Caption Contest: Communist China

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It appears communism is alive and well. Coming to a '5 year plan'-sponsored KolHoz near you.

Source: Bloomberg

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Both tools require "work  capital."

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China greets future president Biden

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Please Welcome Your New Owners

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Tiananman Square renamed Karl Rovian Splat to honor the fat boy who kept Ron Paul from being the Republican candidate and thus delivered four more years of American disfunction.

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We better invade them now and teach them about racial and gender equity. If that picture were taken here it's would be 99% white males. I don't see any women or minorities or people in wheel chairs there.

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Forward.  I bet they are happy about their prospects for world domination now that the NWA is back in office in the USA.

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Five score ago in a distant galaxy far far away...

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And now the Obama Tabernacle Choir praise our fearless leader by singing Handel's Messiah.

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Paul Krugman at the gates of Heaven

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Xi Jinping : See that fucker in the yellow tie?
Flunkie: Yes, camrade chairman.
Xi Jimping: Firing squad.   Shoot low.

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"Smaller weenies perhaps, but we have much bigger curtains."

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Everyone with $3 billion in a Swiss bank account please stand

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"$5 bid on the giant hammer and sickle! Going once! Going twice..."

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I got pretty hammered last night. Im feeling sickle.

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All your curtains are belong to us!

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Woman in a dress on the 2nd row from front, near the left edge of the photo, it seems

Chinese have copied the 'token woman' plan from the West

And the people there remember Mao's third wife, Jiang Qing, very powerful tho later arrested, described as leading the 'Gang of Four'

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 "We better invade them now and teach them about racial and gender equity."

Such statements for sure show great wisdom and help explain why americans are loved everywhere.

And .. look <a href=""> here </a>

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5 more years of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mickey D's and we will have them washing themselves with a rag on a stick and fully Americanized.

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O/T, but does anybody here know anything "Han Dynasty Imperial Jade Carvings"??? We have a guy trying to sell our family some Imperial Jade, claims it's worth millions...

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Chinese jade is notorious for being fake, or to put it another way, it's as real as Frank Marshall Davis Jr's birth certificate.  Every green rock in every shop in china is sold as real "jay-duh".

Best to run - not walk - from the deal.  Buy physical gold.

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The Chinese are more partial to pale/white jade.

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Me play put pee-pee in your Coke. 

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The ILLUMINATI has the CHINESE people by the hair of their heads.......

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We proudly introduce the 113th United States Congress

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ROFLMAO.  Everyone can stop posting now.  We have a winner.

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Winner! Winner! Schezwan Dinner!!

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These people are going to save prosperity???



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Hey dude since you can foresee the future with such accuracy how about some stock tips.

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Easy one.... buy the CCP.

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Perfect representation: few hundred Chicom representatives' net worth matches net worth od 1.3 bn people they represent.

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That hammer and sickle has a tungsten free delivery status...

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The unelected maoist Barroso acting to be some kind of EU "president" is turning green from envy. LOL

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Make me laugh!

Apparently, in Chinese Communist Citizenism, wearing black is the muchly mattering thing, the crustiest bit of a certain sartorial something.

In Chinese Communist Citizenism, wearing black is a ruling class thing.

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Photograph picture showing assemblage entirety of Chinese citizenism middle class communauty in preparingness the voting.

In Chinese citizenism, middle class composes voting class diligently, and voting class endeavors of kingly duties with veracity and outfitted in black much the stylish.

Voting in conjectures is how Chinese citizenism middle class communauty conceal what they are doing. Best of the upward leg period.

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"All those in favor of farming the poor, extorting the weak, offuscating the monolization of the speeching means, trolling of anti-establishment online forums, spreading virulent anti-Americanism and blobbing up, please rise."

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Careful taking of steps much encouraged entering automobiles parked on roadsides upon leaving individuality encouraged citizenism forum.

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Make me laugh!

Indeedly, Chinese Citizenism citizens as being parangongs of non-offuscationalized roadside defecationalism, judicious caution needs are in stepping on infamous post-dog-wokking roadsides of glorious Middle Kingdom fabled past (and present).

But as they are say, when in Shanghai, do as the Shanghaied do, so ....

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"Dog wokking....." Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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who is the guy who wore white......Execute him !

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Probably a navy general. In communist China the white wearing official executes you.

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Chinese Waldo? I found him.