Obama Rebuts Boehner's Pre-buttal "Compromise, Compromise, Compromise" - Live Webcast

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Technical bounces off 200DMAs; Fed lifting constraints from next year's stress tests; Basel III implementation deadlines rumored to be extended; and now we get the 'compromise' chatter to ensure we do not plunge and close at the lows of the day/week/month/quarter during the President's first few days of re-election. We are sure the market will hear what the market needs to hear and a history of divisive political backstabbing will be thrown away in rounds of group-hugs and exchanges of ponies...


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OMG this thing writes itself.

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ZH should start up an IN-TRADE-type betting system with the following:

"Chance Obama will have his throbbing hard black cock in Boehner's whiney, teary ass before the end of December"  

I would BUY 5,000,000 shares of that.  

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He will be arriving with human props


(I wonder who these down on their luck folks really are and how they got this job as an ObamaProp)

TeamDepends's picture

Oh yeah, Biden's still VP.  God help us

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@slaughterer...I voted you up just on artistic license

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And this shit is NOT RACIST?????????

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Love the wallpaper babes this session.  

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Is that a man or a woman back there?

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 "...if Congress fails to come to an agreement, ... everybody's taxes will automatically go up...everybody's, [bitchez]."


That sounds like some kind of warning. This movie is good! Moar popcorn!


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My feeling is that the House should hold firm on its pledge not to raise taxes...and let Obummmer figure his way out of the mess he created.

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The Repubics will collude with the Demoncrats. They already have, they've just not announced the grand compromise (i.e. Fuck You, Taxpayers, because Government Needs Moar Revenue, Employees, Agencies & Other Economic Growth Stifling Things, and It Also Needs to Feed The Hungry Financial-Banking-Defense Complex) yet.

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Everyone's taxes? No, no, no....at least not at this point. We only intend to fuck over the middle class (upper middle) in this act.

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But if they do come to an agreement, then only the working class will be taxed.  And spending will be increased.

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I seriously think this is not so much about the fiscal cliff or compromise, but rather, it's a sign of how desparate they are to keep the markets from plunging.  Trotting Boehner out day before yesterday to announce (for no apparent reason) that the Reds would be willing to accept some taxes was the most obvious thing ever.  The market was tanking 300+ pts and they were desprate to find, or manufacture, some good news.  If they were serious about finding a solution they'd be doing it in private not in dueling press conferences.


Oh, and I really really hate the orange one!  Actually I can't stand any of them but I really can't stand the orange one.

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It's just typical political sparring.  the president gets to have nationally televised PR whenever he likes, so he calls a conference to announce he's inviting the other party to talks at his place.  That puts the other guys in the arm-twisted position of having to accept, because it would look bad if they didn't pretend to want to work together with the newly elected prez towards a real solution.

But they have to at least put up a front of resistance to keep their backers happy, before they eventually all agree to kick the can, ignore the longer-term issues, and declare themselves victorious ect..

It would be the same if the parties were switched around.  Just typical political posturing is all it is.

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Doesn't A1S7 prohibit the Senate from authoring new bills regarding taxes?

divide_by_zero's picture

Yes, but these Progressives like to think of it as a "living document", interpretation is subject to whimsy.

SeverinSlade's picture

Which is how Libya was justified.  Obama didn't violate the War Powers Act because there were no boots on the ground...Guess the President doesn't need a declaration of war to launch an ICBM with a nuclear warhead at China...

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Where'd you get the idea the Senate authored a tax bill?

jal's picture

This will be a rerun of the Greek movie.


pods's picture

Uh oh, touchdown dance coming!

<spikes football on Boner's orange head>


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I think it's more like WWF than NFL. These cocksuckers probably sit behind closed doors and script out what each will say then take their respective turns in the ring (podium). Only the fans (sheeple) are fooled. The only thing missing is a couple of pairs of tights and perhaps a mask. WilliamBanzi7 could you come up with the appropriate costumes?

Silver Bully's picture

'I think it's more like WWF than NFL.'

I keep thinking they're more like mexican wrestlers. Give me nacho libre, or give me deathpanels!

(I didn't make this joke. Someone else did that.)

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Here we go, put on your hip boots.

It's gonna get deep. 



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Get ready for the Au/Ag take-down, commencing in ...

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JPM up 1.5%

Must be the overweighting in the 10 yr.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Bronco Bama Vs. Bonor in the Great Cry Off of 2012.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

After hearing a white man who wants to be brown (Boehner) we get to listen to a half black man who wants to be white.

<Is that racist or just political?>

GoinFawr's picture

I would say a tasty but even dossa both polititicious and racy, but your spellcheque beat me to it. ,)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I like my polititicious medium rare with a toasted bankster on the side. :)

Silver Bully's picture

'I like my polititicious medium rare with a toasted bankster on the side.'

I like my dossa crispy blackened, with a side of raw central banker. Preferably still screaming.

GoinFawr's picture

Bernanke tartare, or Carney con carne?

QQQBall's picture

I would like to see Putin watching Obomber weeping like a bitch.  Great foreign policy move - maybe we can invade Grenada again?

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Well that depends CD.. Are you a white male? If the answer is yes then you are racist and deserve to be shunned from society. Or are you a black male? If you are in that case keep up the good work.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Is that along the lines of....."I can call my sister a whore, but you can't"?

<BTW Mrs. Cog says your mother wears Seal Team Six boots.>


GoinFawr's picture

I couldn't care less if the world is unfair! (Just so long as it remains unfair in my favour.)

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Back slaps and bro hugs. Maybe where appropriate a tear can be shed though I'm not quite sure on that if it would play well.

Everybodys All American's picture

cancel that thought. I won. You lost. So bend over and kiss my ring or whatever.

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The tears begin when the reach around squeeze is a tidge too tight.

GoinFawr's picture

The tearing begins when the one in front is a tidge too tight too.

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Fuck you Obama.. You cancerous divisionary parasite.

MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

Who to hate more, Barry, Ben, Timmah, Jamie, Lloyd, Woodrow? I could go on.

Tough choices.

kralizec's picture

It is tough, but I for one am damned tired of seeing ZH post pics of that Tard-banger Obongo!

Earl of Chiswick's picture

Of course I cannot see it because I blocked the wh site, I hate the beacons and other spyware that get depostited on my computer from that site, especially the wh vid player LSOs.