Initial Claims Lower Than Expected Due To Hurricane Sandy

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Today's initial claims number, as well as that for the next several weeks, will be nothing but noise due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy. This is how UBS' Maury Harris explained the Sandy impact last night: "Hurricane Sandy will undoubtedly cause increased jobless claims. However, as after other hurricanes, there will probably be some lag with many potential claimants either unable to reach the Labor Department or otherwise pre-occupied. Indeed, we expect the hurricane artificially held down claims in the coming report (UBSe 340k, cons 365k after 363k)." Sure enough, today's Claims number came at 355K, below consensus expectations of 365K, and below last week's 353K, driven by the Sandy front-loading distortion as well as Seasonal Adjustments: the NSA claims number rose by 15.5K. No surprise. What is more peculiar is that after over a year of steady declines, those collecting extended benefits continued to rise, increasing by 20K in the past week, which is odd considering these programs have now been largely phased out for new entrants.

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I will keep saying it so long as it is true; "Beating expectations", all.. the... way... down...

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NYC is on it's own today while the FEMA office is closed due to weather.

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Went to file unemployment at the office.....but it's no longer there.

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there were no claims resulting from hurricane pam

simulation The three movies show Pam as it approaches and passes New Orleans, at different zoom levels. Right-click on the image and select play to view the clip.

summary on wpedia


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I am sure the .gov will be "shocked" to learn that they do just fine.

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We got buried with snow out here. Trees down everywhere. People are losing their mind. At least I don't own apple.

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Wow....that was close.

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7 inches or so up here in Westchester...

Would have been much much worse if the trees had not been bared by Sandy...

Last years Halloween storm was a killing storm, ~14" of snow on trees with most if not all their leaves...

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That is the funniest thing I've read today.

FEMA - We are here to help. You know, if the weather is nice and we have a few minutes

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Maybe they need to rename it FEEBLE: Federal Emergency Eggheads Barely Lending assistancE...

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FEMA head was cuomo. He had crew remove tree or trees from his driveway instead of the ones that needed it.

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Slight correction; it was his Dept. of Emergency Services head. But is that a job saved or lost?

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Seven years after Katrina and still no improvement in FEMA services. (tsk, tsk, tsk)

(picture Obama pointing to the masses like Uncle Sam)  "Your Government Working for You!!!!"

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This is starting to feel like the Vietnam death totals.  Eventually the number was so skewed it said we wiped out the entire North Vietnamese people.

And so numbers will eventually reach zero I suppose.

By then no one will have a job but zero is possible.  Fox will cover the headline for us.

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What, nothing about last weeks upward revision...

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Well, the election is over, no need to manipulate the data anymore...

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I don't think I like the sound of that.

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there will probably be some lag with many potential claimants either unable to reach the Labor Department or otherwise pre-occupied.


In NJ, you can file over the phone. In fact, IIRC, that's the only way to file. Takes 5 minutes.

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You are assuming the servers are up to recieve any claims.

You are assuming there is diesel in the back up generators in all 400 data centers after last week.

You are assuming that the staff at those data centers haven't quit to take care of their families.


They are electronic ghost towns of a trillion dollars of information and equipment doing nothing.

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It used to be located in Trenton, but after checking, I see that there are three, depending on where you live. N. Jersey  UI call center is located in Union City. So, you may be right.

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What will happen when all those election workers file....????

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OH right, these numbers are just 'noise' due to a storm, in a couple weeks we'll get back to the 'real' data. Yea right.

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Wow Obama works fast - so glad he has four more years yay

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A few campaign workers are going to show up next week.

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Yay, another Krugman style "beat".

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sheeple cry so much over just a little wind.


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Come on folks really, does anyone with half a functioning brain left believe ANY numbers generated by the govt?  How many of you are unemployed and have been for a long while?  How many of your friends? Neighbors? Relatives?  The city I use for services which is 40 miles away down on the plains has a population of 105,000.  The Sunday paper job listings last week had very few job openings listed.  About a quarter page.  All of them but 2 were in the medical field.  The other 2 were for CDL holders, long haul trucking. Ten years ago there would have been a couple of pages of listings.  Buckle up and hold on cause 2013 is gonna make 2012 look like we were all living in the lap of luxury.

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Down 45K YOY (not seasonally adjusted).  Employment situation isn't good, but the next unemployment crisis isn't here yet.  When it comes, oh boy.