Samsung S3 Overtakes iPhone As World's Best-Selling Smartphone

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Look up the phrase "inflection point" - it will be the most hated phrase by all those who day after day repeat that there is now way AAPL can ever drop because its "forward multiple is low" (hint: forward multiples are simply functions of forward earnings, and once the fadness and coolness of a memo, no matter how infectious in the past, is gone, so are "forward earnings', especially once the sellside behavioral finance lemmings crew takes the machete to their Price Targets and has to justify why it has been massively wrong... and also for those who have a calculator, calculate how many years of dividends $100 billion in cash funds before the cash hoard also runs out).

From Reuters:

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S3 became the world's best-selling smartphone model last quarter, pushing aside Apple Inc's iPhone, which has dominated the chart for more than two years, research firm Strategy Analytics said on Thursday.


Strategy Analytics estimated Samsung sold 18 million S3 models in the third quarter, compared with iPhone 4S sales of 16.2 million.


Strong sales of the flagship Galaxy S3 - which comes with a large 4.8 inch touchscreen - helped Samsung post a record $7.3 billion operating profit in the July-September quarter.


"Samsung's Galaxy S3 has proven wildly popular with consumers and operators across North America, Europe and Asia," said analyst Neil Mawston, adding the new iPhone 5 would likely reclaim the top spot for Apple in the current quarter.

We realize that this unpleasant datapoint means adding insult to AAPL permabull injury. So be it.

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Who doesn't want that second video clip for your business trip?

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Not very confident investing in a company near its all time highs (well not anymore) that derives almost 100% of its profits from 2 products that are essentially the same thing.  Check that, now that we have the iPad mini, that's three products that are virtually identical excluding size and the ability to place phone calls.

What am I saying though, the iTV is on the horizon. 

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The rotten apple has hit the ground.



*Applause, cheers*

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Mickie D’s might want to lose the hot apple pie for some of this:

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my son looked at all the current phones based on value and bought the samsung galaxy nexus because it had googles latest operating system, high resolution screen and all other features of any state of the art phone----purchase price new in box $299

windows phones aren't bad either---cell phones are a commodity---just like a laptop     remember apple was the desktop/laptop trendsetter a few decades ago only to reduced to have a fringe following


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When I read this article a few months back, I knew the iPhone was done:


Plus the iPhone 5 has a new connector, which means you would have to buy adapters for your old docks or devices.  Well if you're going to make people do that anyway, suddenly they start thinking about alternative phones as well.


Not to mention that iTunes was never particularly user friendly, which is a surprise coming from Apple.  It's bloated and clunky, and provides such a starkly frustrating experience compared to the relative elegance of the iOS platform.

The iPhone 5 will be the their last gasp of being at the top of the heap.  when the Galaxy S4 comes out next year, good night sweet prince. 

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I don't think Apple has any ambition, or should have, to be the No.1 volume selling unit

this is Toyota Corolla versus BMW 3 Series.. a battle that just ain't happening

Apple have shaped the entire tek-space for the past 20 years of epic growth ..I can't see anything in their also-ran, copy-cat competition that's threatening that lead or their Tek-King crown

the ever more behind Microshite (selling lemons for 20 years) and ever more desperate GOOn squad (now selling, sorry giving-away zombies) are laughable

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You must live in Washington or Colorado because you're smoking something.  Apple only came into it's own within the last decade, before that they were a quirky tech company with overpriced products that got buried by the big boys.  Mobile is the only reason they are what they are today, and now they are losing their edge.  

Your "Toyota vs BMW" comment is laughable Apple fanboyism.  The Samsung products are already equal, if not exceeding in technological sophistication, not to mention other competitors such as HTC.  Those companies are still charging full bore with substantial innovations.  What do we get from Apple?  The inconvenience of a different plug and one more row of icons.  Ridiculous.


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Amusing how much money people waste on these toys.

I have a 5 yr old 2G Razr V3, no data package, just a freikin phone.  Texting was blocked til this month when I enabled it for business reasons, some people like texting rather than calling.

No internet in the house so I found a 3G android phone on ebay with $25 / mo grandfathered prepay unlimited data plan for a hotspot so I can do internet at home and on the road with my 3 yr old HP mini.  Yea it's slow but I'm not streaming freikin movies, use 3 - 4 gb / mo thereabouts.

Between the two I spend $75 / mo.  3G phone was $60.  HP mini from ebay was $280.  That's all I've spent on this stuff in 5 yrs, and the Razr was free with a 2 yr plan that ran out 3 yrs ago, I can go to any carrrier any time.

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AAPL is going down

Question is, should you put on your hard hat or a parachute?

I'm getting out of the fucking way, I'll maybe look at it when it gets down to a hundred bucks a share...

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We're number two.....we're number two!!!!

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The only moat apple has is people who think like you. Once the herd changes direction it is good bye apple.

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I'm seeing a shift too.  My oldest two kids are on iPhones.  The youngest one (12 years old) could care less, but has told me how cool the S3 is.

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oh dear, another parent hed-fkd into listening to his kids advise

does he tell you how to drive too?

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It's not advice, it's call listening to what the market is telling you.  In case you haven't checked, the market for mobile devices is not a bunch of old, cranky white guys.

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"Applesauce" ... cheers! 

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iTV will be worth a look.  Currently, I've got a Sony Google Box with a built in BlueRay player that is amazing.  I think it was less than $200.

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The 27 inch iMac is $1800 so a 46-inch iTV should run about $3000. Should have no problem selling millions with ZIRP firmly in place.

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iTV ... now what could it possibly do that xBox, Sony, Samsung et al can't already get a TV to do? 

Where do you get that price point of $3000 from? 

To me the price point would be a wireless  HDTV + wireless blu ray + motion sensitive game system with browser.  For $3000 I better get superior proprietary access to superior proprietary visual content.

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No one is going to pay 5000 for a 30" deformed retro TV using last years technology.


Then again, there are a lot of stupid people out there that buy into trendyness.


People will rush in in droves to own an "Apple Tv"

Samsungs TVs freaking scan you Iris and recognize body language.... apple has a lot of catching up - to do, Microsoft is even 10 years ahead of them in R&D... everyone is.

Apple still hasn't even implemented OLED tech into anything.... still using standard old-fashioned LCD tech.

Apple is in a dangerous position because people buy into the "brand" and "look" of the product, it doesn't give them wiggle room to move into any other look or style, which means once they hit a peak buyer/audiance there is no room for them to grow and they will start to contract as their lack of technology and inovation in favor of trendy artsy crap/looks starts to bite them in the ass.

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Apple is a consumer company now.  They became that based on the ease of use of their OS but now other comapnies have caught up with them.  OSX was an amazing leap forward.

I drove ProTools professionally for many years and it used to be you really had to run it on a Mac to get it to work.  Not anymore, PC's are fine and Apple has seriously screwed up their relationship with Digidesign/Avid.  For those unfamiliar with it, pretty much every album you have and audio from movies you have seen from the last 10-15 years was done on ProTools.  Macs got dragged along for the ride on that out of necessity.  Not anymore as PC's are good to go.  Apple screwed over their long time partners like Digi when they tried to capture the market with Logic, which they have now turned into a a piece of shit as well.

I now also do video work and Apple has also screwed the pooch with the latest Final Cut Pro.  It is a total joke.  I had to upgrade to it to be able to access the new cameras that use memory cards instead of miniDV.  When it is time to upgrade again at work I will either totally bail on Macs altogether or go back to Adobe software.

Apple also constantly breaks software with OS upgrades, forcing one into a series of often unwanted upgrades just to get your tools working.  My ProTools HD rig is frozen in time with 2005 versions of all software and I will never upgrade it as it would run into probably about $30k to make all the plugs and shit work.  It works just fine as it is, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Point being, a company that used to specialize in making tools for professional media creators (and has totally screwed that market over) is now spitting out consumer iCrap that lost its innovative edge about 3 generations ago.  And without a visionary like Jobs to lead them forward... Look out below.

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I think Apple TV will bomb.  Television is very different media than mobile devices and it has different consumers.  People don't want to interact with their TV, they just want the freaking game on, they want their TV to be fucking giant, and they want it to look damn good.  TV is not hip or trendy, and Appledorks can't take a TV to Starbucks with them.  High-end TV consumers would probably rather have a non-interactive TV that was 20 inches larger than have whatever goofy features that AppleTV will sport.

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I agree. High Definition is very well entrenched and has no viable replacement for years to come. An iTV with a retina display wouldn't give you a superior TV or video picture. So what benefit could an iTV give the consumer? A bloody big phone with video conferencing? 

Samsung already have smart TVs too so it would seem that Apple would be the ones pursued for patent violations for a change. Most importantly is your point about Appledorks. What could their iTV post on Facebook automatically? That they're sneakily watching scat gay midget porn at home whilst the viewer motion detector is going berzerk?

And all this for more than the price of every other igadget made added together.

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"and Appledorks can't take a TV to Starbucks with them"

This is the only thing you needed to list.  Ever notice most iPhone cases have a hole cut in the back to display the logo?  Ever notice people that take their iPads out at restaurants, lay them on the table, but never turn them on?  Ever notice how many people you see with their white headphones just hanging out of their shirt (i.e., not in their ears)?

Apple products (for whatever reason) are status symbols...and you can't carry a fucking TV around with you.  It will fail.

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every inch counts. size does matter.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note, my wife a Galaxy Y; we have 3 Samsung Smart TV's and an 8.9" tablet. All running non proprietary open systems. All great technology and all great at the jobs we ask of them.

We also have an iPod and iTunes which has locked our music up to such an extent that I'm about to take on the task of reconverting all my 100 GB of iTunes music back to mp3 format & ditch iTunes.

Apple today is what IBM mainframes were to computers 20 years ago and Microsoft s/w 10 years ago. The big swinging dick in the market that thought it could lock everyone up with their proprietary product set. Sorry, I'm not buying it...

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Yeah, but you cant talk on an ipad mini.

Does it have a stylus?

Do i give a shit??



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When are these getting handed out?

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This phone is probably made at Foxconn, on the same assembly line, as the iPhone.

All the same shit, with different logos.

Apple's vastly shortened planned obsolescence cycle (e.g. Lightning Dock) is pissing off even its core base.

Apple has been subsidized by the cell companies for a long time, also. Let's see what happens when they no longer consider Apple as the linchpin that drives contracts.

syntaxterror's picture

Why can't JobsCo just use microUSB as mandated by the EU and used by every other phone maker?

machineh's picture

Cuz proprietary Lighting-to-micro-USB adapters that cost <$1.00 to make sell for $19.00. Sweet!

Plus they have a chip in them that could fail. Better buy two!

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Quick - add another row of icons, boys!

kito's picture

but wait, i thought increasing the size of its smallest touchscreen and decreasing the size of its largest touchscreen was a sure sign of innovation!!!



Spastica Rex's picture

How are you faring, Kito?

kito's picture

hey spas, well the hurricane didnt do too much to our area except create power outages and gas lines.............and my guy gary johnson didnt win................i was up all night waiting for his numbers to rise above the 1-5 percent range..............didnt happen.............aside from that all is status quo.................................

kito's picture

and spas, are you hunkering and bunkering at an accelerated pace post obama win???....................

Spastica Rex's picture

Well, I just put my snow tires on. I also bought 25 lbs of buckwheat groats the other day. It's going to be cold in the mountains of North East Oregon this weekend I hear, and I'm headed there.

In one limited sense I'm glad BO won (which I was not predicting) because I have a long standing bet with some educator guys and gals that BO is going to can Arne Duncan as Sec of Ed this second term.


kito's picture

nice....mountains of northeast oregon.....sounds have a cabin tucked away there?......hadnt thought about buckwheat groats..........may have to add that to my just waiting for a president to disband the entire dept of education...............sadly, more and more federal money is being spent at the dept of ed...... and yet american students are falling more and more behind in international test scores...............

Spastica Rex's picture

Well, I don't have a cabin, but someone I know does. I'm poor, remember?

As for the test scores, don't put too much stock in those. Federal ed policy wonks and corporate profiteers hold them up like a red cape in front of a bull, it gives them control. Ed reform is a perfect symbiotic relationship of corporate and government power.

The real travesty is that our kids are being taught to be little identical, dependent, consumer robots. Of course McDonald's would be able to run our pathetic public schools much more cheaply.

McLearning: I'm lovin' it!

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Didn't you see that one commercial where they show how they innovated the ear phones?  I mean, they're onto something.  Our ears aren't round so why are ear phones?  That right there is genius and fully supports the $1000+ price target.

resurger's picture

MDB is buying the top, and selling the bottom.


SeverinSlade's picture

So MDB is really Whitney Tilson?

Agent P's picture

I like the one I saw last night for the iPad Mini...regular iPad and iPad mini playing a piano duet.  I know they were trying to show off the size difference and demonstrate that it functions the same as the original, but my takeaway was that the size difference was negligible and that it doesn't do anything new...not exactly strong selling points for the upgrade fanboys being made fun of in the Samsung commercials (which I think are hilarious).

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Actually, they continue to innovate. For example, the just introduced a very nice anti-glare technology on the new line of iMacs.

machineh's picture

They didn't make that.

Seriously. Anti-reflective glass is made by G-tech Optoelectronics in Taiwan.

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If ever there was a sign of the Apocalypse ... 

Unprepared's picture

Apple was the reason Man was kicked out of Heaven. Will it also be the reason we get kicked from Earth?