Gold And The Potential Dollar Endgame Part 1

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Submitted by Joe Yasinski and Dan Flynn of Gold Bullion International,

Part 1 of 3: What supply and demand? It’s all stock to flow these days.

Reading our title has us convinced that somewhere our college economics professors are hanging their heads in shame with all of those x and y graphs scribbled to no avail. Economists the world over can take comfort that the laws of supply and demand still largely rule the marketplace. However, we believe there is a noted exception for a yellow, largely useless metal. A metal that just happens to have shaped the world’s monetary systems for the last several thousand years. Gold’s “supply” traditionally defined as global mining production is virtually meaningless in determining its’ price. How can this be? Analysts pontificate that global supply dynamics are integral in forecasting future metal prices. We can only attribute this to the fact that these analysts still myopically cling to the view of gold as a commodity.

Gold, even when viewed as a commodity, is unique in that it is not consumed. As there is little cost effective industrial application for the yellow metal, little to no “natural” industrial demand exists. Virtually every ounce ever mined from the earth is still above ground, either in a vault or a safe or an earring. An estimated 170,000 metric tons sits above ground, hoarded and unambiguously owned. Given that the annual supply of mined gold is approximately 2,500 metric tons, how is it gold not priced close to zero? After all, there is a 65 year overhang in supply! Despite all that we know of supply and demand dynamics and economic ‘law’, gold’s price is within striking distance of its’ all-time-high – in every currency on the planet.

A major contributing factor to gold’s price is that the vast majority of the stock of physical gold is held in very strong hands. It is largely held privately by very wealthy families or by governments and their central banks. This gold lies very still, some of it not changing owners or locations for decades, if not centuries. These giant holders have little need to ever sell, holding gold as a long term store of wealth or as a central banking reserve asset. Gold naturally appeals to these super-savers because of gold’s history as the ultimate store of value and lack of counterparty. Sure you can buy real estate, art, or classic cars- and the extremely wealthy do. But beyond illiquidity and subjective risk, these assets can become cost centers in themselves with maintenance, storage, insurance, etc. Gold is universally recognized as a wealth asset but is also infinitely divisible, portable, and highly liquid. Gold’s value has been established over a millennia and is ultimately the asset that denominates or values all others.

Rather than supply in the traditional sense, what drives the gold price is the percentage of the existing stock (170,000 tons) that is available for sale on any given day. The percentage of available inventory for purchase is the “flow.” Divide the flow into the stock and you get the STF ratio. A low STF ratio indicates a very high percentage of the existing physical stock is available for sale and a very high number means owners prefer to hoard physical metal rather than exchange it for dollars. So for example, if every ounce of gold was put up for sale tomorrow, the STF ratio would go to one and the price would plummet, likely to near zero. But, what if instead of everyone selling their gold tomorrow, all existing physical owners of gold decided to keep it instead? Could this even happen? Doesn’t conventional wisdom and ‘economic law’ tell us that as the price of gold goes up, there are fewer buyers able to purchase and more sellers willing to dishoard?

In our opinion, conventional wisdom simply doesn’t apply here. Gold, in our opinion is what is often referred to as a Giffen good. A Giffen good is one that actually sees a spike in demand as its price rises. Conversely, demand drops along with price. While the concept of a Giffen good is well known, the number of examples in the real world are slim and usually limited to localized commodity markets in extremis. A golden, glaring exception is the massive example playing out before our very eyes. In typical Giffen behavior, gold was scorned and dishoarded by individuals as well as central banks as the price hovered in the low 100’s. Fast forward to today and gold demand is at to or close to all time highs, even as the price sets new records in currencies around the world.

Many prominent members of the gold community insist that gold is going to appreciate massively because of a huge flood of investment dollars will flow into the metal over the next several years. They may very well be right, and we at GBI certainly hope so. But we can see things developing differently as well. We believe that a massive revaluation of gold denominated in dollars can happen quite suddenly, almost overnight. But not because of any sustained long term demand for gold, but simply because owners of metal simply withdraw it from sale, sending the stock to flow ratio to infinity. This is why understanding gold’s stock to flow ratio is so vital.

Can you imagine a manufacturer of automobiles (or any producer of a good with a declining marginal utility) deciding to just sit on his newly manufactured automobiles and let them stock up in perpetuity or would he offer them for sale, for as many dollars as he can get? Of course he would sell for dollars because he must monetize his production. As with almost every commodity, widget, or car – the suppy/demand dynamics are fairly straight forward. The manufacturer needs to exchange those automobiles for cash or they’re worth nothing to him. For a holder of gold, there is no need to exchange his stock for dollars, especially if there is an avalanche of dollars pursuing that stock of metal.

If the dollar avalanche comes, can you imagine a massive owner of gold - perhaps a central bank in a surplus nation or billionaire family, preferring to stockpile gold as a reserve eschewing the current offer of dollars? Or do you see these savvy economic actors dishoarding their store of value in exchange for quickly devaluing dollars (like the auto manufacturer)? Once you can see why one makes sense and another doesn’t, you’re on your way to understanding how gold is priced and how major pricing moves can have almost nothing to do with traditional supply/demand dynamics. There never needs to be a massive flow of dollars into gold for it to go unimaginably higher. Existing owners need only remove their stock from sale. And tying it back to Giffen, when physical gold goes into “hiding” the demand of people bidding with their dollars will increase in proportion to the increasing price.

It’s useful to understand the concept that dollars bid for assets. When dollars bid to buy a stock over and over (high velocity) the price goes up. If all dollars stopped bidding for AAPL the price goes to zero. In reality, dollars value Apple stock. Gold is a unique asset in that it denominates, or values currencies. Dollars don’t bid for gold. Gold bids for dollars. If you’re having a hard time with this idea, think of an extreme, like Weimar Germany or Zimbabwe. A gold owner accepts or rejects a sum of dollars as a suitable trade for their metal. When they reject this bid, it drives the STF ratio higher and higher. Why would gold holders cease to bid for dollars? For the same reasons we all hoard gold, as protection of real purchasing power from a failing fiat currency. Where will the flow come from? Central banks certainly aren’t selling anytime soon, ditto for our fine Asian friends. On a micro-level, we have seen recently in places like Greece and Spain that there is a finite quantity of gold that flows into the market when times get tough. What happens when the citizens run out of gold bangles to sell and everyone else starts hoarding? On a macro-level, what happens when surplus nations no longer save in US dollars and instead save in gold? What happens if the “flow” of gold slows to a trickle, or even stops all together? We can easily paint a multitude of scenarios that don’t require all that much imagination. Will dollars frantically chase after gold? Perhaps, but will the holders of gold bid for those dollars? What will that imply about the dollars purchasing power relative to others goods and services?

It is up to the reader to decide which of the two following turn of events is more likely. Is it more likely that the human superorganism will come to the realization that their dollars are being debased and gradually steer more and more of their assets into gold or is it more likely that existing owners of gold, who long ago came to the same conclusion and likely purchased gold to hedge that very outcome, will first choose to remove theirs from sale?


The answer lies in this question, who values gold higher? The new incremental buyer, or the existing owner? Sure, we could get to astronomical gold prices through a flood of new buyers, but we could have an even more dramatic move overnight if existing gold owners cease bidding for dollars with their gold. Or, maybe, some combination of the two. The only problem for a new investor is one of those scenarios can play out over years while the other can happen virtually overnight.

What happens to the “price” of gold when it ceases bidding for dollars? Zero. Or infinity. Take your pick.

We have some ideas about why this hasn’t happened to date, and how you may be able to identify a S-T-F ratio to infinity unfolding before our very eyes.

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Stop posting so many stories. I have things to do.

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I'll drink to that. However I do like this article and I look forward to the next installment. I hope I'm sober enough to understand it.'s picture

Yes, sir!


OK. Got my drink and a couple cigs. That does feel better. So much for my chores.

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What the fuck.  You've earned it.  Go re-read a few chapters of Atlas Shrugged and tell yourself that you are an intellectual who gets it.  

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Get high......then go and buy some gold and silver

Nothing else matters...

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Al Qaeda = The Base

Phase 2 of the 3 step process has begun.

Go after the perpetrates and banksters involved, and bring them to justice.

9/11 BUILDING 7- The Undeniable Truth



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Step 1. 

l2 futures/equities trade

Step 2.

Get working method and trade it

Step 3.

Take profits and buy:

Buy fresh water filtration system, non-electric.

Buy emergency food

Buy organic seed.

Buy emergency shit, medical etc.

Buy physical assets + guns.

Buy necesary goods (tp & floss, toopaste, soap)

(optional: buy farmland not in US, and not in socialist country

Also, consider leaving US...)


Once PM pandemic hits retards, begin selling half metals and buy more guns, cars, houses. farmland.

Expect gold to double in 3-7 years.  Retard phase to begin 5-10.

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I liked the headline except the word "potential"

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Barry introduces new level of shtf-ism.  Guy seems to really hate human life.  So that timeline is more flexible under barry,

but you shouldn't over-react until barry goes full retard.

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It's not going to be as bad as people think it will be.

Follow the Iceland model. Why reinvent the wheel?'s picture

I've come to conclusion that I should drink more more often.

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red betty, ufo raspberry hefeweizen.  or angry orchard   ;D  np.

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Palladium is currently undervalued at 50% off it's all time high of $1100

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Palladium is currently undervalued at 50% off it's all time high of $1100

Yeah, and what was it 5yrs ago?, I remember it when I THOUGHT about purchasing some at $256.00.

All the PM's/Semi Pm's are UP.

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i did get some at $250 ish, but its still sitting in my e-gold account awaiting the fed gov to  release the funds. :(

thing with Pd , is really is a consumable metal  for industrial use, if industry is going down the shit hole,. no amount of inflation will increase its demand,.

so if you see good times coming before even darker times. get some. i should have traded my gold to silver back then, it was only $6, but then i thought silver was dead.

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Drinking more, more often, seems to help.

On the dollar crashing (as the sheeple demand more free shit thrown their way) I'm reminded of the old story of the man who fell out of the window of a he plummeted past the 20th floor he was heard to remark, so far so good ;-)

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perfect analogy but I would add that as he looked over, the skyscraper was falling faster than him  

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lol...yes...perception is reality, till its not ;-)

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nice phrase, a palindrome really 

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Yes, and I figured out that I've enough money now to drink myself to death.  But why don't I?

I marvel at the 'skid row' alchoholics.  These are a rare breed that can carry this addiction to its bitter end. Superstars in their own right and we don't even see it. I kneel before thee....

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You must have just woke up...  Or called it quits after l2 fed reserve.  See there's this thing, its called brainpower.  No one in US has any.  Iceland fucked up, they made mistake, but they learned.  = brainpower.  US are retards.  giant conglomerate of video game addicts, heroin junkies, 1950s fantasy land muppets, and general retards.  See iceland has this thing they like to do, like limit who gets into their country.  Dumb ppl, are not on list.   America = melting pot, remember?

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It only takes 2 weeks for simpering liberal progressers dumpster diving for their dinner, for them to come around.

Don't sweat it.

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Your indictment, which I also found humorous, reminded me of a theory for calculating group intelligence.  We all know the adage, "individuals are smart, but groups are dumb"; obviously, though, that is a gross generalization, even in the face of so much circumstantial evidence.  Because certainly, some groups are smart, and some individuals are also dumb.  So the idea goes like this: calculate a best estimate total intelligence score (a composite of IQ, EQ, and any other scores deemed relevant) for each individual, scored on a scale like IQ.  When estimating the intelligence of a group, multiply each individual's score together with a score of 100 = 1.00, a score of 110 = 1.10, a score of 90 = 0.90, etc.  So if a group consisted of any number of average intelligence individuals (all with individual scores of 100), then the group itself would have an intelligence score of 100, but if a single person of 90 intelligence joins the group, the multiplier brings the whole group's score down to 90, and the group collectively could be anticipated to act in a less intelligent manner.  Similarly, two people together who each have individual scores of 90 would collectively function with only an intelligence of 81; it would take an individual with an intelligence of 125 teamed together with these two to produce of group of people that could act with an average intelligence.  That said, smart people acting collectively, then, can produce feats of intelligence greater than an individual would have capably conceived.  By this logic, joining a mensa or TED Talks seminar (silently, perhaps, so as not to dilute the intelligence of the group), one might become more intelligent, at least temporarily.  Just a general theory, for sure, but at least a vague attempt to quantify so much circumstantial evidence.

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Your disdain for Rand demonstrates more cultist sociopathy, than that which you claim exists in all of her books, and newsletters combined.

Being a perpetual dick demonstrates that you've long since lost the battle of ideas, and must resort to personal attacks.

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don't owwry about that idiot.  he either stopped learning years ago, or is incapable of it.

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Every sentence in this article is copied from FOFOA without attributing any original reference to FOFOA.

ZH would have directed GBI to avoid any reference, what a bunch of sore losers thse two.

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FOFOA spreading the word :) Soon everybody will understand what gold really is. Inflation protection? Sure, if you understand that hyperinflation of the dollar has already happend.

If you can wait a month or maybe a cpl of years there is no better "investment" When it's price go trough the roof everybody will buy it as a store of value.

50K+ gold coming to a town near you soon!

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FOFOA is wrong about silver, period. I could not care less what his anonymous deep throat shamans intimated. You really think people will want grains of $50k gold, but oz of silver will crash as it "forgets" its American monetary history? Unadulterated bullshit.

FOFOA cultists should go back to slaughtering chickens and reading the entrails or entering a trance from the vapors of my gym socks.

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Drink and listen to Mossad blow up trucks on 9/11

Hahaha Stupid Goyim, it's a Jew World Order, and you're useful idiots!

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Please stop being anti-semitic please or I will rerport you to the ADL, SPLC, ACLU and the FED.

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"You forgot Poland." -- G W Bush

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I do apologize, I temporarily awoke from my white guilt holohoax programming.

I will sacrifice a Palestinian baby in honor of our Talmudic rulers, and file two tax returns this year.

Long Live King Bibi! Bomb, bomb, bomb... bomb, bomb Iran!

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Ditto on the next installment. What's "sober" mean? After all, to quote Robin Williams, "Reality is just a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs!"


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infantilization of populace with hot bitches, sans stoner teddy bears:

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You are a complete fucking idiot.

Enough said.


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I thought that was funny.

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Correct in a free market, which we don't have. The Fed, via the Bullion Banks, can and will continue to cap the price of PM's via the selling of Crimex (aka Comex) naked paper shorts, which the CFTC will ignore (The Government has a block exemption). They want to do this because they do not want the Fiat game exposed for the Ponzi that it is should Gold go through the roof. ("Currency Stability" being one of the Fed's mandates).

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The London Gold Pool failed and its "privatized" offspring will fail.

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I honestly believe you should all shut the fuck up, and thank the lord that the markets keep metals from exploding upward.  You got all this time to acquire metals.  Illuminati giving you golden ticket b/c u brave enough to face reality, and u complaining shit isn't crashing fast enough?  R U HIGH?

It's like you don't have any brains at all.  I'm fucking astonished.

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Your construction of strawmen is obscuring your own view of your surroundings, or perhaps it's the blinders of arrogance. Regardless,

on an individual level, the current functioning of the gold market does allow those individuals with the financial resources to participate additional opportunity to profit- by postponing an appreciation of the gold price (or a severe dislocation of the price of debt fiat).

Greed, however, also has its costs, for every thousand ounces that is bought, and comes out of the market only to be lost in boating accidents or locked away by central banks, how many of those of ounces were pried away from savers who were forced into the market by economic desperation?

On a societal level, the costs are astronomically higher, wars are financed and economic suffering is exported globally with inflation in order to postpone the realization of an ever increasing cost of mean reversion.

When there was an Evil Empire, these costs would be justified by the liberation of the oppressed through victory. Now, however, the SNAP status quo is justified by the oppression of the masses and the erosion of civil liberties.

The nominal monetary price of gold does not reflect the actual costs of the long term institutional manipulation of that price to individuals and society.

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That works until people see paper gold is worthless and start taking possession of physical gold. Those buyers typically have strong hands. What happens when Germany decides it wants all of it's gold at home? Or what happens when China decides it would rather spend our dollars for gold instead of treasuries?

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They will be declared rogue states, have sanctions imposed on them - which won`t work, and finally war. Thats why they have not done it yet and probably won`t.

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War is waged with oil and money(gold). When you no longer have a pot to piss in, then you piss off. War will no longer be waged using starbucks coupons. Ya feel me?