Apple Already Working On Next iPhone, iPad Update

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With AAPL's share price 'off the lows', hope is re-emerging that the company-that-can-do-no-wrong is back (23% decline aside). However, a funny thing happened on the way to the AAPL store. Digitimes is reporting speculating (via China Times) that the tech giant is preparing for trial production of the iPhone 5S in December with an iPad update shortly after. It would seem to us that Apple is scrambling - how does a three-month upgrade-cycle sync with a two-year non-free upgrade contract from the telecoms providers? It appears clear that few will participate and upgrade-cycle take-up estimates will have to be reduced. Furthermore, following in the footsteps of Bernanke's some-is-good so more-is-better strategem, we wonder whether the public will begin to adjust their behavior and delay purchase in an ever-decreasing sales loop since the iPhone 'n+1' is only a few months away...


Via Computerworld:

Does this mean Apple’s been listening to critics demanding it innovate against its seemingly imitative Android competitors? Does this mean it intends raising the frequency of iPhone releases in order to stay near the head of the pack?


It’s possible.


Digitimes reckons the iPhone 5S could enter volume production in the first quarter of 2013. However, I recall a seven month gap between initial claims of the iPhone 5 entering production and its eventual appearance, so I’m speculating a June/July introduction on strength of the title’s claims.


Keeping that iPhone 5 production line moving has been problematic for Foxconn, where Chairman Terry Gou said: “It’s not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand.”


It seems far too soon for fresh iPhone rumors to hit the street, for a start Apple has remained pretty focused on an annual release; secondly the iPhone 5 has only been available for two months.


Conversely, it’s possible company management have decided to introduce new versions of the iPhone more frequently and perhaps striking back against the fragmented Android device market by diversifying its iDevice range.


All the same it seems highly improbable that Apple intends introducing an all-new iPhone within the next four months -- rumors like these tend to deflate sales of Apple’s current model.


The latter even makes it possible that those in competition with Apple may be attempting to seed the market with such rumors in an attempt to stifle Cupertino’s smartphone sales.


There is one other possibility: Apple may be on course to introduce a new breed of iPhone, not intended to compete with the classic model, but to widen the market with the release of a different kind of device.

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Are they edible yet?  No?, guess I'll keep farming then.  I still see 7+ billion underfunded liabilities walking around.

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Agreed, but it could be your children or grandchildren who cash in on the Malthusian gauntlet (nothing wrong with that). Until you turn the starving millions into iphone consumers they will stay priced out of the food market.

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Let's go buy the hype! Let's go buy the hype!

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Kito said it best. To paraphrase "Apple breakthroughs are making their smallest screen bigger, and making their biggest screen smaller."

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As with Intel and Microsoft, they probably have the next seven products already lined up. Just not willing to sell them yet until you spend more money on the current crap. But yeah, this represents the "technological stagnation" discussed in Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali. Now that they've invented a smartphone, they'll just keep inventing the smartphone over and over again. No new ideas.

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This is why capitalism fails.

Dumb fools adhere to the structures of their "beliefs" like mental invalids.  What the world needs is an eclectic approach to society that'll fry all of your motherfucking convention-worshiping brains.

What world needs is people to think for themselves.  Spending money on shit for the sake of consumption is not a benefit to any society.  We've found ourselves in a nihilistic paradise of consumption and ego-inflation.


How about people start to live?  Yeah, you know what that requires?  The complete destruction of their conditioned way of life of NOTHING.  Understand that, fools?  Your lives you instill meaning into could be so much better if it were freed from this parasite-class attached to your backs, feeding off of your life and effort whilst you chase fucking delusions of success in a losing game.



BobPaulson's picture

Lots of good ranting there, but it didn't quite coalesce into a pointed critique of anything specific.

Incubus's picture

It's a critique of everything, mate.  Because, well, EVERYTHING IS WRONG! I can't make a critique of a specific thing when there's so much that needs reworking.

A "specific" complaint is like throwing "hot dog down a hallway."

in4mayshun's picture

Do you feel better after that pointless tirade?

Incubus's picture

Do you have anything to say, really?  Do you feel better after making that comment?

NotApplicable's picture

For someone who calls everyone dumb fools while not even holding a coherent definition of capitalism...

Well, let's just say, I logged in just to junk your nonsense.

Incubus's picture

I know this isn't capitalism, and I'm saying everyone's randian fairytail ideal capitalism would not work, either.


It's based on the assumption that a fucked up, broken society will produce people that will be moral and ethical once they've accumulated their wealth. You're just reacting on an emotional basis.  Keep running to labels, dude.


And lol, junking.  You feel better for that?  I am junked.  totally fucking destroyed over that, now.


oh man, junked.  how could I be junked?  Someone pressed a pixel arrow on a screen because they didn't agree with me.  And you logged in for that?  Get your priorities straight.

Point is, after you've finished your little emotional reaction, and you get your little conditioned "junking" out of the way, I want you to sit down and think about the world and labels and society and everything else.

And you'll realize I'm right.




"The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist." - Keynes

redpill's picture

So how would those inherently-human characteristics be any different under any other type of economic scenario (not that I'm conceding that the current regime is anything related to capitalism anymore).

Incubus's picture

When you force people to think INDEPENDENTLY, and ground that with a good set of morals, they will tend to want to work towards a better world, rather than getting more funny money to get ahead in an impersonal system.

People react primarily on an emotional level up until a threshold level of general intelligence.  The problem with the world is that most people DO NOT THINK. Their "thinking" is limited to their personal sphere; rarely do they apply those thinking skills to the world in general.

I'm not saying people are mentally deficient: I'm saying they waste their time applying their thought to meaningless shit.  Look at the effort your average basement dweller will invest into any given video game.   What people need is direction. 

Most people do react the way they do in the world because of the exclusive approach to society.  This sort of convention forces people to become impersonal and only "look out for their own." 

An inclusive society would create a better quality individual.  Better individuals = a better society.  If people thought their efforts would ever really mean anything, they'd spend more of their time on making the world better, instead of watching fucking television, or drinking their way through life.

The problem with America is that people want to proceed with the belief that a populace of mind-raped people, incapable of independent thought, should be thought of as "individuals."

Fix the fucked up people, and until then, you won't have a system that works.  Try to figure out what produces an INDIVIDUAL and not some consumerist-humanoid, then you'll understand what kind of better world awaits the unthinking masses if only they had brains.

Let's break this down to a very basic level.  What produces a more favorable outcome for both parties?

A. Being an asshole to someone

B. Being nice to someone

So why should this approach be any different when applied to society? 

God, I swear people don't ever fucking think.

viahj's picture

"When you force people to think INDEPENDENTLY"...that's not gonna work. you can't jump from peak to peak, you must go through the trough to get there.  you cannot skip a stage in the cycle.  we (the West) live in excess, thus there isn't a survival instinct kicking in to change our habits to be "independent thinking" as well as being a "inclusive society".  we gotta devolve from where we are and then the strongest will reach up.

Tyler Durden: You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.
Tyler Durden: Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

BobPaulson's picture

I have that feeling too. The top heavy overfed lazy society we have created is toast. Dead man walking. Don't mourn its demise man, it will be a great thing when this shitty society collapses. 

The sad thing is that by improving the conditions of life for ourselves, we are naturally complacent. The oppressed and hungry want a chance at sitting around watching TV and getting fat too.

So, really, it's just a cycle. My big concern is that during the next few cycles of the human prisoner's dilemma, we may focus more on "beating" the "country" we are competing with, and accidentally replicate on a grand scale what the good folks on Easter Island did in a similar situation. Faced with the option of a painful course change to avoid collapse or staying the course and overconsuming ourselves into ruin, humans seem pretty comfortable destroying themselves. I think it's because we are mortal and doomed to die anyways.

Matt's picture

Is this an advertisement for fascism? 

Incubus's picture

It's and advertisment for thinking for yourself.  Keep jumping from label to label in an attempt to understand anything. 

You know, the golden rule isn't so bad, and we'd be a whole lot better off in the world if people actually practiced what they preached.

Are you capable of processing information on an as-is manner, or do you need to run to labels that someone else has already laid out for you?


NotApplicable's picture

"...we'd be a whole lot better off in the world if people actually practiced what they preached. "

Too bad your logic doesn't apply to you, but rather, you only seek to change others (just like all others who fail to practice the golden rule).

Incubus's picture

If I was failing to see the point in something, I'd want someone to point it out to me.  

If I was caught up in some consumerist sphere and totally stupid, I'd like someone to point it out to me. 


As for your observation of me being "impolite," I am because it's the only way to get through to people on the internet.  IRL I don't have a problem with people because I am nice to them.  My prose is "spiced up," so to speak. 

If my wording were bland, would you have given a fuck? I am appealing to your emotional state because that's the only thing that will elicit a response outside of your stupid fucking label-everything view of the world that would have you readily dismiss my argument otherwise. 

Are you bothered over this?  GOOD! NOW THINK FOR FUCKS SAKE.

Ms. Erable's picture

Given that critical thinking skills and asking salient questions are skills no longer taught nor valued, can you can explain how to 'force' people who 'don't ever think' to 'think independently'?

Incubus's picture

Giving them access to a free flow of information.  Propaganda--counterarguments, all of it.

You don't price out information/education.  The rational mind will prevail.


Some people might FUCKING frown on my FUCKING use of FUCKING profanity, but who is trying to censor who here?

lol, the irony is so wonderful.  You proponents of a "free" society FUCKING accuse me of being some fascist when, in your hearts, you wish to censor me. If the down arrow were a trigger, you'd gladly pull it to give yourselves mental peace.

Isn't that the truth, though, you charlatans?  You masquerade under the guise of champions of some "free" society, when all you seek is profit via anything you can place a price tag on.

In a true "free" society, none of you could exist with the mindset you have; you'd have to mentally evolve. 

It's absolutely disgusting how these money-grubbing addicts have drawn some cloak of "freedom" over themselves when their minds are filled with the filth of a system that's rotting from the core.

And they fight to keep things the way they are because it's what they were told is right.  "Democracy" is heralded as some great thing by these hedonists, but they don't even realize the government they love so is manifest of Hamilton, and not of the "founding fathers." 

And they profess to me--of my ignorance.  Goddamn fools.  All of you.

None of you want what's better for humanity, as a whole.  What all of you seek is what's better for yourselves, so enjoy the society you deserve.

And take care to note that I did say an ideal approach to the "problem" of "society" would be an eclectic approach.  But do yourselves a favor and label me as a 'socialist' or 'communist' for your own well-being.  Fucking muppets.




DO any of you realize that the world today is the result of your unwaivering worship of money and the illusion of success?  Gallivants at the pews of the church of capitalism: holy is the word you've been told, sin being all that aren't the first things you were told was truth.

Ignorance saturates every layer of this society and yet all of you believe that your "jesus" of "true capitalism" will save you.

I'll tell you what will free the world; what will "save" the world.  And that's freeing the flow of information.  But that is incompatible with the capitalistic/communistic model.

lol. So Keep praying, and pray harder.  You're all going to die in vain, anyway.


Matt's picture

"Giving them access to a free flow of information.  Propaganda--counterarguments, all of it."

It is called the Internet, and most people in Western civilisation have access to it. The rest of the world is following.

"You proponents of a "free" society FUCKING accuse me of being some fascist when, in your hearts, you wish to censor me."

No one is trying to censor you. 

"DO any of you realize that the world today is the result of your unwaivering worship of money and the illusion of success?"  

Now who is using labels and blanket assumptions?

"I'll tell you what will free the world; what will "save" the world.  And that's freeing the flow of information." 

The Internet already exists. We are free to flow information. Now what? Do we just wait for this free information to make the general populace less ignorant? Sounds like the best new Utopia vision yet; just sit back and let the information flow freely, and people will become better. You don't even have to do anything!

Matt's picture

Just looking at the phrases you used:

"When you force people to think INDEPENDENTLY, and ground that with a good set of morals, they will tend to want to work towards a better world"

How exactly do you propose to "force people to think independantly"? How would you "ground that with a good set of morals"?

"An inclusive society would create a better quality individual."

"Fix the fucked up people"

How do you propose to "Fix, cure, force, ground and include people"? The phrases you use sound, to me, to be strikingly similar to National Socialist thinking. 

I don't really see how the golden rule applies, other than at the nation-state level. It is the miracle of government, to diffuse actions across groups of people, so rather than a person robbing another person outright, the government can redistribute wealth on a more incremental level, and there is no way to directly say that Paul was robbed to give to Peter as specific individuals, since all the money is in pools.

Incubus's picture

See my comment above.

Wanna find another label for me? Come on, what'll make it easier for your brain to digest what I'm saying?



Matt's picture

Maybe if you answered questions and provided details.

Incubus's picture

You are hoplessly naive and ignorant if you can't see that access to information is not untethered and free.  What you're doing is pushing the argument on your myopic angle.  "Information is free" through the internet? Lol.

Did I say my plan was to "just give the information" to people?  You have to rebuild society from the core up to facilitate the free flow of information and promote the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement over the whoring-instinct of doing various act of literal or nonliteral prostitution to get paid. 

That simple statement of the internet being some path of information enlightenment has proven your ignorance of the social & economic state of the world today. 

You don't understand because you're still seeking to "defend" your viewpoint first and foremost.  Your intent isn't to gain knowledge.  So don't waste my time any further.  I've explained enough to you, and you'd do well to use your brain to figure out the rest, if you ever wished to do so. 

lol. Does it pain you whores to even think that all your lives, you've done nothing but sell your "services" for a check.  That is humanity manifest?  Such a fucking pitiful state of society.  You should realize that an initial step to making something better out of yourselves is to accept that you're fucked up and try to fix that.  I already went through it, and I'm not perfect.  I'm as screwed up as anyone else--and if any of you think your system or your ideals are perfect, you're fucking delusional.

Go ahead and "junk" me.  Get it out of your system, you fucking conditioned dogs.  Worship at the altars of ideal manifest of other men and never get off your knees, you whores.



BobPaulson's picture

I was just thinking that some form of fascism seems eerily unavoidable. Humans evolved slowly for millions of years in a social network that was extremely simple, and required very little abstraction. Now in the last 200 years we are catapulted into a system that requires way more intellectual effort in which to operate. The people running things will naturally argue that they are the statistical 3-4 sigma tail of the normal distribution who can actually function in this complex system. So what do you do? How to accelerate human evolution to keep up with the rapid growth in the needs to operate in this complex virtual world? I'm actually surprised eugenics and/or genetic engineering have been kept out of the discussion for as long as they have. I bet when it returns, it will be by some kind of market driven insanity like parents volunteering to breed the superkid (Reichskinder).

Eventually with a hugely complex mob teetering at the point of annihilating ourselves, how are we going to avoid just doing what a caveman (ourselves) would do? Someone will say we need to convert that wolf into a german shepard to allow us to escape the limits of our basic instincts.

Matt's picture

I don't doubt engineering children to be free from ailments and with desired attributes will become a big commercial thing.

Rather than embracing the complexity, we could reduce it through decentralization; go back to smaller city-states that do not require such massive beauracracy to run.

The complexity is, as far as I can tell, mostly unnecessary; how many layers of government do we have? Municipal, County or Region, State or Province, Federal, International. So at least 5 layers of government sitting on your head. Combine that with tens of thousands of pages of laws, regulations, tax codes, et cetera, et cetera. 

BobPaulson's picture

My take is that the complexity scales with the speed of communication and the population. It seems to depend on the number of communication links there are.

The engineering I was alluding to would be to create brains less callibrated to hunting the wooly mammoth and more tuned to doing 100 things at once with countless electric devices, links, codes, relationships, and processes that have to be organized continuously. I'm no expert but I see this as the main cause of the mental illness epidemic and I see no prospect of it decreasing any time soon.

Matt's picture

The human brain is not really intended to multi-task at all.

There is this show, I can't remember the name off the top of my head, where in one episode they had this CEO from this corporation that was always multitasking, sending emails and talking on the phone while preparing and eating dinner, etc.

They had him talk on the phone, doing basic arithmatic, while remembering a list of words while driving a car through an obstacle course. His performance at all three tasks was horrible compared to doing one single task.

The sooner society accepts that people can only focus on one task at a time, and stops trying to force people to toggle back and forth between as many things as possible, the better, as far as I'm concerned. How to get people to do so in their personal time, IDK.

BobPaulson's picture

Bingo. But advertising is designed to catch your instinct telling you that you could be missing something if you don't watch out.

Metalredneck's picture

Working on this very theory as we speak.  I only hate that change is so glacial, but, somebody has to start some time.

machineh's picture

How about a rectangle with NO corners?

Now that would be innovative!

Ignatius's picture

That would be the earth?

Back on topic, I have wondered for years whether we were entering a period where change and innovation start happening faster than one can bring it to market at a profit.  Still wondering....

poor fella's picture

nah.... Unless you count the change experienced through collapse and entropy. That's what's speeding up.


If the iPhone 5-liger came with a Steve Jobs'-signed bowstaff - that would be innovative.

Matt's picture

A second Gilded Age, if it weren't for constant government bailouts and central bank interventions.

slaughterer's picture

So, is this really bearish news? 

francis_sawyer's picture

No... Bullish... Now I can upgrade my Newton to an iObamafone before Kwanzaa...

edifice's picture

Does anyone really care? Since when did ZH become an Apple rumors site?

Dr. Engali's picture

Since Apple makes up  20% of the index it's pretty relevant information.

francis_sawyer's picture

Apple Rumors = Monday Morning humor (more relevancy)

redpill's picture

Apple is one of the best, if not the best, examples of being a beneficiary of modern ponzi financial market groupthink.  It's a notion that if enough of the market buys a stock the company will do well (actually just that the price will continue to go up, I don't think most of these fools care about fundamentals), instead of the more logically coherent idea of finding companies that are doing well and buying their stock.  In the case of Apple of course it was both, and clearly that company revolutionized the mobile world.  However, to go from an innovative cell phone manufacturer with an $80 stock price 3 1/2 years ago to the largest company on the planet and breaking $700 per share in Sepetember is a momo trade stampede of laughable proportions.  Anyone paying attention knew the biggest hedge fund hotel in the world was due for a major reality check.  All of this is right up Zerohedge's alley.

Manthong's picture

Yeah, well look at all the capital expenditures that translates into means of production and future prosperity that Apples represents..

for somebody. 

jimijon's picture

Give me a break. What is its P/E? And what reality check are you speaking of? The continuing rise of alternative computers, ala Tablets and Smartphones? You expect that to decrease? 

And that rumor site has been notoriously wrong.


redpill's picture

The reality check has three main points:

1) Apple has stopped revolutionizing and only incrementally evolves their products these days.

2) It is impossible for Apple to maintain their market share with exploding competition out of China and Korea.

3) Jobs is dead and the vision died with him.

The stock move since September has shown that these fundamentals are starting to dawn on people.  That doesn't mean the company is dead, I'm sure it has a long a productive future ahead of it as one manufacturer in a broad spectrum of mobile digital options; but the explosive stock price growth is over.


DaveyJones's picture

"i of newt, and toe of Jobs,
Wool of bat, and tongue of third world dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,--
For a phone of powerful trouble,
Let the index boil and bubble."

williambanzai7's picture

I don't know, but people have asked me what Zero Hedge's relationship is with Google, as if I would know.

Of course my standard response does not include the words "what would give you that idea."