Spot The Odd Market Out Since The Election

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Market watchers are stunned, stunned we tell you, that we didn't bounce today after yesterday's 1-year record plunge in stocks. Whether AAPL led the market or the market led AAPL is irrelevant, there is one clear fact, everyone and their pet rabbit Clive is looking to reduce exposure to that anchor-like alpha-destroyer. Gold once again outperformed every other asset class today as it has seemingly reaffirmed since the election that "buying gold is just buying a put against the idiocy of the political cycle." S&P 500 futures plunged into the close to end on their lows (-60 points from yesterday's highs); AAPL closed at its lows (-3.7% on the day - through its 55-week average); financials dropped further; Treasury yields plunged (30Y -16bps on the week); while the USD generally tracked sideways to higher; high-yield credit closed at its lowest price in over two months (don't tell Tom Lee). VIX compressed modestly (and steepened) as we suspect election hedges are lifted (and also AAPL overlays discarded).

Gold is soaring as Treasury yields, Oil, and Stocks plunge...(and the USD treads water limping higher)


with AAPL down


and where does the S&P 500 stand...


Where to from here? S&P still ~90 points rich to Bonds...

120 points rich to Goldman's year-end target...

and 200 points rich to a much broader basket of risk-assets calibrated earlier in the year...


Meanwhile, European stocks are now outperforming US stocks...


as a reminder - P/E valuation changes during QE2 and LTRO/Twist compared to the current move are almost perfect mirrors... will we follow 2011? or 2012?


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

Bonus Chart: GRPN Group-Off! -12% after-hours on sales-staff cuts and reduced outlook...oops...


amd here's NFLX - trading between $76 and $80 since Icahn's move... we suspect more than a few lined up under that...

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Yikes's picture

After hours.

Groupon?  Nope.  Groupoff.  Like 13% off

knukles's picture

The good olde bond and gold barbell works like a charm, again.

Hey, ah, Meredith, about them municipal bankruptcies... seems Obey and Benji gonna fund that stuff.....


Whata fucking mess

OpenEyes's picture

"Once again Gold outperformed every other asset class today"


I think that Silver might have something to say about that bitchez!

Tinky's picture

Only if it were, in fact, a different asset class.

Capitalist10's picture



You left out bellwethers Smith and Wesson (SWHC) and Sturm Ruger (RGR), both up sharply since the election.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

AAPL still overvalued by 800%, that is if you only count the shares that are not counterfeited...

(nowdays all you have to do is add a zero or two to your account with a keyboard)

Anyone that buys AAPL will be caught holding a bag of old needles and razorblades

stocktivity's picture

Oh my aching ipad....I'll bet there's more than one hedge fund manager stressed out right now yelling at some poor subordinate. Apple down another 20. How many ways can you spell "margin call"???

dwdollar's picture

Another day or two of this and the rats will be slamming ZH for advice.

economics9698's picture

People like me.  All I know is where the gun shop is and where the gold shop is.

Debeachesand Jerseyshores's picture

Just keep buying PM's and everything will be fine.

disabledvet's picture

Well good luck with your dollar longs I would agree with that. But don't forget...we had far more socialism in 1940....and FDR set the price of gold every morning when he woke up (36 bucks give or take a OUNCE.) So far the comparisons to that guy with say....the last 10 Presidents....has been pretty sorry.

sgorem's picture

the president, nor the us government can set the price of gold in todays world. how sweet is that!

knukles's picture

Most the guys I know in the biz already religiously read ZH... just that the normalcy bias amongst the head honchos at the money managers and their clients absolutely prohibits implementing such nonsense as found on these here pages.

Fuck ya', guys.

How them redemptions and account/client losses going for ya these days?

DeadFred's picture

Server overload suggests that people consult it more often during corrections. Foolish sheep. Much as I love ZH calling bottoms is not the site's biggest strength. They should be checking it out when things seem rosy (but aren't)

slaughterer's picture

$530 is a lock tomorrow.   Last chance support before everybody and their grandmother bail.  

Awakened Sheeple's picture

This is accelerating big time. Might as well ride the wave down, but stay nimble.

scatterbrains's picture

I smell 480-90ish myself.  If that longer term rising trend line fails down there then it's pure panic time.

slaughterer's picture

480-490 would be possible next week, if 530 breaks tomorrow.  

Have a divi coming in next week.

Wonder if AAPL will finally step in to defend.

This pummeling has to have a few HFs calling them up.  

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

I dunno, I'm not a fanboi but $480 would be something like 5X earnings on a company that earns $130 million per day. It's the perfect model for the company of the future, 42 high-wage jobs in the US doing design & marketing, tens of millions of little Chinese fingers assembling the hateful little things, profits offshored via tax shenanigans, and muppet/sheeple worship of the brand/coolness/Snooki.

o2sd's picture

I wish I could upvote your comment 100 times. Pure. Gold.


monopoly's picture

Man, agree, this is ugly. I am so glad I do not own stocks, except for quality miners. My physical is warm and safe IN the safe. I missed most of the ramp up in stocks. Just could not go there knowing what I knew. But, now, I am also missing the entire leg down, so far. Santelli was great, "Maria, the stock market is telling you they elected the wrong guy". Love that man.

Truth and reality, finally. But, still have zero shorts. Do not trust the head inmate. Once he starts dribling on his beard, anything can happen.

DeadFred's picture

Didn't you see how the market turned around today when the new QE rumors came out? Oh yeah they can't do that anymore. The Bernanke put is dead in the other inmates are just waking up to the fact. The chances for an algo driven flash crash in the next week are substantial. Multiyear trend support has been broken for all the majors and all are below their 200s. This happened before on May 6 2010 and early August 2011. The squid sees all those AAPL stops and smells money.

BeetleBailey's picture

Dive in dude!


SDS, DXD, TWM, MZZ...all good shorts. Ripe for the plucking.


DIRT is smarter than a typical Obamavik "voter". I have talked to several of these douchebags, post-election. Howard Stern has nothing on me. ALL of them are dumber than a bag of hammers.

Rathmullan's picture

That final few minutes of trading today smelled like liquidity crunch spirit. Either that or someone was front running a specific geo-political risk event.

camaro68ss's picture

Did you say GEO-POLITICAL....


Time to carpet bomb Iran with kenetic bombs of peace.

DeadFred's picture

The S&P went below it's 200 dma and a lot of stops were triggered.

e-man's picture

I seem to recall a kinder gentler time when this racket, er -- market would only go up.  It all seems so long ago now...

monopoly's picture

At some point we gotta bounce. Cannot remember it being this easy for shorts since 2008-09. Hmmmm. Maybe I just hit on something.

FL_Conservative's picture

Today's close was just below 200dma.  So we'll see if there's any bounce.  If there is, I think those that want out will use that as their opportunity before the exits get crowded.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Wait, let's check.  Oh yeah, the VIX is at 18.5.  Yeah, totally over-sold.

adr's picture

January 2013 might be the first time you walk in a store and see nothing but Christmas merchandise with 75% off tags.

In 15 years of selling to retail, I have never been at this point in the year without spring orders. All of my reps that also sell other lines are saying the same thing about every other company the represent. Retailers aren't buying anything.

Everyone was claiming the buyers were waiting until the election was over. It's over and they won't even pick up the phone. 12% EPS growth? Ha, we'll be lucky if we're only down 12%. You can't sell what wasn't bought. Even Wall Street can't BS through that.

monopoly's picture

Very sad adr. Am very sorry for you and your staff.

Amazing what a few corrupt useless politicians and worthless greedy bankers can do to an entire economy and country.

Broccoli's picture

I find it more likely retail sales will be flat the next few quarters, margins will be zero or negative.

FL_Conservative's picture

Make it up in volume?   Probably not.  More likely volumes MUCH lower with as much margin as they can safely capture.

stocktivity's picture

"Even Wall Street can't BS through that."

Yes they can

ziggy59's picture

Yes we can was last, just sayn..

rqb1's picture

and Bob the Builder

Dr. Engali's picture

I saw this eaelier..It's inetersting how aggressively CNN is pushing the war meme.




DeadFred's picture

First new moon after the election is Monday. For most this is a totally random fact.

azzhatter's picture

Maybe Ozero will come out and call a bottom

NEOSERF's picture


Dexia is starting to look like that canary in the coal mine indicator of increased volatility...third time it has had to be rescued...seeing a pattern coming to a Spanish and Italian bank near you