Caption Contest: Communist China

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It appears communism is alive and well. Coming to a '5 year plan'-sponsored KolHoz near you.

Source: Bloomberg

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Paper the proud damage as squalor smiles on cabbage, Marching Mao and all ....

Goatboy's picture

Ok.. that was for the side of labor farce.

How would you depict in one picture capital farce on the other side of this magnetic field?

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That's how many socialists it takes to change a light bulb.

malalingua's picture

No, they prefer to remain in the dark.

Hulk's picture

None. Owning a light bulb is now a felony...

Martdin's picture

Well atleast the ex-Soviet interior decorators aren't out of a job in this economy.

Winston Churchill's picture

New drapes in the White House ?

orangegeek's picture

Look in the back row on the right and you can see Obama.

Yen Cross's picture

What, no confetti?

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Now being seated, the 113th United States Congress.

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Moochelle:  Oh Barack.. I JUST LOVE what you've done witih the place...

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Nice to see Obama's Cabinet and the Federal Reserve Board all in one photo. Chairman Bernanke bucked the trend and is in the "Little Drummer Boy" suit in the bottom left in light of the coming holiday season. 

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"Help Us Stamp Out Sound Sleep."

"BBBY met earnings this quarter solely due to the drapery contract."

"The choir is practicing Christmas carols and also preparing for this year's production of 'It's A Charlie Brown Christmas'."

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Rule #7 of Animal Farm (as ammended by Napoleon):

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.


Now would someone please pass the black truffle sauce?  The arugula on my linguini porcini is beginning to wilt.

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And in other news, leaders of the Chinese Communist Party donned western style business attire and assembled on a festive red and green stage to celebrate the Christmas holiday and display their relaxed and friendly disposition to the formerly free west.

Mark Wilson's picture

The Chinese Constitution (yes, they have one) actually sounds pretty good if you read it fast. Everything is allowed as long as it doesn't harm "The People".  

jumbo maverick's picture

They all watching a ping pong match right?

Temporalist's picture

We're all Keynesians now!


If you plan on buying an American as a house servant please rise.

magpie's picture

Intriguing, Mr. Geithner. Do go on, we won't chuckle this time.

(Last time they even remotely donned hanfu was at an APEC summit, yes ?)

Silverhog's picture

Looks like the set for a new "Doctor No"  movie.

Cthonic's picture

Non bene imperat, nisi qui paruerit imperio...

Silverhog's picture

Hammer and Cycle is getting old. They need a Hope & Change kind of shit like we got.  

magpie's picture

Comrade, it's all about the means of production, e.g. iphone and uh printing press.

mjcOH1's picture

" Hammer and Cycle is getting old. They need a Hope & Change kind of shit like we got. "


How about a clenched fist raising an Obama-phone?

James-Morrison's picture

Hammer, Sickle, Rubber Bands

We'll swap the debt for your farm lands

optimator's picture

NO!   We stick with the 5 year plan, we can't have anything as radical as the U.S. 4 year plan that those poor devils don't even know about!

JackT's picture

USA Poverty And Food Distibution Czar Panel

drB's picture

Can not post cyrillics unfortunately.

Sleva molot, sprava serp, eto nash sovetskii gerb. Hochesh sei, a hochesh kui - vse ravno poluchish HUI!

Hangfire's picture

Michelle's new Christmas ornament?  

Mercury's picture

Would the owner of cusip# 9127952K6 please report to the US Treasury auction?  Your counterparty is waiting. Thank You.

tigsman's picture

So that's what happened to the Vienna Boys Choir once they reached adulthood.

Didn't like their music, certainly don't like their politics.

tigsman's picture

Where da white women at?

yogibear's picture

The US is becoming more socialist daily. The public unions are in complete control in California.

mjcOH1's picture

Alright everybody.   When that crazy fucking Kenyan comes in, everybody stick out your hand and then pull it away.

phraseshifter's picture

where's   Warner Oland?

Chuck Walla's picture

The DNC will now come to order...



Matt's picture

There aint no party,

Like a communist party,

Cuz a communist party don't stop!


BlackholeDivestment's picture did not know everybody in Communist Party rucky at Bingo? 

Oh yes. The prize? You not know this eeder? You win one Child Abortion until you have boy. Not many have Blue Dress Lady. She most rucky lady. We use her to have affair with your CIA Director. Very rucky asset for us in Libya effort.

No, rumor has it she not boom boom long time, we use her because she rook rike man in dress. Oh yes, we saw Rainbow Flag Officer White House Window dress like big dick in middle of Mall filled with million men. Did you not notice Chinese eyes on Martin? Ha haa, they strive to be as rucky at Bingo.

Yes, reelection make very easy for us to get them to still shop at Great Wal Mart of China. We give new name to effort, code name ''Blue Light Special''. We steal from K Mart. 

Yes Mr. Dimon, not every ting fo ebber, the sky will fall. We turned 008 in Turkey. We call him PS2112, AKA Phamtom Solstice 2012. 

Oh! What? No not him just ''oh'!!! in ''that reminds me''! Let's not do your stupid ''Hu's on first'' for five minutes again shall we James, I have zero interest in it. I was just going to say I never thanked you in person for the Favorite Nation Cantor Fitzgerald clean up.

Good bye, hee hee he, Mr. ''Bond''. Blah ha haa haa... 


nowhereman's picture

OK, who farted, Wu was that Hu?

savagegoose's picture

" we're all individuals "

saulysw's picture

(lonely voice at the back)

"I'm not!"

saulysw's picture

Me? Just trying to stay chilled and waiting patiently for this shitshow to come crashing down. Not long to go now, I reckon, the cracks are widening. But yeah, I stay low on the radar these most of the "old timers" it seems. Also, discussions tend to be less in-depth than they once were. Now, its like they are all tweets. I think I'm sounding jaded, perhaps I am!

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Communist China didn’t build that! It appears that expatriate American industrial might is alive and well.

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I suppose we should all begin to practice endurance clapping.

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Caption all you want, but your iPhones and -pads came from here.

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saw that Foxconn wants to open plants in Deeetroit and Cleeeveland.