Caption Contest: Communist China

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It appears communism is alive and well. Coming to a '5 year plan'-sponsored KolHoz near you.

Source: Bloomberg

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Everyone facing East, in unison - "We don't hate you for your freedoms, we just plain hate you.  Now what shall we do with these US Tbills?"

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The communist symbol in the background has as much truth to it as USA's "liberty, freedom, and pursuit of hapiness"- both are meaningless symbols used as a facade of corporatism.
The communists just say it up-front that's shit's stacked against you.

China: Shoot you in the face.
USA: Shoot you in the back.

The difference between the two sides:

In communism, you have plenty of money, but nothing to buy.
In corporatism, you have no money, and everything to buy.

And I'm just sold as a whore to the lowest bidder.


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"And I'm just sold as a whore to the lowest bidder."

I'm always overwhelmed in China how many times I see such references, sometimes placed quite inconspicuously, sometimes overtly. In the UK we have the profile of some degenerate on our coins, postage stamps, souveniers or during royal 'celebrations', we just have the same color scheme to indicate your being sold to which pacticular brand.

Mao, Stalin, Bernanke & Geithner, some dude down at the BofE.

Recently, a guy from India asked me why in the UK we continue to pay taxes (to a figurehead and testament of ineffectuality). I guess effectively it's all the same, caste systems and the illusion of choice of leadership are alive and well everywhere.

I read somewhere on ZH that comparitively Asian nations have a history of mistrusting their governments. When I see large swathes of the populous clapping their hands like siamese seals at national and party events, makes me wonder is everywhere not exactly the same?



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Congresswoman Maxine Waters Apologizes for Refering to Sickle in Chinese Communist Emblem as Big Question Mark, Then Refers to China as "Great Muslim Country".

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As the US president celebrated his second term in office the Committee for the Acquisition and Retention of American Wealth came to order.

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That gang of top commies in China look to be just as corrupt as the gang in Washington.What gives?

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Where is Comrade Obama?

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It's hard to tell --- they all look the same to me.

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Chinese humor hits new heights as two people told its a fancy dress party.

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Michelle Obama redesigns the Oval Office.

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We are all individuals!

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'Chipper' Tzu felt his freedom of information request to order Calvin Klein jeans in America convening a special FoI Policy Council meeting had the smack of bureaucratic overkill with the numbers present

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Daddy, what is the difference between slavery and capitalism?

Well, son, in capitalism the slaves have to take care of themselves.


Daddy, what is the difference between a cult and a religion?

About 100 years, son.  Ask any Mormon.

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The U.S. Constitution gifts freedom to all, regardless of color, creed or religion. It's a pity that modern debt slaves whine when they betray the Constitution.

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Let freedom ring!!!!!!!



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All those infavor of adhering to WTO rules say Ahhhh haaahh haaahh haah

All those infavor of sending generators to Long Island and New Jersey say Ahhhh haaahh haaahh haah

All those infavor of  continued funding of the Manchurian Project ...

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Staten Island has been forsaken by the Red Cross and FEMA, the bureaucrats who take money from most, but only give help to politically useful debt slaves.

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China is the world's oldest continuous civilization. It's people often joke that they survive in spite of their politicians. There's a lesson for the West, and the rest.

Meanwhile, the former Soviet Union and present EUSSR continue to enslave their populace, and the U.S. elite are in thrall to the AshkeNAZI.


Buy physical gold and silver, the true currency of any free people, as per the U.S. Constitution, and most of the world including the Chinese and Indians.

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At least there isn't a hexagram hidden in communist symbolism such as the hexagram which appears in the seal of the US House of Representatives.

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"China: At Least We're Honest About Both Sides of the Aisle Being the Same"

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The Crowd: Yes, we ARE all different! 
Man in crowd: I'm not...
The Crowd: Sch!

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re decorate the White House did we?

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The things you heard.saw.thought are mostly not the truth. Welcome to china ,and you will find it is a beautiful country ,it has virtuous people and beautiful landscape. 

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The Student Section at an Occidental basketball game.