Israel Launches A Missile Into Syrian Territory For The First Time In 39 Years

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Last week, when we reported that Syria has decided to enter the Golan Heights DMZ, and "provoke" yet another pro-Western stalwart, Israel, we said: "Syria can't wait to start a war, hopefully one which also involves Iran, and provokes the punishment of NATO and the west." We said this because when it comes to what the "fair and objective" media has deemed rogue states, the theory of rational actors no longer applies. Such is the case now in Syria, whose regime is not only involved in a bloody civil war (whose one-sided accounts we get each and every day), but it recently did everything in its power to start a war with Turkey (which failed after it became clear time and again that this was nothing but one huge false flag provocation) and thus provoke NATO's fury which would naturally wipe Syria off the map with the UN's blessing, and start a broader Middle Eastern conflict which certainly would not end there, but has also escalated to Israel just to be certain it gets promptly retaliated against. Today, we learn that Syria has finally gotten what it so urgently desired, after Israel, for the first time since the 1973 war "returned fire on Syrian military forces after Syrian shells exploded in Israeli territory."

Naturally, this escalation to Syrian "provocations" was inevitable: a crippled regime doesn't do everything in its power to provoke terminal retaliation by the West without getting what it so desperately needs... Just in case comparable provocations by Iran fail to yield the desired results.

From AP:

The Israeli military has fired a missile into Syria, the first time Israel has been drawn into the fighting in the neighboring country.


The military said it fired the missile as a warning shot on Sunday after a stray mortar from Syria hit a military post in the Golan Heights. Israel captured the Golan from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war and subsequently annexed it.


The military says no damage or injuries were reported inside Israel.


A string of mortar shells have struck the Golan during the Syrian civil war. Israel views the fire as accidental, but nonetheless has warned that it holds Syria responsible.


Golan Heights 

Israeli troops and UN peacekeepers inspect an area where mortar shells fired from Syria landed in the Golan Heights. Photograph: Jalaa Marey/AFP/Getty Images

It goes without saying that this is merely the first proverbial shot across the  bow, or in this case the DMZ. Much more to follow, until finally the UN rules, and the fair and objective media backs it, that the time to invade liberate Syria has come.

One can only hope that China and Russia will sit quietly on the sidelines when this eventually happens.

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otto skorzeny's picture

first Mossad sends that whore(Jewish grandmother, probable CIA mole)  to seduce Patraeus because of his anti-Israeli stance and now this? I love the AP "Golan Heights annexation" line in the article-I would like to "annex" my neighbor's backyard because his trees keeps dropping leaves in my yard-is that cool?

falak pema's picture

Judith to his Holofernes...she walked away with his head! Femme fatale.

Clearly she was no Salome as he was no St John the Baptist.

I wonder if he has an empty feeling today feeling light headed, heavy hearted or cojones discharged. 

He surrendered his general's sword, now he can go fishing for young trout jumping on his rod! 

Every cloud has a silver lining! 

Before you cut his tree down check out his wife.

Hell hath no fury...just saying...

CPL's picture

By the North Gate, the wind blows full of sand,

Lonely from the beginning of time until now!

Trees fall, the grass goes yellow with autumn.

I climb the towers and towers

      to watch out the barbarous land:

Desolate castle, the sky, the wide desert.

There is no wall left to this village.

Bones white with a thousand frosts,

High heaps, covered with trees and grass;

Who brought this to pass?

Who has brought the flaming imperial anger?

Who has brought the army with drums and with kettle-drums?

Barbarous kings.

A gracious spring, turned to blood-ravenous autumn,

A turmoil of wars-men, spread over the middle kingdom,

Three hundred and sixty thousand,

And sorrow, sorrow like rain.

Sorrow to go, and sorrow, sorrow returning,

Desolate, desolate fields,

And no children of warfare upon them,

      No longer the men for offence and defence.

Ah, how shall you know the dreary sorrow at the North Gate,

With Rihoku’s* name forgotten,

And we guardsmen fed to the tigers.

Li Po


Long dead Chinese poet that wrote about the worthlessness of combat as translated by Ezra Pound.

LongSoupLine's picture

Their once was a man from Nantucket...


ah, screw it...poety was never my bag.

GetZeeGold's picture was in the spirit.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Israel has weapons of mass destruction and we should invade them immediately

WTFx10's picture

No drone the fuck out of them. Then when they use their WMD's level every Rothschild owned building anywhere on the planet. Confiscate their stolen wealth and return it to the victims of the planet. Don't kill the Banksters but make sure they get to live like the victims they stole from. When they die, cremate and spread their ashes on a manure compost pile. A fitting end to their criminality.

fonestar's picture

Is the reason we have so many of these wars because our ruling elite hate war, or could it be that they LOVE war?

I will have to think hard about this.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Do I smell an Israeli False Flag? Of course not, that is conspiracy, Netanyahoo would never do anything like that.

knukles's picture

Regardless of who likes whom, who hates whom, whose brother is the friend or enemy of somebody elses fucking relative, one hell of a lot of hornet's nests being kicked about these days...

Just sayin'..

Times like these try men's souls.... and make the price of gold and treasuries go up ...  



TwoShortPlanks's picture

I wouldn't think twice about giving the Ferret a run with her.

Tell me you wouldn't bone that "Friend"

Betty Swallsack's picture

Insight: Syria

Syrian "rebels" more double speak

Syrians want national reconciliation not war: Expert

Movement is already underway to establish an informal "no-fly/safe zone" on the Turkish/Syrian border, and you may well expect to be seeing attacks from Turkish warplanes on some alleged "border incident".

The question is, at that point, what is your geopolitical friend, Russia, going to be willing and ready to do to prevent this?

Because from my perspective, only the very concrete threat of Russian military involvement against Turkey, NATO, and the West, can stop this madness, on the way to an invasion of Iran.

Short of the establishment of a "no fly" zone, or a "safe zone" on the Syrian/Turkey border, coupled with an outright attack against the Syrian Army, the US government's options here are limited.

The question, here, is one of timing; how long will the West allow their hired mercs to continue to fail in holding on to large, critical areas of the country without making a bolder move?

With the US elections over, were I a betting person, I would say, not very much longer at all.

Assad speaking with Sophie on RT - 25 minutes

Memo to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: those elements in the West and Israel who want you gone, as a prelude for an invasion of Iran, will not give you the luxury of the time necessary for a referendum.

Syria Refugee Crisis: 9,000 Flee To Turkey In Past 24 Hours (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

OF course, to those in the bowels of power in DC and elsewhere,there is no price too high, no human suffering too great to get in the way of regime change in Syria as a prelude to an attack against Iran for having the gall not to sell all of its oil in US petrodollars.

Western efforts on Syria shifting

By accelerating their drive to oust Al-Assad, DC and London have telegraphed that the war against Iran is on.  Big Mistake number 3, that's WW3 to you, is on the horizon.

Drachma's picture

While you're at it also think of their love for the 'slow-kill' approach to roach population control. The rabble never figure out what hit them and are bled dry by Bayer, GSK, Pfizer, etc. until they're dead and buried.


unrulian's picture

Bad spot...manure compost is quite useful

q99x2's picture

Boz Scaggs - Lone me a Dime with Duane Allman.

otto skorzeny's picture

the whole thing was a little too neat-clearly there were some strings pulled by people in power/intell to get her that close to him with the embed so she could dangle that sweet poon in his wrinkly face as he spilled secrets to her with pillow talk. then it's off to a secured line to report back to her handlers in Tel Aviv. she was CIA through and through but was probably a double agent.She was  "a mideast specialist" that used to visit Iran and Syria(after stopping in Israel) for God's sake. do a search on for her background

falak pema's picture

Maybe the epitaph on his tombstone will say :

I made my mistress very rich and powerful. I kept my mouth shut and lived happily ever after with my harem. There is a life after the army!

And btw : go fukk yourself mossad and cia! 


Bicycle Repairman's picture

I wonder how many here at ZH would have sensed that it was a "honey pot", and taken corrective action?  I'm guessing most of us.  Did he even have her vetted?  Is Patraeus smart enough to hold a high position?

BTW, anyone know where Chandra Levy is?

Boxed Merlot's picture

BTW, anyone know where Chandra Levy is?...

Or as deercreekvols at seeking alpha would ask, "where is Corzine?"...


 These middle east romanticists intent on preserving their presumed and unverifiable familial ties to Abraham, Jacob and / or Judah have become quite the scourge on the rest of humanity that seek nothing more than possible adoption into the family of God.





peter4805's picture

A tree fell over in my back yard a while back. No doubt in my mind the Jews were behind it. A dog ripped open the garbage bag I left at the curb. I'll bet those darned jews were responsible for that too. I have an itchy left nut... damn those Jews.

Things that go bump's picture

Look, if this wasn't just politics, and she does actually tell him to leave now and never return, she will get half his military pension and any other pensions he might be entitled to, as well as sundry other valuables that are jointly owned.  He may consider that an acceptable price.  She may not actually consider that acceptable compensation, but after 38 years of marriage, with its accompanying accumulation of resentments, and this public humiliation, she might prefer that to slowly sucking the life out of him for whatever time remains to him.  

ISEEIT's picture

I sure as hell can't decipher this crap yet but the bitch was an NWO operative. Narcissistic overachiever. Plucked out of west point. No better cover than journalist. The ministry of truth is packed with NWO bitches. Something seriously doesn't sit well with me though....Petraeus would need to be an idiot for all this to go down as it has. I'm inclined to believe he is actually in on the play. Supposedly had Presidential aspirations and then dumped into CIA? Then goes down in the Benzia (sic) puppet show? Not even close to reality.

This shit is as bad or worse than the performance being staged in Europe.



dark pools of soros's picture

he (or others) didn't want him to testify next week...  so drum up the scandals and eject

DC Exile's picture

Why can't he still testify? Does fucking a Mossad agent grant you congressional immunity?

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Apparently it gives you a social disease that Congress doesn't want to mess with.

mkhs's picture

He becomes a "disgruntled ex-employe" with an axe to grind.

zilverreiger's picture

soldier: "Zonne vuurbal jonguh!"

booboo's picture

Caption contest worthy photo:

"Jewish military draws up blueprints to fill hole in ground, UN environmental Police order work stopped until permit is issued"



zilverreiger's picture

soldier: "this grave fits at least 5 occupied natives"

Belrev's picture

Can you please explain your phrase "... Syria, whose regime is not only involved in a bloody civil war ...". Because I am having hard time understanding how foreign mercenaries fighting in Syria represent the "rebels", "insurgents" and "opposition" in this "civil war" where is my historical knowledge says that civil war is between the citizens of the same country. Thanks.

otto skorzeny's picture

I think much of the article was sarcastic-except for the AP's usual pro-Israeli bias

Arthur's picture


Assad and his clan, the Alawite's, have dominated and suppressed the majority population for years and run the country in classic kleptocracy fashion.  Assad's father killed 20,000 plus in Basra almost thirty years ago.  Following the Arab Spring the majority population began to assert "their" rights once again.  Assad cracked down brutally.  Syrian expats began to aid those in Syria and the fight began to boil.

Iran, Syria's main alley increased their support to the Assad regime and those oppose to Iran and Assad began to aid the majority population.

Into the mix flowed certain religious fanatics and Al-Qaida types seeking to exploit the situation, which remains a majority population tying to over throw a minority government.

All civil wars involve outside forces and money.  France added the colonies against Britain, think Korea and Vietnam.  Germany aided Franco.  Think of all the conflicts in Africa and South America, there are always outside agitators but without indigenous support the fight will go nowhere.

dark pools of soros's picture

this is so much horse shit..  go and try to have even a picnic on the White House lawn and see what happens to you -  so he is suppose to not kill people that are basically gunning for his head?


our cops makes his army look like angels



Jreb's picture

Regardless of the accuraccy of this statement what happens in Syria is THEIR business. Not Israel's, the US, Russia's or anybody elses.

Imagine if civil war came to North America and the Chinese sent in troops to protect the civilian population. What a fucking disaster that would be.

The west needs to learn to mind its own damn business.

May your economics be Austrian your foreign policy be Swiss and your social/justice system be Anglo American (pre 21st century).

in4mayshun's picture

And how many people have the US and their fascist corporations killed through prescription drugs, and cancer-causing vaccinations and GMO food? Millions.? The Ruling class in America is just as blood guilty as any other regime- they just do it more covertly.

blunderdog's picture

Gotta give thanks for the sheer BRILLIANCE visited upon this great nation by Eddie Bernays...

Sure, sure, our aristocracy are the same shitheads as the aristocracy everywhere else and throughout all of history, but Bernays taught us that NOT ONLY can we convince people that they're really OK people, we can even convince everyone that they're the GREATEST EXEMPLARS OF HUMANITY because they're so rich.

That level of self-deception is the only thing that's held the USA together for so long. 

On the micro-scale, it's exactly analogous to the worship of Mike Tyson as the "greatest boxer ever."

Money 4 Nothing's picture

It's called the USA sending Al Qaeda and elements of the Muslim Brotherhood to do the bidding for us, hence the term "foriegn mercinaries". Hillary Clinton personally handles them. Assad wouldn't give up his soverinty to the Central bankers so let the lies and deciet begin.

Assad armed his citizens and told them to fight this foriegn backed aggressors, Russia is camped out on their shores and armed Syria to the teeth to protect their investment against Western aggressions.  

The first causaulity in war is the truth. MSM's are spinning the story and demonising Assad. There is no civil war or Govt. coup against Assad, It's a massive destabilization campaign funded by bankers and abusing our military powers... again.


Search: BBC praises Al Qaeda for doing a good job.

We invented Al Qaeda >



westboundnup's picture

Back in the 1960's, there was a slogan that said "What if we had a war, and nobody came?"  I propose a new slogan for the modern era in which we live, "What if nobody came, and we had a war?"  The bombing of the Maine, the Gleiwitz incident are small potatos.  William Randolph Hearst and Reinhard Heydrich ain't got nothing on us!

Randall Cabot's picture

The Gleiwitz incident was an insignificant footnote to a gigantic clusterfuck-why do so many parrots keep repeating it as if it was important???

Disenchanted's picture



"hole in ground"


Oh the humanity! A veritable holocaust...

GetZeeGold's picture



Molly geez.....they shot back...can they do that?

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

And just how do we know who did it?  We still don't know who did what on 9/11, but it's not what we have been told. The same goes for JFK too. At one time I believed in Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. I miss those days.

LongSoupLine's picture

This, by ALL accounts should be a non-fucking-event!

otto skorzeny's picture

all of these little "happenings" are just threads that are part of a bigger,bloodier tapestry

Awakened Sheeple's picture

Is this good for the stock market?