Precious Metals Set For Higher Weekly Close And Seasonal Year End Rally

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From GoldCore Gold Bullion

Precious Metals Set For Higher Weekly Close And Seasonal Year End Rally

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,732.75, EUR 1,362.23, and GBP 1,085.55 per ounce. 
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,715.00, EUR 1,347.42, and GBP 1,075.84 per ounce.

Silver is trading at $32.19/oz, €25.42/oz and £20.27/oz. Platinum is trading at $1,560.50/oz, palladium at $613.00/oz and rhodium at $1,100/oz.

Gold rose $14.50 or 0.84% in New York yesterday and closed at $1,732.80. Silver dropped to $31.62 in London, then hit a high of $32.412/oz in New York and finished with a gain of 1.76%.

Global Commodities – Prices and Data (5 Day)

Gold is 3.35% higher and silver 4.53% higher this week in US dollars in the aftermath of Obama's re-election. 

Gold in euros looks set to break out above €1,400/oz and is 4.1% higher and in sterling gold has risen 3.7% so far this week. Silver is 5.25% higher in euros and 4.8% higher in pounds.

Gold and silver are set for higher weekly closes in all fiat currencies which may negate the recent bearish short term technical picture and set the precious metals up for the traditional yearend rally. 

Gold in USD – 4 Weeks (Bloomberg)

The data clearly shows that November is gold's strongest month and one of silver's strongest months. December, January and February are also strong months - prior to a period of weakness is often seen in March.

Gold edged up on Friday heading for its first weekly gain in five weeks as Obama was re-elected with the highest jobless rate since US President FDR in 1936.

The ECB and BOE left interests unchanged as expected.  However, Mario Draghi commented that the euro zone economy shows negligible signs of recovering before the year-end despite easing financial market conditions. 

The Fed’s ‘QE to infinity’ policy remains and it continues its programme from October 24th to purchase $40 billion per month of mortgage debt and is committed to hold interest rates near zero until mid-2015.

Gold in GBP – 4 Weeks (Bloomberg)

Gold in EUR – 4 Weeks (Bloomberg)

The Bank of Japan on October 30th widened its asset-purchase program for the 2nd time in two months, increasing it by 11 trillion yen to $128 billion.

The US fiscal cliff and geopolitical tensions with Iran (Iranian warplanes fired on US drones last week) only heighten the risk and uncertainty in the markets and are driving safe haven money into gold.

China releases various economic data today starting at 0130 GMT with CPI & PPI for October.

(Bloomberg) -- China Starting Gold ETPs Would Mean Demand Gain, WGC’s Liu Says
ETPs would give domestic institutions, including pension funds, more opportunities to invest in the precious metal, Roger Liu, the director of Far East investments at the World Gold Council, said today at a conference in New York.

China currently has no domestic exchange-traded products backed by gold

(Bloomberg) – Gold Should Be Thought of as Insurance Policy, Wickwire Says
Investors should look at gold as an insurance policy for other financial assets, Joseph Wickwire, who manages $4.5 billion at Fidelity Investments, said today at the Bloomberg Portfolio Manager conference in New York.

Macroeconomic imbalances, reflationary policies and geopolitical tensions will drive prices higher in the long term, Wickwire said. Investors with risk-tolerant portfolios should hold the metal to hedge against volatility in other markets, he said.

“Gold pays off when stocks, bonds and currencies disappoint,” Wickwire said. “A little goes a long way.”

(Bloomberg) -- Pension Funds in Japan Increasing Investment in Gold, WGC Says
Jason Toussaint, managing director at the producer-funded World Gold council, said in an interview in New York.

Seeing increased dialogues among U.S. pension funds to look at commodities, including gold, as an investment, Toussaint said.

Cross Currency Table – (Bloomberg)


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Love it when a plan comes together.

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Well it's about time! 

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The boyz at CNBC are going to be super pissed.


Sorta like icing on the cake.

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Shouldn't the title be "U.S. Dollar Set For Lower Weekly Close And Seasonal Year End Fall"?

When will we ever learn that PM's are not to be measured so much in terms of fiat currency, but fiat currency to be measured in terms of PM's.

The shore does not leave the departing ship, it is the ship leaving the shore.

The shift in thinking about the relationship between fiat and gold has still not taken hold even amongst some ZH-ers.

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Gotta go long on toilet paper and soap.

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By March you will be able to buy a house for a few old Franklin half-dollars.

crusty curmudgeon's picture

You'll be able to wipe your arse with a few old Franklin bills too.

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You might want to convert some of those FRNs into Yen. As the Yen is much softer and plusher than FRNs.

GubbermintWorker's picture

Oh goody! I have a bunch of uncirculated ones! Will they get nicer houses?

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They'll get you 'uncirculated' houses...

orangegeek's picture

The US Dollar remains the key.  If the US Dollar continues to rise, that which is priced in US Dollars will likely fall, including gold.

akak's picture

The DXY is probably the most artificial, meaningless and outright spurious measures of ANYTHING financial or monetary ever invented.  It is less than useless --- it is almost totally nothing but a propaganda tool used by TPTB to fool and hoodwink the sheep.  I piss on the DXY, and on anyone who would dare try to claim that it is a measure of the value of the US dollar.

Orly's picture

Except for the fact that the price of oil, gold, copper and other commodities are priced in DXY.


akak's picture

No, Orly, you are completely wrong --- oil, gold, copper, etc. are priced in US dollars, NOT in the US dollar index.  The two things are most certainly NOT the same!

If they were in fact priced in the DXY, then their prices would be roughly the same as they were 30 or more years ago --- is that what you are trying to claim?

Really, do I actually have to state the obvious here?  The DXY has NO relevance outside of the world of short-term currency trading.  It is less than useless in measuring ANYTHING relating to the US dollar on any longer-term time scale.

GubbermintWorker's picture

The viagra Benny has been pumping into it.

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GOTZ beat me to it. Orly I am not sure but isn't the Euro a major part of the dxy? Like 75%?

(I was going to go back and correct your name to GETZ but at this point I hope you got it)

Orly's picture

From Squidoo:

The components of the DXY Index are (by weighting): Euro (57.6%), Japanese Yen (13.6%), Great Britain- Pounds Sterling (11.9%), Canadian Dollar (9.1%), Swedish Krona (4.2%), and Swiss Franc (3.6%). Because the composition of the DXY is so heavily biased towards the Euro and European economies, it is sometimes referred to as the Anti-Euro Index.

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EurUSD is now below 1.27...

Germany's exports and euro oil imports...

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A bullish Gartley formation has arisen on the EURUSD Daily chart with targets to ~1.283 and above, so be very careful here.  The pair is rising off of oversold condtions.

I'm thinking we'll hear some "fiscal cliff" ya-da, ya-da, ya-da out of the Congress and the White House today, which could send equities correcting to the upside, bringing the EURUSD with it.



Addo: All the happy talk will lessen TEOTWAWKI talk and will probably send gold lower.

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The fiscal cliff talk is nauseating.

"Rise Above" on CNBC "Time to put away the politics and solve this problem."

You are probably right though, the U.S. version of Draghi press conferences, CONgressional representatives jockeying for position in public, in private colluding to raise taxes and come up with some new ones, restrict freedoms, cut already taxed entitlements, and keep the banks and corporate "individuals" in the green while bleeding the middle class for fiscal plasma.

Hype, hope, and fantasy to keep this bubble inflated until it pops and we can blame the average citizen for not caring or being austere enough and following the debt spending examples of business and government.

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so you predict euro tits up?

Gartleys, GArtleys, gartleys green sprouts! 

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And steamed asparagus spears in a yummy butter garlic sauce.

No, Hollandaise, in honour of our French president.


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What is the devil's sauce?

Qu'est-ce que c'est la sauce diable?

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its the result of the aspagarus  Gainsbourg! I guess, it makes you devlish! 

But seriously, avec les cailles encroûtés I see a spicy red sauce, looks like cayenne pepper in balsamic vinegar.

Balsamic vinegar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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So, you're saying it would work with fried chicken?


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le poulet au citron très bon, mais poulet en croûte aussi, so why not! 

Do you get farm chicken fed on whole grain, not battery and  GM soybeans?

here is a selection of recipes for poulet :

Volaille : 254 Recettes de volailles

Orly's picture

Merci bien.  Tonight, I am making lasagna, though.

Yes, the all-natural chicken from Smithfield.  I know I sound crazy but you can really taste the difference between a happy chicken and a miserable one.


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same is true about desert and after desert. Cakes and late hits. 

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Oblather is going to make a statement outlining his plan to boost the economy while simultaneously cutting the deficit today.  Could be a boost to silver and gold.

Taking bets he says we need to spend more now and make "rock solid" plans to start addressing the deficit,...... by sometime after 2016.  And silver and gold jump.

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If the US Dollar continues to rise


What makes you think that, the fed will make sure that doesn't happen.

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I just wanna know how the hell it could rise against anything with the chairsatan pumping out another $85 billion of it for nothing every month. Is every other currency in the world tanking that badly?

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 "If the US Dollar continues to rise"


Why do people still fall into this fucking elephent trap by saying ANY F.I.A.T currency rises?

They all fall! Fall fall fall fall fallllllllllllllllllll. -1 

akak's picture


No fiat currency has EVER risen in value --- the very suggestion is insulting, and utterly oblivious of monetary history.

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the central banks are buying gold and bonds so i guess there is no bubble. [/sarc.]

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As best I could tell gold always moved concurrent with nyfed market molestations. Now we have gold ramping while the nyfed is letting stocks tank.  What's about to hit the wires ?

LongSoupLine's picture

so, what's the right approach to the masses of doubters we've been preaching to?:



A) We told you so!

B) Go fuck yourself sheeptard!

Overfed's picture

Both. Every mofo I meet that thought I was full of it is gonna get his nose rubbed in this shit with extreme prejudice.

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Slowly but surely people come around to wealth preservation.  May be an avalanche soon.

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Quick question. Is price gouging after a hurricane outlawed in precious metals?  Just asking.

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If anyone in the New York area want's to buy a 5 gallon container of gasoline, I'll sell it to them (for pre 1964 silver coinage)... I will not accept FRN's... That's the way it goes peeps...