession of 2008?  We're four years into an economic collapse buoyed only by monetary easing, which is having less and less of an effect on status quo maintenance. 

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That's not fair.  You can't blame Obama's policies for causing the recession if it started in '08, so you'd best just keep quiet about that.

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Yes, you can blame Obama for the housing mess. His first "job" was to "organize" to get banks to loan out mortgages to people who couldn't afford them.

The meltdown was decades in the making. The WSJ was banging the drum on Fannie and Freddie all the way back into the 90's. Fannie's CEO was Franklin Raines who was Bill Clinton's budget director. In 2003, the Bush people tried to rein them in, but that was stifled by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

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Well, as long as you never blame any of the bankers who wrote the laws, sure, I can see the logic.

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It is also just as unlikely that the Republicans will back down and begin to cooperate with the Senate.

A Senate under Harry Reid that will not even bring the House passed budget to the floor, they have locked in the Porkulus spending ($850B) into the baseline. No deficit reduction can take place iwthout rolling back to at least the 2008 baseline and beyond.

"Obama has already laid the foundation for his next four years of Presidency - more green jobs, tackle global warming, raise taxes on the rich and (create jobs) wealth redistribution for the poor."

Fixed it for ya, creating jobs is so much harder than just paying people to be poor, Green jobs and global warming BS is payback for bundlers.



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The republicans should let obama do whatever he wants so the financial system will collapse within the year and then maybe we can reset to what are founding fathers invisioned

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The republicans should let obama do whatever he wants so the financial system will collapse within the year and then maybe we can reset to what are founding fathers invisioned


He has been..............for four years.

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the best news on the political scene in USA : 

The Democrats' Election Victories May Have Killed The Tea Party - Business Insider

Fox News Is Killing The Republican Party - Business Insider 

GOP Implodes After Romney Loss - Business Insider

and especially this : 

Karl Rove's Historically Colossal Waste Of Money - Business Insider

The neo-cons who created this Reaganomics mess eat humble pie.

As thou shalt sow so thou shalt reap...

Nemesis, and I hope it bites deeep into their oligarchical pockets. 

Not that I support the other clique...of Pax Americana hubris...

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This is the "post-election collapse" of the anti-Obama crowd.

The anti-Dubya crowd had the same "come to Jeebus" experience 8 years ago.

The good news for the Republicans is: if we DO finally burst into flames during Obama's second term, they should finally be able to achieve that "permanent Republican majority" that's been Rove's Holy Grail for 20 years.

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"The anti-Dubya crowd had the same "come to Jeebus" experience 8 years ago"

My thoughts exactly: same shit, different party.


(those were teeth)

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Last 4 years have been a disaster ... next 4 will be worse? Awesome