Did Petreaus Betray Us (And If Not Us, His Wife... After The Election Of Course)

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Update, in which we find the true reason for the affair: Petraeus Won’t Testify on Benghazi Next Week, Senate Aide Says.  In other words, next time one is called to testify before a panel over the deaths of 4 people including one US ambassador, one just pulls the infidelity "get out of testimony" card and all is well.

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A mere few days after the re-election of our president, CIA Director David Petraeus annoucnes his resignation:


The reason - an extra-marital affair...


Of course, the defense is already known: Petreaus did not commit that affair... the government did it for him

Via AP:

David Petraeus has resigned as director of the CIA after admitting he had an extramarital affair.


According to his letter of resignation, Petraeus asked President Barack Obama on Thursday to allow him to resign, and on Friday the president accepted.


Petraeus said in a statement that he had shown "extremely poor judgment" in having an affair.

and From the Director of National Intelligence...



Today, CIA Director David Petraeus submitted his letter of resignation to the President. Dave’s decision to step down represents the loss of one of our nation’s most respected public servants. From his long, illustrious Army career to his leadership at the helm of CIA, Dave has redefined what it means to serve and sacrifice for one’s country.


Since he took over as Director in September of last year, he and I have worked together to tackle some of the most challenging issues faced by the Intelligence Community in more than a decade. Under his leadership, the CIA remained instrumental in providing our policy makers decision advantage through the best possible intelligence. I’m particularly thankful for Dave’s unwavering support and personal commitment to my efforts to lead the Intelligence Community and integrate our intelligence enterprise.


Whether he was in uniform leading our nation’s troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, or at CIA headquarters leading the effort to generate intelligence used to keep our nation safe, Dave inspired people who had the privilege of working with him.


I have spent more than five decades serving our country–in uniform and out–and of all the exceptional men and women I have worked with over the years, I can honestly say that Dave Petraeus stands out as one of our nation’s great patriots.


On behalf of the entire Intelligence Community, I thank Dave for his service, his support and his continued friendship.


James R. Clapper

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kato's picture

Yawn. Pussy Galore wins again.

idea_hamster's picture

The only affairs that intel cares about are the secret ones.  

If you're messing around and your wife doesn't know, no big deal.  If you're messing around and the AGENCY doesn't know -- now that's a blackmail risk.


NotApplicable's picture

So much for him replacing Hillary. I guess Kerry will have to do.

Why the long face?

Pladizow's picture

Rats fleeing a sinking ship!

francis_sawyer's picture

Gee ~ I hope his resignation won't disrupt the heroin or coke traffic...

Precious's picture

Who did he have an affair with, Michelle Obama?  

This resignation is bogus.

Precious's picture

The General was screwed by Madame Benghazi.

franzpick's picture

He was not in uniform at the time.

economics9698's picture

Anyone notice how quickly the Iraqi war was ended when the Jew Meyer was booted and Petraeus replaced him? 

McNamara stopping Westmorland from winning the Vietnam War with absurd orders?

The more war, the longer the war, the more the banker Jew masters get their money.


eatthebanksters's picture

Marc Faber was right...Obama will not make it to the end of his second term because of scandals.  This guy is a magnet for corruption and greaseball behavior.  Faber also said to buy guns, more specifcally a machine gun...wonder where I can get one of those, legally of course!

ebworthen's picture

Some people say cream floats to the top, but so do unhealthy bowel movements.

saturn's picture

I do not care about affairr, I care about truth.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

Something is going to go horribly wrong for someone.

  Israel seeks war on Iran to keep lid on 9/11

And still Netanyahu continues on this seemingly suicidal course. He even orders the Mossad and its CIA assets including Gladio veteran Terry Jones to unleash a rabidly anti-Islam film, spammed into the faces of every Muslim on the planet via millions of dollars of computer server time and intelligence agency expertise - an obvious attempt to fan the flames of Islamophobia and pave the way to a US war on Iran for Israel. Obama, who is on record saying he hates Netanyahu and that Netanyahu is a liar, and who knows that Netanyahu manufactured the “Innocence of Muslims” crisis to try to get Romney elected, responded by refusing to meet with Netanyahu in New York, and going on the David Letterman Show instead. A more blatant snub could hardly be imagined.



Michaelwiseguy's picture

Seems everyone on the planet knows about this story except the Un-informed American people.

But there is no guarantee that things would go well for Israel on the battlefield. Iran has the capability to riddle Israel with rocket attacks, or even to take out Israel's Dimona nuclear facility and perhaps render Israel and much of the surrounding region permanently uninhabitable. And Israel does not have the capability to seriously damage Iran's nuclear energy program without US help. If the US intervened on the side of Israel, Iran could shut the Straits of Hormuz, and possibly sink many, if not all, of the ships there with Sunburn missiles, driving gasoline prices over USD 10 a gallon and paralyzing the world economy. Additionally, Iran has the capability to massively attack the US bases that surround it, killing thousands, if not tens of thousands, of US soldiers. A US president, especially one who dislikes Netanyahu and puts America's interests ahead of Israel's, would be very unlikely to help Netanyahu attack Iran.


Phase 2 of the plan has been initiated. 

GetZeeGold's picture




Gotta call bullshit right here.......Obama is out of his league and everyone knows it.


The real news is Hillary is leaving.....she'll drive a stake right though that rat bastards head.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Israel has weapons of mass destruction, we must bomb them immediately

GetZeeGold's picture






Is not being discussed here....nice try though.

GetZeeGold's picture




My ancestors crossed the Caucasus mountains, which is why your drivers license might list you as a Caucasion....but I'm not from the tribe of Judah.


Pretty sure you have no clue what I'm talking about....do you sparky? That's probably because you're not very bright.

jwoop66's picture

you're not seriously gonna try and perpetuate the fucking "anti-islam" film caused it all myth are you?   You gotta be fucking kidding.  And you tied it to your "the jews did it" schtick.  Nice.   I don't know what netanyahu did or didn't do, but even without Iran in the picture, Isreal is rapidly becoming surrounded by crazy fucking islamic fucks.   The fucking arab spring.   great.  you probably thought it was a great moment for democracy.  tool.  


oh shit... if the muslims read this they might fucking riot... oh no... then you'll say netanyahu or the jews wrote this. 

Well, I'm neither you stupid piece of shit...

fnord88's picture

better off gettting fucked in the ass by degenerate christian priests?

GetZeeGold's picture




You clearly have some issues.

nmewn's picture

If the government didn't lock up those for killing child molesting priests, there wouldn't be any child molesting priests.

GetZeeGold's picture




Say hello to the boys at the Gestapo for us.


That crap worked 70 years ago.....not so much today.

nmewn's picture

My point was, if the law is made corrupt or unworkable, it ceases to be any law the people will respect. The Gestapo was following German law wasn't it? It didn't make what they were doing "right" though did it?

As an aside, I don't assign pedophile priests (or pedophiles in general) to the category of a predator. They are more like vultures seeking sustenance from the defenseless. Pedophiles will flee from a true predator everytime.

GetZeeGold's picture




This story is not about pedophiles......clearly your only trying to obfuscate here.....and doing a pretty damn bad job about it.

nmewn's picture

True, this is a side bar to the original story. I'm making a comment to the side bar. You're reading a little more into my comments than there is GZG

Scroll down to see my comments relevent to the story ie General Ham to be replaced...and why.

Chariots of the Feds's picture

Seen on a stall door shortly after arriving in country, Vietnam 1966.  Westmoreland walks on water (and added right below it) Yeah and shit floats!

ebworthen's picture

Thanks for that.

Can't believe the apologists and pity for a guy cheating on his Wife.

PBS was asking "How hard it must be for a man of such courage and achievement to suffer this downfall?"


As if it was some random event that he had no choice in.  He let his dick do the thinking, and betrayed his Wife, his family, and his country.  In his position of responsibility he failed personally and professionally.  I am so sick of bailouts and the no wrong/no failure juvenile mentality of society.  He fucked up, and deserves to take the fall, period.

CharlieSDT's picture

You are either a retard or stooge.

Orly's picture

I prefer the term stooge myself.

Bailout a four-star general who couldn't keep it in his pants?

Puh-leeez.  Some people just don't get it and never will.

ebworthen's picture

So you think he was set up - or cheating on his Wife doesn't matter?

GetZeeGold's picture




He was set up.....by amateurs.


No way in hell this will stand.


Orly's picture

No affair ever existed.  How do I know?  Have a look at his wife, further down the thread. Not attractive at all, I am sorry to say.  Then, you might reason, that he's going to go and chase some young hot babe or give in to her advances.  Wrong again.

When a man in that much power stays with a woman that long- probably been together since high school- that means he loves that woman to death and would never do anything to hurt her, much less with some skank that comes on to him; slight Arab accent, very long legs, keeps looking down at the floor with her hand behind her right ear...

There was no affair at all, ever.  He only said that so he could quit the administration and the "family matters" wasn't going to work.

jwoop66's picture

Fuck pity.    They set his ass up.   This was just preliminary groundwork for the recent coup-d-etat.    They sent that broad to interview him for a biography knowing damn well that after being overseas in that shithole for a while and then having an attractive women following him around asking him about his life and his thoughts, that he might just want to fuck her if she were accomodating.   Lo and behold... that was part of her job description.  

Funny how bathouse barry suddenly gave him the CIA head position shortly before he was going campaigning for re-election.   As long as patreaus was head of the CIA, he was gonna be quiet and out of sight.   Now the election is over, its time to put some marxist like podesta in the head position.   Of course they couldn't anticipate bathouse barry's blatant and glaring incompetence in the Benghazi affair.    They were probably running weapons through libya and already had patreaus on notice that they had incriminating evidence and he should look the other way.   With barry's screwup and patreus's pending testimony, they have to get him back out of sight.  

I'm sure they have more on him; probably something they had him do while he was in charge, so they made him a deal.   They told him to resign so he could no longer testify unless subpeona'd (?), and they  did it with kid gloves.   They even have that skank feinstein saying the sweetest things about him and that she thinks he should stay on.   Lets see if any elected officials of either side compell him to testify. 

Oh, and conveniently, bathouse barry is leaving the country on one of his skillfull diplomacy missions.   Winning friends and influencing people.  Because he's so damn charismatic.   The media has told us that for five years now...   We sure are blessed to have a man such as him ruling over us.   Even if he's just a figurehead, he's so damn approachable.

jwoop66's picture

I just watched a video from the joe and mika show with the mistress.   She's also ex military.  West point grad no less.   I'm sure she felt attracted to the general in charge of the mission theater, and she seems like an interesting woman as well as attractive, so you know odds are high he'll want to do her.   I wanted to do her after watching the interview.  A matchmaker couldn't have put a better couple together. 

Yeah, that part of the set-up was probably easier than arranging to have him head up the CIA.

GetZeeGold's picture



joe and mika


Useful idiots.

jwoop66's picture

Bubbly captains of the useful idiot pep rally.   Indeed.

MachoMan's picture

If you have a clean criminal background, then you can get one if you have enough money...  they're all over the place.  Legal with BATFE approval...  $200 tax stamp and you're good to go.  Good luck on affording one worth a shit though....

The trend is your friend's picture

Head of the CIA coulnd't keep that news under wraps? right

GetZeeGold's picture




He didn't even know about it.

e-man's picture

I expect we will see a line-up to the resignation confessional.

- I cheated on my tax returns

- I used the government jet for vacation travel

- I banged all the interns

- I didn't pay employment taxes for my housekeeper

- I played footsies in the bathroom stall with Napolitano


Mesquite's picture

His appointment served it's purpose...Remember...

nonclaim's picture

No, he didn't accept his last task which was to take the fall for the president:  take blame for not sending help in.

A civilian would do it, but that is *too much for a general*.

[That's what I think...]

Orly's picture


Conversation prolly went something like this:

O: So, General, you understand that it was your decision not to send air cover for the Ambassador in Benghazi.

P: No, Mr. President, I do not.

O: You understand, of course, what I am asking you to do.

P:  I believe I do, yes.

O: Then it was your decision not to send in air cover.

P: No, Mr. President, that was your decision.

O: Well, that answer is not acceptable.

P: I understand.  (Long pause and a sigh) I'll have it writing by tomorrow.  Good night, Mr. President.

O: Good night, General.


seek's picture

Yep, I'm equally positive this is all about Benghazi.