Happy Veterans Day

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As we stop to remember the sacrifice of so many, we thought perhaps some reflection from over 50 years ago would provide a little context for that 'shared' sacrifice...

(h/t Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform blog)

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The main thing to remember about war is the bankers make money.  As long as the bankers make money we will have war. 


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Jeez it's hard to read it like that there in black and white.

oh, you edited. i would have used the term "owners'.

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I think we should stop using our soldiers as corporate mercenary thugs.

Alex Jones Caller Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 10/09/2012


Anyone can re-upload this video on Youtube, my account was terminated.

Some in the loser Romney camp are calling us "Paulqaeda".  I like that.  It's a combination English/Aribic word.

Paul Qaeda = Paul Base

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only one problem with that short cut; its not sexy.

Paula Qaeda is much better, it brings to mind sex under the table; now we are talking chess of another dimension. Very broad and well devised chess board like a monopoly game where you love saying : I'm all in!

Even Ike and Gay Kay Summersby would have enjoyed that! 

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Just watched the rememberance day memorial ceremony on CBC. They ended the speeches and cannon fire with "God Save the Queen".


One woman's life is apparently worth millions of dead soldiers.


We do not live in a caste system, move along.

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We do not live in a caste system, move along...

I hope you are bieng funny. Cos the video above encapsulates IKe's warning about the MIC! In no uncertain terms.

And as the events have played out since 1981 we have moved to a caste system in USA based on oligarchy money. The 0.1 % control the future.

Unless you are Rip Van Winkle this should be evident to you. 

So what were you saying in your funny little speech?

Not that I don't like mobility, its immobility in entrenched ideas which I find of concern, when reality shows to us that the contrary has emerged.

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“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”
? Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America's Most Decorated Soldier

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call/mail/visit your representative to support making december 23 the official Day of Mourning & Weeping for the United States and their Constitution which Once Guided Them

with Vigils held in Publick Places, wherein Likenesses of Libertie shall be Manifested to the Peple showing Tentackles reaching into her Several Orifices and also the Selfsame into her Pockettes and 'Round her Throte and Rists and Anckles

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The main thing about modern warfare is the bankers want it dragged out as long as possible.  McNamara (Johnson Defense Secretary) created the most impossible rules of engagement for Westmoreland to prevent the USA achieving victory in Vietnam. 

The war was dragged out by McNamara and then Kissinger with Nixon.  Thousands of Americans were killed so the bankers could force Nixon to print the dollars and run up the debt to the point there were 3 dollars for every 1 ounce of gold.

McNamara left as defense secretary and joined the World Bank peddling the one world government crap.

End of gold standard.

Same thing in Iraq.

Meyer intentionally pulled the troops out of Fallujah when the battle was won.  A critical time, critical defeat.  He intentionally dragged the war on to the US would run up the debt clock.

Same shit as the Napoleonic Wars.

Same strategy, bakers get rich, gentiles die.

I think its time to use the military to hunt down the bankers and have them killed for cannon fodder.


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Both the bankers & the MIC are interested in selling the US the most expensive machinery possible, and it gets sold to the civilian population as "saving lives" which translates into "losing wars" and buying newer, more expensive, more up-armored crap to replace it with using ever more taxpayer dollars.

First they buy expensive CH47s and CH53s they have go borrow cheap MI-26s to to extricate their downed helicopters.  The F22/F35 boondoggles are only incrementally more of a ripoff and which lose in dogfights to planes that have been in service 20 years.  If the invincibility of a US carrier is ever actually tested, the newer, more expensive, more up-armored replacement con job will be astronomical. 

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lets not forget JFK's (slightly more) onerous warning


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Today is Veterans' Day. Remember the fallen sailors of the USS Liberty.




My Mom went to parochial school with John Spicher who was on deck when he was hit by rocket fire. He received aid from his crew mates but succumbed to his wounds. God bless you, PC.



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Thank you for observing Veteran's Day.


Most here want to hurl hatred towards Central Bankers rather than acknowledge the sacrifices of those who serve our country.



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As an anarchist I object to the presence of the state in my life. But those who fill the ranks do so with the expectation that they will only be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice for that which is truly supportive of their nation.


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War sucks for everyone. And every life lost is a waste.

But let's not forget that WWII was really a war between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. That's where the biggest battles were fought and that's where the most lives were lost.

- Soviet deaths: 27 million

- UK deaths: about 400k

- US deaths: about 400k

I think the Eastern Front is a side of the war most in the Western world forget.


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That is true. We let the Soviets wear down the Nazis likely in the hope that the Nazis would wear down the Soviets. But that left Eastern Europe in Soviet hands. Patton wanted to roll against them but the logical thing to do would have been to push against Germany from the West earlier, force a surrender which would have put the Nazi commanders out of power and block the Soviets. But hindsight is easy. Expect a mess when an elite class orders boys to kill boys for inches of ground and the glory of empire.


Actually, this is Armistice Day.



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A Thank You to all the Veterans who have served or are serving.

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Friend just got back from Afghanistan. He can't, and won't, describe what he's seen, and what they made him do.

Sean Bean reciting Wilfred Own: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/video/2012/nov/11/sean-bean-first-world-war-poetry-video

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Thanks for that.  Such a waste.

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I had a good friend who went to Afghanistan a couple of years ago. After he had been there a few months, I asked him how it was going... This was when the MSM was constantly talking about "the surge", and I just wanted the real deal. Well I got the real deal alight... he more or less told me the entire war was a huge waste of time and resources and we had no business being over there. Just the exasperation in his voice... I'd never heard him speak like that before, even during a tour in Iraq a few years prior... That conversation was definitely one of the major turning points that led to my "ah ha" moment.

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Radiohead ~ Harry Patch (In Memory Of)


Harry Patch diied at 111 years of age, having survived being a soldier in WW1 - this is a fan video using footage from that war, and Thom Yorke uses Harry's own words as lyrics. . .very powerful.

". . .next will be chemical, they will never learn."

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I'm a Vet.

I'd like to thank my recruiter for getting waivers for me so I could enlist, be treated like dirt, fuck up my body, be immuno-sterilized, and receive a small monthy Cripple Check.

Everyone should be so lucky to do retarded things like what I did before I figured out the sham.

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You're a fortunate individual. But let's not lose sight of the tragedy which ensues when those who have not become enlightened as you have pay the ultimate price for the hubris of empire

And as it is Veterans' Day may I add: Fuck you Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, LBJ, the Clintons and Bush and Bush. Fucking scum bags.




Blame it on the vodka.

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Information on upcoming broadcast;

Be sure to see the debut of WUWT-TV countering Gore’s 24 hours of Tabloid Climatology starting at 8PM EST (5PMPST) on November 14th. Details here:

Announcement: WUWT-TV to counter Al Gore’s ’24 Hours of Climate Reality’ with live webcast

WUWT-TV has invited a number of individuals to give presentations, here is the list so far.


Andrew Montford (Author of The Hockey Stick Illusion)
Richard Lindzen (Alfred P. Sloan professor of Meteorology, MIT)
Marc Morano (Climate Depot)
John Coleman  (Founder of the Weather Channel, now at KUSI-TV)
Chris Horner (Senior Fellow, Center for Energy and Environment, CEI)
Steve McIntyre (editor of ClimateAudit.org)
Dr. Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph)
John Christy (Alabama State climatologist, co author of UAH dataset)
Joe D’Aleo (WeatherBell)
Joe Bastardi  (Weatherbell)
Senator Jim Inhofe
Bob Tisdale (author of Who Turned on The Heat?)
Dr. Ryan Maue (Weatherbell)
Burt Rutan, (Engineer and Aviation Pioneer)
Dr. Sebastian Lüning  (co-author of Die kalte Sonne)
Harold Ambler (Author of Don’t Sell Your Coat)
Donna LaFramboise (Author of The Delinquent Teenager)
Pat Michaels (former State climatologist of Virgina, fellow of the Cato institute)
Pete Garcia (Producer of the movie The Boy Who Cried Warming)
Christopher Monckton (SPPI)


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Let's be frank, most of the dumbfuck doorknobs in both houses of Congress (not to mention the other branches of government) wouldn't truly understand a fraction of what Eisenhower said or the founding documents of the country for that matter.  We have created a political system where the most honorable and qualified persons want no part of the process, and we are left with only those who are so power hungry they are willing to undergo whatever process and commit whatever immoral actions necessary to obtain office.  And then we pretend that we are picking the best candidate out of a field of unindicted criminals. Utterly despicable considering how much blood had to be spilled for this country to even exist.

And if anyone doubts a word of what I've said, just watch a Congressional hearing on just about any topic on C-SPAN.  For most of these people it's embarrassing that they represent anyone at all.

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"Is X-Factor on tomorrow night?"

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God damn, don't nobody in here recognize sarcasm unless it comes with a <sarc> tag?

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Yes, it's amazing the amount of bullshit people will swallow without even thinking about it. Its all about central banking.

Lew Rockwell: War and the FED



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"Its all about central banking."



Oh brother (a "CT" - conspiracy theorist) ... nothing to do with 'defining deviancy down'?


Nothing to do with popular entertainment, the press, the schools?



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I usually tend to disagree with you, but you're spot on with this post.

When trying to place blame on our existing conditions of a nation it is impossible to blame one entity. They are merely cogs of the same fucked up machine.

Schools, the controlled media, big pharma, big agro, the MIC, the Israel lobby, central banks, big banks, homeland security, the bought and paid for politicians, the gun grabbers, etc. ect. etc. etc.

The list goes on and on. It's human nature to want to find a single person or group to place blame on, hence why 90% of the population believes that the president really makes a difference.

We at ZH are above that though. We recognize the entire system is at war with us. Choose your enemy and try to wake others up. I preach to others about the dangers of Monsanto and have my friends and family eating local and GMO free. I find that is the easiest issue to wake people up on. I then gradually introduce other topics of interest and let curiosity be there guide

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Epic war film from 1960 starring Paul Newman among others…

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3906C76AB7BE9334 (20 parts, ~10 minutes each)

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Exodus? Exodus is the biggest Zionist propaganda film ever made. This movie did more that anything else to brainwash the American people into accepting Zionism. It rivals Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will" as pure propaganda.

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In fact, blame no one but ourselves...For head in sand for centuries.

Now love your enemies, to death.


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It starts with the Central Banking. 

Sorry I didn't spell it out for you. Did you watch the video?

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I did, Lew Rockwell is a Jedi pimp. The expansion of central banking is also a central theme to John Perkins book "confessions of an economic hitman". That's a must read for all.

Thanks for the link.

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I say it starts with Central Planning, ends with Central Banking and then progresses to Totalitarianism.

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In reply to Ident 7777 economy, disbelieving

"Its all about central banking."

Or, as Bay of Pigs clarified that comment:

"It starts with the Central Banking."


UROKO (full length)


As the individual who made this video commented


Why 'Uroko'?

What I have discovered after years of scratching my head, is that there IS and has been for centuries a sort of "conspiracy" at work, that top Freemasons have long been a part of it, that certain Jewish banking dynasties also are and have long been important players, but that a Christian element constitutes a substantial part of this thousand year + old partnership, and is distinctly Norman/Viking in its heritage. ... I discovered that the ancestors of both the Christian-Norman and Jewish-Germanic sects which, broadly speaking, make up the bulk of our modern "men behind the curtain", came on to the scene in Europe at exactly the same time, specifically in the later 9th century when Rollo and his Vikings invaded northern France just as the Magyars and Kabars arrived in Hungary from the East. [Some of whom had converted to Judaism] ... I felt I had caught a glimpse of the forest, and decided that those proclaiming a "Jewish conspiracy" were looking at the trees. Once one has considered fully the Norman/Viking element which also fed the spring from which our ruling elite evolved, the cultural and ancestral links between conquering groups like the Vikings, Franks and Huns as well as the Magyar/Hun-Kabar alliance, and finally, has seen how these groups were all branches of the same ancient plundering, conquering culture, the world begins to make a lot more sense. ...

What that individual who made the Uroko movie describes as the ancient plundering and conquering culture has been developing for thousands of years, since the basic technological advances of Neolithic civilization made that possible and practical to do. All of human history has been one grand conspiracy of fraud backed by force. Those who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, of course, became the ruling elites. They have controlled things, through the application of the principles and methods of organized crime, which, when done in larger groups, we call warfare, rationalized by militarism. Those things are NOT due to the ruling elites, except that those elites develop their own expedient solutions to those chronic political problems, which are inherent to the nature of life itself.


Of course, the death controls are the crucial core to the whole system, and the monetary controls are in feed back loops with the murder controls. That is NOT a conspiracy theory. It is plainly obvious FACTS to anyone who looks at enough history. Moreover, with a even broader and deeper perspective, those events are merely the human expressions of the evolutions what has happened over and over again in all other ecologies.

The pyrmadion people in our social pyramid system are those whose genetic and cultural history selected and molded them to make and maintain the systems that we live in today. It is also interesting to speculate on the less well-known,but must have been matching ways, "sheeple" were also breeding their own genetic and cultural hybrids. The total human ecology and political economy is made of both those whose genetics, and cultures, dominated as well as those who adapted to live while dominated.

However, it should be plainly obvious, as well as confirmed by the study of history, that the schools and mass media, etc., were taken over by the same sorts of people who took over the money system. Those who gained control over the money system were then able to use that power to take control over everything else, in various positive feedback developments.

The special case of American history is particularly interesting because it had significant periods in the past where the control over the monetary system was struggled over, and changed hands, several times!  American history is also interesting because there is so much of it, and a lot of that was well documented. Therefore, it is possible to discover how the current ruling elites took back control over the monetary system, and after they gained their powers to control the money supply, it was possible for them to use that power systematically to gain control over the school system and the mass media.

Around and around that went, to become positive feedback loops, reinforcing each other. However, the most crucial events in that real history were the episodes where those where politicians were assassinated, so that those who got away with those assassinations would be able to continue to control the political processes to do what they wanted to be done. Most of the time, bribery and intimidation was enough. However, the central and crucial core of the conspiracy, that gradually gained control over the American political system, and then the mass media, and school systems, were the successful assassinations of the politicians that stood in the way of that happening.

I regard it as a totally ridiculous view to NOT believe that the international banksters were not the best organized gangs of criminals, that took back control of the government of the USA, and thereby, were able to use the power of "We the People" to progressively enslave those People. So YES, "Its all about central banking."

Anyone who does not understand that is either a fool or a liar. They have either not bothered to learn from history, or they are working to make sure the currently established systems of fraud and force are able to continue to prevail.

However, I would also emphasize that we need a paradigm shift in militarism. The idea that we can ever have a human reality with no murder system is totally preposterous and impossible. The idea that we need to radically transform militarism after the development of weapons of mass destruction is what should be promoted instead!

BUT, BUT, BUT, that plunges through the heart of the tunnel of infinite deceits, that there are NO good answers to the most paradoxical problem in politics, which is "Who will guard the guardians?"  What actually has happened, and theoretically MUST happen, over and over again, is that whomever was the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, WILL control the culture. Thus, the history that made War King then morphed to make Fraud King. The Fraud Kings now control America, and almost all of the rest of the world! THE FRAUD KINGS ARE THE CENTRAL BANKERS TODAY!

All of the rest of their system of social controls spread out from, and return, to their control over the SOURCE of our money supply. The murder system made that money supply be what it is today, and that money supply then pays for the murder system to keep that going. That is not something which any informed and rational person can dismiss as a crazy "conspiracy theory."  That is a plainly obvious social fact!

Controls over the rest of things like the school system and mass media are in the wake of the thrust of the central force of the history of murder, which made and maintained the established money system. IT IS PLAINLY OBVIOUS THAT THE CENTRAL BANKS CONTROL THE MONEY SYSTEM, AND THEY HAVE USED THAT POWER TO BUY UP CONTROL OVER THE OTHER SOCIAL SYSTEMS, AS ALL ASSEMBLED IN AN INTEGRATED SOCIAL SYSTEM.

Therefore, of course the military system works for the money system, since the money system pays for the murder system. The majority of people have NOT been taught to understand that, but rather, have been conditioned to NOT WANT to understand that! The PROBLEM is that all of the progress in science and technology is happening inside a social system which depends upon the majority of people continuing to be ignorant and afraid, so that a tiny minority can control and exploit them. Hence, we are in a runaway situation where the triumphs of the established money/murder systems have been amplified to astronomical sizes, which made them become INSANE.

Thus, the control exercised by the central bankers running their debt slavery, backed by wars based on deceit, has become a global electronic fiat money fraud, backed by atomic weapons. So, Welcome to the Bizarro Mirror World Folks!  Not only are the "conspiracy theories" correct, but also, those realities are what is crazy!   Those who deny that the central banks are the main manifestation of the frauds, backed by force, controlling civilization, are the actually the crazy people, especially since those systems have been amplified by many orders of magnitude, due to discovering relatively more truth, through science and technology, while the social system continues to be controlled by the same old elites, using the same old methods of lies, backed by violence!

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In reply to Radical Marijuana's many words including: "So YES, "Its all about central banking." "


Have you heard the name Gates, Dell, Packard, Hewlett or Drudge?


Or Sergey Brin or Larry Page?


Howard Hughes?


"Who?" you say?


My point ... all you're too-familiar with are CTs (conspiracy theories). Not the captains of industry, the men to whom bankers answer ...


To which I must add:


"Conspiracy theories are the favored tools of the weak-minded."



Radical Marijuana's picture

Of course I have heard about all those people, including the founders of Google.

I guess you are a stupid troll, some kind of professional liar. The obvious point regarding "conspiracy theories" are that they are normal things, that organized crime gangs do every day. The point I make is that those things also exist on the highest possible levels. Consider the careers of Generals, like before Eisenhower became President. The Manhattan Project was a conspiracy theory. The D-Day Invasion was a conspiracy theory. EXCEPT, THOSE WERE HISTORICAL FACTS!

Ident 7777 economy, you are a goofball to point out the existence of big corporations, as somehow a refutation of the existence of huge conspiracies, as a normal aspect of human affairs throughout history. In particular, Gate's Mircosoft Corporation got its original breakthrough contract by selling something that it did not own at the time it signed the contract. Only after signing that contract did it then go and buy what it had just sold! That was another classic kind of historical conspiracy!

I did not start off with "conspiracy theories!" I gradually came to believe in them more and more, after I learned more and more about real history! The more you know, the worse it gets, precisely because it becomes more and more patently obvious that real history has been primarily controlled by lies and violence, and that almost everything that exists today is the result of conflicts in the past being resolved by some people killing other people, and the people who tended to survive in that context were those who were the best at being dishonest and backing that up with violence. The entire tradition of the study of militarism and politics, from Sun Tzu, to Clausewitz, to Machiavelli, and so on, and on, is ALL about lies, backed by violence. The history of central banking is the same, if you take enough time to study that.

However, Ident 7777 economy, you are obviously a goofball troll. Bay of Pigs, who posted the original comment, qualified to say that it all STARTED with central banks. I would agree in the sense that the central controls over the rest of the economic activities, including everything done by large corporations, and those who start those, or run them, MUST take place inside the context set up by the central banks. Those central banks were the supreme gangs of criminals, who were able to become the shadow governments, that controlled the public governments, so that those governments would give away the power to make money out of nothing, as debts, to those privately owned central banks. There are many historians, such as Carroll Quigley, in the book Tragedy and Hope, who have done great work to explain that history.

Again, welcome to the Bizarro Mirror World, Ident 7777 economy! You are the weak-minded one!

Conspiracy theories ARE the primary, correct ways to understand civilization, because civilization simply IS organized crime on the largest possible scale. That is probably what you, Ident 7777 economy, refuse to face, because you are too weak-minded to want understand that.

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Find the following *.pdf file:

"The network of global corporate control"
Stefania Vitali , James B. Glattfelder , and Stefano Battiston

Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich, Kreuzplatz 5, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland,
corresponding author, email: sbattiston@ethz.ch

Then talk to someone re: "Conspiracy."

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...and you came to refute and mock conspiracy theories @ ZH, a site dedicated (to a certain extent but without ever touching the crux of the issue) to expose the economical and political conspiracies that define the current time?! Are you fucking kidding me? Wake the fuck up, this whole world is riddle with petty and grand conspiracies, and from my limited research and trips down various rabbit holes the more outlandish a conspiracy sounds at first glance the more valid it proves after some research (sadly only leading further down the rabbit hole with no end is sight).

A small note: do not believe conspiracies that everyone knows about or worse even, where a consensus about it is present.

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"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.

John Dolberg Acton
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It is unfortunate what happened to this country but I believe a collapsed dollar will cure all diseases.

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" ... but I believe a collapsed dollar will cure all diseases. "


Not gonna happen; the world is a bigger f*cked-up place than this place, so, "Where ya gonna go?"


We *are* the 'island' of last resort.

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Hardly.  Russia is the new island. 

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This is when you remove the mask and just admit you're either a troll, or untraveled and with no relevant experience on that topic.